Another Quarterback Comes Off The Board

March 9th, 2022

Quality starter heads to NFC.

Last week Bucs officials at the NFL Scouting Combine were very down on there being any opportunities on the trade market for quarterbacks.

In the last 24 hours, Russell Wilson was moved to Denver and Carson Wentz was traded to Washington.

Indianapolis got back a pair third-round picks for Wentz, one of which could become a second-round pick, and they didn’t have to eat any of his $20 million-plus salary. Washington gets a guy who had a winning record last season and is under contract for three more years.

The Bucs are flying their Kyle Trask flag as they negotiate the return of Blaine Gabbert.

Joe absolutely wouldn’t have wanted to give up that much for Wentz, but Joe understands part of Wentz’s value is the fact he’s under contract and his value ceiling is higher because of that.

It’s unclear if the Bucs will make any significant move at quarterback, though Joe is bracing for Teddy Bridgewater coming to Tampa as an inexpensive free agent — if he doesn’t land in Indianapolis.

Joe sees 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo as a strong fit in Indianapolis. They wouldn’t need Jimmy GQ to spray balls around the field in their run-first offense — like he’d have to in order to be successful with Bucco Bruce Arians.

56 Responses to “Another Quarterback Comes Off The Board”

  1. Marine Buc Says:

    Good. The only team that was desperate enough to trade for C. Wentz had Taylor Heinicke as their starting QB last season…


  2. Uncommon Says:

    This is great news. I’d rather watch Trask struggle than Wentz. That dude is a nothing person. Gingers don’t even have souls.

  3. Tye Says:

    Bridgewater will not be exciting nor inspire confidence… He may only play 6-8 games before he gets a serious injury and miss many games…

    I’d rather see if Trask is a Joe Burrow type in the NFL since he was in college…
    Get Mariota or Dalton to compete or as a better backup than Gabbert…

  4. Leighroy Says:

    Maybe I’m just biased from 2021 playoffs, but I’d rather pay Heinicke peanuts than Wentz 20mil to deliver replacement level results. I think Rivera just doomed his legacy

  5. Jordan Says:

    Trusbisky is the best risk to reward option in terms of acquiring someone – the reward is he’s actually a very good QB and was just young and in the wrong situation, the risk would be a relatively cheap and short contract and he flames out.

    Watson is of course the best player available, but the price will be steep once his legal is resolved, and if legal is unresolved, then his ability doesn’t really matter at all does it?

    Bridgewater another decent option, just have to really be able to protect him and have a run game, but then there’s a lot of QBs who can succeed in that environment.

  6. Beeej Says:

    Well, owing to what Cincinnati got for him, it’s clear the bucs weren’t trying to get the guy

  7. BUCman Says:

    Bridgewater or any of the middling free agents would be wasted money! Go with Trask and see what we’ve got! This is a perfect year to find out while we still have 3 years left on his rookie contract. We’re not competing for the Superbowl this year no matter who’s QB1. Giving Trask the reps to gain experience will only help his development for the future. At the same time we keep our draft capital and cap space to build around him.

  8. StAugBuc Says:

    What’s the Cincinnati reference?

  9. Slacknuts Says:

    Absolutely no reason to bring in Bridgewater, Newton, or Garrappolo. None offer any upgrades over Trask/Gabbert. If Trask isn’t the answer the it only would solidify him being a wasted draft pick when the team was in win now mode.

  10. DungyDance Says:

    So all these other teams make their moves. Apparently some big names were available. And we’re still sitting here with our d@&% in our hands.

  11. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Very glad Bucs didn’t fall for this ginger…who poured when the Eagles went on to win the Super Bowl without him. He’s damaged goods both mentally & physically.

  12. rriddler Says:

    I’d like to see Joe Flacco as a one year bridge over Blaine Gabbert if BA thinks Trask isn’t ready.

  13. BuxfaninTX Says:

    Lol Taylor Heineke has beaten Tampa 2X

  14. Buc4evr Says:

    So other than Gabbert and Trask that leaves Bridgewater or Jameis. Still waiting to see who is behind door number two?

  15. WalkdaPlank Says:

    At this point it seems it’s either Deshaun Watson or Trask/Gabbert. Don’t want Jimmy Garbage anywhere near Tampa, agree with Joe he fits Indy better and Carr/Cousins aren’t getting traded to anybody. This draft class is weak. Barring a crazy turn of events it looks like the Trask/Gabbert show this year. Not ideal for aging Arians.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Jameis? Maybe you might want to read some Joe articles about what Arians is saying. That ship has sailed. And likely NO will sign him again anyway.

