Albert Breer: Tom Brady Got Turned Off By Bucs Organization

February 10th, 2022

May return, but done with Bucs.

So now we have four men reporting this.

And Joe assumes you can add a fifth who seemed to reinforce the previous reporting.

Former Belicheats beat guy Albert Breer of, who has excellent NFL sources, particularly with the Belicheats (no national reporter linked New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to every NFL job opening the past five years like Breer so feel free to do the math there), was a guest on the “Rich Eisen Show” yesterday seen on Peacock. There, the subject of former Bucs quarterback Tom Brady came up — his retirement and subsequent buyer’s remorse.

Notice Joe typed “former.” So why would Joe write off Brady when he got wishy-washy about retirement on his saccharine-laced podcast with ChapStick Jim Gray? That’s because Breer said if Brady does unretire, he won’t return to the Bucs.

“I think if Brady comes back, it’s with another team,” Breer said.

So why does Breer believe this?

In short, Breer said Brady grew frustrated with the Bucs organization. Brady liked everyone he worked with personally, Breer said, but basically, Brady was used to a Marine boot-camp-like atmosphere with the Belicheats and the relaxed, less-anal ways of the Bucs began to sour him on the organization.

“I think there was some level of — I think Brady loved the guys he worked with, OK?” Breer said. “Loves Jason Licht. Loves Bruce Arians. Loves Byron Leftwich. I do think there were little things that frustrated him there. …

“I don’t think he’s coming back as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.”

So now we have four respected, well-plugged-in reporters with strong ties to either the Belicheats or Brady’s agent Don Yee who have gone on record saying Brady was fed up with the Bucs in some way. Those four would be Seth Wickersham, who wrote an exhaustive chronicle of the Belicheat era in New England; Adam Schefter who is tight with Yee and the Bucs’ front office; Peter King, who once stayed in Brady’s Montana compound; and now Breer, a former Belicheats beat reporter who is still close to many there.

And then throw in Brady’s friend and business partner, human cockfighting shot-caller Dana White, who told TMZ he was advising Brady to force a trade to the Raiders — why did he think Brady didn’t want to play for the Bucs any longer or even wanted to play another year, hhhmmm? There’s not just smoke here, there is fire.

(No, Joe doesn’t believe Colin Cowherd had any inside intel about Brady’s dissatisfaction with the Bucs when he was blabbering the same thing recently. This guy regularly throws sh!t on the wall and if he’s right, it’s more often an accident. Dude’s credibility is a step above Dan Sileo. Cowherd brags that accuracy is not important to him but being interesting is. Sorry, Colin.)

Additionally, Breer cited “in-game things” that began to wear down Brady with the Bucs, but Breer did not elaborate. The catalyst to Brady souring on the Bucs was the Antonio Brown hassle, Breer thinks.

You know, it’s really sad to Joe that bicycle-tossing, chair-throwing quitter Antonio Brown probably cost the Bucs at least one more year (and maybe another championship run) with the greatest quarterback who ever lived. At least the Bucs got one Super Bowl out of that mental patient.

Joe figured that when Brown jogged off the field after doing topless jumping jacks in the end zone of MetLife Stadium that the Bucs’ chances to repeat as champs went with him. Joe had no idea that Brady’s playing days with the Bucs may have vanished in that same tunnel.

Breer said another factor that led Brady to make his decision to retire (for now) is that Brady is not convinced the Bucs will be able to return enough players to have a team strong enough to win a Super Bowl.

Breer added he believes the Bucs, in addition to having a new quarterback, are going to be a far different team than they have been the past two seasons.

You can see and hear Breer’s full explanation in the Peacock video below.

128 Responses to “Albert Breer: Tom Brady Got Turned Off By Bucs Organization”

  1. Traskin22 Says:

    I would trade him for David Carrrrrr way younger and a fine qb that fits ba style

  2. Leighroy Says:

    The last few paragraphs of this post were a more compelling argument why Brady retired than Breer implying that “little things” when he “loved the guys he worked with” meant that Brady had soured on the organization. If Brady truly didn’t like the loose atmosphere then he should have refused the Tommy and Gronky videos and said guys we need to get serious.

    I think another factor to all this smoke is that the “big game” has no compelling story lines (it has story lines, they’re just not compelling) and the whole industry has to manufacture intrigue over something to get us by to Sunday.

  3. richbucsfan Says:

    A bunch of BS

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘This guy regularly throws sh!t on the wall and if he’s right, it’s more often an accident. Cowherd brags that accuracy is not important to him but being interesting is.’

    And there-in lies the biggest issue that I have with giving meatheads like Cowherd a platform to toss manure at the most gullible in our society. Oh well, maybe he’s in training to become a politician.

  5. SB Says:

    Maybe it was Regan who shot JFK.

  6. OHBucsFan Says:

    So AB was the reason the Bucs were blown out by the Rams? Because Brown wasn’t on the team, the Bucs had no chance? Wait. What? The Bucs were tied with the team that’s in this year’s SB near the end of regulation? So you’re saying there was a chance? So then the logic here is that the Bucs chances of winning the SB this year were blown because AB wasn’t on the team to play both sides of the ball? The argument is that AB at the end of the game would have been covering the WR who’s having one of the greatest seasons ever in the game? I just don’t understand all this shat about the chances went out the window with AB off the team.
    I also don’t understand all this talk about the Raiders. The Raiders? Someone out there is projecting that this mess of an organization is going to be able to reorganize and put together a team that matches up better to the Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos (okay, I’ll give you that one) in a couple of years vs the NFC South? I want what they’re smoking. Talk about dominos needing to line up right.
    Further, which one is it? TB was used to a Marine-style boot camp or that TB was ticked off about how AB was treated? You can’t have it both ways. No team with any ounce of military style discipline would have ever had AB on the team. Choose a lane for TB leaving. You can’t drive down the middle.
    The reality is that the Bucs were seconds away from a coin flip that could have had them facing the 49’ers in the NFC championship. They were close and to point to AB as the focal point for the team coming up short is to ignore Wirf’s injury, JPP’s rotator cuff, Godwin’s injury, and yes, a plan to keep Kupp from beating you. That’s exclusionary logic at it’s highest. Ridiculous!

