Bucs Comfortable With Offensive Linemen — For Now

August 23rd, 2022

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

Joe sees it every day on this here website and gets texts and calls from nervous fans wanting to know when the Bucs will sign a guard.

Many Bucs fans still have not warmed to Robert Hainsey playing center. Even more have seen rookie Luke Goedeke struggle at guard and cannot wrap their mind around a third-stringer on last year’s team protecting Tom Brady’s backside in the wake of Aaron Stinnie going down with a knee injury.

Yesterday after practice, Todd Bowles explained why the Bucs haven’t panicked and started trading first-round draft picks for an average guard or center.

“We like our in-house options,” Bowles said. “But there’s got to be a player available for us to like to add a player. We’re not just going to sign one to sign one.

“There’s nothing out there for us to sign, but at the same time we’re comfortable with the guys we have right now.”

And the left guard position, it seems, is still up for grabs.

Joe suspects when guys start before teams have to have a 53-man roster on Aug. 30, the Bucs may pick a guard up then. Also, Joe has stated many times that on Aug. 26, 2014, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht swung a deal to obtain Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins for a reserve tight end and a fourth-round pick. (Yes, Joe realizes Mankins didn’t play well until 2015.)

Just yesterday the Cardinals traded a fifth-round pick for Buffalo guard Cody Ford. So guys can be had this late in the game.

52 Responses to “Bucs Comfortable With Offensive Linemen — For Now”

  1. FrontFour Says:

    We have wealth at WR. Need help at O line. Will be surprised if we stand pat.

  2. bucschamps Says:

    tom’s already on the phone just wait

  3. Bird Says:

    Yah. Two things with those comments and i like licht. And his best pick ups seem to be on oline…but:

    1). He is putting back to many beers with Arians and they just introduced cannabis into their hang out sessions

    2). He is trying to sound confident to not hurt the confidence of the guys trying to make the start there at guard. To not sound so desperate so he can give up a fifth round pick and not a third for example like the one above . Because they will be signing at least one decent player moving forward.

    Because you are trying to tell me that the left guard had not been decided just days before the season and the two guys competing for that spot (goedeke and leverett) have struggled. Both do not look like starters as of today although goedeke seems he will be in time. Lets be honest. These guys are going up against 2nd stringers in preseason games and not playing well. In joint practices taking L’s from opposing team starters. You dont think every team wont line up their best players on that half of the defensive front ( smith side and not wirfs) and pull stunts as well. Again , i trust licht to do the right thing so i hope its smoke and mirrors coverage ….and they are just waiting on the right player. Otherwise , this has disaster written all over it. All it takes is for one wrong move for brady to be knocked out for season . Cause people just act like hey goedeke will make some mistakes and lets just role with it. Goedeke with smith on one side and now hainsey on the other ? Uhhmmmm yah. NO

  4. Ausgust 1976 Buc Says:

    Between now and week 1, someone will be signed, the final cut league wide is coming, so we will see who is brought in.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  5. BucU Says:

    Licht and Bowles are blowing smoke up our rear ends. They’re comfortable with our O line?
    Ummm ok. If you’re comfortable w them go back and look at the Tennessee tape. Titan D line was getting in the backfield almost instantly snap after snap.

  6. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Is it just me, or does this statement by Bowles seem to have a message to the league built into it that the Bucs are seeking a trade for a good lineman? Sounds carefully worded, like we aren’t desperate for an upgrade, but send us your best offers please.

  7. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    The Bucs knew they needed offensive line help in the beginning of this off-season. They drafted a RB in the 3rd & I don’t even remember, in the 2nd (not counting Hall). Light is Lucky and overrated.

  8. Allbuccedup Says:

    I would not be surprised that Brady is not as comfortable.

  9. Georger Says:

    I guess 2nd round Goedeke doesn’t count

  10. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Give Goedeke a heavy dose of Quenton Nelson film watching and let his talent and ability go from there..

  11. PSL Bob Says:

    Even if the starter at guard is already on our roster, we are going to need back-ups. Additional guards have to be brought in for depth. You can count on it. Licht and Bowles are just waiting for teams to start paring down to 53, and they will find someone to bring in.

  12. Smashsquatch Says:

    Licht will need to swing a trade since our waiver position is low. I wonder which teams have the best o-line depth right now. Joe needs to do some more research and add to his list of Van Rotens.

  13. Ed Says:

    Every NFL show yesterday with ex-players, especially defensive ones, all chimed in on the fact that Tom Brady when pressured through the interior pass rush is beatable as show by a 17% pass completion when unable to step up in the pocket.

    With a SuperBowl caliber team on offense with the exception of center/left guard, there is no reason that the Bucs cannot add 2 more lineman to replace the loss of Jensen and Stinnie. Next man up is fine when you have a mobile quarterback but this is the last chance Bucs will be a top contender unless next season a good QB is signed.

