Another Franchise Tag For Chris Godwin

March 8th, 2022

For the second consecutive season, the Bucs are playing the franchise tag game with Pro Bowl receiver Chris Godwin.

He’ll be paid $19 million and change this season if he signs the tag, which he presumably will. However, the Bucs can continue working on a long-term deal with Godwin until the July 15 deadline.

Godwin wins because he locks down life-changing money coming off a major knee injury (ACL). He also wins because he now has a new value floor. Certainly he’s not going to take a pay cut from the Bucs going forward, barring a bad season.

The Bucs also win because it seems clear both sides will find common ground and the dynamic, quarterback-luring duo of Godwin and Mike Evans will stay intact.

The big loser is the Buccaneers’ salary cap. They had little room to work with and, for now, Godwin will eat up another $19 million-plus of the pie in 2022.

93 Responses to “Another Franchise Tag For Chris Godwin”

  1. zzbuc Says:

    CG was the big winner here…..19mm and he will available in October in an optimistic scenario.

    happy for CG, great player, and glad we will have him for 1 more year….

  2. KingLDavid54 Says:

    I think this is a very savvy play by Godwin, play for $19 million plus next season and hit the market free to pick based on Tampa’s QB situation and reload/rebuild process.

  3. Scott Lewis Says:

    Wrong move.

    I love Godwin, but don’t think he’d have received $19 mil/yr coming off surgery on the open market. Now that’s his starting price when negotiating with the Bucs. No way Godwin’s agent is accepting a deal less than $19 mil/yr with the tag in place.

    The Bucs and Godwin played chicken, and the Bucs lost.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Well it’s not a win for the team, since any longterm deal would knock that cap number down to probably like $5m this year – so any idea of resigning Jensen is probably over with.

    Personally, again, I’d say at this point, if you can’t get a top QB – then just sign Whitehead, let most everyone else walk (unless you get a real deal on someone), don’t sign anyone, play Trask, go 3-14, get all those comp picks, a top 5 draft pick, and a clean salary cap for next offseason, when you can then be right back into the playoff picture with a legit QB option — or if Trask looks good, then you’re in amazing shape, you still get all the comp picks and a clean cap, plus you got the cheapest starting QB in football.

    Now if you can still get Watson, and you think he’s going to play this year, then you go all-in, screw the future cap hit – but short of that, if you’re not going to get someone like Winston to come in, if you’re talking Gabbert or Bridgewater levels of trash, then just tank with Trask.

    That was always the deal – when Brady retired, there would be a price to pay. I have no issues with paying that price this year and just getting it over with.

  5. GMC hater Says:

    Now please don’t waste their talents by starting Gabbert at qb!

  6. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Expensive franchise tag. Don’t they have 10 million from the marpet retirement? Either way interesting to see what other moves they make it any in free agency. Wouldn’t shock me if they let Davis go.

  7. Allbuccedup Says:

    Build through the draft rebuild time. Nice to have two pro bowl receivers and nobody to block and throw the ball.

  8. Caleb Says:

    What a mess. They had 2 years and could not come up with a deal to keep him here for years to come? Now Davis is likely gone this year and Godwin will be gone next year. Off season from hell so far.

  9. HOF68 Says:

    Happy for CG, but this is very disappointing for the Bucs overall. They have no quarterback and other significant holes in this roster. Its going to be a painful year

  10. Robert Says:

    should have let him walk or at least signed and traded him if thats possible.

    someone else said it….smells like Revis scenario

  11. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Also will the bucs really keep brady under contract this year or release him? They need cap space. They could try and entice him to come back by making some moves.

  12. zzbuc Says:

    @Francisco Guzman

    Davis is gone……

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hope we work out a long term deal so we don’t have to later because this is the final tag for Godwin…..glad he remains a Buc.

    This almost assures Jensen is gone & probably Davis.

    Concentrate on Cappa, Stennie & Whitehead.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    I continue to think the issue is the cap, next year. It goes up a lot. While a $17m-$18m long-term contract this offseason is probably a fair number based on todays cap, next year, that number is almost certainly $20m-22m. So if you’re Godwin, why would you sign a 5-year deal at $18m, when next year you certainly get at least $20m, and maybe as much as $22m. Those numbers add up fast over a 5-year deal.

    Licht, I can’t believe, wants to do a long-term deal at, lets say, $21m, in particular when you’re backloading the deal – so if it only cost you $5m on the cap this year, now you’re talking about following years at $25m or more.