  7. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I THink Brady is retired. His wife and kids, and other businesses interests finally won out after 22 years of dedication to football. After we won the Super Bowl last year, Giselle asked him”what else do you have to prove?” and the answer to that question is …on the football field….nothing! He’s done it all, at a level no one else has ever matched. It’s time to move on with life.

    I wish TB12 and his family all the happiness in the world.

  8. PassingThru Says:

    When Antonio Brown lost his mind, Arians followed suit. You don’t deal with crazy by sinking to the crazy person’s level. Firing Antonio Brown severely compromised if not destroyed the Buc’s ability to compete for a Super Bowl title. Arians response was undisciplined, low EQ coaching.

  9. westernbuc Says:

    He wanted a different experience than Belichick, and that’s what he got.

  10. Buczilla Says:

    Sounds like a bunch of old ninnies gossiping. Who gives a flying f why? Thanks for the super bowl Brady. 😜

  11. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I believe Brady did sour on the Bucs and Gooberville coaching. Whatever…….

  12. GibBuc87 Says:

    If it wasn’t so many with Patriot links saying it then it I might buy into it a bit more. Brady played in the league for 22 seasons and it felt like we never truly got to see him on a personal level until he came to Tampa. He was allowed to breath, have fun and he still won a Super Bowl. If it wasn’t for key injuries and a meltdown from a selfish teammate down the stretch then we could quite easily be playing again this Sunday. To me these are just bitter Patriots trying to protect their own way.

    Sadly, we’re going to see a lot more of this as we struggle with the post-GOAT hangover, but it was all SO worth it.

  13. Sandman Says:

    Probably he doesn’t care about the “atmosphere”, he just doen’t like players and HC doing dumb decisions. He probably dislike when the players runs the wrong route as well.

  14. firethecannons Says:

    todd bowles was the final nail in the coffin he called an awful defensive game versus the rams his final play call was so egregious it was then TB12 said fck it–no more–can’t fix that level of stupidity

  15. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Sounds like click bait to me as well.

  16. WillieG Says:

    If Brady was angry about the “loose” Arians administration, he has himself to blame as much as anyone else. Look at all the extra curricular activities he was involved in. Or is he one of those “let’s play around until I want to get serious” type of guys? I doubt that and I doubt the reports.

  17. Juergensen Says:

    Darn, now if players leave, Joe can’t blame it on Trask, which he said a few days ago.

  18. BucsFan81 Says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see Brady come out of retirement and play for his boy Josh McDaniels on the raiders. Or another rumor I heard was that we trade his rights to the 49ers for Jimmy G.

  19. Dean Giusti Says:

    This story is bullshyt. Zero specifics. This is fake news straight up.

  20. Juergensen Says:

    Remember when Joe said that if Trask is the quarterback and players leave, it’s a reflection on Trask and not the coaches? Bwahahaha.

  21. Daren Says:

    So the same coaching and atmosphere that won a championship last season is now turning tom off?? The looae fun atmosphere that almost included a trophy at bottom of the bay? BUT he loves the GM, players and coaches? Yeah makes total sense.

    At this point these talking heads are just inventing stories that attract attention during SB week

  22. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Thanks for the wins TB12 but it is clearly time for both sides to move on.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So, why would Brady laud the Buc’s organization & players and completely ignore New England in his retirement statement.

    If he was upset about Antonio Brown’s departure and isn’t blaming Brown that’s just wrong….Antonio Brown started it all with the fake vax card suspension and ended it with gross insubordination….then half naked jumping jacks leaving the game on national TV.

    Maybe Brady has become so obsessed with winning that there is no organisation that he would like….except his own.

  24. Durango 95 Says:

    Brady and this same coaching staff won a SB last year. Then Brady signed a new contract w/ the team. Now, he’s changed his mind and doesn’t want to play for this staff anymore? He refused to play for Belichick? Now he won’t play for Arians? If these reports are true I’m wondering if he’s been getting PR advice from Aaron Rodgers.

  25. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    I’m sure the interviewing co-ordinatiors on playoff week & the defensive play-calling & performance in the last, game-losing drive of the Rams’ game has nothing to do with Brady’s frustration with the organization, if he honestly dislikes it. (Smirk) He liked BA, BL, Licht & the players but, not the organization? To Tom, isn’t that the organization? Then, tell everyone how to do their job Tommy; if they don’t listen, send them walking!

    He’ll come back for a contender? Every free agent is not coming back but…Hello??

  26. Tuddy Time Says:

    I believe TB12 souring was the handling of AB. You’re in a championship run and you’re not going to pay AB bonus money because he was hurt? Then the way BA blew up at AB was unnecessary. When you agree to have him join your team, their should’ve been processes in place to hear his grievances. He felt that his body of work in 2020 didn’t deserve a ‘prove it’ contract, which was a valid position. TB thought the way AB was handled was off the mark by both JL and BA. Had we had AB for the playoffs, we would be going for two in a row. The only way to get TB back is to have BA retire, and BL take over, and they need to make amends with AB and sign him. The players will accept AB back. Once TB sees those steps, he will un-retire and Gronk will follow.

  27. Jeff Says:

    This organization is a joke. You change anything Brady wants. Stupid Arians wanted to do it his way! Duh, let’s get drunk! We loose we booze, baby!

  28. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Sports reporters are the same as CNN-MSNBC-CBS-ABC “news” reporters. One bunghole says it on air, and the lemmings repeat it like parrots just so they get eyes on them.

