“That’s Why I Came Back, To Win”

April 28th, 2022

Singular focus.

There is a reason Joe — shockingly — doesn’t want an edge rusher in this weekend’s draft and instead wants guys with great chances of making huge impacts this year. The hell with development. Next year doesn’t matter.

Because there is no tomorrow for the best player on the team. And that would be Tom Brady. In fact, Brady said there is only one reason he’s still playing for the Bucs, To win. This year, he told Complex (and yeah, Brady is selling something).

“I decided to talk with my family and I said, ‘I think I wanna do this one more time if you guys will support that,’” Brady said. “And my wife was so supportive of it and she said, ‘Look, I want you to be happy. I want you to enjoy it and go out there and win.’ Ultimately, that’s why I came back, to win,” says Brady. “There’s only one reason to play for me at this point in my career. And that’s to win.”

So this is no time for the Bucs to say, “Well, after this guy gets a year under his belt as a backup, he might challenge Tyler Johnson for the fifth-receiver spot… ” — NO!

Everything, and Joe means everything, every waking moment, every thought, every move needs to be made and should be made with the mentality of a Super Bowl win in 9 1/2 months.

Worry about next year after this season. When Brady is very likely gone. And then figure out what you will do at quarterback.

40 Responses to ““That’s Why I Came Back, To Win””

  1. SB~LV Says:

    Are you saying go get Deebow ?
    Because that is the single best move to make it back to the Super Bowl!

  2. TDTB2022 Says:

    I want to know what “proudbucsfan” aka “El Bucco Realisto” thinks about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    I think Licht and the FO are thinking the same thing. I trust them in the draft.

  4. #8 Says:

    Bucs trade entire 2023 draft for 2022 players.

  5. Steven007 Says:

    Joe, I get that we have a better chance than many teams at being in the dance this year, but don’t you think that every team in the league minus a very few, have the same mentality? That every waking thought, moment and move is designed to get that team to the super bowl? Surely the Rams, Bengals, most of the AFC West and obviously many other teams have the same mentality. The difference for us of course is we do know there’s a short shelf life with our quarterback. So while I agree with you regarding our team, most every team has this mentality. Except for Jacksonville, haha. But give them a couple of years… Bengals turned it around in two after having the first pick in the draft.

  6. Pewter Power Says:

    Another first round weapon for Brady won’t help them stop the rams offense or apparently beat the saints. Pass rush and defense…..if people want to keep saying he single-handedly put this franchise on his back then all he should need is gronk and a late round receiver or punt returner

  7. LOL Says:

    Go get Robert Quinn or Mack from the Bears.

  8. Bucaroo Says:

    @LOL: Not sure that the Bucs can absorb the $18 mill salary for Quinn. The Bears traded Khalil Mack to the Chargers.

  9. Joe Says:

    Joe, I get that we have a better chance than many teams at being in the dance this year, but don’t you think that every team in the league minus a very few, have the same mentality?

    Not sure about other teams (Joe doesn’t cover “other teams). Joe is focused on the Bucs. It triggers Joe when he hears chatter about d-line (when the d-line is already good) or pass rusher (those guys rarely ball out as rookies) that’s just the wrong mentality when so, so much is at stake *this year.*

  10. westernbuc Says:

    I want to have a roster than can be appealing to the next veteran we go for. I don’t think this draft has a bunch of high impact players. Draft quality players who can fill in or start

  11. Alstott up the gut Says:

    This will be very unpopular, but because I completely agree that this weekend is all about this upcoming year, if every RB is available at 27, I have no problem with the Bucs getting the RoJo replacement tonight. That will be a direct impact this year!

  12. Mike Says:

    If you’re lucky, you can find 1 or maybe 2 immediate impact players in the draft, and that’s pretty unusual. I do expect them to target certain players and move around the draft board to get guys they think can make the Bucs better and can compete for playing time this year, but there will be guys that are just value picks who may contribute on ST this year but will be able to develop into potential starters down the road as well, and that’s okay too.

  13. MadMax Says:

    Why is he the GOAT? He throws the ball to people who can catch the damn ball!


  14. Steven007 Says:

    Outside the top 10 or so the draft is almost never about this year. With the exception of adding depth pieces. Sure there will always be guys drafted late in the first round who blossom (for example TJ Watt who is picked 30th which now seems shocking but obviously wasn’t at the time) but it’s seldom in the first year anyways.

