Richard Sherman Has Changed Bucs Practices

December 24th, 2021

Change agent.

Remember how brutal the Bucs were in zone coverage early this season?

It’s not all fixed, but it’s certainly improved. And Buccaneers savior linebacker Devin White shared a major reason why.

Fans have heard all about the coaching expertise of cornerback Richard Sherman, who has pitched in there because he’s been hurt much of this season. Per White, the former All-Pro has dished out so much knowledge that he’s changed practice.

“Even helping us out with different practice schemes, like ‘Hey, let’s start working on this in practice. I think this will help us in our drops.’ And we’ve been a better zone-drop team since [Sherman] came,” White told the Buccaneers Radio Network. “Before, you know, it was a little shaky but we got it done. But now it’s even better. If you go watch the game when we play zone, we’re executing at a high level. A lot of that comes off Sherm. He’s been in a zone type of scheme all his career. And it’s work for him, so he’s a magician at it.”

Joe loves the insight. And Joe also loves that the Bucs’ cornerbacks stable is getting super healthy. That should keep Sherman where he’s serving the team best — on the sidelines and in the meeting rooms.

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19 Responses to “Richard Sherman Has Changed Bucs Practices”

  1. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Didn’t BA hire 7 DB coaches and it takes one veteran player to set them straight.

  2. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Who knows? Maybe Sherman has a high level coaching career in front of him.

    I am glad to learn that our backfield is getting better at zone because we are already supposed to be good at press (when most of our guys are healthy, that is).

    It ain’t over till its over! Go Bucs!

  3. Beeej Says:

    Maybe next year Sherm could be the only player coach in the history of the league

  4. Buczilla Says:

    Another great move by Licht to bring in Sherman.

  5. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    His has there been any improvement? Against the Saints they got hit twice deep by a qb people like to say is only good for running options yet our own superstar qb can’t hit our own guys deep. Our front line is not getting consistent pressure and our backfield has a hard time covering whether in man or zone. So where is the improvement? They drop easy interceptions and miss tackles like Sherm did against a big ol slow TE

  6. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I haven’t noticed much improvement.
    SMB is still getting roasted and CD keeps holding and fortunately getting away with it for the most part.

  7. Beeej Says:

    I noticed they only scored nine points.

  8. Smashsquatch Says:

    He would make a great coach.

  9. Hondo Says:

    Pathetic and sad. This is not how a potential SB team rolls. I’ve watched Bucs coaching since Brady was signed, Patriot coaching about a 10, Bucs about a 4. There is no mystery to the offense, same old, same old. D never adjusts durning a game. Just glad they won last season.

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Sherman is great, and exactly the veteran influence our your guys needed.
    “Sherm” is a hell of a nickname for him, because that is what they called weed treated with Formaldehyde in Los Angeles.

  11. RobbFlaSports@ Says:

    Yo Hondo your 4 is quite low especially for a Super Bowl Winning staff which by the way was 7-5 after 12 games last year with 3 W’s by way double digit deficits.
    .. That’s COACHING!!!

  12. TheGreatJoJo413 Says:

    Brady,Gronk them 2 got that team Rocking..before they came along the bucs weren’t who they were now..this team is almost a ALLSTAR team…..GO BUCS!!

  13. David Says:

    Cue the people who are going to trash coaches because of this.
    It’s called gathering information and knowledge from every one you possibly can, just like D lineman have learned from Suh and everyone has learned from Brady. It’s excellent

  14. Hattie Says:

    Richard is incredible in his own rights and has certainly added by not taking his injury home but injecting some knowledge and career experience into the team …. His team mates … He wants to win and that the type of environment Brady flourish in and wants all members to give 150%….
    Go Bucs and Sherman ….another super bowl win …

  15. Kevin Gurley Says:

    It shouldn’t matter where the insight is coming from. It’s all about the end-product. Correct me if I’m wrong…Kevin Gurley

  16. Charles Says:

    The Bucs can still win the super Bowl, but it’s gonna take a few things:

    1) The offense needs to actually get creative. I’m talking Kyle Shanahan or Andy Reid offense level of creative. They need to play smarter. Not the same predictable crap.

    2) the offensive line needs to work out extra hard in the weight room and harder in practice these next few weeks. They need to absolutely dominate, come playoff time.

    3) They need to win their 3 remaining games and get the 2 seed at least, if not the 1 seed. I’m sure Green Bay will have #1 but they can beat the cardinals out, who might lose tonight.

    4) Their defense needs to dominate like before. Their cornerbacks need to play extremely intelligent… shut down defense, but also avoid any stupid injuries. Their front 7 needs to simply up the effort and also get more creative with the blitz packages, they need to destroy opposing QB’s early and scare them. Get physical; like Saints did to us last week

    5) The O line needs to protect Brady and create 4-5 yards run, whatever it takes they gotta put in the effort and get it done

    6) Mike Evans needs to be healthy at least by the playoffs, same with Fournette

    If they can do this they’ll win the super bowl again most likely. As long as they don’t play the Saints, ha ha. Good luck!

  17. Anthony Says:

    Maybe consider keeping him on as a player coach. Or just a coach if he chooses to not want to play anymore after this season

  18. unbelievable Says:

    “Executing zone at a higher level”???

    Still looks like the same Swiss cheese D to me. I guess Devin is really on his high horse after finally going 1 game with Taysom Hill making them look like chumps.

    Too bad the offense completely chit the bed.

  19. unbelievable Says:

    *without Taysom