  29. ClodHopper Says:

    I do think Colin has some inside guys in Brady’s camp. He was up in NE most of the time Brady was up there, and he’s had his lips on his butt since he came into the league. Guys, get yourself a gal that loves you like Cowherd loves Brady.

  30. ClodHopper Says:

    What quarterback is going to want to play here after all this crap?

  31. Alanbucsfan Says:

    So which one of these 4 media personalities predicted Brady would sign with Bucs in 2000?
    And Brown quitting was not the reason Bucs lost to Rams. The coaches were too busy interviewing and looking at game film that wasn’t the Rams.
    IF Brady makes a return mid season next year – it will be with Bucs and will depend on Bucs’ roster and record.- Big IF
    Going to Raiders? Yeah, Brady suggesting to his family move to Las Vegas – that’s a show in itself.

  32. Sparky Says:

    Why are you trying so hard to make this a story?

  33. Razor Ramone Says:

    The Bucs don’t have the team in place for a Super Bowl run but The Raiders do? Weak. Go Bucs!!!

  34. Jordan Says:

    Joe, I do think it’s a real story.

    Look how often us as fans would get annoyed with play calls or situational football in general. We scored zero points against the Saints, and it was due to the gameplan, not our players.

    Imagine being Tom Brady going through all of that rather than just a diehard fan.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There would be no story for the media if Tom retired for his wife & family.

    Not to cast .dispersion here but all of these probably have the same source….someone who heard Brady thinking out loud, bitching about lack of perfection…..

    Not one gives you a name or a specific quote…..typical.

    And, we….including me are all getting sucked into it.

  36. gotbbucs Says:

    Brady can blame himself for Antonio Brown. There was only one way that was ever going to end, the only question was when, and Brady ended being the reason why he quit, not Arians.
    I’ll be the first to blame Arians for quite a bit, but Brown was mad at Brady, his childish blow up just manifested itself when Arians approached him.

    This whole discussion is stupid. A 44 year old QB retired. Oh, what a surprise.

  37. Listnfrmafar Says:

    There has to be some truth to this, simply the way Brady abruptly called it quits. The Bengals were down 27-3 to KC in their house and came back to win. The win came from the DC calling the right plays to shut down Mahomes. It’s called preparation and as we all know Bowles did none of this. Many refer to last season and how Brady wanted more freedom, that didn’t mean country club, it meant input. He got that, got the team and coaches on board and created the prefect storm. This year’s team many players and coaches were laxs and less discipline, the Brady Ora wore off to some. Not so such the O but ST and D, and when BA fired Brown, BA had no backup plan except Cyril Grayson. Do the math, BA let team become a cluster fck and Brady said not on my watch. The Gisele theory is BS, his target was 45 and the world knew it. He will ask to be released in the near future.

  38. D-Rome Says:

    westernbuc Says:
    February 10th, 2022 at 6:27 am

    He wanted a different experience than Belichick, and that’s what he got.

    I think you’re spot on here. I often hear with professional athletes across all sports that routine is important to them. For as much as the Patriot Way may have soured him a bit (not sure if that’s really true), it was still his routine for nearly half of his life.

    PassingThru Says:
    February 10th, 2022 at 6:20 am

    When Antonio Brown lost his mind, Arians followed suit. You don’t deal with crazy by sinking to the crazy person’s level.

    I agree. The Branch COVIDians here will see things different but Arians handled this situation poorly because sinking to his level is exactly what he did.

  39. BA4President Says:

    Any source that comes from the Patriots is useless.
    Those people weren’t in Tampa and don’t know what was happening. Not only are they upset with Brady having a post Pats Super Bowl ring, but more upset that the Pats were left out of Brady’s farewell essay.

    This is the equivalent of going to someone’s ex-wife to find out why things aren’t perfect between the ex-husband and his new girl.

  40. ModHairKen Says:

    Now, officially: Who cares?

    He is sullying his reputation by letting this “will he or won’t he” crap fester. He’s diminishing his achievement if he comes back , for example, with the Raiders, and they fail miserably, which they will. The owner is a kook. McDaniels is still not a coach. The Defense is a shambles.

    Remember how Favre just looked weird and ineffective in the end. His final exit was depressing, like a tired, beaten has been.

    If Brady wants to let his final act overshadow his career, he’s just a head case like AB. I’m not sure at this point if TB has the mental makeup to even continue. He looks indecisive and hungry for attention.

    What if he did come back to Tampa and they made the playoffs, but he gets bounced again? Makes 2020-21 look like an anomaly. The Bucs don’t need that.

    If he goes to someone else, and they don’t win it all, he looks like that guy that did not know when to quit. Football Ali.

    How quickly can the Bucs close the book on this chapter?

  41. Anonymous Says:


  42. BA4President Says:

    @Tuddytime, AB didn’t miss his bonus because of injury. He missed it because she was suspended for three games due to his own actions.

  43. Hodad Says:

    One thing is for sure. He can’t play for anyone but us this year, and he’s not playing for us this year that’s clear. So let’s talk about what might happen with the team this year. Will Gabbert be starting? I think so. Will Trask win the job in camp? Possible. Read a book called Be Here Now. That’s what we should do, Joe too. Let’s be in the here, and now, talk about something that might actually happen with the team.

  44. Wayne Perez Says:

    I think these tabloid reporter s are just throwing krap out there to see what sticks trying to sabatoge the bucs free agent market because they are jealous of our paradise and for the record he is still on the roster and we hold his rights

  45. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Brady could stop the narrative by publicly commenting. The fact that he hasn’t is a bit bothersome.

  46. Richard Dickson Says:

    On the one hand, we won 13 games in a season where AB didn’t even play in half the games.

    On the other hand, we were 7-0 in the games in which he played, averaging 33 points a game.

