Derrick Brooks Dives Into Bucs-Jets, And More

January 5th, 2022

The TAMPA TWO team is jumping into the wild Bucs-Jets game and the aftermath. Enjoy!

Bucs legend Derrick Brooks joins columnist Ira Kaufman, as always. More fun from The Identity Tampa Bay and Joe.

One Response to “Derrick Brooks Dives Into Bucs-Jets, And More”

  1. cmurda Says:

    Not to sideswipe the feel of the article but the Jets game just makes me think of the AB charade. I looked again at that hit by Burfict and that is where AB’s real life ended. It’s sad. It wasn’t a career ender. More of a life ender. The career actually was just fine after but that single hit was so brutal, it would scramble anyone’s brain. I wish the best for him. It’s a situation that may not have a long, happy ending though I hope it does.