  17. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, Tom Brady would be a great fit in Indy, as a poster here pointed out.
    With Brady, Indy become an instant favorite to play in a Super Bowl.
    But it was reported today that Brady filed 12 US Patent applications for his name is various business ventures, so maybe he really IS Retired ?

  18. mark2001 Says:

    Didn’t I read that Watson just did a deposition and took the fifth to a grand jury conducting an investigation of his alleged activites? It doesn’t look good, folks.

  19. Adrnagy Says:

    Theres no door #2. Licht and arians are waiting and will wait for brady to come back.

    Think about … why not sign cappa / whitehead at least. No one. No money going nowhere.

  20. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    He went for two 3rds, it was a contract swap. He went for nothing but a contract and comp picks. and a swapped 4th?

    Not saying he should’ve been signed but he didn’t go for anything.

    Would Jimmy G only be worth a 4th? and his contract? Of course not.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Since no one has said it yet that I’ve read, I will. Think Jordan Love…he could probably be had for a forth or fifth round draft pick.

  22. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    mark2001, Watson testifys Friday, and he is intending to plead the 5th over and over yes.

    Also eight women have been subpoenaed to testify in a criminal grand jury proceeding Friday in Houston’

    But the media and people around the NFL are parroting that they feel very confident, he won’t get criminal charges pressed via the grand jury.

    Im confused if the 8 main women testify for the grand jury and he just pleads the fifth not sure why league thinks its a slam drunk no criminal charges.

    Unless the women are all bold face liars, or Watson lawyer will somehow be able to make them look horrible it will be weird when they say they were forced or grope to do sexual acts an he just pleads 5th.

    His civil suit will still go forward and need to be settle either way,

    But I think Watson may be traded on weekend.

  23. DungyDance Says:

    Why bother breaking the bank for Godwin if there’s no one to throw o him? It’s like hanging a chandelier in a dilapidated shack.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    So funny people think we should give up future prospects we need for a guy who 2 other teams couldn’t wait to show the door. Pay Jensen and Lenny, find a replacement for Marpet then give Trask a shot since he’s been one year in the system and build a team around him. We had our window and made something of it now we rebuild

  25. Adrnagy Says:

    As of right now we dont have a running game / screen game or passing / play action.

    No QB
    No RB
    No oline only OT.
    No TE
    And one leg WR for $20m.

  26. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Adrnagy: I’m pretty sure the Bucs will be able to field a team this year.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Ali is gone and good chance Jensen and Lenny are gone……. Brady isn’t coming back

  28. Snookman Says:

    Last year we went 13-4 with the smartest and best qb to ever do it. If we have no Tom Brady we lose to: Dallas, Buffalo, Indy, Jets, Patriots, and Probably Atlanta once. That is 7-10
    8-9 ish. This is what we are with the current qb situation unless we get a Stud. Watson is out only hope for superbowl aspirations. Garappollo is next best option

  29. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Starters for 2022

    11 Blaine Gabbert
    2 Kyle Trask
    Running backs
    21 Ke’Shawn Vaughn

    Wide receivers
    1 Jaelon Darden
    13 Mike Evans
    15 Cyril Grayson
    18 Tyler Johnson
    10 Scotty Miller
    Chris Godwin

    Tight ends


    Offensive linemen
    65 Alex Cappa G
    70 Robert Hainsey T
    60 Nick Leverett G
    76 Donovan Smith T
    64 Aaron Stinnie G
    72 Josh Wells T
    78 Tristan Wirfs T

  30. mark2001 Says:

    If Davis goes elsewhere can we PLEASE bury the gravedigger nickname for the secondary?

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bucman. Agree 200 percent about Trask let’s see what we have . What if he’s good why are yall automatically counting him out as being a bad quarterback when you haven’t seen him play in the NFL?? This is why yall suck to me as fans!! Yall don’t stand behind no body . If Brady comes back we still ain’t winning no superbowl and we will be back at the same place next year with no top 10 draft pick so that will mean the top quarterbacks we still won’t be able to get because we win just enough games to knock us out of the run for the top quarterbacks coming out ! Give Trask a chance if he suck we get a top 10 quarterback. If he’s good than we have our guy for the first time in franchise history it’s a win win suitaion.

  32. Mike Says:

    Looks more and more like we will be rolling with the Traskinator… 🙂

  33. SKBucsFan Says:

    Another one off of the board. Thank goodness. Just need someone dumb enough to sign Bridgewater and Garrapolo and wr can end this talk about signing someone else’s garbage.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    You really only have two options at this point…

    Watson or Winston.

    The Bucs aren’t doing either, so now it’s Tank w/ Trask and very likely a Bruce Gradkowski type of year.