  47. 1sparkybuc Says:

    It’s done. It’s over. Move on. Build a team around Trask and let’s see what happens. We should still have the best team in the division. The playoffs are still possible. We have had much worse rosters in the past. Brady is history. Get over it.

  48. SB~LV Says:

    My conclusion
    Based on a hunch they didn’t get whomever TB thought they should have.

  49. Cobraboy Says:

    Maks no difference what Brady wants.

    He is under contract with the Bucs for 2022, and that contract extends as long as he retires.

    If he wants to play somewhere else, the other team will have to pay up. If he gets “the itch”, it will be as a Buc until Bucs management chooses otherwise.

    I’d trade Brady for Carr in a heartbeat.

    If this episode is true, my respect for Brady diminishes. He’s just another me-first QB diva even if the GOAT. And his “changed the lockerroom” effect is seen in poorer light, because he obviously didn’t change it, or at least Brown’s attitude.

  50. Jerseybuc Says:

    I don’t see a story here. I think TB felt we were on the way to a return visit to the big game and he was retiring win or lose. This is classic super bowl week let’s talk about something BS. Just like Gronk praising Joe Burrow and that somehow means he plans to go join Cincinnati. Gronk is not going to freakin Cincinnati! He will retire and continue to make more money on endorsements than any active player. As for Tom, I think he stays retired and moves on. Can’t see him investing time and energy to learn Another system uproot family and go through grind of another season. For what? One more season in Vegas because McDaniel is there?

  51. Buc4evr Says:

    Fake news, I don’t care what Brady does at this point he is no longer a Buc. I guarantee that Licht is looking for a big name veteran QB to keep the Bucs in contention and to attract good veteran players.

  52. Eckwood Says:

    Simple Question …….. what does Tom think of practicing w Devin White ?? Brown was a huge pollution but he did everything exactly right and caught every ball ……. Not sure Tom may feel that way about the Defensive Leader

  53. HC Grover Says:

    Bucconeers Banzai 2022. It seems ez to me.

  54. Bqen green Says:

    In NE, all Brady had to worry about was playing QB. Bill made sure everyone was focused, and paying attention to the details. In Tampa, it was the opposite. Ben hears they had a lousy week of practice leading up to the Rams game. Brady became livid when the mistakes were not being corrected. It gets old real fast when you’re the glue holding the team together. Brady was also upset by the way Arians reacted to AB. They’d kissed his ass all year, then a week before the playoffs Arians decides to get into a pissing contest on the sideline? With no plans to move on from Arians, it made Brady’s decision easier.
    Arians has said he didn’t want to coach coaches. That’s about the dumbest thing a head coach can say. The position coaches take the lead from the head coach. If he isn’t focused on the details, why should they be? It simply wore Brady out. He knew they weren’t ready to go against the Rams. It wasn’t about injuries or backups. It was about being unprepared

  55. Coburn Says:

    How was what happened with brown any different than his stint in new England? Because it happened during a game? Why do people think Arians had a fit? We didn’t see on field a lot of arguing. As far as we know the guy was pouting and quitting on his team so he told him to get out of here. Seems reasonable

  56. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s not hard to figure out, if we had the talent to win another title….
    He wouldn’t leave in a million years

  57. mike Says:

    If he won’t play for us, i’d trade him to the raiders for carr and a 2nd! Weird that AB was the downfall when AB was only in tampa bc of Brady. I wonder if we would have been better off if Leftwich took the Jags job????

  58. Bobby M. Says:

    The AB situation killed our chances of a repeat…..and that was the entire reason AB was here. He was an insurance policy for Brady to have the weapons he needs to eat up any team he faced. We lost Godwin….no big deal, we had AB. AB has a melt down and the offense sputters from that point on. The last THREE games of the season/playoffs we started exceptionally slow….avg 10 pts in the first half. I believe the 49ers were worse with 9 pts on avg.

    I really believe Brady to some degree liked the freedom he found in Tampa but at the same time, wasn’t all too impressed with the ability of the coaches. I’ve said this for a while now….Bowles had an exceptional line up of talent and couldn’t do anything with it the moment JPP hurt his shoulder. The play call at the end of the Rams game kind of was a summary of his entire strategy…..blitz and pray regardless of something as simple as time management.

  59. Coburn Says:

    I’m just gonna say it. When brown came back from injury I think he hurt our offense more than helped it. Maybe because of the distraction and wanting tk be force fed. Our offense was actually looking better when he was gone until the Rams game, but that was no different than the first time we played them. He very well could have made more of a difference in that one, but losing wirfa imo was a bigger deal

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    Three years ago Bucs fans would be more than happy going 14-3 with a playoff win.

    Now they spew failure.

    The life of casual fans…

  61. Listnfrmafar Says:

    FYI, I looked up NFL players named Ben Green and unless he is Ben Javais Green he is a fraud. How about that scumbag Troy Vincent destroying evidence that would of exonerated Brady and Pat’s from deflategate. Roger Godells answer, da, I don’t know what happened to the evidence.

  62. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    This is probably the 5th media person to hinting that Tom Brady had an issue with how the season ended and conflicting issues with the coaching. He retired with an IG post a week after the Rams loss. The guy was retired 5 days and hinted at a return on his own podcast. Gronk has not retired and hints he wants to play elsewhere. New England media already saying Brady wants to request a trade.

  63. Jmarkbuc Says:


    What in hell does AB’s crazy and or BA’s crazy have to do with Covid?

    I’m assuming you just like saying BranchCovidians, because you came up with it? Cute.

    Remain Germane to the subject.

  64. Marine Buc Says:

    I believe the way BA handled the AB situation right before the playoffs pissed TB12 off. We didn’t have Godwin already and Gronk had been injured for most of the season. Could the situation in NY been handled in a different way? Telling a star WR to “Get the F out of here” right before the playoffs and leaving TB12 Miller, Greyson and T. Johnson to throw the ball to was a very poor choice by BA.

