Will Byron Leftwich Be Bucs Head Coach In 2022?

January 29th, 2022

Change is in the air.

Isn’t it always?

Tom Brady said he would play at least until he’s 45. He even speculated that he could command a huddle at 50. Now he’s retiring at 44.

So why would Joe possibly believe Bucco Bruce Arians will 100 percent keep coaching in 2022, if Team Glazer was willing to keep paying him?

Arians said he will be head coach this season, but that was before Brady retired.

Joe wonders whether Team Glazer, realizing Arians may only have one more season left in him, will not want a lame duck head coach in the driver’s seat for 2022.

Sure, you could argue Arians as head coach is the Bucs’ best chance to win a Super Bowl. Joe won’t dispute that. But Team Glazer may not want to be nearsighted any longer. Joe could see Team Glazer making a play for offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to be head coach in 2022, with Arians moving up to a consultant role helping general manager Jason Licht and Leftwich, and serving as a community ambassador.

What about Todd Bowles? Well, what about him? Bowles got a hearty raise/extension after last season. It seems doubtful that he’ll get a head coaching job in 2022, so the Bucs might be able to keep the band together if they make a move on Leftwich now.

The Bucs need a new starting quarterback, hopefully a long-term answer, so losing Leftwich certainly seems more problematic than losing Bowles.

Joe would put a few bucks (not much) on Arians not being head coach this season.

42 Responses to “Will Byron Leftwich Be Bucs Head Coach In 2022?”

  1. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @”….Will Byron Leftwich Be Bucs Head Coach In 2022…”
    It may…..nobody else want him…. Glazers have history for rushing in conclusions….remember Morris.

  2. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    I hate to say it Joe, but no TB12 means no Super Bowl in 2022-2023.

  3. DBS Says:

    Just thinking about either of those two I can see this team in the tank already.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Arians said he will be head coach this season, but that was before Brady retired.

    I’m guessing Brady confided in Arians weeks ago.

  5. Vincente Fernandez Says:

    Aaron Rodgers is coming to Tampa. book it!

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Honestly, it’s hard for me the choose between Todd Bowles and Leftwich.

    Offense or defense?

    If we have Todd Bowles as head coach, you can bet the offense would be more conservative…but then again, it depends on who we have as QB.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I do not think Leftwich is ready…so I lean toward Todd Bowles.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sure….Byron….and bring in Josh Rosen……give him another shot at him.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    He’s a good choice if we’re trying to get the #1 overall pick.

  10. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Oh Hell No..

    Come on Jax!

  11. Miller5252 Says:

    What a crappy week huh? Lose on a crappy call from Bowles, that if we won there was a great chance to win another Super Bowl. Now Brady calls it a career after 2 way toooo quick years. And now there could be a chance BL or TB could be the coach next year…. None of this as I’m typing sounds like a good time.

  12. Hodad Says:

    Ha ha, read my response to who succeeds Brady. Tom made this decision now so we wouldn’t loose Lefty to J Ville. BA ain’t coming back without Brady, he’s old, but not crazy. Now we keep BL, and any top asst’s he might’ve taken with him. Keeping BL is a must now with Trask likely to get a shot next year. What’s better for the Bucs having Bruce back for one more year, or keeping BL, and all the coaches he might’ve taken with him? Also having BL long term would be in the best interest of the Bucs to keep working with Trask.

  13. DR FEELGOOD Says:

    All four head coaches with teams still alive are former OCs. DCs that become head coaches in this NFL don’t succeed much. Keep Byron or hire Eric Bienemy. Our cupboard isn’t empty. Throw the bank at Lenny and Godwin and franchise Jensen. And give your second round pick a chance. A silver lining is that we have more cap space now. Thank you TB12 and Gronk for a blissful two year ride! GO BUCS!!

  14. Sandman Says:

    Win a superbowl ha ha ha

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    I dont see any way the Glazers barge in and tell Bruce to step down as HC(that seems to be the suggestion here).

    When the Glazers got a guy they trust they stay out of the way.

    They trust Bruce. Any major changes will be his decision.

    I see Bruce staying for one more season to get his future HC setup with a QB. I dont see him cutting out with Gabbert and Trask at the position. He is going to set this thing up for 2023 where his successor can take over for a team ready to contend with a good QB.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess we don’t get the draft picks if we hire him as HC…..bummer

  17. Tye Says:

    You CAN’T be serious….
    Come on Jags and prevent this disaster OR back to the losing decade Part 2!

