Report: Coaches Were Upset With Leonard Fournette’s Absence And Weight “Damn Near 260”

July 17th, 2022

Fat chatter continues.

It seems Leonard Fournette’s big, trademark smile didn’t win over members of the Bucs coaching staff when he arrived for mandatory duty in June.

No coach wants a player not named Tom Brady to skip voluntary offseason workouts and meetings like Fournette and other Bucs veterans did this year, but apparently coaches’ frustration escalated when Fournette showed up for June minicamp tipping the scales.

Veteran Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud spoke adamantly Friday about this on Sports Day Tampa Bay.

“Coaches were not happy, and that’s an understatement, when [Fournette] didn’t participate in the OTAs but then he shows up at the mandatory minicamp weighing damn near 260 [pounds],” Stroud said. “And that’s not a good sign for a guy that you just spent a three-year contract on.”

Yes, Joe hit the rewind button. Stroud said “260” and he didn’t correct himself, and neither did his co-host.

Stroud went on to say, “I thought Fournette wore down last year” and that rookie Rachaad White has a great chance of challenging Fournette for significant playing time later this season.

Joe wasn’t there when Fournette stepped on the scale, but Lombardi Lenny told local media in June that he was around 240 pounds and planned to get under 230 and possibly as low as 220 for the regular season.

Fournette played at 235 pounds during his standout rookie season for the Jaguars in 2017. He reported to 2018 training camp touting a weight loss of 12 pounds down to 223 pounds. At the time, Fournette said 223 pounds was his playing weight as a college sophomore when he was a Heisman trophy candidate.

So did Fournette really weight “damn near 260” in June?

Joe’s not sure, but folks at One Buc Palace were apparently telling Stroud they were pissed. And would they really be bitter about a guy being roughly 10 pounds overweight a full seven weeks before training camp?

Hopefully this X-file closes on July 26. That’s when Fournette steps back on the One Buc Palace scale for his welcome-back physical.

62 Responses to “Report: Coaches Were Upset With Leonard Fournette’s Absence And Weight “Damn Near 260””

  1. Kentucky Buc Says:

    He got hurt and missed some games but I never saw any signs of him slowing down. Stroud has some drama Queen in him also. Let’s not forget that.

  2. Mort Says:

    None of it matters if he is ready to go by the season, but you’d like him to be able to put in the work to maintain or even improve instead of having to do remedial conditioning work.

  3. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Even if this is true (and with Stroud, you never know), he will likely be in the 240’s when he reports and 230’s when the season starts. Do you REALLY think, Fournette is going to risk the wrath of TB12 by showing up way out of shape for training camp?

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    In the intervening 7 weeks until training camp starts, Fournette could easily drop 20 lbs. And dropping as much as 30 lbs isn’t out of the question.

    Still, it’s a really bad look for their lead-dog RB and indicates a lack of discipline IMO. Bucs made a big commitment to Lenny by giving him the 3-year contract, but it doesn’t sound like he’s reciprocated that commitment. Got a hunch Tom Brady will be pissed.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not a problem……a couple of huge ASJs………some sprints with Shaun King…..some AB style jumping jacks and voila!!! The Lenny we know and love is back.

  6. Captain Oblivious Says:

    Meh, LF is a big man and it’s easy for him to put on 30 lbs in the off-season. I’d rather hear about him putting on some weight than beating up his girlfriend or racing a sports car through residential streets.

  7. Biff Barker Says:

    Lenny and TB12 understand and trust each other. No worries, running or passing yards both move the chains. The defense chooses what to defend.

    It’s breakaway speed versus punishing the back 7. Call me old school, Ive always liked a back who cound punish some. Lenny cab pound it too.

    I dont mind Lenny punishing the back 7. 235 lbs seems to compromise number for him.

  8. steele Says:

    I will never be a fan of Lenny, and here is a good example why. Not only is he NOT a punishing back (never has been despite his reputation) but he will be an out of shape ‘finesse power back’ who is even slower. But he got paid, so he eats Cheetos. He needs to drop that weight, or hit the gym and add power, or he will just be non-factor, and cede his job to the Ke’ and Rachaad.

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    260 does not sound like a serious effort for a second Lombardi.

