Big Money Coming Chris Godwin’s Way

December 12th, 2021

It’s all about production.

Joe wonders if Bucs receiver Chris Godwin is going to stash cash on the side to hand over to Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians for a sign of appreciation and respect.

Arians wasn’t overly eager to retain then-free agent and slot receiver Adam Humphries when Arians boarded the pirate ship in 2019, not because Humphries didn’t produce, but Arians wanted Godwin as his slot receiver. Arians craved Godwin’s speed at that position.

In previous Arians’ offenses, Hines Ward and Larry Fitzgerald shined as slot receivers.

Sure enough, Godwin has blown up as one of the NFL’s best receivers. A stat that jumps out at Joe is no receiver in the NFL has had more catches of 25-or more yards than Godwin since Arians took over. (You can see Godwin highlights in the graphic below.)

That’s very impressive stuff.

And how about YAC? Since 2019 — Arians’ first year with the Bucs — Godwin has 1,369 YAC yards. That’s pretty crazy.

Arians and Godwin have been a wonderful football marriage. Of course, Joe wants Godwin to stay in Tampa Bay. He’s a free agent this offseason. And he’s looking square at $20 million or more a year in his next contract.

Hopefully, Godwin is mailing Arians a little present for the veteran coach building Godwin into one of the NFL’s premier receivers.

(Graphic courtesy of Buccaneers media relations.)

37 Responses to “Big Money Coming Chris Godwin’s Way”

  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I don’t remember when I’ve seen such a superb route runner and elusive receiver after-the-catch. Godwin of course gets most credit, and BA is a big factor…but so is the QB who has the deadly accuracy to put the ball where needed with Godwin on the run. Brady has been huge as well.

  2. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    And we really miss Antonio Brown?? Preesh

  3. DoooshLaRue Says:

    He’s our most important WR.

  4. Brandon Jeff Says:

    @ Roy T. Buford.
    AB is still a better route runner and more elusive. Godwin however, is catching up fast in those two categories while showing more power after the catch.

  5. Eddie Marz Says:

    Everyone thought Godwin was a goner last year, he got franchised an d stayed. Being franchised I isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a player. You get paid pretty well, but you don’t get the long term deal most players want. They can either give him a deal but if the cap won’t allow it franchise him again. He’ll be one of the top paid receivers in the game either way. I want him on The Bucs. Great player and teammate. GO BUCS!

  6. Razor Ramone Says:

    He does alot of the dirty work too. Tough kid. Go Bucs!!

  7. Youngbucs Says:

    It’s funny every player got better under BA. Yet some hate him even jameis had great production with him. But turnovers were his problem before BA I’m not blaming BA for that.

  8. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Godwin will be on the team if Brady comes back next year- probably franchise tagged.
    If Brady continues playing or when Trask becomes the heir QB, they will need an OLine before anything else…this is why Jensen and Cappa must be re-signed and Smith and Marpet need to be extended. Wirfs’ deal doesn’t come up until 2025.

  9. orlbucfan Says:

    Ungodly deserves top dollar. He plays like a TE/RB though he’s a WR. He’s almost a freak. He’s pals with ME13 off the field so that counts, too. Pay him, Glazer Boyz. He’s earned it.

  10. SteveK Says:

    The Lavonte David of WRs.

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    Brady and Godwin have the marriage. Arians is the matchmaker.

  12. Marine Buc Says:

    It is going to be a very interesting off season for the Bucs. We have 27 free agents 11 of which are current starters (12 if you count AB and Zack Triner). We will only have about $30 million under the salary cap to work with.

    We faced a similar situation last year but we have already restructured most of the contracts we could in order to bring everyone back.

    We will have 6-7 draft picks which will cost @ $6 million to sign…

    If we bring Godwin back at $18 million that will leave us around $12 million to sign about 20 free agents.

    I don’t know how they will be able to do this but I hope I’m wrong.

  13. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Alan

    We have already used the franchise tag on Godwin two years in a row. I don’t believe they will tag him for a third time. Either they sign him to a big money contract ($18-$20 mil per) or they let him walk.

