History Suggests A Tense Sunday

December 31st, 2021

Ryan, we can’t let the Jets stay close like these a-holes did!

Joe thinks one of the most underrated football sites is “FootballPerspective.com.” While it is a statistical site, there’s good stuff to be found.

The man behind the site, Chase Stuart, often has cool intel and data. He seems to lean on quarterback numbers, but that makes sense since the quarterback position is very important and people like to read about quarterbacks.

Yesterday, Stuart unearthed info that says Bucs fans won’t have much left of their fingernails Sunday night.

Joe remembers that ugly Giants game last year on Monday Night Football. Furniture-tossing, bicycle-throwing receiver Antonio Brown had just joined the team but he was not yet in uniform.

The rotten Giants played as if it was their Super Bowl. The Bucs struggled on both sides of the ball.

The game came down the very last play when Antoine Winfield broke up a pass at the goal line for a Giants two-point conversion attempt. It was a coin flip whether it was pass interference or not.

Bucs fans felt more relief than joy over the outcome of the way-too-close game.

The good news? The Bucs went on to win the Super Bowl. So if it is another nailbiter at MetLife Stadium against a New Jersey York team and the Bucs win, then a celebration is in order. History, as in a Super Bowl, may repeat as well.

24 Responses to “History Suggests A Tense Sunday”

  1. August 1976 Buc Says:

    LOL maybe you are right Joe about the game possibly being a nail biter, but it is ONLY a 1 game trend lol.
    So I hope a new trend begins on Sunday and they squash them like a grape lol
    Who knows, that is why they play the games.
    Hey Tom just add some Grape juice to your Avocado Tequila.

    GO BUCS!!!

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    Make no mistake: The Bucs can lose this game if they get cocky

  3. Bird Says:

    2 out of what around 700 games since 1976

    Sure. Anything could happen 😂
    It is any given sunday

    December football w brady. This team now has their defense to a certain degree with injuries. Jets have guys out too. And like you said. What are they playing for but maybe a higher draft pick. We saw for the lost decade meant towards end of year. You saw carolina. They are looking to next year Not saying they wont play hard

    But not elite defense sooooooo. Of pouring down rain then sure

  4. Bird Says:

    If^^^. Not or

  5. David Says:

    The jags the Jets the lions have all beaten teams this year. Anyone can lose any week. The Bucs are missing almost 1/3 of their starting roster, they need to take it seriously and more than anything, they need to come out of it healthy

  6. captivajim Says:

    we need a balanced attack of running and passing with no turnovers..running helps to control the clock . we just need a win by any margin & get everybody back home healthy..Our offense did pretty well against Panthers who have a much better defense than Jets..

    NO turnovers with a wet ball & we’ll be fine

  7. Hondo Says:

    Jets NO PASS D.. Brady, AB, and remaining receivers will have a big game. Mike Evens will have a monster game setting a NFL record for consecutive 1000 yard games.

  8. Beeej Says:

    Jets are the most dysfunctional team in football, have been for decades. They’re like US in the 80’s, when you could get an end zone seat for a pack of generic cigarettes. Brady hasn’t had a huge game in quite a while, and owing to that, is no longer under consideration for mvp. He’ll get at least 4 TD passes

  9. Eddie Marz Says:

    Your right Joe, take the Jets seriously. That’s why I really want to beat them down. GOBUCS!

  10. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Too many nailbiters that should be blowouts. For whatever reason, it is commonplace with this franchise….from day 1.

  11. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Anyone can lose to anyone is correct but Brady is 29-7 career against Jets, not the same as the Giants. What do the Jets get out of getting pumped up to be the Bucs. Answer, nothing. Oh and guess who has a beef with Jets their past RB L. Bell. You may see him this game. Are we to believe Bucs will move in wild card spot because of the Jets? If they do could be a one and done playoff run.

  12. Swampbuc Says:

    Boron’s Leftwurst got shut out at home. He’s more than capable of trying to pass without running the entire first half. This is the Jets super bowl.

    Look out.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    They are giving the Jets 13 for a reason……take care of business at Met Life and return home to RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM for the finale.

  14. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I’m not sure the weather conditions on Sunday will help out our passing game, even with Tom Brady. Better have all running backs on deck.

  15. Mike Johnson Says:

    No such thing as guaranteed in this NFl. Jets got nothin to lose. Every game for them now is their superbowl. Go in laxed and you will get spanked. Bucs gotta bring what they got..hard.

  16. Doctor Stroud Says:

    The good news is that Geno Smith is not playing for the Jets, but the Bucs D does tend to struggle against rookie QBs.

  17. PassingThru Says:

    Zach Wilson has increased his tendency to run when he cannot find an open receiver. His ability to read the field is questionable, the increased running is an effort to cut down on his tendency to throw INTs under pressure, and of course salvage the play. That’s something the Bucs have to keep in mind on Sunday.

  18. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Brady has played against the Jets at their stadium at least 11 times in his tenure in NE. He more than knows what the elements are.

  19. Buczilla Says:

    My only concern with the Jets is that they have a horrible qb and we are notoriously bad against horrible qb’s.

  20. Michael A Ricks Says:

    The bucs have reliable backups at most positions and enough starters playing to blow the jets out. anything less is a disappointment

  21. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    If anyone thinks the Bucs will LOSE to the Jets they are either JETS FAN’S OR CRAZY !! The Jets are going to give up 500 yards and they will be without their own top 2 WRs !! Zach Wilson has 7 TOUCHDOWN PASSES AND 11 INTs , Brady has 37 soon to be 42 TD PASSES and 11 INTs !! If Bucs lose they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.. BUT THEY WON’T !! GO BUCS

  22. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    On another note . Joe , if the NFL are trying to keep teams , especially PLAYOFF CONTENDER TEAMS , safe from COVID-19 , why do they continue to allow teams to shake hands and hug AFTER the game is over ?? Like how we just DODGED A DISASTER after the PANTHERS GAME where they had to SHUT DOWN THEIR ENTIRE FACILITY MONDAY !!?? That should be a OBVIOUS THING TO SHUT DOWN DOING !! WE COULD HAVE LOST BRADY OR EVEN 20 PLAYERS.. I figured @joebucsfan has more connections to the higher ups to make said suggestion ? Go Bucs

  23. Joe Says:

    On another note . Joe , if the NFL are trying to keep teams , especially PLAYOFF CONTENDER TEAMS , safe from COVID-19 , why do they continue to allow teams to shake hands and hug AFTER the game is over ??

    There are several reports from medical studies that claim there is no documentation that the virus is spread on a football or baseball field between players. Joe’s not a doctor. Sounds suspicious but, if studies good enough to run in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and then NFL doctors’ studies show the same results, Joe will play along.

  24. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Thank you Joe !! I still think it wouldn’t hurt to take that precautionary step . But like you said , we’re not the Doctors .