    The 2006 Bucs still had a very good defense, they had some talent on offense, but they were completely hampered by their QB. Trask is not someone who I’d have any faith in at this point – and his college tape means nothing, those soft touch passes he threw in college are going to be INTs in the NFL, and if he hasn’t finished his transition to throwing with NFL velocity, the season will be a disaster and the Bucs will be picking in the top 5 in 2023.

    But I have zero issues with that so long as the Bucs don’t do stupid moves that screw up the cap in future years. When Brady resigned last year, the deal was, when he retired, the team would get screwed up, maybe blown up. I had no issues with that deal then, and I don’t have any issues with it now. So unless you can get a top QB, just take the lost year now, and lets be ready to win in 2023 when you’ll have a ton of picks, maybe a top 5 pick, and a ton of cap space.

    But it should be a top QB or Trask, garbage like Gabbert and Bridgewater, who might get you an extra 2-3 wins, should not be legit options.

  35. Buczilla Says:


  36. steele Says:

    Unless he is trade bait, it is a given that Trask will be evaluated and given his shot. Trask hater or Trask lover, it doesn’t matter. Trask is almost a given. We don’t know if he sucks until he hits the field.

    The other two signings (I assume there will also be a need for a third stringer) are the question marks, and it could go in any number of ways. Veteran to start or veteran to back up. Draft to start or draft to back up.

    The free agents all suck, almost every single one. Interchangeable in terms of mediocrity.

    Given that the team is broke, and likely to lose a bunch of veterans, the whole idea of an all-in Super Bowl run is growing more distant by the minute. But if one were to go that route, then Cousins is the last big name who is above average. Or some deal for Matt Ryan.

    Lower expectations and youth/rebuild makes more sense. Suck for a while, but build around a younger QB. Give a guy like Mike White a shot. Draft Pickett. Open camp with a competition with new QBs and Trask, and just see where it goes.

    The Brady era is over. Just as the Russell Wilson era is over in Seattle.

  37. Will Says:

    Smh I can’t believe some of the stuff I’m reading here did someone actually say trade for Jordan Love. You want a kid that looked terrible in his start and doesn’t know our playbook instead of finding out what we’ve got in a guy that spent a year under Brady. Then some say roll with Trask because he spent a year under Brady BUT won’t give that same consideration to Gabbert. Smh

  38. godlovesbucs Says:

    Not a good move by Washington at all. Glad it wasn’t Tampa…

  39. steele Says:

    Will, the whole “they spent a year under Brady” thing doesn’t necessarily mean a thing. We don’t know what they learned or didn’t learn. We don’t know if Tom “taught” them squat. They watched Brady do his thing, but only Clyde knows if anything translated into passed-own Brady genius.

    A lot of QBs sat and watched Brady. Is Ryan Mallett a great QB? Don’t tell me Jittery G learned anything, either. Jittery bragged about being better than Brady, then proceeded to do Jittery, flailing under pressure.

    Every QB wants to do their own thing. Trask sure didn’t play like Brady last preseason. He did his own thing.

  40. BucEmUo Says:

    Sign DeSean Watson now on the cheap long term deal, if he get suspended then so be it you still have along term proven starter. If he doesn’t get suspended you are on ready to compete immediately.Gabbert, trask….I dknt even wanna watch that.

  41. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I’m not down on trask, but either Byron or Arians said he isn’t ready yet. I’m basing it off that. I want to believe Gabbert is ready, but I remember watching him in San Fran and Jacksonville. He wasn’t a QB you want starting. Maybe he’s changed….I’m disappointed Wentz is gone, but we couldn’t afford his salary. I think at this point, Arians picks from Trubisky, Mariota, Bridgewater pr Fitzpatrick to compete with Gabbert and Trask. Out of that group, I like how Fitzy puts the ball in the air. He may be the best fit with Arians. Coming soon. Can’t wait.

  42. Ash Says:

    So glad it wasn’t Tampa what a terrible trade.

  43. Ash Says:

    Watson guaranteed 35 million this year there is no cheap deal for him

  44. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “I’m not down on trask, but either Byron or Arians said he isn’t ready yet. I’m basing it off that”

    Arians saying Trask is the QB behind Door #1 does not support this claim.

  45. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Watson contract in 2022 has a cap hit of $40,400,000. He also will want a new deal in 2023 if he plays in 2022 well and isn’t a suspended for a long time.

    If he plays and plays well expect a 45-50m/y deal similar to Wilson or Rodgers deal.

  46. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Watson is not renegotiating he deal cheaply for a new team, if he is partly cleared settles and allowed to play in mid to late 2022.

