Spending Gronk’s Money

July 26th, 2022

Free agent funny man tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Once upon a time, the big guns at One Buc Palace thought it was a great idea to dump Darrelle Revis’ $16 million salary for the 2014 season so they could use the cash to sign premier defensive free agents like cornerback Alterraun Verner, Michael “Ghost” Johnson and Clinton McDonald with the financial savings.

Man, Joe is so happy those unthinkable days are over — when intelligent people thought Josh McCown was the quarterback to lead the Bucs out of Buccaneers Cove, aka the NFC South cellar.

Instead, it’s a new day in Tampa Bay, one in which angels deliver godly gifts to the Bucs’ roster. Tampa Bay wanted to bring back Rob Gronkowski, presumably for about $11 million this season, but he prefers to make commercials and play entrepreneur.

So the Bucs took Gronk’s salary cap money and added revitalized Pro Bowl tight end Kyle Rudolph and legendary receiver Julio Jones. The latter was signed today and his contract number isn’t public yet, but Joe’s assuming it’s in the $6 million range. Rudolph is earning $2 million plus incentives.

That eats up nearly all of Gronk’s potential cash, though it would only cost a few prorated million to bring Gronk back if he wanted to return for, say, the final five games of the season. Of course, the Bucs can always manufacture cap room, but that becomes more difficult during the season.

If Jones and Rudolph stay healthy, Joe potentially could be coaxed into saying the Bucs are better off with both of them versus one Gronk. But Joe hasn’t pounded enough Big Storm beers to go there yet.

At this rate, if general manager Jason Licht finds a way to put a Bucs jersey on edge rusher Robert Quinn at the trade deadline, Joe might have to be sedated to calm the ecstasy.

45 Responses to “Spending Gronk’s Money”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Revis was never worth $16 million. He was limping around all year and had one interception that he should have just dropped because it was 4th down. Dumbernik’s genius move — trade for a guy who was going to be cut and then pay him the most money of anyone on the team at the time to rehab his knee.

  2. #8 Says:

    Suh, Quinn, Flowers–lets get some more D.

  3. AbucAway Says:

    Big fan of Gronk but if the BUCS play most of the season without him and are in for the playoffs, I wouldn’t bring him back. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Right, Joe?

  4. NCBucfan Says:

    Goatfarmer agreed,

    It was a last ditch Hail Mary that Dumbernick thought would save his job, by bringing in Revis, Lol! And yet, Josh freeman was our starting QB to start the year! What a clown show those days were!

  5. bucsfan951 Says:

    julio at 6 million? seems like too much, if you ask me. isnt the falcons and titans still paying him some cash this year? maybe i am wrong but i can see that contract being smaller than 6 million.

  6. Lordy Says:

    No way is it at 6 million. Imagine it’s a vet year deal maybe 4 million with incentives up to 7 million. Won’t count much against the cap. Room for Gronk and Nassib.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Found a way for Gronk-a-da y

  8. D-Rok Says:


    Share the Alprazolam. We could all use some sedation. *WHEW!* If, IF we can land a baller on D besides what we have now, I’d say the Bucs have a great chance to reach the Big Game.

    As I see the roster now, the only thing truly missing is a hitter on D. A guy in the mold of Lott/Lynch who can supplement this great D by laying the wood and making guys like, let’s just, Kupp, be AFRAID to catch a pass against us. One could lament letting a hitter like Whitehead go, but don’t forget, we do have Neal. He’s a known hitter when healthy.

    So much optimism! Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  9. D-Rok Says:

    Oh crap. I just realized it’s 2022 and the laying of the wood isn’t exactly encouraged these days. Such a shame. Loved watching me some Lott and Lynch ply their trade and make them suckaz afraid. Yeah, that’s what I miss about football from 20-30 years ago – bone-jarring, yet legal hits.

    My bad.

  10. sasquatch Says:

    Gronk-a-Day LIVES!

  11. Joe Says:

    Big fan of Gronk but if the BUCS play most of the season without him and are in for the playoffs, I wouldn’t bring him back. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Right, Joe?

    That’s not “fixing” that’s adding!

  12. Infomeplease Says:

    Should be a fun ride!!!!!

  13. Bird Says:

    Yah. I bet its cheaper deal then 6

  14. David Says:

    I am going to hedge my excitement until I see a healthy Julio Jones make it through training camp and the preseason.
    If he does, then WOW! What a receiving core

  15. Tom Sumner Says:

    LFG! Alright Already!

  16. GOB Says:

    Why do you folks insist on believing in the fairytale that is the NFL salary cap? It’s monopoly money. Here me now and believe me later, the bucs ownership has plenty of money to spend on whoever they want. The league is a money printing press. Even if a team is stupid enough to make it to cap jail, it’s only a two year stint at most. The “cap” is only going up. When it goes down, or remains stagnant, then call me.
    D-Rok, you’re living in the past like me my friend. How I wish the league would allow big hitting safety play. Fact of business is, even guys who can lay the wood, are desperately afraid to. The Rodney Harrison, John Lynch, (and my personal favorite) Ronnie Lott era is gone. If you so much as sneeze on a crossing WR, your pocket book is 10-20 grand lighter. Not to mention two personal fouls, and ejection. I played the position. We’re dinosaurs. How I miss the old days, when defenses had a chance.

  17. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Lard A$$ Lenny reported in at 245 today.

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    The legendary Cody McElroy has just been waived. Someone was touting him to have a breakout year. Well, he just broke out of One Buccaneer Place and is now a free agent.

  19. steele Says:

    If they spent more than absolute minimum on Julio, it was ill-advised.
    Carlos Dunlap/Trey Flowers, Suh, please.

