Tom Brady Should Win MVP

January 2nd, 2022

There’s one game to play but Joe is calling it now after Tom Brady threw for 410 yards today and three touchdowns after completing 34-of-50 passes including a game-winning strike with seconds remaining.

Brady should be the NFL MVP this season.

Where are the Bucs without Brady, who would have and should have won the honor last season if voters cast their ballots after the postseason rather than following the regular season?

Brady leads the NFL in passing yards, touchdowns, pass attempts and completions. Who does that?

That final touchdown today to Cyril Grayson was No. 40 of the season against 12 interceptions. Through 16 games, Brady’s got 4,990 yards through the air. The Bucs once had a guy who busted 5,000 yards in 16 games but he served up 30 interceptions along the way.

Brady’s legendary cool was on full display during the game-winning, 93-yard drive. He was the picture of complete calm.

Nitpick Brady all you want, but he’s had a harder road this season because of a mess of injuries to Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski, and Leonard Fournette and throw in Ronald Jones today.

Bucco Bruce Arians praised Brady after the game for his work with young receivers overall and taking what the defense gave him in today’s final drive.

What a time to be a Bucs fan! If only Brady could play defense, too.

55 Responses to “Tom Brady Should Win MVP”

  1. Howard Cosell Says:


  2. Go Bucs! Says:


  3. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    I AGREE !!!!

  4. BitcoinTom Says:

    That’s why he’s the GOAT! THE GOAT!!

  5. Bucdan Says:

    That final drive was amazing and all on him as he called the offense to continually push the Jets defense and not clock the football with the last two first downs.

    Was a great way to finish a game and was a message sent to the team that they had everyone they needed to win on the field at the end of the game.

    Go Bucs!

  6. freadity Says:


  7. EA Says:

    Next week vs pouty Cam and the stinking panthers bucs fans should chant MVP!!!

  8. Ben green Says:

    Nooooooo!!!!. No MVP has won a title since indoor QB Kurt Warner!!! Ben is a big believer in karma. Something about the football god’s don’t like regular season MVPs. Brady probably deserves the award, but it’s a bad omen

  9. Bucschamp Says:

    what a depressing feeling if you’re the jets

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    To let a team like the Jets almost beat you is shameful are striving to be this years superbowl champs.

  11. David Says:

    5000+ yards 40+ TDs 12 INT’s.
    Him or Cooper Kupp or Aaron Rodgers or Jonathan Taylor.

    I’d love Brady to get it but you can make a real case for any of them. Take any for those off their team and their team is struggling to make the playoffs

  12. Casual Observer Says:

    I agree! MVP.

  13. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Yeah today sealed it for him. Can’t believe he’s doing this for so long.

  14. BradyBucs Says:


    Just have Brady run the HURRY-UP Offense the entire game.

    Wear Defenses out. Let Brady do what he does best with calling plays at the line.

    We struggle on Offense at times when we give Defenses a chance to rest and a chance to adjust.

  15. David Says:

    Brady buck… The problem with that is then our defense gets tired. Shaq is hurt and JPP needs surgery on his rotator cuff. The pass rush is barely there at times. They can’t afford the defense to get winded

  16. BradyBucs Says:


    971 Yards Passing
    8 TD Passes

    in the last 2 games. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Especially considering he blew-out both knees last year.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s going to be Brady or Rodgers.

    Brady had sort of cooled down from a stat standpoint and Rodgers had caught him on the betting sites, but getting 410 yards, 3 TDs, and a 90+ yard game winning drive without your starting WRs, that should help nail down the MVP for Brady I think. We will see what Rodgers does vs the Vikings, but short of a 500+ yard day with 5 TDs and a late win, Brady should be in good shape.

    Jonathan Taylor is the other longshot option, but the Colts lost today and are 9-7, and generally you need to at least win a division to get the MVP.

  18. DT Says:

    @BradyBucs we struggle when we let Byron call plays in the 2nd half, runs up the gut on every first down, lol. I HOPE a team is dumb enough to hire him as HC

  19. King C Says:

    Funny how Joe changes his tune.
    Whatever happened to calling Brady a rule-breaking home-invading blah blah blah?
    Now Jameis is referred to as “once had a guy who busted 5,000 yards”
    Same guy Joe had the nerve to call “America’s QB” for five years.
    In reality, Tom Brady has been America’s QB for over 10 years.

