Bruce Arians: Bucs Will Not Rest Players

January 3rd, 2022

Ndamukong Suh

Joe is not one to buy what coaches say as gospel. Part of the job description is picking and choosing when to be honest, so that’s no knock on Bucco Bruce Arians.

Today, Arians was saying he will not rest players Sunday because the Bucs are fighting for playoff seeding. They sure are, and the playoff scenarios are linked here. But Joe wouldn’t take that edict to the bank.

Arians can be calculating about cutting players snaps and/or flat out putting a guy’s feet up for the afternoon. For example, Joe would much rather see Ndamukong Suh get a day off and energized for the postseason. The Bucs have depth on the defensive line and Joe would gamble that there’s far more upside in a break for Suh than having him play.

For Joe, the Bucs can only take a few chances resting players on defense. Why? Tom Brady needs to build chemistry with his less experienced skill position players, and you can’t take the offensive line out if Brady is on the field.

Hopefully, the Bucs can build a 21 point halftime lead against a tanking (?) Panthers team and empty the bench organically if Arians doesn’t want to flat out sit a player.

The game was moved to a 4:25 p.m. kickoff and the Bucs could be playing the following Saturday in the playoffs on short rest. Joe thinks that should be a consideration.

19 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Bucs Will Not Rest Players”

  1. AMI_Chris Says:

    With only 48 active players on the game roster, how many can you really rest?

  2. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Resting players is always a mistake!! History has a 9 out of 10 reality check on that approach!! They all need to at least play the first half… ESPECIALLY the offense!! And get Mike that thousand yards dude deserves it!!!! … But if you rest players like the colts used to always do you saw the results… A Manning that all year had built a timing with his receivers be juuuust a little off for the first half… But then in the playoffs you’re usually going to come back after a horrible first half!! … There’s plenty more examples but he sticks out the most because they did it do often!! …. They need to be in sync especially the defense too after getting run all over and b*#ch slapped for 3 and a half quarters!! They’ve got to find a way to make the middle of the field a scary thing to throw into!! They are just weak in the middle!! And that has a lot to do with White and also drafting and picking rushing o.l.b. then dropping them back into coverage where they are less than useless!! Jpp and Barrett come up with a play here and there… But White has to be better getting depth and not following the QBs eyes!!

  3. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    *Not* going to come back

  4. HC Grover Says:

    They should rest Plan 9.

  5. HC Grover Says:

    Rest Howard too.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Rest only players nursing injuries that could worsen….but that may be too many players

  7. Here's Johnny Says:

    My bet is we will be playing in that playoff game on Monday night.

  8. Bojim Says:

    Sit em.

  9. bucs4life Says:

    There is no time in the universe enough for Tom Brady to build chemistry with a track runner, two scrubs, three washed up tight ends and an ailing Evans.

    Yes, Brady won multiple SBs throwing to a lacrosse player, a low level college QB who came into the league as a kick returner and reserve DB, and a bunch of UDFA scrubs. But he can only do so much. Especially if we face off against good defenses that shut out the run and clamp down on receivers.

  10. Man Child Says:

    AB knows this now BA

  11. Stone crab sam Says:

    Never underestimate Tommy 7 rings.

  12. Eddie Marz Says:

    Agree with Bruce. You can manage their snaps without sitting them. Secure the game first then let them rest. Look what happened in the jet game, they almost lost it. The packers have the first seed, we can still get the second. GOBUCS!

  13. David Says:

    They can’t. As much as you would like to rest because there are so many injuries, they have no chemistry and are not in sync heading into the playoffs. They’re doing the opposite of peaking.
    The only unit doing well is the O line and even their run blocking has been suspect.

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    Well we are trying to set ourselfs up for a SuperBowl Title run. Why is Arians even talking about resting players? Did some dumb reporter who doesnt understand the ramifications of Sundays game ask him about this? This is totally bizarre.

  15. Jerry Says:

    Pretty locked in to the 3 seed. But if the Rams lose, the Bucs get the 2nd seed with a win. (49ers have beaten LA 5 straight times. And 49ers need a win to get in. So it’s very plausible the Rams could lose).

    So the game isn’t meaningless.

  16. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    You Play. To. Win. The. Game.

  17. SB~LV Says:

    What that means in veteran speak is … get the game in hand early and often… then you’ll get your rest !
    They can only afford one more loss this season and that would be at home against the Panthers

  18. Mike C Says:

    You Play To Win The Game!!!

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Seriously? You post like a troll.

    “There is no time in the universe enough for Tom Brady to build chemistry with a track runner, two scrubs, three washed up tight ends and an ailing Evans.”

    The “track runner” and TB have ALREADY developed chemistry in case you hadn’t been watching. BA said Brady trusts CG

    Gronk is certainly running out of seasons but the Jet’s win shows he has enough left in the tank and ME13 made some great grabs.

    Meanwhile in the playoffs the D’s all protect the back end. Risk it no biscuit offense will necessarily be limited for ALL offenses. The Bucs are built to counteract that.

    So if safeties are back which LB’s are you going to put on the best pass receiving RB in the NFL. And Bell was on the field wide yesterday. If the Bucs put Bell and Playoff Lenny on the field who are you going to stop on the short pass from the absolute MASTER of dink and dunk TB12?

    The offense will rip 3 yards here…a 5 yard pass there…move the chains and eventually Bell or Lenny or perhaps both will break one off.

    If our OL plays like yesterday in the second half I like our chances. Get trucked like they did in the first half and it’s hopeless. This is on the OL keeping Brady upright and healthy not on our WR’s.