Byron Leftwich Rumored As Top Dolphins Candidate

January 10th, 2022

Playcaller Byron Leftwich in the spotlight.

A noted voice in the NFL Media community seems to know something.

Colorado-based Benjamin Albright, a longtime NFL insider, is Twittering that he’s hearing Byron Leftwich is being strongly considered by Dolphins management to replace fired Brian Flores.

On paper, it could be a sweet hire by Miami. Their defense is talented and balanced, ranking 15th in the league this season but much improved since October. So Leftwich could come in and focus more on Miami’s weak offense if he retained some of the current defensive staff.

Regardless, Allbright is not a guy who throws feces against the wall. As Joe detailed last night, the hiring climate is perfect for Leftwich to land a job in a hurry. It’ll be interesting to see if Leftwich interviews with the Dolphins on Friday.


42 Responses to “Byron Leftwich Rumored As Top Dolphins Candidate”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    Good for him.

  2. Stone crab sam Says:

    Rumor has it that jax is looking at Antonio brown for head coach🤡

  3. Buczilla Says:

    I’d take Miami over Jacksonville for damn sure. We have more than enough coaches to fill the void if he leaves, but I’d rather he stayed.

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    Stone crab sam Says:
    January 10th, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    Rumor has it that jax is looking at Antonio brown for head coach

    Howard thanks you sir for the good laugh.
    Although it may not be a joke. Khan is pretty crazy too.

  5. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    It doesn’t matter where; hopefully some team shall hire him.
    Good luck, not that he needs it, he already is been the luckiest OC in the NFL.
    Terrible records with Arizona; BA comes to Tampa brings him here.
    Terrible first year in Tampa; TB12 decide to come here, SB champs.
    As I said, the dude is surrounded by protective angels.
    Get the job and go. 🤞

  6. SlyPirate Says:

    Is it customary for newly hired HCs to leave during a playoff run, or afterwards?

  7. Ivan Aviles Says:

    carzuBucs- BL did not have a terrible year in 2019. His offense ranked 3rd in the NFl with JW and his TO prone attitude.

  8. JimmyJack Says:

    Crazy Byron had a Top 3 offense in his 1st year here. You need to come up with a new narritive………..And theres good reason to believe that if we were a terrible offense, like you say, Tom Brady never would of considered coming here.

    Have no idea what he did in AZ. He was an interim OC for a few games when they fired their coach. Doubtful that he was even using his offense.

  9. Irishmist Says:

    Not sure Tua is the right QB for BL’s system.

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    I’m still gob smacked Miami fired Brian Flores. If BL gets the job I will be happy for him and very interested to watch how things develop for the Dolphins.

    It will be a challenge for BL – first thing he needs to do is find a QB. I wonder if he will give his old buddy Jameis Winston a call?

  11. Youngbucs Says:

    Crazy buc stfu

  12. Ed Says:

    Good luck in Miami, surely a better opportunity than Jacksonville

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If Leftwich decides to leave, I wish him well.
    But I have to ask myself, where would he have been w/o Tom Brady, and all our talent ?
    I was shocked that Miami fired Flores, especially after he turned a 0 and 7 team around for 7 straight wins, and then beat the Patriots.

  14. Beeej Says:

    I agree, stupid to fire Flores. It wasn’t HIS idea to go with Tia, who seems to be about as talented as Mike Glennon. They were winning with Fitzpatrick, and could have for another 2-3 years

  15. Anonymous Says:

    How could it possibly be that the rest of the NFL can’t see what experts like Crazy Bucs and others here see. Other NFL teams seem to think the Coach that the keyboard GM’s have deemed incompetent is actually worthy of leading their teams. I wonder who is right? The people with millions of dollars and careers on the line or the people who are certain he is a figurehead being led by the quarterback that they wish was in charge of the coach actually running the Super Bowl winning, league leading offense.

  16. firethecannons Says:

    Like I said before,
    Byron should wear a nice well fitted suit and nice shoes but not too flashy. His ensemble should include a leather well worn brief case in good condition. He should have a manicure in advance. His grooming is of absolute importance. He must wear the superbowl ring. He must be seen in a high end cadillac. Research is of utmost importance. The appointment should not be jammed into an otherwise very busy schedule. He will be the next coach of the Dolphins!

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Man..what was Miami thinkin when they fired Flores? I think he goes elsewhere and has success. Leftwich will probably get a HC job. I also think the kid in Jville is going to eventually be one of the good ones. Get the man an offensive line. He tolerated his beating well this season. He was runnin for his life every game.

  18. DaBux Says:

    Both the owners in Jax and Miami are bat bleep nuts. Flores was turning the team around and got zero help from the GM. Jax is worse with a nutty owner and a meh GM.

    I hope Byron keeps shopping.

  19. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Hell, I hope the Dolphins take BL and Bowles, who I liked last year but have been disappointed with this year….. yes, I know…. injuries. But his slow adjustments are maddening.

    Can we get Flores?

  20. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Good take a few.more days off. Brady will handle it.

  21. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard thinks Brady should hire the next OC

  22. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    QB/OC , don’t know if happen, but can be real with TB12. He already is doing the job.

  23. webster Says:

    All you hillbillies trying to hate on BL and trying to deminish his success by saying its only because of the talent he has…..tell me something…name ONE OC that had or has a high powered offense that has minimal talent? I will wait backwoods

  24. David Says:

    I know there are some people here who don’t think much of BL but I think he has been great. Everyone expects every play to be the perfect call and perfectly executed every time. Not realistic. The reality is they scored over 500 points this year.