  20. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    I think the Bucs plays are just to get a win. There is no difference between a 1 or a 50 pts win. It just count as a 1 win. Hopefully, playoff time, they can unleash the beast from the NFC South!

  21. ir8oldman Says:

    King, there are multiple Joe’s that do the articles.

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    Jones got hurt?

    I thought he was in the dog house again.

  23. SteveK Says:

    Watching Goat play QB is a lot like watching Greg Maddox pitch, a lot of holy s* west a f* play!

    I yelled so loudly when Grayson scored that my daughter opened the door to our basement and yelled downstairs that I was scaring everyone and was I Ok?

    I said, “hell yeah, the goat is out there throwing some gd darts! (Shoves replay in her face, she rolls eyes and walks back upstairs).”

  24. SteveK Says:

    What a f* play

  25. Bird Says:

    Brady sucks. Brady sucks. He is so bad its a comedy

    Yah. There are literally dumb arse clowns on here that truly believe this. 😂
    Look what this team has accomplished the last 2 years
    Yah brady had nothing to do with it

    90 yards in a minute? With backups for most part?

  26. George Says:

    Give it to Rogrrs that’s all he cares about ! He will be so proud he’ll forget about the SB as he won what he wants and cares about a MVP award. Tom thinks other wise and the door will be open for him to win #8 !

  27. Buddha Says:

    I totally agree that Brady SHOULD be the MVP. But they likely will give it either to Rodgers or Kupp. Interesting that both Rodgers and Brady played their worst game of the year against the Saints.

  28. Youngbucs Says:

    Haters in here trying to change the subject lol. MVP!!!!!!

  29. Ash Says:

    I knew losing David was going to be huge defense looked terrible today

  30. orlbucfan Says:

    Probably be Rodgers.

  31. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    That was one of the most incredible final drives I’ve ever seen. I literally thought we had zero chance. Just over 2 minutes, no timeouts and 93 yards with no Godwin and no Brown.
    It is amazing to see how completely serene he is out there in that scenario. Just the epitome of calm. And, the guy is 44 years old. How is that possible? Just adding to the legend of Tom.

  32. Bird Says:

    Brady threw for back to back 40 tds in a season (16 games) and low number of picks

    And rushed for a few others both years

    He sucks though. Orlbuc says screw brady
    I mean what an absolute dum dum

  33. AMI_Chris Says:

    And we need a name for the O-Line. How about “The Fence”? They protect the GOAT.

  34. Spicili Says:

    If Brady wins MVP, would he be the first Bucs played to ever win that award?

  35. Beeej Says:

    I was thinking John Elway The Drive

  36. Oneilbuc Says:

    All of yall on here are either Brady fans or Patriots fans who think this was a good win !! Let’s be honest the Jets lost this game on purpose to get the top 3 draft pick . They are doing just like the Colts did in 2011 so they can draft Andrew Luck. If this the Rams or any other team that had playoffs chances we lose this game . Let’s just get out of the emotion of being a bucs fan and look at it from a football mindset. We can’t play like this in the playoffs. But we still got the win !!! But we shouldn’t be happy about winning this way against the Jets !!!

  37. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oralbuttfan is an arsewipe. He’s with Oneilbucyall living in Jamais world.

  38. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbuc Says:
    January 2nd, 2022 at 5:39 pm
    All of yall on here are either Brady fans or Patriots fans who think this was a good win !! Let’s be honest the Jets lost this game on purpose to get the top 3 draft pick . They are doing just like the Colts did in 2011 so they can draft Andrew Luck. If this the Rams or any other team that had playoffs chances we lose this game . Let’s just get out of the emotion of being a bucs fan and look at it from a football mindset. We can’t play like this in the playoffs. But we still got the win !!! But we shouldn’t be happy about winning this way against the Jets !!!

    Yea let’s be honest you said Brady was washed and BA was hurting this team lol. In two years the Bucs have accomplished unbelievable things. It’s so funny to me how the article is about Brady winning mvp and y’all talking other nonsense. And it’s because y’all can’t deny what he has done here!!!!! How many things have the Bucs accomplished for the first time in franchise history last and this year!!!!! You 🤡s continue to look and talk foolish.