    He will expect the new team to cover the 40,000,000 mil cap hit. His 2023 cap hit is $42,400,000 but there is almost no guaranteed money so he will want a new more expensive deal if he performs well and his reputation isn’t destroyed.

  47. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Maybe it was Christensen, but I remember an article saying trask wasn’t ready a couple weeks before the combine. As the combine approached, all we heard was how great trask and Gabbert are. I believe that earlier statement and the rest is a smoke screen. We’ll see.

  48. TheBeachBoy Says:

    Bullet dodged.

  49. Buc4evr Says:

    I’m just hoping that Litch has a secret plan for a trade to get a veteran QB. If not we just need to start Trask and admit the Bucs are in a rebuilding mode….. It’s going to suck to see Jameis win the division next year……

  50. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Matt Ryan QB ATL $48,662,500 23%
    Aaron Rodgers QB GB $46,664,157 22% (his new deal will drop cap 1 year)
    Kirk Cousins QB MIN $45,000,000 21% (FA in 2023 wants new deal)
    Deshaun Watson QB HOU $40,400,000 19%
    Ryan Tannehill QB TEN $38,600,000 18%
    Patrick Mahomes QB KC $35,793,381 17%
    Jared Goff QB DET $31,150,000 15%
    Carson Wentz QB WAS $28,294,119 13%
    Jimmy Garoppolo QB SF $26,950,000 13%(wants 40/y if traded)
    Russell Wilson QB DEN $24,000,000 11% (wants new deal similar to Rodgers)
    Lamar Jackson QB BAL $23,016,000 11% (won’t play without new deal similar to Josh Allen)
    Matthew Stafford QB LAR $23,000,000 11% (wants new deal won SB)
    Dak Prescott QB DAL $20,050,000 9% (redid cap to lower it)
    Derek Carr QB LV $19,877,519 10% (wants new deal before season starts)
    Sam Darnold QB CAR $18,858,000 9%
    Baker Mayfield QB CLE $18,858,000 9% (wants new deal in 2023 show me year)
    Josh Allen QB BUF $16,372,281 8% (year 2 of new contract)
    Taysom Hill QB NO $12,325,000 6%
    Kyler Murray QB ARI $11,386,841 (won’t play without contract by draft wants Josh Allen contract or better)

  51. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Josh Allen’s cap hit goes fo 39, then 41, the 51m next three seasons. All new contracts will be higher than this for future franchise rookie deals. Expect similar numbers a deal for Lamar, Murray in 2022 and Burrow, Herbert in 2023.

    The average pay rate for new Carr, Cousins Stafford Jimmy Wilson Watson and Rodgers will be low to high 40s or 20% of cap.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    New England Patriots Fan …why are you still posting repeatedly on a Bucs website long after Brady and Gronk have been gone?

    Did you ride the short bus to school or something?

  53. Will Says:

    Steele, you’re absolutely correct just because they spent a year behind Brady doesn’t mean he taught them squat but it also doesn’t mean that he didn’t. I just don’t see a way that we bring in any retread QB and that do anything great for us this year. Then we’ve loss draft picks, wasted money that we could’ve spent on surrounding Trask or Gabbert with better players. Trust me I’m hoping that JL and everyone have a plan that none of us fans are doing and we’ll be happy with what they decide. I actually think Trask will end up being our starter this year if not then like some have said it may have been a wasted pick.
    GO BUCS!

  54. RustyRhinos Says:

    Thanks for the interesting good info New England Patriot fan. I am glad we are not yet in the unfortunate position of over 20% of our Cap space being taken up by 1 player. Yes, We had the GOAT and he has earned his cost. As a TEAM sport, it is very difficult to take up such a large portion of the entire Team’s funds to one player.

  55. nick houllis Says:

    The Optimist here… while its true too many are GLOOMY more than they should be, we all knew when we signed Brady instead of Winston we were going with short term and would be right back. Trask is probably a 30-35% chance of being a good QB, I don’t want to become the Vikings who go from one used QB to next. Take Wentz off the list, if I want to see our QB throw a 2 yd INT to a lineman, we can bring back Josh McCown. Not excited about Garapolo, we’ve already had a Trent Dilfer in TB. Watson? so we go from QB everyone TREATED like a criminal, to one is possibly is? and one Lombardi trophy to show for it? eh, ok I guess. And as for the Line, its doubtful well lose both guys. Jensen is the priority. Our backup guards did a good job. Go Bucs

  56. Big C Says:

    Watson to Bucs. Gabbert/Trask hokd it down until Watson ready to push for a Superbowl. Enough said.

    Or Tribusky.