Tom Brady Just Steps Away From Wild NFL Record

January 13th, 2022


Hey, a dude like Joe can dream, can’t he? And if the Bucs have a successful postseason, Tom Brady will own one of the craziest sports stats you will ever dig up.

How dominant has Brady been? Well, Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports unearthed a stat that is just crazy to believe. It seems if the Bucs can return to the Super Bowl next month, Brady will have as many postseason wins as any team in NFL history.

Joe just cannot believe that but it’s true. It also backs up what Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians said when he remarked that when Brady retires, there won’t be any quarterback records left.

Of course, to break the record this year, Brady and the Bucs would have to repeat and win the Super Bowl. So, let’s f’ing go!

40 Responses to “Tom Brady Just Steps Away From Wild NFL Record”

  1. crazybucs_CL Says:

    …that means that Pats before TB12 went there, had ONLY 7…. wow.

  2. Larry Says:

    there is no about about it. Brady is the very best to ever play the game of football. there will NEVER be another one like him. We are all so luck to have seen him. He also seems to be a very good person. Never any scandals. No DSUI’s. No drug convictions. Nothing!!! He is the type of athlete we can all look up too.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    Not gonna be a good passing day, the weather forecast calls for rain but the real wildcard is going to be the
    HONKING wind !

  4. crazybucs_CL Says:

    they have plenty of time to prep; gloves, no-gloves, wet-balls, blow-fan, sprinkles …. what ever it takes. You home, is win or go home, NO excuses.😶😶😶

  5. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Let’s just get past the Eagles – the 30mph wind gusts and a wet ball ball has Jaymiss nervous about this one. Wind ain’t no friend of a QB. Mother nature you b!tch.

  6. Buczilla Says:

    Lol, that’s insane.

  7. David Says:

    The receivers need to be able to catch a ball in the rain. Brady has played most his career in snow and rain etc. I have a feeling Fournette & Vaughn will be used a lot if the conditions are pretty bad.

    The D needs to bring it against the run.
    Let Davis stay on an Island all day with Smith

  8. David Says:

    This Brady guy seems like a keeper

  9. Boston Says:

    Brady had a snow game in I think 2007 (I know Moss played) and scored 59 points. He had no problem throwing and Moss had no problem catching.

  10. DaveLizdas Says:

    Where’s all the rubes who were kissing AB’s butt a few weeks ago?

    Remember they were so proud how he whined about the “media causing drama” when everybody knows the drama came from that mentally ill buffoon!

  11. Mike Says:

    That would be a heck of a mic drop right there!

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Dave, personally I think it sucks he went off, I would of love to see him in the playoffs. Brady can throw in 30 mile/hr winds and Gronk is used to that to. It really effects the kicking game and the lousy weather may help Bucs weak secondary. Hard to run full speed in mud.

  13. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Come on JPP. We need you!

  14. Stone crab sam Says:

    And to think there’s people that will vote for Karen rodgers mvp.
    Stop y’all, your killin ole stone crab Sam😬

  15. mg Says:

    No one throws the ball better in wind than TB-12. The nose of the ball always seems to be pointing down.

  16. unbelievable Says:

    AB is too busy hanging out at restaurants in LA with Kanye to be concerned with football right now.

  17. Irishmist Says:

    I just read that Brady has more playoff starts than all the other QB’s in the tournament this year combined.

  18. Bird Says:

    Crazy stats

    Most real bucs fans 99 % hated the fact that brady won everything when he was a Patriot. Every year. He was either in the superbowl or close. But the respect was there

    Now that he is a buc , only fake buc fans 1 % hate that he is a buc and still winning almost everything


    Its gonna be rough with all these injuries especially in skill positions on offense but if one guy can do it. Its brady.

    Sucks the weather looks bad, so we will need to run. I hope leftwich has good game plan. I know brady is probably blowing up leftwich phone as we speak. But he is good at those short/ intermediate passes too.

  19. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    We are so blessed to have this guy as our QB. Right up there with Ruth and Jordan as one of the most iconic sports figures of all time.