    I can absolutely see where both sides are coming from on this. Next year, when the cap is higher, and the Bucs have a better cap situation, things will work themselves out.

  15. Francisco Guzman Says:

    zzbuc there could be cheaper options to replace davis if they want to entice Brady to give it one more year.

  16. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rod Munch the bucs can can open cap space if they wanted to through extensions. That’s only if they feel brady will unretire.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    I don’t really think there was ever any chance of bringing Davis back. I think the Bucs like him, but he’s going to get paid like a top corner in the NFL, and he’s not one. Nothing against him, I think he’ll do well wherever he goes, but $15m+, which I assume he gets, is just too rich. At $10m, I’d resign him in a second, but that’s not the market — I don’t think it is anyways. We’ll see I guess.

  18. VabucSINCE’97 Says:

    Sign and trade he’s showed us where his loyalty stands. Last yr had dropsies in the playoffs this season wasn’t even in the playoffs SIGN AND TRADE WHILE. ALUE IS THERE. He’s not the last receiver on earth

  19. Buc it. It’s over Says:

    Bad move here. No way would he make this in FA. Should have tagged CD and played the market with CG. Bad business here

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    Francisco Guzman – You can make the cap do whatever you want, but it’s a lot easier if you saved $15m on Godwins cap number this year.

    But you need a real QB option. If you’re talking Trask, or Gabbert or Bridgewater, you’re not winning anything this year, so use it to clean up your cap, get those picks, and be all in, in 2023.

    The absolutely worst thing the Bucs can do, what will make me disgusted, is if they do a bunch of cap tricks to bring most everyone back, and then put a garbage QB in there and they’re like a 7-10 team, then next year, you still have no QB, you don’t get the comp picks, and the salary cap is still a mess.

  21. T REX Says:

    Licht is one of the worst GM’s in buc history without Brady.

    Hell…he is with Brady. Licht is garbage people. Always has been.

    What a mess.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    Also Brady isn’t unretiring, people need to give up on that idea. Brady retired because his wife made him retire, so for him to play again, he’s got to dump his wife first. So unless you hear about them separating, and Brady needs money to pay the alimony, he’s not coming back, and people just need to accept reality and move on already.

  23. Buczilla Says:

    Terrible news all around and Godwin has the team by the balls now due to Licht’s incompetence. I’ve pretty much only praised Licht the last couple of years because he deserved it, but this is far worse than taking that damn kicker in 2016. Please, please, let me be wrong and this is just a tag and trade kind of deal. Giving 19 million to an injury prone, broken receiver is one of the dumbest moves that I’ve seen our team make and I’m old enough to have seen them all.

    As a side note, if Chris doesn’t want to be here then I’m fine with tagging him and trading him since just losing him for nothing would be even worse than the current situation. If he’s just wanting more than what we are willing to pay, just trade this dude already since he’s not worth the hassle and f’ing up our cap. Lol, depressing football day.

  24. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rod Munch seems like they’re having issues coming up with a contract smh. Brady is still under contract for this team. Let’s see what they do in free agency. Maybe they can entice him.

  25. Bucs Guy Says:

    I’ve lost respect for Godwin over this because he was never going to sign any long-term contract no matter the amount. He wants to be a FA next year when the salary cap goes way up and he’s healthy/not coming off an injury.

    Get him to sign the FA tender then trade him prior to the draft. He isn’t worth $19M.

  26. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rod Munch you don’t think Brady is still thinking about football especially after the russell wilson news? Screw his wife. What’s a couple of more years.

  27. Francisco Guzman Says:

    I am still amazed at how weak the nfc has become after today. I don’t even put the cowboys in the picture because they’re a complete joke when it counts.

  28. Jerry Says:

    That screws the cap pretty bad. But we aren’t going to have a big expensive QB. So I guess they figure if we have to go with Gabbert or Bridgewater, at least they will have weapons.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Its a big deal to keep these weapons here. If we wanna lure a big QB here he arent coming if we dont got great recievers. And there is no way we are keeping these recievers and not getting a top end QB to make it worth it.

    We might not be able to lure a top QB here this year because of the CAP so lets hope Licht gets a longterm deal nailed down.

  30. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Jerry there ways to manipulate the cap by extensions. Remember they have 10 million from the marpet retirement.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzman. Why exactly would Brady care about Russell Wilson? Not following that logic.