    I believe the Bucs will use the franchise tag on CB Carlton Davis which will cost @ $16.5 million. Give him a pay day but also one more year to prove himself worthy of a big money deal…

  14. Shark Coast Tactical Says:

    Pay him

  15. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I think CG has only been tagged once.

  16. Kentucky Buc Says:

    One time on the tag. Shaq got it the year before Godwin

  17. Marine Buc Says:

    @ dooosh

    Hey buddy you are correct. My bad… I still don’t believe they will use the franchise tag on Godwin again. He doesn’t need to prove himself and deserves a big money deal with a huge signing bonus.

    He will probably be the #1 WR free agent this off season and teams with more cash than we have will be lining up to show him the money.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … Excellent analysis but it’s still way too early to tell how the 2022 roster will unfold. It all hinges on what I think will be 1 of 2 most likely scenarios:

    o Scenario A: TB12 comes back for 1 more year, whether or not we win the 2021 Super Bowl. Chances are that’ll entice a number of 2022 FAs (Gronk, AB, Suh, Fournette, Jensen, etc) to re-sign for 1 more shot at glory playing with The GOAT. If he stays, JL & BA will do everything under the sun to keep the Bucs’ offense intact to the max degree (to include hopefully re-signing Godwin to a long-term contract, that’s back-loaded).

    o Scenario B: TB12 decides to pack it in, whether or not we win the 2021 Super Bowl. The driving factor on that scenario IMO will be whether or not Brady feels the 2022 roster can be competitive. In that event (his retirement), Bucs would still owe him gobs of $$$ that’s been pushed down the road (much like the Saints’ current situation with Drew Brees). Almost surely Gronk would also retire, and so would Suh. AB probably wouldn’t be re-signed without TB12 as his QB. Fournette would probably choose to go with the highest bidder (probably not the Bucs), as would a number of other 2022 FAs (and especially if we win another Super Bowl).

    And those are the good possibilities. Imagine what’d happen if BA & his band of coaches said ‘Oh wow, this could get ugly.
    Time to retire or look elsewhere’. Yup, without money & with very low draft picks, could see some very bleak years ahead. Could very well be looking for some more sacrificial lambs in the future.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    DooshLaRue … Agree with Marine Buc; can’t see Bucs tagging Godwin a 2nd time because of the cost if nothing else. This year Chris was tagged for $16 mil, but next year it’d rise considerably (probably to $20 mil but still to be determined). Two problems arise though IMO:

    1 – Bucs can’t defer the money unless they sign Godwin to a long-term contract (which they haven’t done). IOW it’s ALL due in 2021. Most of the other high $$$ contracts have been restructured to pay less in 2021 & defer more to the future.

    2 – It does a disservice IMO to the player. Chris busted his balls in 2020 to have a great year (remember how much he played hurt?), but wasn’t rewarded with a long-term contract. In essence puts him on the spot to produce at a very high level AGAIN in 2021 (which he’s obviously done). But had something happened (injury or whatever), his long-term contract value would’ve probably taken a severe hit.

  20. Marine Buc Says:

    @ defense

    I agree with your two possible scenarios.

    We already reworked the contracts for LVD, Evans, Brady and Marpet as well as a few others. What contracts are left to rework this off season? How will the Bucs make room for free agency next year?

    I saw what you wrote last week about this situation and unfortunately you are correct – “We should all sit back and enjoy the rest of this season because next year is not looking as good”…

  21. Marine Buc Says:

    @ defense

    How were the Patriots able to keep it up for almost 20 seasons? And look at them now. They are still one of the better teams in the AFC…

  22. JGhotier Says:

    As many misses as the Joe(s) have had, they’ve also had some big hits. I remember Joe mentioning about Godwin and David on pre-draft articles before most of our fan base was (and although not a Buc I remember Joe being enamored about Allen Robinson too when not many had him as highly regarded or talked about pre-draft)….I think I remember a pre-draft Donovan Smith article too….Joe(s) must have an affinity for Penn State guys coming out of College.

    The only thing I never understood was why not even a single mention of Winfield Jr. pre-draft (my favorite non-first round rounder projected played that year). As much as Joe writes about the Draft during that time of year AND our need at Safety, how did AWJ ✌️ slip through the proverbial Joe’s crack….