  15. cmurda Says:

    @SB LV. Deebo is going to cost an absolute arm and leg. That would be great but there is a limit to how all in we should go. Joe can talk like the future doesn’t matter but there can’t be complete recklessness for the near future. What happens when you lose a tough playoff game like last year. No Superbowl win and now Brady is gone. We are in cap hell and we have a plethora of wide receivers with no QB and no middle LB and leader of the defense. We have to calm ourselves on something insane like a Deebo trade. We are already going to be up against it next year and onward. The can has been kicked hard.

  16. NYbucsfan Says:

    @ Joe, no position is a guarantee. Sometimes you hit on a player when that happens, it is great. But to ignore a position of need to draft a player at a position because historically, players selected at that position contribute sooner is irresponsible. If you look at our roster and think guard or wide receiver is the most prominent need, you need to put down the big storm beer.

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    I could see a trade for Mayfield as hedging for this year as well as building for the future. IMO….Mayfield is better than Gabbert, Griffin or Trask, he would be an upgrade at back up as well as a possible long term solution for QB once Brady is done.

  18. Denny Gay Says:

    here here

  19. PSL Bob Says:

    Well, if that’s your mind set, better be prepared to move way up in the draft. That’s where the “sure things” live. And to do that, you’re going to have to trade away your 2nd or third round pick, at least. The best shot at a sure thing whether it’s a WR, TE, or RB with super hands is through FA and we don’t have the CAP space for that.

  20. Duane Says:

    EVERY team wants their picks to contribute from day one. This team had a depth problem last year, not a talent one. Teams dont win the SB with day one rosters-you have to play the games and weather the attrition and the circumstances.

  21. tampabayallday Says:

    TB12 is back and wants to win WITH Tampa, LFG. We need to be ALL IN.

  22. Bowles4President Says:

    Joe, I’m surprised the big story isn’t about the “one more time” comment. Isn’t this the first time that Brady has essentially said his return is only for one year?

  23. Scooter Says:

    Godwin will need to get the extension and then strength back in his surgery leg and then u have to hope the leg is as good as before. Then he has to get in football shape. I would pick a burner wide receiver who could separate with the 1st pick. I would pick a good blocking/pass catching Tight End with the 2nd pick. The strength of the Bucs is the offense. Assuming Gronk is a Buc, I would run a two a 2 TE set a lot which would help the offense run the ball and also give TB more protection when passing. One of the TE could also chip and go out for a pass. if the offense can run the ball, Brady will pick apart opposing defenses with play action. Outscore teams this season, keep opposing defenses on the field a lot where they become worn down in the 2nd half of games and where the Bucs defense would then be on the field less and fresher. Its easier to play defense when ur team has a lead.

  24. Joe Says:

    Isn’t this the first time that Brady has essentially said his return is only for one year?

    Perhaps but the implication has always been there. Especially when he retired.

  25. That Ain't Right! Says:

    Deeeebo we shouldn’t touch. No thanks let someone with the asset’s go get him. We just need to build right now today from within. If anything look too trade back if possible. Maybe not round 1 , but still you get my point look for lot of extra bodies to fill holes create depth. The best talent comes from rounds 1-3 on a pretty consistent basis year but year. Find starters everywhere you can and then let the best man win the position. I’m still skeptical on RG although I want to trust Aaron Stinnie I d k if he’s the guy. Robert Hainsey idk where he fits. He doesn’t play. I definitely would like some
    big bodies and toughness in the trenches. I wouldn’t mind at all these positions below in Tampa and they are not in any order.

    RG – must protect Brady and create depth.
    TE2 Gronk has to come back right?
    DE 3-4 – need to find new starters and blood.
    ILB 3-4 – Devin white isn’t great for this defense inside.
    CB2 – We need depth beyond Dean.
    RB2 – I don’t trust Vaughn as the 3rd down back or pass catching back.

  26. firethecannons Says:

    Joe! we must get this rant to Jason Licht–he must see this before his pick–you are absolutely right and everything and everyone must be ALL in! No holding back. Every player for now. Trade Kyle Trask if possible for a high second rounder. Push all our chips to the middle. LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. firethecannons Says:

    Joe–if we cannot trade back then who??????? I cannot remember your pick on the podcast.

  28. firethecannons Says:

    I remember now Andrew Booth–concerned he may not be available

  29. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    That’s what I’ve been saying since LAST SEASON !! Who cares about next year’s draft ?? Shoot , I would trade away all our lower pics this year and our ENTIRE draft next year to get a couple of sure fire picks that are ready to plug and play this year and make a difference !! I said the same thing last year when we knew we had a great chance of getting to the super bowl again !! We better make this year THE YEAR !! Go Bucs

  30. DEEEMO Says:


  31. DEEEMO Says:

    Also I agree with NYbucsfan

    ” Joe, no position is a guarantee. Sometimes you hit on a player when that happens, it is great. But to ignore a position of need to draft a player at a position because historically, players selected at that position contribute sooner is irresponsible. If you look at our roster and think guard or wide receiver is the most prominent need, you need to put down the big storm beer.”