    Bowles and Licht are keeping quiet in the media but behind the scenes they must be scrambling and calling other teams to see which interior lineman will be available before start of season.

  14. beano Says:

    “There’s nothing out there for us to sign”

    That’s why he’s “comfortable”.

  15. beano Says:

    “The fact that Tom Brady when pressured through the interior pass rush is beatable as shown by a 17% pass completion when unable to step up in the pocket.”

    That doesn’t apply to Kyle Trask, though, right boys?

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Does anybody really believe Bowles? There is no way they lose 2 starting Olinemen and are comfortable with what they have left…..no way!!!
    Ar the very least those losses affected our depth……

    There will be many options available between now and game 1…….I prefer a trade of a couple of WRs that we will end up cutting anyway…..because of our waiver position, we will get sloppy seconds…..

  17. Bird Says:


    Are you trask to the future?



    Just curious

  18. lambeau Says:

    Wonder why they weren’t in on Cody Ford–a high second rounder with three years experience. I can only think they really love Goedeke.
    It seems to me someone is going to have to get all the first team reps for the next three weeks to learn communication, or 9/11 could be disastrous.

  19. George Says:

    Of course the Bucs are saying they are comfortable. They don’t want to look desperate .

    These LG have looked terrible against second stringers and camp meat . I can only imagine what happens against the first stringers

  20. #8 Says:

    Or they’re playing poker, so as not to get completely scalped when they do decide to make a deal? I’d say the same things to hedge bets just in case.
    The person willing to walk away from the deal wins–have to pretend they don’t need/care.
    So far, Licht doing well in his Suh negotiations.

  21. BucsNoles Says:

    They need to sign someone soon
    U cant go into a SB or Bust season with question marks on your OL
    Brady is only here for 1 more year – time to hit the phones and bring 1 or even 2 guys in.

  22. geno711 Says:

    I am not disagreeing with a lot of the comments here.

    Yet, what is telling from Jason Licht is that he says there is no one out there to sign. That includes Tretter to me. That means that either the Bucs do not value Tretter or that Tretter asked to much and the Bucs will not consider that price tag.

  23. PassingThru Says:

    Either Licht has no money due to ownership budgetary constraints, or he is gambling on trying to get something for nothing (vet released or Goedeke miraculously ascending). Either way, time is running out for the O Line to gel.

  24. HC Grover Says:

    It is a good idea to carry a spare tire even if you are comfortable with the ones on the wheels.

  25. Defy9Ordinary Says:

    Jason Licht & whomever else makes the decisions, screwed up ROYALLY, whn they didn’t sign the highest rated Center (he still happens to be available & doing a terrific job working within the #NFLPA to advocate, etc, for NFL players (it’s probably why no one will sign the most talented FA lineman available). Goedeke is nowhere near ready to start gm 1; he won’t be either cuz RT to LG is no joke (he’ll get there for nxt Season). Stinnie was a terrific backup & could’ve even played a few games in a row if necessary, but not a whole Sesson + playoffs… Tom is 45 YRS OLD > HELLO!!! WTF ARE THEY DOING? or WAITING FOR? TOM TO GO DOWN WITH A SEASON ENDING INJURY — YEAH I’M PERTURBED & TOTALLY APPALLED!! Why go all in (hmm, supposedly) then blow it by simply not protecting the franchise, i.e., most important position on the gridiron > the QB > GOAT > @TomBrady?!!

  26. teacherman777 Says:

    Wait for the cuts.

    There might be an expensive guard or center that gets cut for salary reasons.

    Also, I heard that Ali Marpet has received a message from Yahweh that he must return to protect the Messiah of America.

  27. doolnutts Says:

    I dont think he is lying to us. Stinnie was playing late in the game and for those complaining it means the staff had not yet seen enough to make him our LG. I think we are going to let Luke Goedeke play LG this year unless someone becomes available like a Mankins type. It’s Goedeke’s first offseason I am not ready to panic on the kid yet.

  28. Lakeland Steve Says:

    You can bet your last dollar what Bowles said is just coach speak. Bowles and Licht aren’t stupid. They have watched the tape and saw the pressure put on by mainly Titan back-up D linemen. They are talking to Spytech and others about who they think will be cut next week. They are either working on trades with other teams or believe that somewhere a decent guard will get cut and fall in there lap. There already has been too much spent on players this year to make the Bucs a contender for them to just sit back and hope one or two of our back-ups are starting caliber players. We all know hope is not a strategy for success it’s usually one for failure.

  29. Craig Says:

    The waiver wire is quickly approaching. That is where the Bucs will find any needed pieces.

    Of course they will not show their cards until they make their play, but there will be some veterans released that have a year or two left and a desire to get on a Stupor Bowl capable team.

    Any spare receivers will go on that expanded practice squad, so the only possible trade is Gabbert, and we have to wait for Trask to gather some consistency first.