    Then there was that very odd play when BA comes off the bench and beats A. Adams on the head for what BA described as “stupid stuff”…

    These two events showed that BA was starting to lose his grip on the team.

    Who knows what else happened behind the scenes that made TB12 shake his head and say “enough is enough!”

    Remember where TB12 came from. Say what you want about the NE patriots but Bill Belichick does not behave this way and runs a tight ship…

    Plus – I believe Brady looked at our roster and salary cap situation and decided his time in Tampa was over.

  65. Marine Buc Says:

    Why would TB12 want to be the captain of a sinking ship?

    Why would TB12 want to tarnish his reputation by leading a team that goes 7-10 next year?

    Look for Brady to head elsewhere if he does return. Possibly Indy or SF.

  66. doolnutts Says:

    Cutting Brown and not having a replacement cost us. I hated Brown and I don’t think BA ever wanted him he was a Brady guy.. The difference between us and the Patriots is that the Patriots will win at any cost. They have never shied away from character issue players as long as they produce. Now I am fine with cutting a Brown type but we needed to sign OBJ while he was sitting there in street close. OBJ would have filled the void left by Godwin and Brown. We got a little too cocky with our player development thinking our WR 4,5,6,7 would be able to compete against playoff teams and we were exposed. If I was Brady I would be a little pissed myself we just wasted a year of him.

  67. tampabayallday Says:

    Makes sense. The offensive play calling was balls to the wall and NO consistency. Run game? nope. Just rely on TB12 to sling it everywhere, sure we won games. But when it came to the games that mattered against the teams with great defenses, we faltered. If we ran the ball the entire first half against the rams we would’ve won!

  68. Pewter Power Says:

    That makes absolutely no sense. No one wants a marine like atmosphere like the one bill was in especially at 45. He had to know no other organization was run like the patriots derrrr. Where the hell else would he play to get a marine like atmosphere?

  69. BeeBucs Says:

    So Brady wanted to be loose and allowed to do marketing…. etc. The Bucs provide that and now he soured because we weren’t militant. I’m so confused. Ok cool, we own his rights, trade him for a couple of 1st.

  70. Tacklebockwin Says:

    Don’t buy the rumors.

    1. The Patriots have more of a boot camp mentality? This is nonsense. Teams barely practice at all these days. If Pats were having three a days in pads while Bucs are 1 a day then this observation would make sense. But that is not the case.

    2. AB situation is why, right? Um no, The Pats would have handled AB the same way. In fact, they couldn’t even stand to see him in a Pats uniform more than a week. So that idea fails.

    3. Well then it must be the coaches. Fail again. Bucs coaches gave Brady everything he wanted. It worked and they won a SB. Pats did not.

    There are two reasons Brady retired. 1. Pressure from his wife. 2. He believes Bucs window for SB has closed. It’s as simple as that.

  71. the Coroner Says:

    I too have issues with how the Bucs handled things. But then I am just a diehard Bucs fan with tickets back to 1976.
    Antonio Brown does not have brakes in his brain – he is very impulsive. Fine.
    Whether it was allegedly not getting his incentives when he hadn’t earned them or he really felt he was too injured to play, Bruce Arians just threw gasoline on AB’s always burning pilot light. To paraphrase – telling someone to get the hell out or something similar sealed the fate of not only AB, but also the Bucs’ playoff fate.

  72. Coburn Says:

    Agreed tackle

  73. Infomeplease Says:

    Let’s assume Breer nailed some of TB12’s issues and throw in that his wife and kids wanted him at home more. It may be all true but IT STILL IS TB12 RATIONALIZING why he WALKED AWAY from HIS TEAM!!!!
    Everyone can rationalize anything they want..look at our last president STILL RATIONALIZING HOW the election was stolen from him!! Forget the FACT that the the election results had been certified by EVERY state and protectorate!! DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT that he lost in a FAIR election!! He still rationalizes that he won!

  74. Marine Buc Says:

    I don’t believe the Patriots run a “military style” or “Marine” type of franchise.

    I do believe that the Patriots run a more “professional style” than BA has here in Tampa.

    The correct word is not “military”… The correct words are “respectful and professional”…

  75. Scooter Says:

    When Buc’s OC and DC are interviewing for new jobs during the week of a playoff game, the message to the players is the game is secondary. Brady said this is not the week to be going to the movies.

  76. Marine Buc Says:

    When was the last time Bill Belichick ran on the field like a drunk dad at a pop warner game and beat a player over the head during a game?

    Come on man!!!

    That is total garbage trailer park behavior and TB12 didn’t want to be a part of it any longer.

    Bye Tom.

  77. August 1976 Buc Says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH, there is still a Lombardi trophy from the 2020 season, that 31 other teams wish that Lombardi was at their facility. Cry me a river whatever, lolol

    GO BUCS!!!!

  78. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Rams coordinator’s interviewed for jobs that same week.

    What happened Rams week had been happening all year .. poor practices.. poor plans.

    Interviews had nothing to do with the loss.

  79. August 1976 Buc Says:

    12 teams never have won a Super Bowl, so get a grip. That makes 12 teams that wish they were the Bucs. That is the reality of the Bucs organization. Complain if you like, but just a waste of time.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  80. Wesley Says:

    This is what a few guys “think” this is horse crap. He supposedly loved the fact that this team wasnt ran like the Pats.

  81. '79Defense Says:

    This crap is really getting ridiculous.

  82. Wesley Says:

    Brady was never happier than when he played for the Bucs.