  32. Francisco Guzman Says:

    JimmyJack dude concerning the the nfc now!!!!! You don’t think it’s a complete joke now after you have wilson leaving. It leaves the nfc wide open frankly. You have two perennial chokers in dak and Rodgers and Stafford! That’s it!!!!!!

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    Francisco Guzman – Brady wouldn’t have retired if he wasn’t going to retire, and Wilson is so far under Brady I can’t imagine he even opened up the story when he got the alert on his phone.

    But no, I don’t for a moment think Brady is coming back. All of this comes from Brady being asked about the future, and after spending his entire life playing football, he said he doesn’t know how he’s going to feel in 6-months. I wouldn’t either if I was him.

    If he wanted to see what the Bucs would do in FA, he wouldn’t retire without even talking to them about it. I guarantee if Brady said you got to keep the offense in tact if you want me back, then Licht is doing every trick in the book to make that happen.

    Also I agree with you on his wife, but I’m pretty sure he made a deal with his wife that if he won, he’d hang it up, not expecting to win it in year 1. Then he got one more free year, and now the nagging has him ready to strangle her, so rather than spending the rest of life in prison, he’s hanging up his cleats.

    Not if pictures come out with him on the beach with some super hot 22-year old, then get excited that he might be coming back, but short of that, he’s finished.

  34. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rod Munch let me asked you something. You think the bucs are releasing Brady? You don’t think there’s bad blood with brady and the coaching staff? You think that report was false?

  35. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rod Much that’s my point. They have to entice him first by bringing up their plan. First and foremost they need to get a contract done with godwin.

  36. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Rod Munch I always thought this was always about his wife but then that report came up about Arians and Brady. Idk what to believe.

  37. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    NFC is completely wide open, nearly everyone on here bashed Rodgers as a bad playoff QB, and Matt Stafford needed probably the most stacked team of all time to beat Tampa on a bad defensive coverage and blitz call.

    If Tom did not retire and encourage FA to resign and come to Tampa, Tampa would be favourites to win NFC championship today on betting sites even ahead of Rams and Green Bay.

    There is also a high likelihood Jimmy G is moving teams. Unsure where he will play, and Watson at minimum is suspended for half the year in 2022.

    There are no good QBs to move into the NFC to offset the power balance in 2022

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzman even with Wilson Seattle is the worst team in that division. There defense has gotten steadily worse over the years to the point of one of the worst in football.

    They were a nonfactor with Wilson and still are without.

    And if Brady needed some easy path in order to stay with the Bucs he wouldnt have retired. Our division is in shambles and an easy path had Brady stayed.

  39. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Also Kyler Murray stated today he won’t play if he does receive a Allen level deal before the Draft. Arizona another contender will be over paying a QB 45m/y in weeks. One less team which will be able to pay stars.

  40. Francisco Guzman Says:

    New England Patriots Fan the nfc is a joke today. Idk if the 49ers will move on from jimmy g after today. Two perennial chokers in dak and fraudgers.

  41. Francisco Guzman Says:

    JimmyJack dude brady didn’t retire because he wanted to. I still feel that way. He’s still under contract even if retired. Who knows maybe licht can entice him by getting better as well defensively and making some moves.

  42. A Real bucs fan Says:

    Geez, if the bucs would of let Godwin walk you all would of really been crying..
    Jason has a plan ..just let him do his job…

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Francisco Guzman – I’m saying Brady isn’t playing for anyone, he’s done. The Bucs won’t release him, but it doesn’t matter since he’s not coming back. Arians did say maybe if you even considered a trade, your starting point is five 1st round picks. But Licht said it’s bad for the brand to let Brady ever leave. The Bucs own his contract, if he came back, he’s playing here, nowhere else.

    But it’s all moot, he’s done, he wouldn’t have retired if he wasn’t going to retire. Maybe if he dumps his wife he considers coming back next year, but I can’t believe at his age you can take a year off and come back – your body can’t handle that. Then again the Plant Man is a freak of nature, so who knows.

    Anywho, if he does come back I’m going to be really really happy and will gladly accept all the taunts from people calling me an idiot. I’ll gladly accept that scenario – but in the meantime, I’m just being realistic.

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzman……The way I see it Im betting Brady and the Bucs front office have already discussed his retirement behind closed doors.

    If hes coming back the Bucs are already aware. Hes not going to blindside them as he knows how much prep goes into a season……..thats a goofy way to come back for a title run and I just dont see it.