    But I also give credit where it’s due and Godwin is one of those for the Joe(s) 🙏 I’ll always listen to any Joe takes about the upcoming Drafts and players.

  23. rriddler Says:

    It shouldn’t be hard to sign him. He’s making 16m, jumping to an average of 20-21m isn’t hard, with the cap increasing.

  24. Marine Buc Says:

    @ rridler

    Even with the cap going up to @ $208 million we still only have @ $30 million to sign our draft picks and 20 or so free agents. You think they will give $20 million out of the available $30 million to just one player?

    I hope we keep Godwin but it isn’t looking good… We also have to re-sign our best CB Davis and our starting Center Jenson. Those three players will require more than $30 million alone.

  25. ModHairKen Says:

    Pay the man.

  26. SOEbuc Says:

    Brady won’t let him walk. He loves Godwin and he’s trying to win super bowl year after year. Bowels and Licht got the extension. Don’t even know if AB will be back.

  27. SOEbuc Says:

    *don’t even know if BA will be back next year.

    I know AB won’t

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … No question that having The GOAT at QB was huge, and that having a great coaching staff was also huge in terms of how well the Pats did since 2000. But IMO the Patriots built their dynasty by maintaining exceptional offensive & defensive BALANCE over all those years.

    I do remember doing some analyses awhile back of their SB years, and as I recall their offense in those years (SB wins & losses) averaged a #5 or #6 ranking, and their defense averaged the same. They were a very BALANCED team IOW, well-coached & well-led on the field. Not dissimilar to the Bucs last year … #3 offense & #8 defense. Pretty good BALANCE as a TEAM.

  29. Irishmist Says:

    OJ Howard is making over 6 million this year. I don’t see any way they bring him back. You could match his production with a 5th round pick. Give that extra 6 million to Godwin.

  30. Brandon Jeff Says:

    Marine Buc … Correct me if I’m wrong but the salary cap increased by 30 million. If we paid all of our free agents the same salary next year, we would keep them all and have 30 million left over. If we offered Godwin 20 million, that would only reduce the 30 million by 4 million.

  31. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Defense

    Makes sense that a well balanced team is harder to defeat… Especially when both offense and defense rank in the top 10.

    I think both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick deserve major props. Brady moved on to Tampa and won a SB and Belichick had a bit of a down year last year but have found success this year with a rookie QB and awesome game plans.

  32. JimmyJack Says:

    I do not see a situation where we dont bring Godwin back. With or without Brady this team is still built to win with offense…….If we need a new QB we are going to need Chris here so that QB can perform.

    And just stop with all the calaculator play. He might make 20M a year but that number is not the same as a CAP number……Last years offseason prooves you cant just addup all those generic numbers and say how much money we got……….Its a failed practice. Fact is the Bucs can manipulate the CAP in many ways for as many many Millions that they need…….and this is not information you can find on the internet.

  33. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    They gave Shaq the long term last season Godwin deserves it next and everybody else falls in behind him. You don’t let talent like him walk when there’s no one on the team who can replace him.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    JimmyJack … ‘Fact is the Bucs can manipulate the CAP in many ways for as many many Millions that they need’.

    Teams like New Orleans, Atlanta & Carolina thought exactly the same thing for the past few years. They kicked the can down the road & mortgaged the future. Then the bill came due. Look at where all 3 are right now … all 3 are 5-7 with no hope of even sniffing the playoffs.

    Bucs went all-in for 2021 JimmyJack … SB or bust. The same fans & media who are praising JL now will be calling for his head in a year or 2, just like they were before BA & TB12 signed on. As long as you’re winning, you’re a genius. Fall upon a few hard years though and … ‘they eat their young’.

  35. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense yes other yeams also kick the can down the road.

    Atlanta 0 titles
    Carolina 0 titles
    New Orleans 0 titles

    The goal was to win a title…….So them teams failed I dont care how they handled their CAPS.

    Bucs won a title with their plan. Im not comparing them to losers.

  36. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Interesting to me that Mike Evans is nowhere to be found in any of those stat lists.

  37. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Jeff

    The $30 million of cap space includes the increase to a $208 million salary cap.

    Without the increase we only have @ $10 million… That is according to sportrac who is pretty accurate.