  32. Buczilla Says:

    Hell yes! I know that our overall history is pretty bad, but we have had some freaking awesome moments as a franchise and we should go all out to get some more.

  33. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Play for TODAY! Because when Brady leaves there is no tomorrow. Just a few weeks ago post Brady retirement all was doom and gloom and most doubted Bucs could even make the playoffs. It appears to me Brady wants to go out BIG, if that’s the case the Bucs hit the lottery again, don’t be small minded go for broke, tomorrow is tomorrow.

  34. SB Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ There is “no tomorrow” for YOU!. Because you are not a Bucs fan. I have been here for 46 Years. There is a tomorrow for me as there have been many over the last almost half century.

  35. SB Says:

    Preach Deemo! Preach!

  36. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I totally agree with Joe. The team hasn’t acted with urgency this off-season. Besides Shaq Mason and Gage, we’ve done relatively little to improve this team to compete with the big boys. We picked up spare parts on the D with Ryan and Neal. We lost our all pro LG and we’re counting on a bunch of backups to replace them. Our line when heathy was arguably the best in the league last year, and the most important piece in our SB run. I’m sorry, but I’m not sold on Stinnie or the other guys. Why not make a big splash and sign Matthieu. He’s a leader and playmaker, and don’t give me this big speech about money. We can make it happen if we really wanted to. Somehow the Rams made it work with Robinson and Wagner, and they’re probably not done making moves. They also draft very well. There is a very small window in the NFL to win a SB. Let’s maximize it! Brady knows this better than anyone. Clyde Christensen said that less than 12 hours after he unretired Brady called him with a list they needed to do for the whole team to improve. He said the team needed to “empty the chamber.” Signing up washed up safeties sure doesn’t sound like letting loose the uzi. There was also something interesting Brady said on the last episode of his podcast. He lamented on how the Rams went all out to win it and how he admired their urgency. As currently constructed, this team is not better than the Rams. And don’t discount the Saints or the Packers. They aren’t laying down this year for us either. If SB is the goal, no way in hell are we better than the top AFC contenders.

    We also have the toughest schedule in the league. We aren’t acting with urgency like a team with the toughest schedule in the league. Finally, I’m glad Lee has been beating this drum on the podcast. We have no idea when Godwin will be back! He’s arguably the most important piece on the offense outside of Brady. He does everything for the team. He’s the guy Brady targets to make the critical third down catch. I absolutely love Evans. He’s grown into one of my favorite Bucs player ever, but his football IQ is damn awful. Godwin knows how to read coverages and find the soft spot in the zone. We absolutely can’t just expect to win if Godwin is out until Christmas. Johnson, Perriman, and Grayson would be our WR3. Our we really comfortable with that proposition? Look, I’ve followed Brady’s career since Michigan, and was ecstatic when he joined us. I saw the man make the likes of David Givens, Chad Jackson, and Jabar Gaffney look decent. He made it to the AFC Championship game in 2006 with Reche Caldwell as his top receiver! He’s 45 now. He’s no longer that guy, nor does he have the patience to be that guy anymore.

  37. Listnfrmafar Says:

    SB, not true I have grown fond of many of the Bucs players but the goal for every team is the SB.

  38. David Says:

    I would argue the dB are better simply because they can’t possibly have this many injuries again. The right side of the O line is better. Left guard -we’re not sure about yet. Receivers and TE will be fine as long as Gronk comes back and Godwin doesn’t miss more than 6 games.
    I am mainly concerned about D line because of losing SUH and JPP. I do think JTS takes a big step forward but I see them drafting a DT

  39. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I would love for one of the Joes to ask Brady this once he makes himself available: Tom, we’ve seen a lot of brand promotion from you lately. You have your fashion line and crypto and you recently filmed a movie. Could you assure the fans, coaches, and your teammates that you’re all in on football this season? I know Brady doesn’t care about the media, but he damn sure cares about the opinions of his teammates. I love Brady, but I had to mute his posts on IG. It’s just 100% brand promotion. It’s ridiculous

  40. Joe Says:


    Oh, no need to worry about Brady being dialed in on football. He was selling long before this year and developing his Hollywood production company and marketing his “Man in the Arena” series while the Bucs were marching to the Super Bowl.