NBC Sports Boston: Creepy Bob Kraft Throws “Temper Tantrum” Over Tom Brady’s Retirement Announcement

February 3rd, 2022

Ticks off Belicheats.

Joe understands Bucs fans are in a dark, gloomy mood these days. How could you not be when the greatest quarterback who ever lived, who breathed life and a championship into the Bucs franchise, is gone for good and could be replaced by Teddy Bridgewater.

Well, Joe hopes the following puts a smile on your face.

In Tom Brady’s social media goodbye Tuesday morning, he profusely thanked the Bucs and the Tampa Bay organization. He didn’t mention the Belicheats at all.

This didn’t go over well in the office of Belicheats’ shot-caller creepy Bob Kraft.

(Sorry, Joe will refrain from a cheap one-liner here about seedy Asian strip mall rub joints in Jupiter.)

Ted Johnson, the former Patriots linebacker, reports Kraft went mental over Brady’s omission of anything Patriots and had “a temper tantrum.” You can see Johnson’s NBC Sports Boston report below.

Joe finds it funny as can be that Brady seemed very sincere in his thoughts on the Bucs, his teammates and the team. The notion Kraft got his briefs bunched up so badly over the slight makes Joe snicker.

To be fair, Brady later offered up his thanks on Instagram to the Belicheats.

42 Responses to “NBC Sports Boston: Creepy Bob Kraft Throws “Temper Tantrum” Over Tom Brady’s Retirement Announcement”

  1. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Maybe Creepy Bob Kraft just needs another “massage”….

  2. Buc92’ Says:

    Deshaun Watson , Or Trask… Morning folks !


  3. firethecannons Says:

    Roll with Trask and make the defense great again

  4. #1bucsfan Says:

    We drafted a guy in the 2rd to replace TB12 for when he retires. That time has come unfortunately. Give the kid a chance but bring it a vet and have them duke it out or as a back up plan. I hope it’s not a mike Glendon type of moment. I know he wasn’t drafted in the 2nd round but movie shafted him for mclown didn’t even give glennon a chance. I felt like glennon could of bin a starter if he was developed right. Hope this doesn’t happen to Trask.

  5. Bird Says:

    It was pretty amazing . Brady wrote this long post about bucs thanking everyone from owners to the janitor

    And then the next day …oh i almost forgot to thank Pats organization in one small post

    Of course this was done on purpose. One last dig to the pats for giving up on him. Well “belly chick” giving up on him. But hey ,kraft cant be upset. He signed off on letting brady go after allowing brady to play for less and basically having no groceries (weapons) in the kitchen for brady. Watch for brady to go into ring of honor this season. Hope he stays involved with bucs a tad even if its attending a game or two here and there

    It still amazes me how some losers on here did not like the goat’s time here. Well i know why cause the messiah cult only lusts over one peepie. Their boo.

    ***See if you can name one messiah cult member who is back posting regularly since brady retired? I mean the dude went into hiding cause he was adamant jameis was a better decision then Brady 😂 . Guess?

  6. mg Says:

    kraft is a pos

  7. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Stop pushing Bridgeswatter, jeez. Gabbert trumps that guy, maybe trask too.

  8. ATLBuc Says:

    From my understanding, Kraft and Brady used to be close. This was probably Brady’s shot at them for not trying to do more to keep him.
    His way of saying the Bucs reached out when he really needed a team. In my opinion, there’s not another team he could have gone to and won the Super Bowl.

    Miami’s owner was reportedly angry at Flores for not recruiting Tom Brady. There was no way Brady was going to Miami

  9. Scubog Says:

    Guess this was just another “Happy Ending” for Robbie Kraft that didn’t go as planned.

  10. Winny Testaverde Says:

    * I believe Joe meant Asian strip mall vs Arian but that’s just me/my OCD.

    Brady thanking ( and sadly surprising/shocking ) his most recent team makes sense…but Brady was sending a bit of a message to Kraft/The Pats I suppose. No reason to pitch a fit but Kraft is used to getting his way ( insert masseuse joke here ) no doubt and has become a grumpy old man.