  39. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall the Jets beat the Titans and Bengals, the AFC South leader and #1 seed and the AFC West leaders, both are playoff teams. I will agree the first half the defense was horrid.

  40. sasquatch Says:

    Lesko_Brandon Says:
    January 2nd, 2022 at 4:20 pm

    Handle indicates adolescent boob.

  41. Soggy Says:

    Yeah I got to like that Brady guy… YEP..

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    Spicili Says:
    January 2nd, 2022 at 5:27 pm
    If Brady wins MVP, would he be the first Bucs played to ever win that award?


    Lee Roy, Sapp and Brooks all won defensive MVP, but the Bucs have never won THE MVP, which is supposed to be for best player, offense or defense, but is always given to an offensive player.

  43. Youngbucs Says:

    Listnfrmafar Says:
    January 2nd, 2022 at 5:48 pm
    Oneilbucyall the Jets beat the Titans and Bengals, the AFC South leader and #1 seed and the AFC West leaders, both are playoff teams. I will agree the first half the defense was horrid.

    Exactly all teams have hard fought gms against lesser teams some teams have lost to bum teams it’s the nfl! Win win win that’s all we’ve done for two years and the stupid still persists.

  44. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs . So do you think some teams are willing to lose games just to get are stay at their spot in draf especially when they are out of the playoffs?? Yes they do we would have had Quin Nelson if it wasn’t for that last play of the game against the saints. The Colts done it !!

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs. The games we lost were games without AB and Gronk you can’t deny that !! Now I didn’t think Grayson would play as good as he’s doing now . But after what I saw we don’t need AB.

  46. Youngbucs Says:

    Again oneilbucs I know it’s hard for you the article is about Brady possibly winning mvp.

  47. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs . MVP awards means nothing now days because they made it a quarterback award . So MVP and Hesiman Trophy really doesn’t mean anything anymore. Taylor should have won the Hesiman when he played at Wisconsin and he didn’t. The receiver out Alabama they just gave to him because it was a covid year and it really wasn’t any quarterback who they wanted to give it to. I still think Trask should have won it in 2020 !!

  48. Youngbucs Says:


  49. Nope Says:

    Oooo beats a 4-12 team must MVP. Overrated. The bucs rebuilt the ENTIRE team around him. He isn’t the sole reason for their success

  50. Militstrat54 Says:

    Does anyone remember when Brady went 11-1, had the best TD/INT Ratio at 14 and Goodell rigged the voting to give the MVP to Matt Ryan who played 4 more games because Goodell stole those four games from a Brady and Ryan lost all four of his extra games? Did you know that Goodell had a study done on the effects of temperature on psi pressure in footballs back in 2010 so he was well aware that the results were temperature driven and tried to sell his lies as true to the idiot fans. MIT, Harvard, Stanford and other world physics professors all cried foul concerning Goodell’s manipulation of media to do his bidding. If you also remember, Brady won in court on the merits because science and not Hoodell proved Brady did no wrong and it was the change in temperature that married up exactly with the deflation changes. But then the case got overturned on the specifics of who has the right to make the rules regardless of fairness. Goodell has that right and used it as anyone without integrity would. Brady lost his four games, the Pats were cheated out of draft picks that would have given them at least one if not more SB Championships and Brady was cheated out of his MVP. And off course you also remember the following year where Cam Newton was gifted the award despite Brady having 900 more passing yards, lead the league in TDs and did it with little support all while the MVP went to Newton who couldn’t even complete 60% of his passes. Then again the judge did say the league is an entertainment industry and therefore does not have to play fairly or have refs make honest calls. So there you have it.
    If the same rules that applied to Brady with the best TD/INT ratio, is applied to Rodgers this year, Rodgers would not have a chance at winning. Rodgers is further behind Brady than Newton was at 1000 yards short and five TDS behind in Passing and Brady has had a boatload of injuries and AB to deal with. So if the writers were not bought off by Goodell by threats of withholding access they say, (the media’s bread and butter), Rodgers would’nt even be in the running after missing two games, and lying to the public about his Covid shot. But then the Judge did say Goodell can cheat all he wants because the league like old time Big Time Wrestling is entertainment and NOT true competition. While most win because Goodell arranges it, Brady has to win in spite of Goodell because Goodell was a Jet Executive who has always hated anything Patriots. Funny how even spygate had no evidence because Goodell ruled and said he des5royed the evidence. No one ever saw any evidence of wrong doing, other than the legal filming was done a bit outside the designated area to do so. And the commissar uses his dictatorial powers as all dictators do, I thought integrity. Watch this year as Brady is cheated of yet another MVP. And while you are at it, ask how Peyton holds the passing yard record when one of his passes was proven a laters (backwards pass) for seven yards. It’s all because Goodell wanted him to have it. If he was a Patriot or a Brady, it never would have happened. So much more we could reveal but it’s late.