  83. Christina Says:

    @Passing thru U nailed it 💯 he NEVER should have acted that way and like I said back then when it happened, BA was coming off a very bad week and he overreacted period! I knew when it happened we were done, I was literally sick for like two weeks about it 😩 unfortunately I was right and at the end of the day we lost so much more than I even realized that day.

  84. SOEbuc Says:

    Razor Ramone

    “The Bucs don’t have the team in place for a Super Bowl run but The Raiders do? Weak. Go Bucs!!!”

    I know. Let’s go pay David Carr money we need to not get us a championship. I wouldn’t want to come back to a non-material team if I were Brady also. He’s trying to win one,or two,or three more rings. The Bandwagon Krew is out in full force now that we are likely going to need to redevelop with some time.

  85. Oxycodoms Says:

    Thats why im envious of teams with young coaches. Bucs looked unprepared in many games this year especially on defense

  86. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Schizophrenic opinions by so many in the National media and posters lol,

    Oh Tom he loved in Tampa, he opened up, blah blah blah, now it is he was not happy about XYZ.

    Lets see maybe the media is throwing darts at any articles taped to the wall, and whatever it hits, hey lets go with this story today, lolololol

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  87. Buddha Says:

    You got it wrong Joe. It was when Godwin went down. Brady is not going anywhere else because the price would be too high for any other franchise that once a quarterback for only one year. Brady is amazing but father time is catching up. There isn’t another team in the NFL that can protect Brady the way the Buccaneers did either.

  88. jimm Says:

    until he wasn’t

  89. lambchop Says:

    Newsflash to Tom Brady: No team in the NFL practices or plays like the Patriots. If he’s a leader, he makes the team better in spite of everything he’s unhappy with. He held practices the way he wanted and got the players he wanted anyway.

    Whether BA handled it poorly or not, AB isn’t someone that deserves 100 chances. AB literally noped out of a game because Brady was giving Gronk the ball. But, maybe Brady felt that since AB was pissed at him, that it was his battle to sort out and not BA’s? I think ultimately what set up BA’s reaction was AB’s fake vaccine card and BA looking like a sellout when the media questioned his 1 strike and he’s out dialogue. I think at that point BA swallowed his pride in part because AB wasn’t the only one, and he didn’t want to piss off Tom. But, the in-game protest from AB broke the camel’s back since BA swallowed his integrity in front of the media.

    Why is Tom still annoyed after seeing AB back stab him though? AB alone can’t win you a SB. The only thing I can think of is Tom had PTSD from when Belichick hardly consulted him on personnel matters.

  90. Buc D. Truth Says:

    Face it, Buc fans. BA, Licht and our coaches are over-rated, overpaid and sloppy. Bucs have one of the largest coaching staffs in the league, yet can you honestly say that fact translates to better execution on offense (which lacks imagination), defense (poor zone coverage, tackling & communication) or special teams (poor returns & field position)? Great QB play has covered a multitude of sins, including draft misses and bad coaching. True, 2020 season was special, but Bucs team and coaches could not consistently match Brady’s drive and intensity. Big reckoning is coming in 2022. Best bet long term for Bucs would be to clean house from GM on down. Otherwise, trade Brady (like AB, he’s DONE with the Bucs), get a veteran QB with playoff experience (Foles?/Carr?), and hope for the best until regime changes.

  91. JimmyJack Says:

    These comments are hysterical. Mostly feeble attempts to blame our coaching staff………Theres nothing to blame them for. They was the ones who lured in the greatest QB to ever play. They were the ones who turned that into a title.

    They got us a great QB and they got the job done.

    If Tom wants to unretire and try it somewhere else, so be it. Good luck.

    We got are and Tom would never have been here to begin with without BA. Dont never pretend thats not true.

    If you wanna blame BA fir anything you can kiss my rear end right after you kis Bruces ring hahahahaha.

  92. Listnfrmafar Says:

    JMark, the Rams OC went on ONE interview, not back to back Friday and Saturday. TY Mr. Bowles, and BL had one Friday. Probably right in the middle of Brady’s Friday scheduled meeting. They couldn’t of waited until Monday? 3 freaking days.

  93. sasquatch Says:

    Have any of the people making these statements substantiated them with sources?

  94. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Jimmyjackoff, Brady was talking with Tenn, SF, Raiders & Miami before Tampa, don’t fool yourself Bucs were NOT his first choice.

  95. EJtheDJ Says:

    Amazing reading all the animosity towards TB after resurrecting a franchise in disarray. SMH …

    Brady saw a great chance to return to the Super Bowl this year and quite possibly should have, if not for the lack of discipline with the defense against the Rams. Even with the lack of weapons, they almost made it. The team was not “buttoned up” in spite of his efforts to help that.

    Unless, you are in the facility each day, you have no idea of the commitment & focus to being the best.

    Quite disappointed in the lack of energy in the stadium in the Divisional Round negating an extreme home field advantage they should have had. Once home field advantage secured with Packers loss, it appeared that they would be hosting the NFC Conference Championship as long as we have Tom and seeing they had not lost at home all year.

    Brady was a class act through all of this, not throwing anyone under the bus.

    I do believe he is retired for good, but never say never!

  96. No one important. Says:

    He left because of Todd Bowles’ gross incompetence. Writing has been on the wall. The defense has been blessed with an embarrassment of riches. Arguably the most talented defense, or at least a top 5, and a very incompetent Defensive Coordinator. Todd Bowles cost the BUCS their future glory. I can’t eat to see all the haters of this comment spewing excuses when Tampa misses the playoffs next year. Tampa will use a serviceable QB, but will not be able to compensate for Todd Bowles’ incompetent play calling.

  97. Dapostman Says:

    Trade Brady to Miami. They have a lot of cap space to sign whoever he wants to bring along. Ask for Tua while we’re at it. They won’t need him to sit. Let Tua and Trask battle it out. Hell we can throw Trask into the deal if that is what it takes.

