Great Health News On Tristan Wirfs

August 21st, 2022

All is not scary along the Buccaneers’ offensive line.

All-Pro right tackle Tristan Wirfs injured an oblique muscle Thursday in practice and walked off the field with a trainer before returning to watch.

Today, head coach Todd Bowles reported that Wirfs’ injury is a “day-to-day” situation and there are no concerns about him being ready in 21 days for the season-opener in Dallas.


38 Responses to “Great Health News On Tristan Wirfs”

  1. RPK Says:

    Has anybody seen if Marpet still weighs 100 pounds? Somebody tell Ali to start bulking.

    Play half a season for a few million and win another ring?

    I still wonder whether he would’ve played one more year had it not been for Brady’s fake retirement

  2. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Wonderful News! We have lost enough people and we can not afford to lose Wirfs!

  3. SB Says:

    @RPK I think he would have stayed another yr too.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    Some players can’t be replaced. Wirfs is one of them. Welcome news.

    It’s time for this team to start pulling together. Coaches too!


  5. Bucamania Says:

    Still can’t believe Ali couldn’t play one more freaking year. He’s 29!

  6. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Bucamania he has been having concussion issues. He wants to not get dementia before he hits 60 and is a multi millionaire.

  7. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Ali missed 3 games because of a concussion. You really think he’d choose a chance at another ring over having all is marbles? Good for you Ali – although you are greatly missed

  8. brooks Says:

    Whirfs is done for season we have no o line!!

  9. brooks Says:

    Stinnie- is done I meant

  10. IrishTony Says:

    Bowles mentioned that Brady would be back early this week. Can we set it rest now?

  11. IrishTony Says:

    Thank god Wirfs is ok. Wonder if they bring in Tretter if they’d move Hainsey to that guard position?

  12. brooks Says:

    Maybe sign suh for o line

  13. Kody Says:

    Better get Tretter

  14. Alvafan Says:

    Finally a break. Must have been a strain not a tear.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    Time to call the Earl of Watford!

  16. Bird Says:

    Great news on wirfs

    Stinnie given acl/mcl tear diagnosis the next day

    Still no diagnosis on jensen. That is very interesting. Whether they wait to put on IR or not …as after season start they can return. But no diagnosis could be positive…returning sooner then later.

    I mean why not say acl tear for jensen if same as stinnie and season ending?

  17. BucU Says:

    The brittle Tampa Bay Buccaneers strike again!!
    I can hardly wait for next wknd’s game to see who’s next to be out for the year!
    Ridiculous. Whoever is the strength and conditioning coach should be fired.

  18. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Oh good, the ninnies can enjoy a brief respite before the sky starts falling again.

    Wednesday will bring news of Vita Vea’s first gray hair and then the ninnies can go back into panic mode.

    “He’s old and we have no depth”……..
    Oh my.

  19. Bird Says:

    Again stinnie tears acl/mcl and next day bucs say he is done for year

    Jensen to much swelling to diagnose? If tear why not comment. Wonder if he had dislocated pateLla (knee cap). Causes serious swelling. Cannot walk on it. Painful.

    Cause lets be honest ..if it was meniscal tear he would have tried to walk that off. Sorry im bored and playing dr. Btw – Dislocated patella is 6 weeks

    Again them saying something immediately on stinnie and nothing on jensen for weeks is pretty telling and i think positive. Hope we find out soon cause they commented like update would be this week and its not

  20. Joe Says:

    Again stinnie tears acl/mcl and next day bucs say he is done for year

    Jensen to much swelling to diagnose? If tear why not comment. Wonder if he had dislocated pateLla (knee cap). Causes serious swelling. Cannot walk on it. Painful.

    Bucs are stalling on purpose so when they put him on IR he has a chance to return in January.

  21. Maniac Buc Says:

    None of these injuries are serious except the clear 2, Stinnie and Jensen. I still think Jensen is the most overrated player on the whole team, so his injury doesn’t really bother me. I didn’t want him back anyway. We over paid for him. Hainsey has a very bright future, and hopefully next year, we’ll be looking to trade Jensen. Stinnie wasn’t exactly good either. Solid, but not good. We’ll be fine on the line.

    If it was regular season, all these guys would be suiting up besides them two.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    BucU. What are you talking about strength and conditioning? Stinnies knee got bent in the wrong direction dude. Im not no doctor bro but its just common sense that you can condition a knee to bend backwards.