    So if Brady actually is coming back the Bucs will act accordingly. Expect Jensen to be resigned and Gronk. Probably Fournette too. If the Bucs make them moves I might perk up……….until them its nothing more then tobloid gossip mag news.

  45. tampabuscsbro Says:

    welp, we have no money to retain anybody else.

    Oh well Trask or tank for picks.

  46. SlyPirate Says:

    Dear Licht and Godwin:

    Welcome back. We missed you.

    Yours Truly,

    The NFCS Cellar

  47. Francisco Guzman Says:

    JimmyJack let’s see what happens in free agency. Either way the nfc is weaker today . Like i mentioned.

  48. Francisco Guzman Says:

    tampabuscsbro they can free up money if they wanted to. We shall see what happens.

  49. Its a Bucs Life Says:

    Ineptitude in the front office on display here.

    Franchise tag a guy coming off an ACL injury? May or not be ready in September
    He’s played 2 full seasons out of 5
    Only 2 1k seasons out of 5

    Who else in this league would pay him $19 million?

    I don’t get this move at all

  50. Francisco Guzman Says:

    I am disappointed in godwin. Once again they can’t come up with a contract.

  51. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Its a Bucs Life Godwin is good player. ACL injuries are not career enders this day and age. It could mean a lot of things who knows.

  52. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Don’t care what the situation is. Franchising the same player TWICE in a row is a failure by the front office to get a deal done. ACL injuries are not as significant as they were 15 years ago, and I have every confidence in Godwin returning to form, but it is not a guarantee. His real value took a small dive the moment he took that cheap shot from the Slimy Saints. Godwin was being used like the 9ers use Deebo Samuel, to catch AND run. I doubt he will be doing nearly as much of that next season. And he will likely not be ready for Week 1.

    Should have signed Godwin and franchised Jensen. I wasn’t holding out hope that Brady was coming back, but now there’s not a snowball’s chance with Marpet and Jensen gone.

  53. Francisco Guzman Says:

    WalkdaPlank godwin is playing hardball most likely which is disappointing.

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzman thats where Im at. What happens in free agency will tell me a lot more of any chance of Brady unretiring.

    Yall have fun knocking down paywalls to get the inside scoop on everything Brady………Where hes at, what hes doing, if he takes a dump your gonna read about it. Not my thang bro.

  55. Francisco Guzman Says:

    JimmyJack one thing is certain davis is gone but he could be replaced by a veteran if they wanna entice Brady to come back.

  56. SB Says:

    I can hear Deckerhoff right now. “Trask to Godwin…..Touchdown, Touchdown Tampa Bay”!!!!!

  57. David Says:

    They absolutely needed to retain Godwin to either entice a quarterback here or to help Trask or, God forbid Gabbert, because they have receivers that know the offense.

    I think it really sucks that they did not use the tag on Jensen but they can still get a long term deal done with Godwin.

    My guess is they sign Cappa and Stinnie and go with the rookie at center now.

    Defense, I see Whitehead probably returning and another DB drafted because Davis is going to be way too expensive.

    My biggest question is D line. I can’t see them giving JPP anything other than a much smaller deal. Which means JTS and Nelson in the rotation at D end. They both need to step it up. This draft is heavy in D line and DB. So there’s that

  58. David Says:

    They’re going to be hurting at tight end as well. All the good tight ends coming out of college lately and this draft is kind of a weeak with it unless they find a gem in the fourth round.

  59. kyle Says:

    we bought a superbowl guys!! great 2 years, its lets take our lumps this year, clean the cap up and find a qb to compete next year.. yay gabbert…i just threw up my beer…bucs owe me 1.99

  60. Defense Rules Says:

    Francisco … Godwin playing hardball isn’t disappointing, it’s strictly business. If you or I were in his shoes, we’d have done exactly the same thing.

    Reality IMO is that the Bucs screwed him last year and AGAIN this year. Every year a player is on a franchise tag he has to prove himself all over again that year to get a long-term contract. Putting him on a franchise tag in 2021 instead of letting him sign elsewhere (after coming off a Super Bowl win in 2020) didn’t do Chris any favors. Quite the contrary; he got hurt pretty bad last year & it could’ve cost him some big bucks if he’d been allowed to go elsewhere right now.

