Ankle Injury Knocks Out Starting Center Robert Hainsey (Video)

August 27th, 2022

Center Robert Hainsey shows off his bad wheel to Nick Leverett.

Fifteen days from opening night in Dallas and the Bucs have yet another injury on their battered offensive line.

Last week in garbage time of a preseason game against Tennessee, the Bucs lost guard Aaron Stinnie for the year with a blown knee. Late in the first quarter tonight in Indianapolis, Hainsey went down with a bad ankle.

Joe had eyes on Hainsey as trainers escorted him to the on-field training table. He also had a talk with Tom Brady.

Joe’s no doctor, but the good news is Hainsey didn’t leave the field for X-rays. He was back standing on the sideline and talking to his fellow offensive lineman (see above).

Lotta fingers crossed on the Bucs sidelines, and at world headquarters.

26 Responses to “Ankle Injury Knocks Out Starting Center Robert Hainsey (Video)”

  1. kgh4life Says:

    When he went i was holding my breath. Hainsey is a starter, why the hell was he in the game at that time? It’s just bad judgement by the coaches.

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Hopefully a sprain. Sucks and obviously not ideal, but maybe Mr. Guerrero can work some magic on it.

  3. MonkeyMan Says:

    They have no choice at this point. It is beyond time to go out and deal for a center. Otherwise anything but a Super Bowl victory is solely on Jason L.

  4. BucU Says:

    This is a replay of last year. Just a different position group. Un F’ng believable.

  5. 407Bucsfan Says:

    Jason Licht pick up that phone!

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Pick up that phone – and get a new trainer?

  7. Fansince76 Says:


  8. J Ghotier Says:

    Baltimore will have players who have starting Center experience and can both play guard on the IOL in players like Ben Powers and Trystan Colon. They HAVE to get rid of one of their quality depth IOL by cut or by trade. We’d be wise to get ahead on that and not risk our low position on the waiver wire or signing w/ another team.

    Baltimore IOL treated us very kind but just a few years ago in Jensen too!

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    Him and Goedeke were holding up just fine as well.

  10. steele Says:

    Hainsey, who to this point remains unready, “technically promising” but soft, tonight did not shown anything impressive, is out. Leverette, who has been awful, is awful. Goedeke is completely raw, and should be given a long time to learn. Who’s left? Practice squadders. This is what is protecting Brady this season.

    Weeks, months later, they have refused to make any impact moves, despite the availability of free agents, despite opportunities in the draft to have done better. Their pet in-house guys have floundered, and still they did nothing.

    Now what? Continue to do nothing because they’ll wait for all the injured in-houses to heal, including Jensen. Good luck to Tom Brady.

    Or will they swallow their pride and politics, and give Tretter a call, and sign him, along with at least another veteran who can immediately pass block?

  11. MadMax Says:

    Can Big V play Center? I got killed for this before….stupid idea, i know, but we’re running out of options.

  12. Anon Says:

    He’s fine guys, everyone is reporting that he is okay.

  13. Dooley Says:

    Relax, Tuesday night is going to be the start of the last wave of free agency until spring of next year. If there’s any fits we’ll grab them, like Genard Avery.

  14. Kody Says:

    Knew Hainsey would get injured. Just knew it. We are so screwed with our paper thin OL, it’s a just bad joke at this point.

  15. George Says:

    This is a very incompetent coaching staff. Bowles showed his lack of credibility by designing the defense on the fatal play by The Rams to position for their winning field goal. Clearly did not earn his job.

    This team desperately needs lineman but Bowles can’t get the through his thick head

  16. Lakeland Steve Says:

    The Bucs will probably add a lineman or two off the waiver wire but don’t expect them to sign a free agent. They would have done it by now if they were going to. Hainsey will be starting against Dallas.

  17. PassingThru Says:

    I’m so glad Licht didn’t sign JC Tretter. He’s a union troublemaker.

  18. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Some of my fellow Bucs fans are Chicken Little poster children. “Coaches stink, Licht stinks, etc. WTF, this is football. Injuries happen. It’s not just the Bucs. Morons!

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Looks like theres a good chance this wont be a longterm injury. But I think Leverret was our bzckup C and he got hurt too. We are getting very thin in the middle.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    George…bejesus calm down buddy 🙂

  21. Aaron Says:

    They just don’t want to play with a team looking the way they are lol gotta tighten up if you wanna see the wildcard if that

  22. captivajim Says:

    licht was gambling & now is up against a short timeline to ;

    A) find someone-a vet

    B) get them up to speed in Bucs system

  23. Kno one Says:

    I think he just wanted a break,how can u sprain an ankle with 20lbs of tape over it…dont believe the hype…

  24. Buddha Says:

    Buccaneers are 29-10 the last two years. On what basis can you say the coaching staff stinks. This is the NFL. Players get injured and the salary cap evens the field. Suck it up and play ball. The Cowboys lost their Hall of Fame left tackle and two top wide receivers to free agency.

  25. JB Says:

    It’s so funny. A player gets knicked up in a contact sport and people say if we miss the Super Bowl it’s on JL for no depth. What a bunch of Cassandras. I think the Bucs are a great team with a strong roster and will win more games than they lose which should be a treat for Bucs fans. All these armchair coaches crack me up but I love their passion. However none of them have much of a clue about anything. Every year we swap out 2-4 players in final cuts and end up with starters that weren’t even in camp. Are y’all dumb enough to think Bucs won’t have the best O-Line they possibly can? Cmon…. people stop your silliness.

  26. Alfred Navarijo Says:

    Hey Buc fans…let’s not loose our cool…just remember the Navy had the B team at Latie gulf against the might of the IJN & came off on the winning side so the Bucs can do the same w 3rd stringers on the OL….GOOOBUCGO …