Shaq Mason: Tom Brady Makes Teammates Better

June 24th, 2022

Bucs RG Shaq Mason.

One cool thing for Joe to see was Tom Brady sort of crawl out of his cocoon a little and slowly become more open.

Many years playing under the boot of Bill Belicheat turns players into robots. Brady still isn’t remotely an open book but much more so than he used to be. Joe thinks former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians and his Type-A personality helped Brady step out.

And this is why Brady’s old and new teammate, right guard Shaq Mason, is still buttoned up. Nice guy, cooperative guy, but he doesn’t have a whole lot to see. This is the Belicheat in him. It will take a while for Mason to learn he doesn’t constantly have to watch his back for a nun standing behind him with a ruler at the ready.

Yeah, Mason was on recently with former Bucs quarterback Bruce Gradkowski and Bruce Murray, co-hosting “The Blitz,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Mason was bummed that the Belicheats traded him but Mason quickly got over that, he said, when he learned going to the Bucs meant a reunion with Brady.

It sounded as if Mason gave Brady much of the credit for his development as a top-shelf guard.

“It means the world,” Mason said of reuniting with Brady. “I was with him my first five seasons. It’s great being back with him. He demands the best from everyone around him. You know what you are getting from him day in and day out. Couldn’t ask to be around a better guy.”

When asked about foot-rubbing tight end Rob Gronkowski’s retirement-maybe, Mason laughed and admitted he’s not even sure if Gronk is gone or not.

Joe understands some folks think Mason isa n upgrade from Alex Cappa at right guard. As we all know, Cappa left for a big payday in Cincinnati.

Joe’s only concern with the offensive line is left guard, but it’s not a huge concern. And actually, the loss (?) of the blocking from Gronk is more a concern to Joe than left guard.

12 Responses to “Shaq Mason: Tom Brady Makes Teammates Better”

  1. D-Rok Says:

    The Brady Effect in full effect.

    GO BUCS!!!

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    Stinnie was more than solid. I agree that losing Gronk’s blocking is more of a gap than people who look only at his receiving stats believe.

    But to me the biggest hole is at OT. If Wirfs or DSmith go down, we saw what the Rams did to our OL then.

    I’d like to see an OT signed to fortify depth.

    And Suh.

    Yes I’m asking for a lot.

  3. Bojim Says:

    As a Bucs fan since 75′ I’ve seen it all and I still can’t believe that we have Tom fricken Brady!

  4. GOB Says:

    Mason is absolutely an upgrade over cappa. He’s certainly a better run blocker, and a very underrated pass protector. With a rookie under center last year, Mason only gave up 16 total pressures.

    As for players running off at the mouth. It’s always better to say less than more. The primary reason Bill doesn’t want his players taking, is that it eliminates the possibility of any perceived bulletin board material. When he does let them speak, it’s usually to heap effusive praise on opponents. It also limits controversy. if a player says something stupid, it’s a distraction. It’s always best to be measured in your comments. Speaking less also limits any information about a gameplan slipping out.

    It comes from a place and time when Bill was a lot friendlier to the media. He had a great relationship with the Cleveland media. Then, they turned on him, savaging him in the press, and demanding his ouster. He never forgave them.

  5. Marine Buc Says:

    @ GOB

    I agree. But why did Belichick let him go for just a 5th round pick? We got such a good deal it makes me a little nervous… Then the Pats use a 1st round pick on OG Cole Strange.

    I guess you could say they saved a little on cap space but Mason is only getting @ $7M – hardly breaking the bank…

  6. D-Rok Says:

    @Marine and GOB,

    It’s cuz Belichick wanted to get cute and outsmart all of us. Get rid of a very good OG in his prime and replace him with a rookie. Me, I would have kept Mason, but I’m so glad the Bucs have Mason! Losing 2 starting guards would have been rough. I’m super happy Mason is a Buc.

  7. Tsmpabaybucfan Says:

    We did get a good deal….but it always makes me much more nervous when we don’t.

  8. GOB Says:

    Marine Buc, it was a little strange. Remember he franchised Joe thuney in a reset year. Bill has been very good at drafting guards in particular. Maybe he was throwing Brady a bone. Thuney was the 91st pick, Mason was 135. You folks will get good production for Mason.

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    @ D-Rok & GOB

    I hope your both right… We lost both Marpet and Cappa this off-season and it was a minor miracle we were able to land Mason for such a cheap price.

    Now we need Goedeke and Stinnie to step up and fill the void at RG…

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    *** I believe it’s actually LG not RG…

  11. David Says:

    Completely agree. I think the O line may be improved… It all depends on if there is only a slight drop off (or none) at left guard because of Marpet retiring.
    I agree that Gronk’s blocking might be more concerning. The rookie Keift is supposed to be a beast at blocking but he’s a rookie.

  12. Mikejp Says:

    It is surprising that Bill sent Mason to the Bucs, perhaps he didn’t think Tom would unretired?