    Tagging him AGAIN gives him $19 mil THIS YEAR, but who knows what next year & beyond will hold. Can he come back as good as ever? Will he have good chemistry with WHATEVER QB the Bucs settle on & have a productive year? If he doesn’t, that’ll negatively impact his value going forward.

    No, not a big fan of franchise tags, for the player OR the team. Strikes me as a failure of our GM to negotiate a viable deal with a very key player TWO years in a row.

  61. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Licht’s back out…matching Dominik’s Revis Rehab ™️ move. This is disappointing and depressing.

  62. Francisco Guzman Says:

    They can still strike a deal with Godwin. Not over yet.

  63. D-Rome Says:

    This is great news. I figured Godwin would be gone but this gives me hope the Bucs will actually try to field a winning team.

  64. geno711 Says:

    NFL salaries for players is about getting as much up-front money as possible. I agree with Defense Rules. Neither this year nor last year was good for Chris Godwin. He would have gotten much more up-front money in the free agent market.

    NFL careers are short. Trying to get money when your star is high always makes sense. Godwin’s profile these last two years was quite high throughout the league.

  65. Francisco Guzman Says:

    geno711 mike williams just got 3 for 60. These salaries are getting ridiculous but that’s how the game is played. Lamar Jackson will want to get paid as well.

  66. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzman to me thats just complete nonsense……..That the Bucs would make major roster decisions with some kinda plan to entice Tom out of retirement.

    Thats why I think theyve had private discussions with Tom about this already. I darn sure know if I were GM I would do everything in my power to have a much clearer understanding then what we are hearing on SportsCenter.

    The thought of a team approaching a offseason with a plan to try to entice a retired player to come back is just sillyness. If that is Lichts plan not only should he not manage an NFL franchise Im not sure he is fit to manage a Winn Dixie.

    The way I see it Licht is either aproaching this offseason and firmly prepared for Tom to return or he is approaching it with Tom staying retired. If his plan is to hope Brady comes back then its doomed to blow up in his face and he needs to be fired on the spot.

    We need an actual plan here that doesnt rely on hoping a retired 45 year old comes back.

  67. SPARKY Says:

    Francisco Guzman, you ain’t at work are you?

  68. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Mike Floria on Rich Eisen podcast today, on a scale of 1-12 that Tom Brady plays again what do you think?

    Mike: 11.99 he plays again.

  69. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Some of you guys are the biggest doom and gloomers I’ve ever encountered. As a charter Bucs fan, I’ve seen it all and nothing that has happened since Arians and Licht got here comes anywhere near to the utter futility of the Buccaneers’ past. Stop being overly dramatic and Buc up, sissy pants.

  70. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Where’s florio getting all this from? Lol

  71. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Florio was anti-Buc and Brady all of 2021 season. He wanted Brady fined/suspended for sliding with his cleats up ( seriously ). Self loathing g Vikings fan now wants Brady to play elsewhere. Pleads with people to by his book on PFT app as well. A real turd ( but gives JBF props on occasion so he’s idolized in these parts ).

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Francisco, take a breath. You are on a roll… All good! With Marpet it does not free up 10 M as they have to play someone at LG and they are probably not doing it gratis. So the difference between their salary and Marpet’s is the number. Go Bucs!

  73. SOEbuc Says:

    A Real Bucs fans

    “Geez, if the bucs would of let Godwin walk you all would of really been crying..
    Jason has a plan ..just let him do his job…“

    For real. Our receiving corp would be only Mike without Chris. Licht has more hits than misses in the draft. Sounds like they are giving Trask a chance. Could be bad, could be Burrow year two.

  74. sasquatch Says:

    I hope they’ll keep working on this contract so we can bring his number down in 2022.

  75. cmurda Says:

    Where are all of you getting that the tag is it for Godwin? You don’t think the tag could be used as a placeholder while negotiations continue eventually leading to a long-term deal? The Bucs had no choice here. You cannot let the possibility of CG leaving happen. It was undoubtedly the right move. It’s no surprise. JL was essentially saying that he will use the tag if necessary with CG when he said that he can’t imagine going forward without CG. He was serious about that. Well done JL. Let’s get that long term deal locked up.

  76. Mcruzer Says:

    We should give Godwin credit for 5-6 games he single handedly won by converting 3rd downs during our SB run. I don’t buy into the fact that Trask will only win 3 games with our dual threat WR’s. This was a smart move as multiple teams wanted him.

  77. SPARKY Says:

    Where does Floria get this 1 to 12 grap?? Ain’t a 7 out of 12 the same as 6 of 10?