    As for Lenny coming in at 245 lbs today. The rumors were right. Step on up, Ke’.

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    245 is where he said he’d be to start camp and after sweating his balls off for four weeks he’ll be 228. Perfect.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You’ve got to believe that this was not only sanctioned by Brady but was requested…….
    Someone on this WR corps….perhaps 2 will end up on the PS…..
    Perriman has a guaranteed contract…..so, who will it be.

    Johnson, Grayson, Miller, Darden…

    Who will return punts, kicks if not Darden…..Scotty for punts….and just about anyone for kicks……

    If I had to take a wild guess….Grayson will be the odd man out.

  22. Bucschamp Says:

    I’m pretty sure Bucs can afford gronks salary. He is probably just healing ATM. Or probably spending more fun times with gf

  23. Goatfarmer Says:

    TBBF — good point about Perriman’s guaranteed money. Hadn’t known that. I know BA likes him a lot. But man, Grayson really shined in his brief appearances before injury and had an excellent % targets caught, although a small sample size. We shall see, I’m going to hate watching whichever good young player the Saints pick up because of the Julio signing.

  24. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I don’t know what JJ has left in the tank. If he’s lost a step that’s not a big deal.
    He still has his hands and the ability and experience to run solid routes. He’s not going to get double teamed as he did in his prime.

    I also think JJ has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and doesn’t want to go out on a downer. Another Lombardi would be fine thank you!

  25. Just Saying Says:

    I hope they didn’t pay Julio anything more than the minimum. He also better have to practice and play some preseason games to prove he can hold up. If we drop a young wr that has come up through our system and can play special teams for Julio and he doesn’t practice fully or play preseason then goes out and blows the hammy like we should really expect to happen since that’s the recent history then I’ll be even more bummed by this move. Julio’s spot should have been d-line / Lb help.

  26. PassingThru Says:

    There’s no way Licht paid $6 million for Julio’s rotting corpse.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    They could trade Perriman….his sallary is a little over a million….stranger things have happened and a team with a WR injury may want someone with his speed & experience…..but that’s the reason why we should keep him.

    I like Grayson also….but someone will have to go….we won’t keep 9 receivers….

    Evans, Godwin, Gage, Jones, Perriman, Johnson, Miller, Grayson, Darden

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    TBBF – more good points. We probably won’t know untilLate August.

  29. DrunkInYbor Says:

    Clifton busted his Ashhhhhh for us! Casper and burn Vern were trash

  30. TampabayAllday Says:

    The disrespect on Julios name is unreal. UNREAL!!

  31. SPARKY Says:

    The Titans lost Brown and still let Jones go. McCoy, Bell, Sherman, these guys are done, learn a lesson.

  32. Jerry Says:

    Apparently most seem to think everyone we are signing is “washed up.” I guess you are all content with the TEs and WRs before the Rudolph and JJ signings? You aren’t going to find many playmakers in their prime just waiting for a phone call a few weeks before training camp. Either you want these guys who are available or you don’t… make up your mind.

    Gronk is not coming back. He’s done. The Bucs have signaled that they have moved on. It’s time for Joe and the fans to move on too.

  33. Stanglassman Says:

    Keanu Neal is a thumper. You are in for a pleasant surprise.

  34. Ash Says:

    Julio has been hyper focused on getting his hamstring right then Tom Brady’s shamns are going to work on Julio. The bucs are going to destroy the league everyone knows that this may be Tom’s last ride this may be their last shot at a ring it’s gonna light a fire under this team and so will tom like always.

  35. captivajim Says:

    Jones is a mistake…….

  36. UKBuccaneer Says:

    I’d definitely be kicking the tyres on Jimmy G who’ll be leaving the niners in a PO’d mood. We’re going to need TB’s successor ready for 2023 and there’s no realistic free agent QB’s out there next year.

  37. geno711 Says:


    Ah… I mean…

    Dorothy Konopka

  38. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Julio Jones in all fairness did not have a top tier QB tossing him balls in 2021. That being said who knows if the rust can shake off. I wouldn’t put much stock into him, most likely cut once Godwin is back to 100%.

  39. Allbuccedup Says:

    Still paying Gronk 5 mil in dead cap.

  40. Goatfarmer Says:

    Kick the Tires on Jimmy G. You will find they are bald and flat.

    If the Bucs get him for free, fine. But he backed TB12 up once before and that didn’t work out very well.

  41. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Jimmy G has taken teams to playoffs. I’d rather go into 2023 with him under Center than Trask, who can’t even win over his own coaching staff.

  42. Wild Bill Says:

    So much being spent on offense! They are thin at D line and LB after starters. Defense can win or lose games too. Shoot outs can go either way. Defense wins or looses games too. Instead of buying Brady more toys get some more beef for the D.

  43. PassingThru Says:

    I apologize, Joe.

    Rapaport tweeted that Julio Jones will receive a base salary of $6 million, plus up to $2 million more in incentives.

    While I hope for the best, it is my honest opinion that the Bucs got fleeced. If Julio proves healthy, it was a home run. In my opinion, Julio’s age is showing, and his 33-year-old body is breaking down.

    Time will tell. I hope I’m wrong.

  44. PassingThru Says:

    I doubt Jimmy G will be traded, that ship sailed. Upon release, Jimmy G will be looking for a starting role, in order to prove that he’s worth another multi-year contract worth starting QB money. He won’t sign as a backup, not when there are teams looking for a starter.

  45. JVZ Says:

    PassingThru stops and and spews about rotting corpses. Has he taken the time to stop and look at his own? Maybe it is time for him to just continue “pssingthru” if he is unable to stop judging and calling names…. He should turn around and reroute his trip around what he hates.