  51. Oneilbuc Says:

    Rogers will win the fake MVP award !!!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Asked a bunch of sports minded youngster, who they thought should be this years MVP? Got a remarkable response that just had to be shared. According to one child and the rest then chimed in (several changed their opinions in agreement) so all in total agreement. Here is their logic and it is very convincing.
    If the Olympics had a 100 meter race and Rodger was more effective in his race running for 90% of the race but didn’t run the last 10 meters (Rodgers missed two games, Rodgers trails by 6 TDS, Rodgers has one thousand fewer passing yards and had a team that was less injured yet is this far behind because of his own attitude problems). Brady ran the entire 17 game race while Rodgers sat out two games. How can anyone win the race without running the whole distance. Sounds reasonable to me and to those kids as well. Goodell used this reasoning to rob Brady of an MVP the year Matt Ryan with 5 times as many losses walked away with the MVP. But then one kid added that Rodgers should be disqualified from any awards because he is a liar and you can’t reward liars. Also very convincing. Political correctness suggests he be identified as one who didn’t tell the truth which sounds a lot less negative, and covers up the fact he is much more emotionally divisive, liar. But the kid was right, Rodgers mislead/lied to us all. Do we really want to reward that. The media can destroy a nation by doing so and make themselves targets in the process.
    Others also added that Brady leads the league in Passing Yards, Touchdowns, Completions, is first in PFF Ratings for QBs and did so all without his key players being healthy. It is a signature Brady year doing more with less and should be a runaway winner but for a media that wants things to be close for their own financial reasons and in large part because they are demonstrating a phenomenon known as Brady Hate because they don’t like lifting Brady so far above others. At their current pace, the media will be stealing more MVPs from Brady than they actually rightfully awarded him. So when someone asks our children what is wrong with the world, don’t be surprised when their response identifies the media as the worlds biggest problem and why they refuse to buy newspapers, magazines, watch the news etc etc because they no longer trust them since those same media consistently steal MVPs from the guy who fully deserved them. This same media manipulated the masses to accept a clearly diminished JoeBiden as President and a clearly criminal election process as legit. But then the kids don’t pay the media any attention since the trust has been destroyed between the two. Only a long term honest behavior pattern will begin to repair that trust and stealing yet another MVP from Brady will only strengthen their distrust. Media, it’s up to you. Destroy the country or not.
    And even if the media doesn’t get it, they might get this…A 44 year old QB is not only on a teams roster which is astounding in itself, but is starting at QB, and then has a winning record, and with a limited team due to injury, and is the defending champ, and leads the league in Passing Yards, and TDS, and Completions, and is rated the PFF best QB, (and every QB to have passed for 4 TDS or more 6 times before him as he has, also won the MVP). A 44 year old doing this is not just MVP worthy but it may be the greatest sports story of All-Time. And that will sell, sell sell all day, all year, all decade and all century long. If Brady does not win MVP, the media will have done the equivalent of killing the goose that laid the golden egg out of shear stupidity. But consider their past miscues, blaming Brady for the psi weather effect and oh, so much more. Let’s watch and see if Brady Hate and self destruction remains, and the media declares themselves the least intelligent group since the German High Command under you know who. Not selecting a Brady as the MVP is shear lunacy, and even our kids know it, so why doesn’t the media? Only two answers, either corruption or stupidity. Neither speaks well for today’s media!!