  78. Eric Says:

    we got Godwin for next year, which is all I care about. The decks get reshuffled every year anyhow.

    Its nice we got some good players we don’t want to lose. Hasnt always been the case.

    Wipe the damn tears away ya bunch of crybabies. Geez.

  79. Mike C Says:

    I would just like to say $%#@ all New England fans…… thank you very much.

  80. Brent Clark Says:

    Cant wait to light up that POS Saints player that took that obvious targeted shot CG 14, hope karma shows up for his punk ass! Happy we still got him CG 14 is a class act and one tough SOB… GO BUCS!

  81. Buccos Says:

    The Bucs had no choice but to franchise Godwin. He wasn’t going to sign a long term contract coming off injury when the cap goes way up next year. Hopefully this year he will earn himself a fat new contract. He is the most important player in Arian’s offense and Tom’s favorite target. This is evidence that Brady will return. The only way they let Godwin get away is if they are certain that TB12 isn’t coming back. The next player they sign will be Jensen and then Gronkowski. Getting the band back together!

  82. SB Says:

    Pave the way for Trask!

  83. stpetebucsfan Says:

    It’s getting like monopoly money. What does it mean any more? Respect? Power? Long term leverage in life? I guess. But I surely do not know nor can I imagine.

    Try and imagine. CG earned 16 million last year after struggling to get by on just 3 million for the seasons prior. Is any of that money invested? Ten million? He can now make a million a year just off of his money.

    New Contract another 19 million for just this year. 7 million for a super outfitted and furnished penthouse in one of the Condos in downtown St. Pete or on Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa. He could than afford another 5 million for a nice “gentleman 100-150acre farm”. One of the buildings is where the workers live with special quarters for a talented supervisor.

    He has privacy, the fun of a working cattle ranch, and a totally different lifestyle,
    Or he has museums, appearances, and the sizzle of the urban area.

    What’s left? At what point does the money become meaningless? This is not to pick on CG or ANY player or OWNER who makes boatloads. It’s America…more power to them. I guess I just do not understand the financial hunger that drives all of this. For some yes…but for most?

  84. Buccos Says:

    Watching too much Yellowstone maybe?!?

  85. Jeffbuc Says:

    Defense rules poor Godwin he won the lottery 2 years in a row playing a game. How can anyone feel bad for a guy who made almost 40 MILLION dollars over the last two years. Because it’s by a franchise tag. If we would have signed him last year to a 2 year 38 MILLION contract would you be ok with that. Poor Godwin he only makes 19 million this year and won’t play at least the first 6 games. Probably more like week 8. So he will make 2 million a week. Man how is he going to get by.

  86. adam from ny Says:

    godwin’s wife works out and all, but right about now she’s like:

    “dang chris this briefcase be all heavy and sh!t, you carry it!”

  87. adam from ny Says:

    for them to not come to a contract agreement 2 years in a row, godwin must be asking for like 5 years 100 mil…

    “knock on wood if your with me”

  88. adam from ny Says:

    jimmyjack is right…

    the signings the team makes will be a telltale sign if brady is coming back…

    this whole brady retirement could simply be a publicity hoax to continue public dominance for the goat and keep the bucs as the “new america’s team”…

    the bucs and brady have managed to semi-dominate all nfl headlines even once they were knocked out of superbowl contention…marketing genius, marketing ploy…or just good ole fashion bs?

  89. T REX Says:

    Jason’s plan? Pray for Brady. He has sucked out loud every other year.

  90. cmurda Says:

    LOL@adam. I love the hope that you have. You aren’t the only one that would be fluttering around if Tommy came back but it’s time for us all to move on and recognize that we all always knew it would be a sweet but short ride. I’ve already cried my tears. I suggest you do the same and hope we land a really good qb via trade or Kyle shocks us.

  91. adam from ny Says:


    i hear ya man…it’s just an inkling of hope at this point…let me hold onto it bro for a few more minutes…lol

    it’s all i got right now with the bucs in shambles 🙂

  92. cmurda Says:

    @Adam. I hear you too. That’s fair dude. Very fair.

  93. Brandon Says:

    zzbuc Says:
    March 8th, 2022 at 3:50 pm
    CG was the big winner here…..19mm and he will available in October in an optimistic scenario.


    Welcome to 2022, where you don’t know spit about ACL injuries. He’ll be back for the start of the regular season barring any any major setbacks.