    If there was ever any lingering doubt about Mike Glennon and his prowess…his late season starts for the Giants confirmed what many of us knew. Abysmal…and yet has made piles of money as the galloping giraffe ( and snagged a hot wife too…no doubt happy to live off that loot.)

  11. Dking Says:

    Why is anyone surprised…we all know Kraft enjoys a happy ending

  12. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Bridgeswatter = WinSTUNNED

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    Brady is ultra competitive…..it wont shock me if he turns the screws on Licht and works his way out to San Fran. I think he was exceptionally disappointed with losing Brown late in the season especially with Godwin out. IMO….Brady discussing no distractions during the week of a playoff game was a clear shot at Leftwich and Bowles interviewing for other jobs. In the biggest moment of the year, Bowles defense looked completely unprepared and whiffed on covering THE top WR in the league. If Brady purposely leaves out NE after a stellar career…if he’s that competitive, you should believe he’s not changing for an organization he spent two years with.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I hear Bobby is correct on all counts–Brady simply has had it with this staff; even Clyde Christianson has come out criticizing BA’s impulsivity with AB.

  15. lambeau Says:

    I hear Bobby is correct–Brady can’t take the inattentive leadership–even Clyde Christianson has been ctitical of BA’s impulsivity.

  16. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Bobby M- That’s an outstanding post with a lot of gristle to chew on/through. I still wonder about the 49er component myself.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s very clear…..This is all BAs fault….

  18. Tim Says:

    He not be as ready as everybody would like him to be, (or maybe he is) but I believe the Bucs likely used their 2nd round pick on Kyle Trask to eventually be the successor after Brady retires. And here we are. If you really want to keep as many free agents as possible, the easiest way to do that (money-wise) is to not pay a kings ransom to the QB. We’ve got Trask for 3 more years on a rookie contract, during which time we could spend the extra money on DL, retaining Godwin, Jensen possibly Fournette (if the money is right). Trask should get his chance, otherwise it’s a big waste of a 2nd round pick.

  19. Tim Says:

    *may not

  20. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, you’re missing one thing. The first picture he used in his Instagram post was one of him at Gilette Stadium in a Bucs uniform. Nothing is by accident when it comes to Brady or his social media presence.

    Tom Brady owes that organization nothing! He owes that fan base nothing! He already did his thank yous two years ago when the Patriots decided to move on. I have a bunch of friends up there and they were all waiting for him to sign the one-day contract to retire as a Patriot. That idea is absurd and really goes to show how highly Pats fans think of themselves. It’s as if they believe the Patriots *let* the Bucs “borrow” Tom Brady for a couple of years as a favor but that he really belongs to them. I’m telling you that is their mindset. From Kraft, to Portnoy, to Ray-Ray and Tiffany-Lynn trying to find a pahking space for their cahr to go to the packie to get some beehrs. They all think Brady belonged to them and them alone.

  21. Dean Giusti Says:

    I’m actually bitter to hear of TB12 retirement. Wasn’t expecting that emotion. I guess I’m just bummed I very the fact that now we go right back to being an afterthought, an insignificant organization that loses more than they win. Sucks. We got a taste of being elite. I doubt we ever get back to where TB12 brought us.

  22. Listnfrmafar Says:

    What I heard on Boston sports was that Brady purposely left them out becuase he wanted to retire as a Patriot on his terms and Kraft and especially Belichick denied him that so he gave them the middle finger and is indirectly telling them you are not going to share or reap any benefits from him retirement. The Patriots went as far as to send a cartoon post of of Brady in a Pat’s uniform back turned riding off in the sunset in a Duckboat with 7 Lombardi trophies in it. Brady is like FU the 7th is ALL MINE, they get no credit for that. Rumor also has it he will NOT sign a one day contract with Patriots so they can profit from it with apparel and other trinkets. He is still pissed how they screwed him over. Bucs let him retire on his terms so Bucs get the accolades.

