Bucs Have Seventh-Easiest Schedule

July 6th, 2022

Head coach Todd Bowles

Far too many Bucs fans are quivering in public restroom stalls worried about Tampa Bay’s “tough schedule.”

These might be the same folks who freak out when they’re down to nine rolls of toilet paper at home.

First, what schedules appear to be on paper are never what they are in reality. Second, hard numbers always tell a valuable story.

SharpFootballAnalysis.com, the beastly resource from renowned handicapper and data guru Warren Sharp, broke down strength of schedule for every NFL team based on projected win totals for their opponents.

Sounds fair, right? It does to Joe.

Per those basic metrics, the Bucs have the seventh-easiest — yes, easiest — schedule in the NFL and the fifth-easiest in the NFC. It’s all linked here. The Saints are at ninth-easiest in the league, Carolina is 14th and the Falcons have the 10th- schedule in the NFL

Of course, what helps the Bucs is that they don’t have to play against themselves, as the Bucs’ win total number is at 11 1/2, highest in the NFC. Per Sharp’s data, the Chiefs have the toughest schedule in the NFL, followed by the Rams.

So keep shaking and crying about the Bucs’ tough schedule if you want to. But you’re most likely wasting your time.

22 Responses to “Bucs Have Seventh-Easiest Schedule”

  1. GOB Says:

    Easiest thing about their schedule, is the fact that the bucs will not play a team that’s had extra rest. That’s a huge advantage.

  2. Coburn Says:

    Won’t know much about strength of schedule until we are several weeks in. Teams never stay the same.. except that obviously the better teams often have a good qb that’s been there a while, so would expect them to be competitive every year

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    ….Of course, what helps the Bucs is that they don’t have to play against themselves
    I beg to differ……The Bucs have played against themselves quite often in the past……if we clean up the penalties, turnovers and straighten out our special teams….then perhaps we will be OK.

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    What a load of rubbish. When you start out through the first 4 games gauntlet, it doesn;t matter if your next 13 are against the 2008 Detroit Lions, it’s a tough schedule.

  5. David Says:

    Six games and division are rather easy even though the Saints are a decent team. Seattle and Pittsburgh shells of their former selves. Browns aren’t sure if they have QB. (7-1)

    That leaves 9 games (if you want include the ravens) with opponents I think COULD win. (5-4)

    that puts them at 12–5. If the defense stays healthier than they did last year and some guys step up in the pass rush … 13 wins can easily be accomplished and 14 is doable

  6. David Says:

    Even with what I wrote I do not buy that they have the seventh easiest schedule. No way that’s possible

  7. Old School Nole Says:

    Laugh it up, Joe, but when you run out of toilet paper, things will get pretty rough for you.

  8. HC Grover Says:

    Sounds good to me.

  9. Craig Says:

    It is even easier when you put Brady at the top of the page and work down from there.

    A little luck and the Bucs might do it again.

  10. GOB Says:

    Like Coburn said, we won’t know until several weeks. Go look at some of the past pre-season SOS. At the end of the year, they are almost always way off. I’m reminded of the 2011 SOS going into the year. I think the Packers had the 3rd hardest going into the year. At the end of the year, it ranked 21st or 23rd.

  11. Wade Landry Says:

    Are you kidding me!! The panthers have BM…we are in deep Ka-Ka….😂

  12. SKBucsFan Says:

    The Bucs will be good and other teams will have to get their stuff together to face them. But It’s a tough schedule regardless of what some talking head says. There aren’t 22 other teams that would trade schedules.

  13. SB Says:

    I Like this one JOE!!!

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m not worried about the schedule. I’m not worried about the talent level.

    I only worry about two things. Health and luck and in some cases I guess you could say they’re one and the same. If our players actually get to play we’re golden!

  15. Edward Sadler Says:

    I’ve heard a lotta bs, but this spreads the most crap seen in a month of sundays!We play everyone who is anybody ! We have 4th toughest schedule !
    C’mon Joe, get rid of your manure spreader ! “ Go Bucs” !

  16. Dooley Says:

    That week 11 bye is a blessing

  17. Goatfarmer Says:

    Hopefully we don’t have to win out after the week 11 bye to make the playoffs.

  18. steele Says:

    This “handicapper” is full of it. Whatever “formula” they’re looking at is bogus. Anyone who knows reality and the teams knows. The schedule is brutal. And brutal right out of the chute. If they manage to survive the first four weeks, then they get Steelers, Rams, Niners, Bengals, Cards, plus Saints and the division.

    Essentially, it is a season full of playoff games, and what few breaks they get may not be breaks, such as the McDaniels’ Raiders in Germany.

    Their hope is that all of last year’s top teams regress all at once. Chance of that happening? Slim at best.

  19. DiehardBucs Says:

    They get to play some of their toughest opponents at home

  20. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Isn’t it the Seahawks in Germany?

  21. Gwood Says:

    Goat farmer…..pretty sure those 13 games against 2008 Lions would be 13 wins. Even if we lose first 4 games, would still finish 13-4 if playing the 08 Detroit Lions the rest of the way. That my friend, would be an easy schedule. But nice try

  22. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    I’ve said it from the moment the schedule came out that I thought the Bucs would win at least 14 REGULAR season games and run the table all the way to that second boat parade . You have to remember that all the power house NFC teams took a step or two back this off-season , except for our Bucs !! Go Bucs