    I really do not want to lose BL. Teams are just better when the coaching staff is stable. Him and Brady are working well together. I also don’t think he’s ready to be a head coach. Reminds me of Raheem Morris. Everyone said he’s going to be a good head coach and he took a job way too young before he was ready

  25. Kevin Says:

    After the second Saints game and the Jets game, I’m surprised any team is interested in him. Bucs have done well in spite of him, not because of him imo. I’d be thrilled to get someone new next year, so I hope he does go though.

  26. SKBucsFan Says:

    Take Bowles with you and give us Flores in trade. Brady can run the offense on game day

  27. Gunnin4Ya Says:

    “A noted voice in the NFL Media community”….

    Sure. Enjoyed the giggle.

  28. bucschamp Says:

    I thought BA was just going for 2? who’s gonna takeover once he leaves?

  29. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Webster, what the hell are you talking about?

  30. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Yes little webster, if anyone thinks BL isn’t great, then they’re a backwoods hillbilly. We can read between the lines and know what you’re implying.
    Such a tired and lazy take but I know it’s just so easy to say that.
    Hell, it’s downright fashionable and you’re so smart for identifying and trying to rectify the perceived problem.

    It’s not about that though.
    He’s not good and I’m positive he will fail as a HC.

    Based SOLELY on lack of skill.

  31. webster Says:

    List i told u hillbilly what im talking about. Your idiot @$$ blame BL for brady throwing a deep ball on 3rd or 4th and 2 when its brady pulling the trigger. Your dumb @$$ act as if there are not 4 other routes on that play. Brady decided to throw deep moron. BL did not tell brady to throw deep no matter what. Why? Because there ar FOUR other routes including brady’s best friend ie the check down. So to blame BL for brady throwing deep is idiotic. If you have not learned anything from watching brady, he throws where he believes he has the best match up period moron

  32. webster Says:

    Doosh i can read through the lines and know what you are implying every time you call BL an idiot eventhogh his offenses been top 2-3 every year in tampa and sometimes 1st. There is a saying that a person like BL has to perform 50 times better in order to get the same accolades as someone who 10 timea worse or ie has the 15th ranked offense. You validate that point. And so what if he fails as an head coach? How many other coaches with less OC/DC success got the opportunity to fail? He has earned the right to fail just like all those others you hillbillies praised before they got their jobs. So you can miss me with that

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    Leftwich should not want to go to a bigger market. Jacksonville is more his speed.

    Also, what about hiring Leftwich, makes you think he’d improve their offense? Leftwich, left to his own instincts, is going to be running up the middle, a lot. People are going to see his offense and ask where the hell is the high flying Tampa offense. Tua isn’t Brady, and isn’t Winston either, he’s a game manager. Which Leftwich will like, since it reminds him of himself.

    As for the Bucs, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of making the QB coach the “offensive coordinator”, when in reality, Brady just calls the game at the LOS.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    webster Says:
    January 10th, 2022 at 10:57 pm
    Doosh i can read through the lines and know what you are implying every time you call BL an idiot eventhogh his offenses been top 2-3 every year


    BUZZZ, wrong… He was the OC in Arizona in 2018, the offense was #32.

    In Miami he doesn’t have Brady or Winston to bail out his terrible calls. Tua is nothing special, a game manager, they’ll be in the mid-20s on offense.

  35. captivajim Says:

    as long as he takes darden with him–no matter to me where he goes ..

  36. adam from ny Says:

    this is better for lefty than wacksonville…

    but with tua taglio tua……….i dunno….i just don’t know…

    this tuo taglio tua….i dunno – i kinda like his broheim at maryland better…lol

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Webster thank you for stating what is crystal clear. As a Bucs fan I’d love to keep our highly successful coaching staff stable. But both Coordinators have earned the right t pursue career advancement with the success and experience they have had. There are some who if they could would find any reason to deny these men that opportunity. They are the same ones who say it’s all Brady when the offense is clicking, but it’s all the coaches fault when Brady plays poorly. Judging by their standard I suppose Coach Belicheck and his staff sucked too and it was all Brady. History has already proven those people wrong and fortunately time has passed their world view by.

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    And so what if he fails as an head coach? How many other coaches with less OC/DC success got the opportunity to fail? He has earned the right to fail just like all those others you hillbillies praised before they got their jobs.

    Wrong yet again webster.
    There is another reason he’s going to get the opportunity to be a head coach.
    …….and it’s as clear as night and day.

    I look forward to his post game press conferences.
    We’ll all learn so much.

  39. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Webster, I’m the hillbilly? When a QB looks to the side line and then looks down at his wrist ban that means it’s a designed play. Whether it is BL or BA, those 3rd & 1 or2 and 4th & 1 or 2 are RISK IT NO BISCUIT plays, and last I checked Brady didn’t coin that phrase. So go back and floss those 3 teeth you have in your mouth cause you’re the hillbilly that doesn’t no shat about football. I can tell right now, Shaun McDermott, Bill Belichick and Mr. Clean are praying Miami hires BL.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Webster you have the duck dynasty crowd big mad. If they don’t value coaches who won a Super Bowl last year, are leading the league this year and have their teams performing at the highest level, why is that? Listening to the critics you wonder do they know the team is 13 -4, their best record ever and second best in NFL. Do they not know the offense and defense rank among the best in the NFL? What more could they want from our Offensive and Defensive Coordinators? Sadly it’s obvious they want them replaced with people that confirm their preconceived notions on who is qualified to lead.

  41. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Analonymous, you can turn off CNN your 4th stimulus check is on the way. I can’t wait until BL gets a HC job. If which I doubt he will he gets one that team immediately goes straight to the bottom. Can’t wait, hahaha.

  42. MikeRalstott Says:

    Webster I remember when you were Emmanuel Lewis. That was good TV.