Bucs Sign Aaron Stinnie

March 12th, 2022

Returns for 2022.

So a guy who filled in beautifully when the Bucs needed him the most has decided to stay in Tampa Bay for at least a year.

Jenna Laine of ESPN notes that Bucs free agent guard Aaron Stinnie will be back with the Bucs on a one-year deal for $2.5 million. Joe is confident Stinnie will be starting this fall.

When current and fellow free agent, right guard Alex Cappa, broke his ankle in the opening playoff game at Washington in 2020, Stinnie filled in and you never knew the Bucs had a backup at right guard. He played fantastic.

So with Stinnie, Joe really has only two questions remaining about the pride of James Madison. Will he start at left guard or will Stinnie start at right guard this September?

Those questions will likely be answered sometime next week.

28 Responses to “Bucs Sign Aaron Stinnie”

  1. Niles Says:

    Whew! Good thing he signed otherwise it’d be Trask’s fault! Right, Joe?

  2. Mike Says:

    So, now we wait and see what happens with Cappa and Jensen…

  3. Dick LeBeau Jr. Says:

    I’m not as worried as others about losing Jensen. But both Jensen and Cappa, that’s a problem. So as long as we resign Cappa, we’ve held onto Stinnie, and if we draft a lineman, we’re good. If the Bengals can make it to the Super Bowl with their trashy line, then I’m sure we can get by.

  4. tampabuscsbro Says:


    It’s a bit jarring to me how much we are putting into Godwin with how many players we are about to lose.

  5. Allbuccedup Says:

    If hes good enough to start why not sign him to a three year deal so we don’t have to go through this next year. If someone is young and pretty good why not sign them to a longer contract. I can see sign a 30 plus free agent for a one year deal. I guess these guys like running around like a chicken with their head cutoff.

  6. Adrnagy Says:

    2.5m one year. Not bad. He might start or great to have as back up

  7. Buc92’ Says:

    Keep Cappa & let Jensen skate … plug in Hainsey or Bozeman


  8. Allbuccedup Says:

    Rodger Safford is a FA now hes 33 but made the pro bowl last year.

  9. catcard202 Says:

    I think Stinnie is a good keep…A solid insurance policy for either G spot.

    Now, let’s see what happens with Cappa….Let’s hope the club/player are able to come to terms & at a 2022 # that makes sense for both parties….If not, it’s likely a Kenyon Green/Zion Johnson focused watch party for Bucs fans on Day1.

    If Cappa is not resigned…I expect we see CIN going hard for him & Jensen…You have to look at CIN as a logical active player in his next move. They really only have 1 off-season focus = Protect The Franchise!

    Cappa & Jensen make a lot of sense from that standpoint for a team with $$ to spend…Those 2 already have a feel for playing along side each other & have “protected TB12 well” highlighted on their resumes.

  10. MadMax Says:

    I hate we are rebuilding, but this is a good start. RG is locked down….now just move Wirfs to LG and draft that RT Darian Kinnard in the 2nd…Wirfs will be our LT eventually….we’ll get a LG next year.

  11. SKBucsFan Says:

    That’s good news! Just need Jensen and Whitehead and we are good to go into free agency and the draft.

  12. Coburn Says:

    Actually the guy I prob wanted resigned the most from what I’ve seen. Not sure why we couldn’t get more years for him .. I guess the coaches don’t feel same way I do based on what they are seeing in practice or at least not sold he’s a full time starter

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    allbuccedup … ‘If he’s good enough to start why not sign him to a three year deal so we don’t have to go through this next year.’

    Agree 100% on that. He’s been a solid backup for us since 2019. Hasn’t started many games, but we’ve seen what he can do as a fill-in during the playoffs against very good competition. These 1-year deals may be necessary if you don’t know the player & what he brings to the table, but that’s not the case with Stinnie.

  14. Tee Says:

    @MadMax bro this isn’t Madden. Wirfs isn’t going to become a guard. Tackles are harder to find.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Why would Stinnie sign for more years? Once he gets a chance to start he will then command a deal similar to whatever Cappa gets this year. Like something $6m+ a year. He has no reason to sign a 3 year $7M contract when he can make more money after proving he’s a starter in this league. This 1 year deal is good for him and the Bucs.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m hoping that Whitehead’s next to re-sign. He’s a play-maker, and we need those in our Secondary. His market Value is listed at $7.8 mil and I suspect he’ll re-sign with us for that amount on a 3-year contract with about half guaranteed.

    Personally I’d also try to re-sign Suh prior to the draft, but I’m not sure he’s really interested in playing another year for a team that almost surely won’t be in the hunt come SB time. Since our defensive front has so many holes (Suh, JPP, McLendon, Gholston) that must be filled, I think it’s important to re-sign 2 of those guys (preferably Suh & Gholston). And that ASSUMES that we intend to draft a DT AND a DE/OLB in the Top-3 Rnds (to get comparable talent to what we’d be losing).

  17. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Pretty sure Max meant LT.
    I’ve been preaching this myself.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Good resigning of a backup.

    If he’s starting, then he’s a below average started and hurts the offense. But as a spot starter and backup, he’s a good piece to have available.

  19. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    Good signing. Glad to hear it.

  20. BUCman Says:

    Deal is for up to 2.5m. That doesn’t sound like starter money. Sounds like backup money. It doubles his salary from last year but if he were the projected starter it would be for more than that I would think.

  21. Beeej Says:

    Stinnie saved us in the Super Bowl. As for last season he had 91 snaps– 1 penalty and 1 sack allowed. He’ll probably be the new LG. Probably signing for 1 year because he believes he will win the starting job and kick arse, nice to see confidence

  22. geno711 Says:

    This really says a lot about what other teams think about Stinnie. If other teams saw him as a starter, his agent would have known that and there is no way he would have accepted a 1 year 2.5 million contract with the Bucs.

  23. ModHairKen Says:

    Good job, Licht. And next year Stinnie can get rewarded. Works for both sides.

  24. Buccinutz15 Says:

    Solid insurance policy signing Stinnie. Now, plug Hainsey in at the other guard, and draft Wirfs former Iowa teammate Tyler Lindenbaum in the 1st Round of the draft. Kid is a stud and ultra competitive. I read that he actually beat Wirfs in wrestling.

  25. Esteban85 Says:

    This is a classic Licht prove it contract. They are probably telling him he’s got the job at either rg or lg and he can go out there and earn himself a life changing contract. Mucho incentive for Stinnie here considering his cohesiveness with the line. The man knows he can play in the league and this is his chance to prove it.

  26. adam from ny Says:

    i’n surprised we didn’t try to lock him in for longer…like 2 years for say 6 mil

  27. adam from ny Says:

    also i like his run blocking a lot

  28. adam from ny Says:

    our starting line this year from left to right…and qb

    smith, stinnie, hansey, cappa, wirfs