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    We have the best pair of Tackles in Football.
    Thats the hard part.
    Last year, we had had the best interior Oline in Football.
    I that Cappa had a better season than Marpet, but either way, both had great years.
    Cappa left, because someone else would pay him more. Thats our fault.
    Marpet really did is a bad turn- retiring unexpectedly. Apparently not giving the team a heads up.
    The loss of Jensen meant we had to replace our entire interior Oline.

    Some of us are trying to blow that off, like its no big deal.
    It is a huge deal.
    Oline isnt just throwing Talented bodies into a position.
    Oline is continuity. Working together to perform as a synchronized unit.
    Replacing one member, can be covered by the other 4.
    Replacing all 3?
    Our interior Oline will be a problem all year.
    Mason, Hainsey, and whoever will struggle to work together as a unit.
    And it will only get worse, as those 3 guys get dinged up.

    Im certain the Bucs would have kept Cappa, if the knew Marpet was retiring.
    Now- Our interior line will be a weakness all year.
    With a QB who isnt getting any younger.

  24. Maniac Buc Says:

    @Capt.Tim, should have used the Jensen money to keep Cappa. Hainsey, Cappa, Mason, Smith and Wirfs would have been a damned good unit!

  25. steele Says:

    Far more ridiculous than “we want Suh” (still a legit idea) is “we want Ali back”. He is absolutely not coming back, more retired than anyone else. He’s skinny, done, at peace and that’s it, no looking back.

    Good news on Wirfs, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Bowles and Co. continue to express hyperconfidence in Hainsey, Leverett, Goedeke despite them showing that they are not ready.

    Brady is in deep trouble. (And with that schedule, season looks to be a losing one anyway, even prior to these disasters.)

  26. unbelievable Says:

    Well I guess having 40% of your o-line is better than only 20%?



  27. Beeej Says:

    Like Capt Tim says, LOTS harder to find good tackles as opposed to good guards

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    The news on Wirfs has me punishing my labrum.

  29. Rick VG Says:

    Marpet had a really bad scare from
    his concussion. Last year. He’s not playing again.

  30. Jeff Says:

    If you don’t have TWO solid guards you’ve got nothing. If and when Brady returns, he won’t last the season. The pressure up the middle of this weak O-line will break him. I still think he retires before the season anyway.


    GREAT fricking NEWS.

    We need ya, big TRISTAN #78.

  32. ThatAintRight! Says:

    I’m sure someone nice will provide and step up , similar to how Aaron Stinnie stepped up for us in the Super Bowl. You guys are freaking out and I kinda get it , but at the same time I am not worried all that much.
    1. It’s wicked early
    2. We have the greatest QB ever to play the game.
    3. Ryan Jensen is playing this season at some point.
    4. G is not going to be that hard to find.
    5. We been grooming and growing a lot of OL over the years.
    Lot of guys should be capable of starting week 1 right now. Not super worried. As long as Brady is protected we’re at high odds of another championship! That’s the expectation of this squad and that’s the Brady effect. Guys will perform. Guys want to perform. Guys want to get paid. Trust the system. Trust Brady. Chill out with the anxiety and demons.

  33. FortMyersDave Says:

    @Rick VG and tampabucsbro: yes Marpet has had concussion issues and wants to maintain a good quality of life. Look at Scot Brantley, man the concussions have done a number on him.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    coach really needs to open up his eyes and do something with that offensive line to protect Brady

  35. Mark A Swygert Says:

    The Bucs have been doing “something” about the o-line for years. All of the guys on the practice squad and that have signed with the team as UDFAs have been coached up at multiple positions as the Bucs practice. It would be unreasonable to expect all-pro level play, but with hard work average play is possible. Just keep the interior rush out of TB’s face most of the time and we have a chance. All of you cowards who think a guy has to have a proven track record to perform are just Debbie Downer types. The Bucs do probably acquire some additional depth, but don’t be surprised if the new guy or guys have similar resumes to the options already on the roster.

  36. Ernest S Hunter Says:

    Bump the offensive line. Sign J.P.P. and Sue to one year deals and the rest of the NFL will only be there for entertainment purposes only. Mic dropped!!

  37. al Says:

    What the hell is up with all the major injuries? Ryan Jensen, major knee injury on the first day of camp not even in full pads? What t.h. is this coaching staff doing???

  38. ZavierDeSine Says:

    There is a fine line between managing your players and getting them sharp, and another between getting to many hurt. Buc’s got one more shot and then the torch passes to some other QB, not named Tom Brady (the 🐐)

    They are pissing away players like they have a couple rooms full of All Pro’s waiting on the call from the bat phone.