  18. Hodad Says:

    Bowles, or Lefty? The choice is easy, Lefty. The trend in the NFL is young offensive coaches, not older D coaches who’ve already gotten a shot, and failed. The Bucs will want to keep Lefty to work with Trask, and keep all the asst’s he might’ve taken with him. It would be a disaster having a second year QB learn a new system, or have him continue in this system without BL, and top offensive coaches. Keeping Byron right now has become priority one.

  19. View from 132 Says:

    Hire Gruden.

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    View from 132 Says:
    January 29th, 2022 at 3:57 pm
    Hire Gruden.


    I second this. Then we sign Jake Plummer and Gruden finally gets to show us what he could do with a real QB in his system!

  21. Swampbuc Says:

    I’d be good with that actually.

  22. brooks Says:

    Lots of people are going to walk I told you all. Brady coach lots of players lots of good players we will be fortunate to win eight games next year might have seen our last Super Bowl in a long long time

  23. DungyDance Says:

    Joe, you can’t be serious? BL had no answers anytime an opponent snuffed out our game plan. And it took him half the season to remember that a blitz can be defeated by this weird play that no one’s ever heard of – a screen pass. He never had any back up strategy. The talent we had on the field covered up his mediocrity. Hope the Jags get him.

  24. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Oh Hell No!!! Sounds like pathetic Jacksonville didn’t want him……

  25. Franco Says:

    Aron Rodgers, comes to Tampa, I would burn my new 85” tv, I bought to watch, Brady. Rodgers, no thank you

  26. BuccaneerScotty Says:

    we don’t need a Qb we have Trask get over it already

  27. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Terrible… First the loss last week and now this…. Consecutive shots to the nutsa-k…Misery

  28. HC Grover Says:

    Kiffin is who I want. Get em all out.

  29. HC Grover Says:

    Yes Gruden and Dungy anybody but the Bums who ran Brady off. He came, He won, he saw, he left. He does not like the set up with Ariens.

  30. HC Grover Says:

    An Arians team w/o Brady and Gronk will be lucky to win 5 games with the schedule. Why bother? Clean house and start over.

  31. Joseph Mamma Says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say every single one of these coaches will regress towards mediocre without the greatest quarterback who ever lived.

  32. captivajim Says:

    Thats not a limb –you’re on solid ground ,,,JOSEPH MAMMA

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    I’d rather have the two #3’s the Bucs get if Leftwich leaves for another HC job.

  34. Boston Tommy Says:

    Brady didn’t retire!!! That’s Shefty jumping the gun as usual!!!

  35. Dan Williamson Says:

    Ok. Adam”shifty” schefter jumped the gun. Hes done that three times this year to be the new “scoop” schefter. Hes such an Ahole and so are all the “scribes” who wanted to be the first to get the scoop on Tom Brady’s possible retirement. All this we got from a five minute interview after the game centering on a follow up sound bite. He has said from the first day here he would take it year to year .He told them Im not thinking 5 minutes ahead right now. No plans other than to be with the family, see how his body felt, his level of enthusiasm for pre-season workouts, etc. Give him a freaking chance to breathe. Now Joey Scoops has Arians retiring. Get a grip. He will say something definitive in a couple of weeks…….Good Lord!

  36. Alexbucsfan Says:

    Why not have BL as head coach and ask (beg) Brady to become offensive coordinator? The perfect mentor for Trask

  37. Chris Says:

    I agree been saying this for weeks now why not make Byron the HC and have Arians help him get it going. Arians won’t be coaching much longer Byron is going to make a good head coach

  38. Eli Says:

    Please not Leftwich. Hilopefully the Jags will take him. Brady made Leftwich look good the last 2 years. After interviews and press conferences, Intelligence may be a little bit of a shortcoming.

  39. Steve B // IndianaPatMan Says:

    Leftwich had a problem changing plays at the line of scrimmage constantly for Tampa Bay, as a playing QB. How the hell could he be a head coach if he weren’t a competent O coordinator. Brady called over 90 percent of his own plays. So, the answer to Leftwich is not in the near future anyway.
    But if somehow if Benedict Arnold Brady stays, he’ll try to steal Josh. If that happens, I hope Josh tells him to take a hike like Julian did!!!

  40. Ohta Says:

    Please no….

  41. Keith Henig Says:

    Brady has not officially retired. He wants to go out on top with anoanother’s

  42. John Says:

    I love how everyone says BL sucks at changing up plays and this and that, but before all of the coaching rumors in Jville, they all said BL doesn’t even call plays and TB does everything. Make up your minds. Is it BL’s offense or TB’s? And if it’s BL’s, then if TB is the greatest, why wouldn’t he just change the play or recommend something else?