    I believe Brady wants to live in Miami and he’d still be close enough to his son in NY. It’s a no brainer if he wants to play and Miami is on board. He can then beat BB twice next season. lol.

    Win, win, win!!

  98. T REX Says:

    So much denial…smdh

    It is not hard to believe our crappy staff did not impress Brady.

    BRADY ran this team the last two years.

    If you think Arians, Licht, Lefty and Bowels had anything to do with that SB you are off your rocker. This team is 6-11 without Brady.

    BRADY. THE GOAT. Not some guy driving around in a golf cart. Please people. Wake up. The team couldn’t even keep the GOAT happy. They are the suck. They can’t get jobs either. They stink out loud.

  99. allbuccedup Says:

    Passingthru hitting players in the head ie Andrew Adams shows his no self control. What would have happened of he hit Antonio Brpwn in the head.

  100. Rod Munch Says:

    Called it at the time – saying that I hope that Arians temper tantrum in NY didn’t just lose the team Tom Brady. People ignored the full story because it’s more fun to point and laugh at the village idiot, but it was Arians who threw a fit first, who didn’t hear Brown say he was injured, or told him to play injured, then when Brown said he couldn’t go told Brown he was cut. That’s when Brown went nuts.

    That’s also what Brady saw, Arians flying off the handle, cutting Brady’s favorite target mid-game over a misunderstanding. Would Bill have done that, cut a guy who was needed in order to win a SB, mid-game?

  101. BucsCoolade Says:

    Hey it’s a covidiot cancel cunture we live in now…!

    So much fun.. ! (Actually I hate it.)

    BA cancels AB. Brady cancels bucs. Will the bucs cancel brady by refusing to trade his rights?

    Drama conundrum.. stay tuned.

  102. Jerry R Jones Says:

    Nothing more than BS Speculation.

  103. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Rah interviewed with Vikings on the 21st., as well.

    Interviews didn’t call a ridiculous blitz with 30 seconds left.

  104. Marine Buc Says:

    @ allbuccedup

    Agreed 100%…

    That was a total idiotic move by BA.

    How did he end up getting away with that?

    To me it was just another indicator that BA had lost his coll and probably the team and the respect of TB12…

    Why would Brady want to stay and play for a coach he no longer respects?

  105. Marine Buc Says:

    *cool not coll

  106. Listnfrmafar Says:

    JMark, maybe not but lack of preparation did. Explain why Bowles would blitz a QB know for beating the blitz and leave 1on1 with the best WR in the league? Lack of Preparation. Morris’s D looked pretty prepared to me. Ask TB12, he’s got the blood strained jersey to prove it. Mediocre coaches breed mediocre play.

  107. Buc D. Truth Says:

    Agree Rod Munch. Crazy is as crazy does. To paraphrase, BA may be “getting too old for this s**t”. Unprofessional handling of AB and Adams is cause for concern. Can you imagine if Gruden issued a mid-game ultimatum to Keyshawn? Or Koetter to DJax? Time to retire before he loses the team. Doubtful BA lasts all of 2022.

  108. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Why is it so hard to believe BA came out of a cush retirement, brought the band back together went 7-9, blamed Winsten, I sure partially his fault. In comes Brady with his regimented win at all coat attitude. Bucs buy in , including coaches and poof a SB. BA didn’t have the stamina to do it again, shat he’s 69 yrs old, torn achilles and covid to boot. Even Belichick and Reid are losing steam, look what Pete Carrol did this season. It’s time for new blood the old guys are tired.

    To think, BA almost missed the Jets game due to covid. History could of changed, if he failed one more test. Oh well, can you say cellar dwellar?

  109. Jmarkbuc Says:

    I don’t disagree with lack of preparation, but that happened all year.

  110. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I felt it after that game. Like the air was let out. Pardon the pun, but I think Brady was done immediately after Bowles put an upturned rake underneath the defense on that last stupidly unnecessary blitz. “How can we win with this? I just willed the team back from 24 points down and they call a BLITZ? A blitz against the best QB against the blitz with the best wide receiver in the NFL?”

  111. fern Says:

    This media guys like soap opera reporters.
    Guy wants out he gets out simple he has earn it.
    Blaming coaches for losing typical of our fan base.
    Tristan Wirfs was the difference, putting Wells out there hurt made it easy for the Rams.
    Simple as that.
    Stop living in the past look at the future.

  112. Listnfrmafar Says:

    fern, what was the score with 26 seconds left? That’s all that matters.

  113. cmurda Says:

    I hear a lot of he didn’t like Tampa or B.A. or whatever but no actual reason why or specifics. Not buying it totally but this many folks reporting it. It does feel like it may be sad, but true.

    At the time it was easy to see that AB lost his mind and acted unprofessionally but it takes 2 to tango. I don’t know that B.A. said or did but it stands to reason that it could have likely been handled better by B.A. It’s refreshing that B.A. doesn’t necessarily care what folks or the media think of him but that black or white stance can result in something like this. After it’s all said and done, I’m not buying a whole lot of guilt from B.A. though. I would have expected some more flack from the players if it resulted from B.A. going too far. I’m still chalking it up to AB being an idiot. Do you honestly believe that this all happened without AB having the opportunity to say he was too injured to go out there. It’s hard to believe.

  114. Swampbuc Says:

    I’m not buying what these talking cretins are selling.

    However when it’s the divisional playoff game against the Rams coming up and both coordinators are focusing on job interviews, and not 100% on beating the Rams, and Tom says , “This isn’t the week to go to the movies. This is the week to be totally locked in on football.”

    And then Cooper Kupp runs wide open at the most critical time in the game, and all that scratching and clawing that Tom did to get them to 27-all.

    And a defensive game plan that everyone knows was idiotic. That might have pushed him underneath Gisele’s saddle.