    I, for one, am disappointed to hear this and am not at all pleased with Fournette’s lack of off-season discipline for a “professional” athlete.

    Maybe we should refer to him as The Muscle Walrus.

  10. Bird Says:

    Hey as long as he gets his sheet together by camp. But yes …showing up after getting paid is not a good look.

    Cause he will lose more in august / september Florida football
    Heck those September football games are lb droppers for even fans just sitting in the stands baking saunas. And im drinking the whole time. 😂

  11. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Maybe he’s just been super-sizing all off-season.

  12. GOB Says:

    Let’s hope the hamstring had a lot to do with it. I don’t think LF was close to 100% during the playoff loss. Sometimes, the only way to heal a bad hammy, is to do nothing. Backs take such punishment, that they often sit around during the off-season. Just put the fork down Lenny and get into shape. I’d hate to think he literally got fat and happy because of his new deal. If the bucs are going anywhere this year, LF will need to shoulder a heavy load. No pun intended

  13. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Funny stuff.

  14. K2 Says:

    Lenny got a heavy weight contract.. told coaches he’s still hungry!

  15. SB~LV Says:

    Shaun King diet ?

  16. kyle Says:

    Never know what “Comrade Stroud” is going to stir up or embellish in order to stick it to the buccaneers.

  17. PassingThru Says:

    You cannot mess with your body weight like that without the risk of it affecting your performance, even if you lose the weight afterword. Fournette certainly didn’t look 10 lbs or 15 lbs overweight; he looked like he was hiding a spare tire under his jersey.

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Just saw a pic of Lenny on facebook at a shoe selling. He looked fine to me.

  19. westernbuc Says:

    These guys can cut weight pretty easily when they want. Maybe Lombardi Lenny wants to build some muscle before camp.

  20. Eddie Marz Says:

    Can’t believe some fans don’t think matters. Brady says the difference between winning and losing can be razor thin. Coming into camp overweight is not cool. Pull a hammy and your stuck with that weight all year long and never get it going. Take nothing for granted. GOBUCS!

  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    Dude could learn a lot from jerry rice

  22. GOB Says:

    After looking at the pictures, I’m glad the Patriots didn’t get him. Passing, I thought you were were exaggerating, but he looks like he swallowed RoJo. This isn’t good. Dropping that kind of weight, is a soft tissue injury waiting to happen.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    DoooshLaRue Says:
    July 17th, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    Funny stuff.

    Thanks, Dooosh, Sometimes a little humor is called for….TBBF can’t possible be serious about 30 lbs…..gain and lose that yearly….

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  25. sasquatch Says:

    And this is why You can’t trust some guys with guaranteed money.

  26. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Lardo Lenny?

  27. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Lipozene Lenny.

  28. SPARKY Says:

    Get him a horse, move him to linebacker. We need help there.I wondered when they gave him the contract if he might get too comfortable. Hope Brady likes White. I think Gio could be used more also.

  29. Bucs&Bolts Says:

    It’s stroud of course ….🙄😪 that guy I swear

  30. Allbuccedup Says:

    He was only a meek 255

  31. GOB Says:

    DoooshLaRue, BlahahHa BlahahHa BlahahHa

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, He gain more instead of loosing 10?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    It is always interesting when professional athletes choose to let them selves ‘go” in the off season. You would think the mind state would be ok, I will stay in shape but I don’t have to be in game shape. I believe most that value their small window to exploit their given talent take this approach. Extremes like TB 12 take it to another level. Founette will have to stress his body and expose risk to get him self ready and he was lazy and we will see. We all saw his choreographed work out where he looked like a nose guard not an elite running back. My bet he will get it together but not a good testament to his underlying testament to fitness as an elite professional athlete. Unfortunately when he hangs up the cleats he will probably be unrecognizable at 360 lbs if not more and a health concern like many others. I know it sounds different but I am pulling for Founette and go Bucs!

  34. Peskajumba Says:

    As depressing as this offseason was at first. I don’t reckon I can rightly blame nobody for however they coped.
    I’m with ya all the way, Soft Lenny.

  35. Elita Vita Says:

    It’s not only his physical shape…. It’s also the fact that he mentally let himself go. Brady will not tolerate both the mental and physical messaging he has shown.