  30. Defy9Ordinary Says:

    P.S. I need to clarify something, the GOAT plays better than anyone half his age! Tommy just needs a viable pocket to protect him for
    2.24 – a few seconds! #LFG #EyesOn8 #BucsBaby

  31. Bosch Says:

    Allie, come back….PLEASE!

  32. Michael Says:

    Beano i agree with your statement.
    Craig i agree with yours as well.
    I would normally think they should try to make a trade asap but i think they can take the risk of waiting for cuts because any free agent is gonna want to go to tampa and play with the goat and have a real shot at a ring. . Hopefully there will be some salary cap casualties that are still good but the team they are on is comfotable with saving cap room by going with a younger player. .
    Lets go Bucs .

  33. AbucAway Says:

    Pah-pah-pah-poker face pah-pah-poker face.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs need to sign TWO quality OLinemen because we don’t really have any quality DEPTH in the event 1 of our starting OLinemen goes down. Bucs’ coaches (and fans) have already what our ‘2nd & 3rd tier’ guys can do. When the pending cuts become reality, that’ll be the time to refill our coffers. There are always some quality players released then.

  35. Biff Barker Says:

    I’m really sick of Bowles coach speak BS. Not even one regular season game yet.

    Whatever he says is is pretty much meaningless.

    I don’t hold out much hope for a winning record this year. Not anymore.

  36. Posey99 Says:

    I think fans are overly concerned but I’m not too worried. Leverett held his own vs Von Miller, that’s good enough for me. Geodeke will be fine, don’t forget Wirfs was one-arm body slammed his first year. Nobody is perfect.

  37. BucTilDeath Says:

    Since we’re heading to Indy, I’d trade Tyler Johnson for a guard they may want to get rid of. Indy could use a receiver or two & that seems like a good idea

  38. beano Says:

    “Lakeland Steve Says:
    Bowles and Licht aren’t stupid. They have watched the tape and saw the pressure put on by mainly Titan back-up D linemen.”

    On all-back-up Bucs O linemen. Of course, that had no affect on our quarterbacks.


  39. Broy34 Says:

    Been a while since I’ve been here in the comment sections and now I remember why. Birds comment sims it up quite nicely

  40. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bring in 40 year Jason Peters to alternate with the rookie at left guard.

  41. Buc king Says:

    How is tretter not a viable option…
    He must have some report around him.

  42. Anonymousbucs_lionsfan Says:

    Licht should look to Detroit for oline. They have quality backups to a starting 5 that will be one of the best in the league. Backup center played great last year when their pro bowl center went down. Could trade for someone.

  43. Power of Pewter Says:

    Just imagine if last year the Bucs had drafted an OLman in the second round rather than a career inactive QB.

  44. donuts Says:

    They need some depth badly. Jaguars Releasing G Wes Martin

  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m not buying Todd Bowles smoke talk. I believe the Bucs are looking and searching right now..at this very minute. Lets keep it real here guys, Brady is not in the least bit mobile. He needs Deeyham near max protection. And right now, he ain’t got it. I think he even knows it. Look for an addition or 2 right after this last preseason game. Maybe even before if they see something worth a trade.

  46. captivajim Says:

    They kno Brady is Not mobile, & they kno he has one of the quickest releases . Poor Oline protection will force us to a short passing game…& we’ll get slapped with desparation holding penalties..

    If these guys are really not going to get some help for the O line ;; we’ll not be in any SB ..

  47. Statguy Says:

    The problem with signing a center or guard is that Licht would be admitting either his second or third rounder on the roster aren’t capable without being thrown out there to find out

  48. steele Says:

    This says it all about Bowles.

    “We like our in-house options.” Despite their underperformance and inexperience. Despite them being clearly not ready, getting repeatedly beaten and unreliable.

    “There’s nothing out there for us to sign.” What a crock. There are not only excellent options to sign right now, but there are always opportunities to upgrade a roster. Especially when the roster has needed upgrading. For months.

    I don’t think this is just smokescreen for great moves upcoming. I hope I’m wrong and they sign 2 veterans by cutdown deadline, but I don’t think so.

    They really are going to let the beloved Hainsey/Leverett/Goedeke struggle. The demon hordes—better than the Titans and Dolphins who got in easily—are going to smash Brady.

  49. destinjohnny Says:

    they are spraying

  50. timbucs2 Says:

    Well, I would say the problem is about to be solved….

    CALEB BENENOCH is newly available.

    Swoop in before we miss our chance, Licht!!!

  51. SausageKingOfChicago Says:

    Benenoch? Wasn’t he recently signed by the Jets?

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    Again, people need to stop being drama queens and stop thinking they’re the GM, because Licht is better at this than you are, and he knows a lot more than you do.

    Now, I won’t say that about every position, but offensive line is where Licht has shown he’s the smartest guy in the room, in any room, and whatever he wants to do, it’s probably the right thing.

    Also keep in mind how tight the cap is, it’s not like the Bucs have extra money laying around to bring in vets at anything more than the min salary – and not everyone is willing to play for league min, even if it means playing with Brady.