  53. Eye in the Sky Says:

    Our kids are demonstrating they are not only more intelligent than us but are more honest and truthful as well. When asked who the NFL MVP should be they unanimously identified Tom Brady as their choice and with impeccable reasoning. One youngster said it best when he said that Rodgers missed two games and if a runner running a race didn’t finish the race, how can he be declared the winner for having a bender s5ride, or a better support team, or didn’t have the final numbers another runner did. All very convincing. Another youngster added that Rodgers lied making him a liar and no liar should be rewarded. Also a very good point, another added stats specifically that Brady had one thousand more passing yards, 6 more TDS, and lots more completions, and the PFF #1 rating for QBs. Another insightfully added that history has to give it to a Brady because the year MATT Ryan was handed the MVP! Ryan played four more games than Brady and lost all four. Brady had a TD/Int Ratio of 14 still the league all-time record. Ryan lost five times as many games as Brady that year with five losses to Brady’s one. And the four game shortage for Brady was a result of Goodell stealing those games. See above comment that explains how the Commissioner has a devious hatred for Brady and stole not just one but two MVPs previously. If they do it again this year the spineless media will have stolen at least as many MVPs from Brady as he has rightfully earned. The media are their own worst enemies. They destroyed the trust our youth had in them many times with past Brady Hate actions and then sidelining the entire country with their failure to be the investigative reporters they had been trusted to be during the last election cycle. We will never buy another newspaper, magazine, or watch the US News stations for these failures. Our kids are closely approaching our disgust with the media as well as they have agendas instead of acting honestly and truthfully. Giving the MVP to someone who has missed games, has far lesser stats, had better support and lied to us all is just another sign of how far the media has fallen. They have a chance to at least halt the fall, but are they going to remain corrupt or halt the corruption and start to heal the damage they have been doing? Given their past performance that is not a bet any should tqke. Let’s face it, even our kids are keenly aware of the media’s corruption.

  54. More Than Just A QB Says:

    On the football field a case can’t truly be made for Rodgers since he missed games and has stats that don’t compare and acted as a problem child for a team that could have won it all three years in a row but as good as his talent is, is the Antonio Brown of the Packers just with media support so it goes unreported. Then there is lying to the country and the media gives him a pass and the NFL as well for financial reasons. So money trumps honesty. Reminds us of that NBA ref who took money to throw games. Money over honesty. Same thing with the NFL. Great role model for kids right? Lie, get the award. He should have been disqualified for the season as well as Antonia Brown for cheating/lying and docked his paycheck. Giving this type of character an award for such behavior is worthy of tearing down the entire NFL. Having no true foundation, the structure that’s built upon it should crumble.
    Brady meanwhile gets more out of people than imaginable both with the Patriots and now with the Bucs. He even got people to come over to join him and acted as pseudo counselor for an impossible project in Antonio Brown and a fixable one in Leonard Fornette. Brady is a man with true character (not being A character like Rodgers). So how did Brady not make the Pro Bowl last year? The answer is the media. Don’t be fooled, The MVP is selected by The Media as they cause perceptions to change. If Brady doesn’t get the MVP this year it truly will become known as a fake award if it is not already and of no value. Truth be known, Brady should win this award giving him a minimum of six. We are in total agreement that the media just can’t be trusted to do what is right, just watch this years MVP assignment and see.

  55. Eye in the Sky Says:

    Nailed it. That’s what the media has failed to identify but glad you did.
    Brady is the glue that holds and held together both last year the Bucs, and the Patriots years before that. He makes people believe, to come together, to excel. This is what being the MVP should be about, not the media hype they give Rodgers for flicking his wrist and going gaga over it. That’s media manipulation to engage your emotion over your intelligence is just a test to see what else they can get away with as they slide their hands into your pocket for your wallet. And far too many fall for it. Brady has a thousand yards more passing yards, a thousand not one hundred, but a thousand. That is significant. But key is that Brady pulls his people together (last year was miraculous) and this year he’s better. And yes at age 44 he is a @#$& alien who needs to be checked to see if he is human. If there was an award a level or two levels above MVP, Brady would deserve that one too!