  115. DM130 Says:

    This media angle doesn’t make much sense. If he soured so much on the Buccaneers organization why did he thank them so much on the way out on social media but no mention of the patriots?? 🤔🤔

  116. Mike Brown Says:

    Tom Brady was a great football player key word was, if he wanted to play for another team then he should speak up not play some AB games or he is just an attention seeking ego maniac that is damaging his legacy. Stay retired or risk coming back and leaving a race horse that ran one too many times and needs to be shot instead of set out to stud.

  117. Oneilbuc Says:

    Forget Brady yall need to stop kissing 💋 his behind!! We don’t need Brady like yall think we do ! Have some pride for the team we have a young quarterback who played good in college how about getting behind him together as as fan base! Brady don’t want to come back to Tampa so kissing his behind!!

  118. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Swamparse, the entire team scratched to get back in it. It wasn’t just Brady he f’d over, so far it is Brady that said that’s not how you win so bye bye Felicia. More may fall.

  119. Tim Says:

    I believe it was more than the AB thing, but that event gave a look inside of the organization, theTampa Bay culture….work hard, get individual bonuses. Brady built his life around winning Super Bowls, team winning, and the culture in Tampa Bay was more steeped in individual accomplishment, which wasn’t the players’ fault, but a culture promoted by the coaching leadership. Many of them (players and coaches) only got that team accomplishment mentality when Brady showed up. I don’t recall seeing the level of praise and effort for individual achievement on previous Brady teams and I think to some degree that wore on him. I also thought, bad idea keeping the predominantly the exact same team during the second year……since they were in the individual accomplishment culture and they just won a Super Bowl, there did not seem that fire was there. There were a few exceptions; “Playoff Lenny” as an example.

  120. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Listnfrmafar says Why is it so hard to believe BA came out of a cush retirement, brought the band back together went 7-9, blamed Winsten, I sure partially his fault.

    List have you gone back and watched all 16 games of 2019 with Jameis at Qb like I said to you before in 1 of the posts?
    Seems reasonable if you are going to make comments about that season, that you would not just be saying things but you have not actually seen what you are commenting about.
    Maybe go watch all 16 games before comments are made about that season and how it unfolded.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  121. Don T Says:

    This is all bs. First of all if Tristan Wirfs played against the Rams Brady would be in his 11th Super Bowl. With Godwin there would be no doubt. I’m a Cowboys fan but I give Brady/Bucs big credit. Injuries to Godwin, Fornette, Miller, AB and a big chunk of their D and they still had a great season. Healthy D played ONE game together. If the Rams game went to OT and Bucs get the ball it’s over. Everyone is sick of Brady but I been watching pro football for 65+ years and this guy is the GOAT. Best I ever saw. I’m kinda gonna miss him. This story is total garbage. Brady is done and will be 45 at the start of next season. It isn’t happening. He is going out a great player and few leave that way. Goodbye GOAT.

  122. Jim Says:

    The truth to this story will happen if Brady unretires.

  123. Jm Says:

    I stopped reading the 6th time seeing belicheat. Ok great we get it you think he’s a cheater. Saying it all those times, you need help.

  124. MiStaMac Says:

    #12 Pissed on The Patriots and The Patriot’s Way.

  125. Rod Munch Says:

    cmurda – the reporting on the day this happened, according to Greg Auman, was that a 3rd party on the sideline heard AB tell Arians he was hurt, then AB says he can’t play, that’s when Arians loses his mind, tells AB he’s cut, he’s done, he’s off the team, and in response to that, AB loses his mind, and everyone points and laughs at AB for being a nutjob.

    As for Arians, that version of events is exactly what Arians said happened, except Arians says he didn’t hear AB say he was hurt. So in Arians mind, he tells AB to go in, doesn’t hear him say he’s hurt, and just hears he’s not going in — so Arians thinks AB is basically giving him the finger, and won’t play, goes off, tell AB he’s cut, he’s off the team.

    I don’t think Arians is a bad guy here, I don’t believe for a second if he heard AB say he’s hurt, that he’d tell him to go into the game anyways. I do believe Arians when he said he didn’t hear AB tell him he’s hurt. But the fact is that report from Auman says, directly, that AB did say that in that conversation. It wasn’t AB going nuts for no reason, from his side he’s just told the coach he’s injured, and the coach says, f-u, get into the game, then when he says no, the coach tells AB he’s fired. I can absolutely see why AB would be p/o’d.

    That version of events was hinted at by Clyde Christian who said something along the lines that he wishes Arians would have handled it differently, and it sounded like he was blaming Arians for what happened.

    AB made such a scene that it seems like everyone in the media just completely ignored the series of events as they happened, and just laughed at AB. Fair enough, I don’t care about AB that much, but I was really concerned that Brady would care, and I think he did, not so much about AB, but the mentality that you’d cut a star player on the sideline during a game.

  126. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Brady’s only reason for playing in Tampa was to win Super Bowls, the team was no2 seed and Green Bay lost, so home field throughout and a week before the playoffs the team released their second best WR over drama between a Gm and Coach over 2million. When Chris was hurt and no one was their to make up the loss of AB the offense was hurt when playing a great team like Rams. Tampa then narrowly lost to the likely Super Bowl winner Rams. So Tom and the entire team knows they would’ve won SB if they beat Rams at home. And without AB almost did, with AB it would’ve been a easy win and easy to beat 49ers and Cinci.

  127. Juztyn Says:

    Must think you’re real slick using “Belicheat” and forcing it in every imagineable way possible in this article. Weak.

  128. Josh Says:

    You have got to be the worst writer I’ve ever read in my entire life. Don’t be so salty that the BUCS are trash once again since Brady retired, have fun being at the bottom of the league once again… And by the way stop being such a little bitch about Belichick being so much more accomplished than Arians and every other coach in the NFL. It ain’t a good look.