  23. Doctor Stroud Says:

    That creepy guy will never dare keep Tom Brady out of the Patriots ROH. If he does, the Bucs will put him in theirs. In fact, that should be done before the Patriots get around to it.

  24. Brent Clark Says:

    D-Rome…. Spot on my man!

  25. Steven007 Says:

    Oh, the entitlement of the Uber rich. It never ends.

  26. PassingThru Says:

    Robert Kraft (he’s really not into being called “Bob” and prefers “Mr. Kraft”) could have prevented Brady’s exit from New England, but chose to stay on the sidelines. In previous years Robert Kraft was involved in the contract negotiations, but he knew that friction had developed between Brady and Belichick, and that Belichick was insisting on single year contracts due to Brady’s age. Brady on the other hand insisted on a two year deal net of any voidable years. Brady refused and Kraft in tried to disappear. In essence, it was to either intervene and risk losing Belichick, or risk losing Brady by staying out of sight.

    He chose poorly, and it was a terrible reflection on the franchise.

    Much of the bilge you read about Brady disliking the receivers in New England is true, but that’s not why he left. That was spin fed to the press to make Belichick and the franchise look like it was Brady wanting a change of scenery. They knew Brady wouldn’t go public, it was a safe PR move.

  27. dls5492 Says:

    I am not in a dark and gloomy at all. Happy for Mr. Brady and his retirement. Thankful for his two seasons here and the Superbowl Championship. I think the future is bright!

  28. Steven007 Says:

    Bobby, I understand your narrative, but let’s be honest, absolutely no one has covered cupp all year long including the playoffs. Yes that last play was a dumpster fire, but cupp has scored on everyone in these playoffs.

  29. mg Says:

    Harry Frazee received cash for Babe Ruth. Krafty received nothing for the Goat. And had to pay Scam Newton. What a buffoon.

  30. Oxycodoms Says:

    Didnt brady thank patriots publicly and say his goodbyes when he left for the Bucs?. Reminds me of that seinfeld episode where jerry refuses to keep thanking the guy for free hockey tickets

  31. mg Says:

    Krafty made the dumbest decision in NFL history.

  32. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I also heard the consensus is Brady has.no.issue with the fans but couldn’t thank Patriot fans and leave out the organization. That would come off to obvious and petty so he excluded everyone.

    D-Rome, last I heard the education system in the Northeast is far more advanced than other areas in the US, I won’t mention what areas. Where do you live again?

  33. bucschamp Says:

    seems like he did enjoy his time here with the bucs. we should retire his number if pats don’t.

  34. D-Rome Says:

    Listnfrmafar, I grew up and went to college in Massachusetts. I know how those people think.

  35. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Awesome what community college did you attend?

  36. D-Rome Says:

    Listnfrmafar, why are you even here anymore? You’re not a Bucs fan. You’re a Brady fan. I guess my caricature of blowhard, ignorant Boston sports fans hit a little too close to home for you. Go listen to the dunderheads at WEEI or the Hub prattle taking calls on fans burning Brady jerseys or calls by half drunk slobs from Dorchester or Revere. No one gives a crap about what you hear on Boston sports radio.

  37. Biff Barker Says:

    Kraft chose his coach over his QB. Bobby K didn’t keep his promises to bring in players while his QB restructured his contract.

    I don’t buy the Boo Hoo then or now Bobby. Neither should fans.

  38. Buc king Says:

    In that order

  39. John Collins Says:

    pats have a long history of dumping players when the time and work deserves to be compensated. For years Brady took short money to help the team when others with a couple of good years got plenty and never really achieved. The ultra critical boston media for the last 5 years would say he was done if he missed two passes in a row. The new england fans appreciated Brady’s unbelievable consistent performance. Moving to the Bucs was an excellent move and a little overdue. In one year he proved his undeniable capability

  40. mg Says:

    Only the massholes would complain about the Goat and his many years of dependable service. I pray he goes into the hall as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

  41. crasey Says:

    Didn’t he already thank them 2 years ago?

  42. steele Says:

    Years from now, all of this noise will be forgotten, and Brady #12 will retire as a Patriot.