NFL Network Suggests Mike Evans Was Shut Down As A Precaution

December 24th, 2021

Done for regular season?

Could we have seen Mike Evans for the last time in the regular season? NFL Network reported that may be the case.

It is certainly the case with Sunday’s game at Carolina, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said this afternoon during a network news update.

Earlier this afternoon, it was announced by Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians that Evans is out for Sunday. Rapoport suggested Evans’ hamstring injury is “minor” and while he didn’t say the Bucs plan to shut down Evans for the regular season, Rapoport sure did open the door to the Bucs doing just that.

Below is Rapoport’s full report on Evans, word for word.

“Not great news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mike Evans,” Rapoport began. “He is officially out this Sunday for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which, really isn’t that much of a surprise. He did suffer a hamstring injury. It was, from what I understand, extremely minor.

“But so many of the Bucs’ eyes, so many of their thoughts, are basically on the playoffs. It is why they put Leonard Fournette and Lavonte David on the injured reserve. It is why Mike Evans is not going to play this week. It’s not that these particular injuries are so severe — Lavonte David is somewhat serious. But the others are pretty, relatively minor.

“It is just you are not going to risk anything with a team like the Bucs that has a chance to go all the way. They are going to be extremely cautious.”

Now Joe understands and gets everything that Rapoport said. But if the Bucs shut down Playoff Lenny, if indeed his hamstring is not serious, why not place Evans on the injured reserve list as well?

Joe can only guess that Evans, in the final two games, has a chance to play and Playoff Lenny likely would not. It also tells Joe the Bucs may want to help Evans extend his current NFL-record streak of 1,000-yard receiving seasons to begin a career to eight.

Evans only needs 101 yards in the final two games to keep that record intact.

18 Responses to “NFL Network Suggests Mike Evans Was Shut Down As A Precaution”

  1. Jordan Says:

    He’s not shut down because we need wide receivers more than running backs.

    No one is quite sure what Antonio Brown will look like in a game, and we of course lost Chris Godwin and Perriman is still on the covid list right now.

    The #1 seed is a long shot, but #2 is still well within range, and it would guarantee us at least 2 home games and avoiding the “best team”/#1 seed until the NFC championship game.

  2. Bird Says:

    Rather have mike for carolina at home and jets

  3. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Better clinch a playoff birth first, fellas. Look in the annals of the 2008 season.

  4. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Minor? Players play, that’s what they get paid for. How about Bucs win their last 3 games instead of one?

  5. Beeej Says:

    I’m glad they have it shut the door on his 101 yards

  6. adam from ny Says:

    remember when they shafted rojo at the end of last season and left him like 22 yards short of 1,000…

    while he stood on the sidelines watching for extended time

  7. Costa Rica John Says:

    Maybe shut down Tom Brady. We don’t want him to get hurt in one of these last 3 games.

  8. Francisco Guzman Says:

    You don’t shut down players if they’re healthy and can play. You wanna have some cohesiveness going into the playoffs.

  9. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    If they don’t have cohesiveness after playing almost 2 seasons together then the final 3 games aren’t going to make a difference. After the Saints game it proved this team doesn’t really have any. Offense can’t take advantage when the defense finally plays well and vice versa. This coaching staff has proven it doesn’t know how to adjust to in game adversity. Playoffs not looking good for our Bucs just too many injures to over come and our offensive back ups aren’t good enough to be relied upon. We pass too much when we should run more but this line is made for pass protection not strong enough to rely on in the run game. Besides no riskit no biskit is about passing. Even when Arians had David Johnson it wasn’t like he ever leaned on him as much as one would think.

  10. PSL Bob Says:

    Don’t play Evans. He doesn’t need to break his own record.

  11. Swampbuc Says:

    Still have to get a win. One.


  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Everyone seems so preoccupied with home field advantage, forgetting we won our way to the Super Bowl last year with ZERO Homefield advantage.
    LOL, Homefield advantage did not help us against the Saints, did it ?

  13. cmurda Says:

    I must be the only one that just doesn’t care enough about seeding. The Aints game confirmed it for me. The only concern is getting all the men healthy that we can. I would sacrifice all 3 of these games if it was necessary. With that said, of course I want to miraculously get the #1 seed or more likely the #2 seed by running the table but not at the expense of a guy like Mike Evans or Winfield.

  14. allbuccedup Says:

    If we lose sunday Evans will be playing next week.

  15. Jerry Says:

    If the Bucs lose out, it is mathematically possible to miss the playoffs. People need to stop treating these final games like they are meaningless. We are going to be limping in with no momentum. And one more loss will likely put us at the 4th seed. That means the Rams at home and then Packers on the road.

  16. David Says:

    Damn, I hope not. He needs 101 yards to get 1000 again. I know the playoffs are more important and they need him to be healthy but I want him to get that!!
    Playoff Lenny was on his way towards 1000 as well

  17. Oneilbuc Says:

    We are going to win tomorrow I’m not worried at all about the game Sunday.

  18. Listnfrmafar Says:

    That’s right oneilbucyall, because Bucs have Tom Brady the (GOAT)