Don’t Show Me The Money

July 28th, 2022

Sean Murphy-Bunting worked on footwork by himself after practice yesterday.

Buccaneers cornerback Jamel Dean is entering a contract year and says he’s money motivated in a big way.

But not all Bucs defensive backs drafted in 2019 feel that way.

Joe talked to Sean Murphy-Bunting and mentioned Dean’s comments and attitude. For SMB, cash chatter was like a foreign language.

“Man, I’m just wired to play football, honestly,” SMB said. “You know, I think everything’s going to control itself. I tend to not get into that talk or that aspect because I can’t control everything. I can only control what I can do and my effort and my attitude. So I’m just keeping that mindset and staying as fresh as I can and as positive as I can. Whatever happens just happens, but I’m going to give it my all and play my best.”

After practice yesterday, Murphy-Bunting lined up alone about 15 yards behind receivers working on the Jugs machine. SMB was timing the “snap” of the Jugs machine as if he was breaking off the line of scrimmage in zone or press coverage. Fun stuff.

It’s a huge wild card year for Murphy-Bunting, who proved to be a heck of a ballhawk in 2020. After injuries last season, he could be staring at a huge contract if he returns to his ballhawking and versatile ways. Conversely, if he becomes a part-time player because Logan Ryan and Dean take snaps from him, then Murphy-Bunting’s value will be hard to evaluate.

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9 Responses to “Don’t Show Me The Money”

  1. SB~LV Says:

    Nasty nasty nasty elbow injury!
    Good thing he is young!

  2. Bojim Says:

    Excited for the Bucs this year. Hell, I’m excited for them every year since 76′. Gooooo!!!

  3. BucDaWorld Says:

    Forgive me if I am not excited about Murphy-Bunting. Outside of 3 playoff games in 2020, the guy has been mediocre. Do I hope he has a great season? Absolutely but I have lost all faith in the dude.

  4. Dooley Says:

    One of the smartest CBs we have on hand looking to bounce back and contribute. Never been a big fan of splitting my focus in portions, sounds like SMB knows he plays to his potential the deal will get done and hopefully it’s to come back to Tampa.

  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    I really like this man’s attitude. Let’s go SMB we are cheering for you to shine.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    New season. He appears to be healthy. I think SMB playing hurt is not the best measure of his worth. Maybe this is the year the young DBs gel and become a real strength. If so, this could be one of the best Defenses in team history.

    Almost everyone on Defense is in his prime years. The ones that are a little older are still really good at their positions.

  7. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    I like Dean over Smb but honestly if they don’t show goods this season they both can walk the plank

  8. geno711 Says:

    Dean and SMB are the best two corners out of the 2019 draft. Not sure why anyone wants to see them leave the Buc’s. We already know they work in Todd Bowles system and are getting better as they are getting older.

    Both of them deserve big raises for their 2nd contracts in the NFL.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    I hate when players say they’re NOT motivated by money, because it just means they’re lying, or they’re a lazy communist who is going to let you down.