What Will Tommy Say?

December 7th, 2021

“AB, you got the jab, so we’re good. Now let’s win another Super Bowl!”

Notice how the Antonio Brown hoo-hah is starting to die down, just like Joe predicted? The NFL world stops turning for no one.

Give the NFL a week, and NFL media will focus on something else.

(Antonio Brown and a fake V-card? Eh. Yesterday’s news. What about Bill Belicheat going 1913 Notre Dame to win a game?)

Randy Mueller hasn’t forgotten, though. The former Saints and Dolphins general manager and long-time NFL and XFL suit has a far different opinion about Brown than most Bucs fans, and maybe even the Bucs. It seems Mueller wants to have Brown thrown off the Bucs and locked up.

Mueller admits Brown’s fate is not up to him. It’s up to others, including Team Glazer, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

Oh yeah, and another guy. Tom Brady.

Mueller seems to think half of the Bucs’ locker room is peeved at Brown. Just on face value, that seems a stretch.

If the Bucs players wanted to get rid of Brown, you likely would have heard or noticed something by now. Given the interaction between Brown and his teammates on game days, does it look remotely like Brown is despised?

If Brady turns on Brown, Mueller thinks, Brown is toast in Tampa.

… The jury made up of Bucs ownership, General Manager Jason Licht and Head Coach Bruce Arians is another matter and their decision making factors will be much less transparent. That group now must be concerned with their own locker room and the relationships NOW between Brown and his teammates.

Brown’s biggest trump card to date in playing this “reputation game” has been that he has had the support of QB Tom Brady. Remember, weeks before the Bucs brought Brown in, Arians said the team would have “no interest” in signing the outlandish and borderline unstable wide receiver who had been run out of Pittsburgh, Oakland and New England.

Joe cannot imagine that Brady will be bugging Team Glazer, Licht and/or Arians to run off Brown. And players very much both trust and look up to Brady. If Brady wants Brown back, he will be back.

Look, Joe thought what former Bucs guard and current popular local sports radio personality Ian Beckles said about this issue — while overstated — was dead-on:

Given Brown’s off-field resume/rap sheet, Beckles suggested tossing him for having a fake V-card — while it has been established he did get the jab in training camp — is like prosecuting a murderer for shoplifting.

Joe has a strong hunch Brown won’t be with the Bucs next season. Maybe in part due to this nonsense, but mostly because at 34, Brown’s body is breaking down.

Joe would suggest that by launching Brown, Arians runs the risk of losing the locker room, not losing the locker room by keeping Brown, as Mueller believes. How many guys decided to come back and take less money and play for the Bucs this year so they could win back-to-back Super Bowls?

You are either trying to win a Super Bowl or you aren’t. That’s all there is to it.

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