Thursday Night Health Update On Bruce Arians

December 30th, 2021

When a 69 year old head coach is on the dreaded COVID list, it’s worth paying extra attention.

That’s where Bucco Bruce Arians found himself Tuesday after a positive test.

So how is Arians feeling now? columnist Ira Kaufman talked to Arians tonight and shared an update via Twitter.

It seems Arians is feeling pretty good despite a runny nose and a cough. Kaufman added during a later chat at world headquarters that Arians has been dealing with similar symptoms for days but had been testing negative regularly at One Buc Palace during that time.

Arians’ health is paramount to the Bucs’ success, as well as to him continuing as head coach. He said on CBS Sports Radio last week that he’s enjoying coaching so much now that only a health setback, which he had in Arizona, could drive him away from the game.

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