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    I heard another stat, that in a year where Tom Brady plays an NFC East opponent, either Brady wins the SB, or the opponent does, but in all cases, one of the two win the SB.

  21. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    This will be a low scoring game. Maybe 16-9 bucs.

  22. Mr Bean Says:

    Well, all four of the teams above are in the playoffs so they can improve also.

    A bit of an unfair stat as players retire but teams are left to break those records indefinitely. Still pretty cool, though.

  23. Hondo Says:

    Brady will have NO PROBLEM with predicted conditions on Sunday. Tom has faced far worse with Patriots post season play at Foxboro.

  24. Eddie Marz Says:

    Wow! I knew he had more Super Bowls than any franchise, can’t imagine him almost having more playoff wins than every franchise. GOBUCS!

  25. JBBucs06 Says:


  26. Ben green Says:

    Much of that record, involved playing in the AFC least for nearly his whole career. One home playoff game, usually against some tomato can, and boom AFC title game at home. It got so predictable that they’d win the division, that Ben started putting large amounts of cash on it. If that was due to the ineptitude of his division opponents, or Brady and Bill’s greatness, or a combo of both is up for debate. Ben became so confident, it paid for a nice new house for my in-laws. Don’t tell Ben’s wife that’s were the money came from, she’d castrate Ben if she knew how much I was wagering

  27. Ben green Says:

    Fortune followed Tommy this year also. They lucked into the two, and that just may be the difference between another NFC championship and a divisional round exit

  28. Greg Says:

    @ Ben If all that is true super thrilled that resulted in a new crib for your in laws! We will see the rest plays out…

  29. Dudebro69 Says:

    @ boston 2009 against tenn. He threw 6 tuddies in a blizzard

  30. Scone Says:

    When you’ve broken all the QB records, you have to start beating franchise records too. Just for the challenge, you know?

  31. Jukiejuke747 Says:

    Coming off a loss to the Broncos in OT, Brady, in the snow, threw all over the place and put a beat down on the Titans 59-0. Kerry Collins I believe was Titans qb.
    Not everyone is Mac Jones and can’t throw in the weather.

  32. Tim in PSL Says:

    Better to stop calling it the NFL record book and just call it what it is: the Tom Brady record book.

  33. Steve Gaudreau Says:

    Larry, I’m from New England and you forgot deflate gate. As dumb as it is unfortunately it’s the one thing people bring up about Tom. So a scandal, court case and 4 game suspension is something. But when he came back from his time off he lit it up! And let’s not forget that same year he CRUSHED Atlanta’s dream by coming back from a 25 point deficit. Yeah, it was epic. The man is the greatest QB ever and everyone else will be chasing his greatness like LeBron chasing Jordan. Not gonna happen. No one will ever win 7 Superbowls 8 or 9 possibly. But right now as it stands nobody’s even close still!

  34. Ace01 Says:

    How many teams have 7 rings? I know that the Pats do not.

  35. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Short passes galore.

  36. E.Vi. Says:

    The eagles haven’t really played nobody. They played Giants and Redskins and got blown away by Dallas. So I say the birds are going to leave Tampa on a stretcher wishing they all missed the flight. BUCS WIN 48-24 with big Mike and GRONK and playoff Lenny. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bell and Scotty Miller have a huge game. Or brate or we just got to many weapons.. maybe next year eagles fans.

  37. Connie Says:

    For all the people who think deflategate was because TB is a cheater ….if the ball was as flat as they demonstrated wouldn’t the refs have noticed something was wrong during the game?

  38. RobbFlaSports@ Says:

    Crazy stat indeed, now to my fellow couch coaches with weather cincerns,….. Rain, sleet or 30 MPH winds BUCS win by at least 7 ……

  39. The Mike D Says:

    All I have to say is one thing I been a Buc fan since 1979.a true fan for life let’s go BUCCS don’t look back we got this we win at home and we got Brady Gronk Lenny Evens and the rest Via JJP Barret white we got this look and I still have not list even more top Noch players so here we come NFL teams get ready like Sapp said here we come the big bad BUCCS!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    Boston,that was against the Cardinals,, great game,,cold,snow,cards packed it in at halftime,, didn’t want to be there