Rob Gronkowski Claims No Contract Talks With Bucs

April 10th, 2022

Claims no contract talks.

This seems a little odd or inaccurate. But the main party is on record saying it’s so.

Bucs free agent tight end Rob Gronkowski spoke with Debbie Emery of SBNation this week and per Gronk, he, his agent oily Drew Rosenhaus and the Bucs have yet to have any contract negotiations for the 2022 season.

Gronk had sitdown with Emery and in addition to repeating the Bucs will be the only team he plays for in 2022, he said Rosenhaus and the Bucs have yet to discuss contract terms. In short, Gronk said that is a waste of time unless or until he decides to play. It’s consistent with what Rosenhaus told Joe fact-to-face two weeks ago.

Debbie Emery: Are you in contract negotiations, or are you not even there yet?

Rob Gronkowski: That will start if I decide that I want to play. There’s no reason to do that while there’s a decision to be made first. It’s all about if I decide to.

Gronk also noted that Todd Bowles taking over for former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians will not be a factor in his decision.

Joe is confident we can all guess why. It’s all about Tom Brady, baby!

23 Responses to “Rob Gronkowski Claims No Contract Talks With Bucs”

  1. Leighroy Says:

    Not sure why that would be odd or inaccurate. Would you haggle with the car salesman if you hadn’t decided on the car you want to buy?

  2. 2022 Year of the GOAT RETURN Says:

    if tom calls … he will play

  3. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Yeah this doesn’t seem like a big deal yet. With how the front office handled Brady, I’m guessing they’re just going to wait and have Gronk come to them. No need to pressure him into coming in, especially since he said he’d only play for the Bucs. The only problem is that we need 2 or 3 more Tight Ends depending on how Bowles/Byron feels about just running with McElroy and Brate. I imagine the draft, but that’s a crap shoot as we know. I’m not worried, I’m sure he’ll join up at some point.

  4. Hodad Says:

    Tom needs to extend his contract so we can afford Gronk. We’re going to draft a TE, and we’re going to draft a DT. I’d still like to have Suh, and Gronk back. Hard pass on JPP. If Tom wants Gronk, sign a new three year deal.

  5. 1#bucsfan Says:

    It’s all good. Gronk said he’s going to make everyone sweat like Brady did. Gronk will play. He’s still working out at the team’s facility n I’m sure if brady is playing then gronk will be there too

  6. Bird Says:


    Yup. No doubt. 😂

    If i had to guess they will have some verbal deal (behind the scenes) right before draft. It would make sense. Cause otherwise you will have to draft tight end sooner rather then later as a safety net. Plus gronk probably wants to avoid early offseason. Not really start practicing until July. That way he has more beers with his name on it.

    Trust me. He plays for bucs. Brady will be like “cmon bro we need yah”. And his girl will be like “cmon big daddy…we need yah”

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Every week that goes by, Gronk feels better and misses football more….and his girlfriend wants to be part of the players wives & girlfriends group….not the ex group.

  8. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Gronk like Tommy Boy could care less if Bowles is coach, they know exactly what their role is to repeat. He’s playing.

  9. Mr Bean Says:

    It is all a matter of one bad connection phone call and his mother bringing over his football pants 😀

  10. Dman Says:

    Been a few months. What’s the deal. Decide already.

  11. Beeej Says:

    I expect we’ll draft a tight end whether he comes back or not. Is Brate the only one on the roster right now?

  12. FairMinded Says:

    Fire’s gone. Love ya Gronk but enjoy retirement and stay healthy

  13. cmurda Says:

    Yes. I’ll echo the same sentiment as others. The only odd thing here is that Joe thinks its odd. Gronk’s words make perfect sense.

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely! Gronk does NOT need anymore money. He DOES need every brain cell he may have left. Rob Gronkowski Estimates He Suffered ‘Nine Surgeries, 20 Concussions’

    Have you guys seen Jim McMahon or many of the other NFL vets who don’t know what time zone they’re in and some pretty crippled. No snowskiing at 50 for them.

    What good is money if you can’t even count it? I think Gronk really really wants to play. I also think he would like to be able to remember his playing days and what time it is.

  15. sasquatch Says:

    I think there was another story a few weeks ago about no current negotiations. Wasn’t news then, not news now. If he’s not even sure he’s playing, why bother? They’ll get it done when and if the time comes.

    Need to draft 2 TEs.

  16. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    Gronk is done. Even if you sign him he’ll miss half the year anyway.
    Sign Suh, he’ll play all year.
    Draft a TE early.
    Pick up a late cut or two for later.
    Heck, OJ has a good chance of being cut. At least he’ll know the offence.

  17. GOB Says:

    Bucsfan4ever, judging how he looked against the Rams, it’s hard to argue against your point. Gronk needs to be managed. The most important thing is that he be fully healthy not gassed for the playoffs. Brady relied on him far too much last year, when he played at least. Gronk isn’t fond of training camp, and he and Brady don’t need the work anyway.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Gronk’s just teasing. Getting more attention as he plays this drama out. Bucs and Brady know it. Think about it. Who WOULDN’T want to stay till the end as Tom Brady’s best and most reliable teammate as wel, as continuing to cement himself as the GOAT of all NFL TEs? As this drama continues there’s been an ongoing sub-debate on whether Gronk is already the TE GOAT. Seems Gronk would want to put an end to that nonsense for good.

    No worries. Just get ready for more episodes of the “Tommy and Gronky Show”!😎

  19. Allbuccedup Says:

    I do not understand the bucs thinking they have one tight end Brate whos injury prone thats it. There are a couple of decent free agent tight ends still available grab one that will give them two. Then if Gronk comes back you have three. The bucs only have four picks basically and two seventh rounders. I would hate too waste a top pick on a tight end.

  20. Ash Says:

    There are no decent tightend just bodies gronk more thank likely comes back and they will draft another.

  21. BucsFan81 Says:

    He will play. Just waiting until after training camp starts. Gronk can pretty much get his self into shape at this point.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s Bucs or bust…

    “At a rehearsal for Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, Gronkowski, who has been pondering retiring from the NFL, told People, “If I do play football, it would definitely be with the Bucs.” He added, “I’m just really taking my time. The season doesn’t really start for another three, or four months. So it’s actually great not to really be signed with a team because it’s just that freedom.””

    Just sounds like he’s going to take him time and resign right before camp starts. Brady will know if he’s coming back or not, if not they’re going to need to trade for someone, or at the very least draft someone with a top pick.

  23. steele Says:

    There are no guarantees here. None. Doesn’t matter of Brady calls. Doesn’t matter what his woman wants. This is his call. He won’t commit? Until when?

    If he waits until camp and says, “well, nope, I’d rather lounge in Hollywood or make commercials”, that leaves the Bucs WITHOUT A STARTING TE, without THE key weapon Brady needs. Then what?

    The team needs to move by draft for a starting TE, however they get it, assuming NO Gronk, or Gronk as a last minute add-on.

    Could be trade, draft or FA, but good luck finding a TE who can BLOCK, much less block like Gronk.

    We do NOT want to be in this position, guys. DEFENSE needs to be the priority with most if not all moves from here on. Go for Jeremy Ruckert or J. Wydermeyer in rd 3, fine, it “wastes” a needed D line/pass rush/cornerback pick.

    Gronk needs to get off the couch, and make a commitment of some kind so that Licht knows what he needs to do. Period.