  36. Buc4evr Says:

    Not sure if I really trust anything Stroud says, but if he was really 260 in June, I bet he has already dropped 20 and will show up to training camp at 230. No worries…

  37. unbelievable Says:

    Pretty sure only 1 year of his contract is guaranteed, right?

    We need playoff / Lombardi Lenny to show up again this season… not lasagna Lenny

  38. CleanHouse Says:

    Cobra wins. “Muscle Walrus”

  39. Ash Says:

    Looks like Tom has some work to do with Lenny. I just hope the Bucs can protect Tom. Right now I see 9-8 for their season. The O an D lines will need some help, they are not like 2 years ago.

  40. Buc50 Says:

    Lizzo Lenny

  41. Anonymous Says:

    He got his money

  42. Goatfarmer Says:

    I ate a big dinner. Now I’m getting ready to take a huge Stroud.

  43. Dooley Says:

    Lemon Pepper Lenny.

  44. SOEbuc Says:


    I feel you about Fournette. Hes always been kinda sketchy throughout his NFL career. I hope the best in the world for White, but people need to slow down about a kid that hasn’t put on pads going up against “Lombardi Lenny,”especially after getting $30M. All of these RB have the ability to catch the ball and that Brady drop downs could see with our good blocking down field. Amazing opportunity at every position with a good pass, screen,run,PA, and blocking.

  45. Buczilla Says:

    I’ll give Lenny the benefit of the doubt over anyone that works for that trash newspaper.

  46. Greg Says:

    “Looks like he swallowed RoJo…”


  47. Outsider Says:

    You guys don’t remember the presser? The coaches were t even worried lol. This sounds like Stroud just trying to make something out of nothing.

  48. Crickett Baker Says:

    Larger Lenny may not be so bad.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    If he comes to training camp over 245lbs. ….then and only then is there a problem!

  50. Bucsfanman Says:

    If the weight is a problem for Lenny’s health and production, I would be highly disappointed. As I’m sure any number of Buc starters would be.

    It’s a little early to write him off.

  51. FrontFour Says:

    Pillsbury Dough Boy Lenny.

  52. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    The Bucs should have put a weight clause/incentive in his contract. 100K to show up at camp weighing 225lbs or less would have inspired him to keep in shape. Some guys need all the push they can get.

  53. PassingThru Says:

    Never fear, Liposuction Lenny will play Nose Tackle.

  54. Brandon Says:

    260 for a guy that isn’t really a power back, rather a large back that runs hard but legs stop at first contact, can’t be good.

  55. D-Rok Says:

    Maybe the Bucs are going to a power-I run team. Lenny is now the FB. Lenny has a long way to go to catch the likes of The Frig, but it sounds like he’s working hard at it.

  56. AbucAway Says:

    I’m not smelling what that reporter is stepping in. Yes, Lenny had some extra lbs during the undie practices, but, there was a video posted on this site of Lenny working out in Austin, Tx with a couple of other big names and a hotshot personal trainer. Hell, he was power cleaning 325lbs! Hey, I still think White is going to take over at RB1, but it won’t be this year, and definitely not because of weight issues.

  57. BucBoy Says:

    Too much sausage in the gumbo.

  58. Goatfarmer Says:

    Brandon not actually watch football games. What he does in Madden 2020 isn’t what he does on the field.

  59. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m with Clean House on this one….

    Cobra wins. “Muscle Walrus”

    Props to you Cobra for some “creative” shade!

  60. Wild Bill Says:

    Look at the bright side. Lenny can replace Gronk as a blocking tight end. Or fill in at defensive line when the other fat boy needs a rest. Or be a pulling guard on sweeps. The guy gets a big raise and spends it on ribs and pork chops. Playoff Lenny becomes rollypolly Lenny. Sad if true. There is at least a “slim” chance he can lose 20 lbs in the steam room before the preseason starts.

  61. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not worried about Lenny at all. He will be ready when the season begins. Thats what real Pro’s do. They know when its time to ball out.

  62. Reddington Neck Shores Says:

    who else put on 30lbs on this blog over 7 mo and thinks they still got it athletically? big, real big effen zero. fat paycheck = fat couch time. it’s a standard yarn in the nfl. maybe he drops it maybe this year if brady chews his ass. maybe it’s the beginning of the end last year. see the numbers make the call in february.