It Seems Tom Brady Has Advice For Hungry Coaches

January 20th, 2022

Ironic words from Tom Brady today as Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles prepare to interview for head coaching jobs with other organizations before the Bucs kick off Sunday against the Rams.

Brady was talking about ramping up preparation for playoff games and dropped this gem.

“This isn’t the time of year for the, you know, trips to the movie theaters. This is a time to lock in on football,” Brady said. “All we have is three days left and we got to earn more. So just look at it like that, everything that you can put off until the end of the year.”

That reminded Joe of when Brady ditched his family leading up to the Super Bowl last year, so he could prepare for the Chiefs in solitude.

So what would Brady think of Leftwich and Bowles lining up and doing major interview prep in the hours leading up to Sunday’s clash with the Rams?

Joe must note that Brady himself launched a clothing line last week and did an early-week virtual interview on Good Morning America. So perhaps he took one look at the Eagles’ film and wasn’t concerned.

23 Responses to “It Seems Tom Brady Has Advice For Hungry Coaches”

  1. '79 Defense Says:

    Not going to happen but enact a rule that teams can’t interview or hire coaches until after the SB.

  2. Oxycodoms Says:

    Its why sean payton and mcvay has been successful vs the bucs . Wouldve much rather had mccarthy preparing against us

  3. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    Tom is right; Tom is worried; He sees no match with Rams.
    All he is asking is FOCUS for the next three days……

  4. BA4President Says:

    Nothing he said sounds like he was talking to coaches, nevertheless ones looking for jobs, than he was talking about players. This headline is a little misleading.

  5. Just Saying Says:

    It is impossible that these head coaching interviews that TB & BL have lined up this week are not a distraction. There is no way you can focus on putting together a winning game plan for the divisional round and have 2 interviews for the biggest job of your life in one week and do them all well.

  6. David Says:

    I have said it for years and I’ll keep saying it, I cannot stand that they allow playoff coaches to be interviewed. I understand they’re not looking at film and devising schemes 24 hours a day and they’re capable of compartmentalizing but I still don’t like it.
    They want it to be fair so from the end of the season to the end of the Super Bowl don’t allow a y interviews to take place, whether you’re in the playoffs or not. As soon as the Super Bowl is over, have at it.

  7. Bqen green Says:

    The league needs to fix this. 79, that would do it, but you right, it won’t happen. Ben proposes no interviews until after the championship games. Teams have two weeks to prepare for the superbowl. Most of the work is done by the first weeks end. Gameplans have been installed, and teams are mostly on autopilot that second week. Insure the interviews for Wednesday-friday that second week.

  8. Just Saying Says:

    I think the best response a coordinator could have to a team requesting an interview would “ my focus is on my team and my responsibilities are to them. We are in the playoffs with an opportunity for the ultimate prize. My focus is on winning with my team. You losing franchise may not grasp that but when my current duties are complete I am willing to make time for you and not a minute sooner.”

  9. captivajim Says:

    TB12 IS concerned–So much for BL’s loyalty to BA for nuturing him going back to their time with Arizona

  10. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    I don’t think a one hour zoom interview after a hard day practice or during your downtime will impact how a team prepares for a big fight. But nonetheless, allowing yourself to be interviewed during your playoff run is not a good look on the coach. JMHO

  11. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Raheem is interviewing too.

    As for Tom, as Ray Lewis said, “he clicking.”

  12. Swampbuc Says:

    Raheehaw just might get hired. By now he’s old enough that the complete lack of discipline that took over the team in 2011 wouldn’t happen again. My question is, what assistants could he attract? That’s most of what will either lead to success or to him taking off his big boy underwear and putting his face on people.

  13. Joshua porter Says:

    Yeah don’t think when he was talking today that what he was talking about the coaches that is. More players be I’m your book instead of playing videos of yourself on TV when some toilet licker is coming over for some fun. Just sayin

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    Agreed with BA4president…….The quote is about going to the movies. On its surface has nothing to do about going to a interview.

    That said I really dont like our coordinators doing interviews in the midst of preparing for a trip to the NFC title. At the same time they owe ut to themselves to go…….There is no guarantee after this year Byron and Bowles will be getting request for interviews.

  15. Infomeplease Says:

    Sunday’s game will speak for all involved!!! WINNER MOVES ON!! GO BUCS!!!!

  16. LostDecadeSurvivor Says:

    People hating on BL and Bowels for doing these interviews are too dense to reason with. BA would probably pay for their flights.

  17. blitzed727 Says:

    Glad for Raheem. Hes a great coach and deserves another shot. Just stay out of London and stay away from immature qbs

  18. Buc4evr Says:

    Total distraction, I bet TB12 is not happy as these coaches are supposed to be mentors. BL and TBowles should postpone any interviews. That’s the right thing to do for the team and the fans.

  19. SlyPirate Says:


    Bucs fans are so cute. We’ve toiled as bottom feeders for so long we don’t know what success looks like. This is the other side. We’re trading coaches getting fired and QBs getting run off, for coaches and free agents getting recruited. Success is just a different set problems. These are the good problems.

  20. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I don’t think Tom worries. I think Tom plans.

  21. bucschamp Says:

    I think Tom was talking about players. he don’t need to think about coaching. players are known to party on rest days but not coaches. coaches do a lot of homework. suh is an exemption, he runs and conditions himself on his rest day.

  22. Crickett Baker Says:

    It’s not the league that has to change. The teams looking to interview our coordinators have to ask PERMISSION to interview them from someone on the Bucs team. IDK if it’s Glazer or who, but all they have to do is say, “Sure you can, but NOT NOW”.

  23. JVZ Says:

    It’s done! There is not much good in talking about it. The best thing is to put your energies into the home team. I have followed Tom from his first year, through the entire Patriots years, and to the Buccaneers. I did most of it from Peru where I still live today.
    I agree with everything all of you have written, but see it as wasted energy.
    Lets all put that stuff in the port-a-pottys and combine our energies into home field advantage and team energy, we are going to need it.