Yes, It Was A Horse Collar; And It May Have Locked Up The NFC South For Tampa Bay

November 1st, 2021

From the NFL rulebook: No player shall grab the inside collar of the back or the side of the shoulder pads or jersey, or grab the jersey at the name plate or above, and pull the runner toward the ground. This does not apply to a runner who is in the tackle box or to a quarterback who is in the pocket.

The screenshot above is the moment savior linebacker Devin White dragged scrambling Saints QB Jameis Winston to the ground yesterday and, subsequently, Jameis tore up his left knee and didn’t return.  Preliminary reports say he blew his ACL and is done for the year.

Ugly injury. An unfortunate result of an unlawful but aggressive-without-malice play by White.

However, it might be the biggest play of the Bucs’ season to date.

Yeah, nobody third-stringer QB Trevor Siemian carved up and beat the Bucs in Jameis’ absence. But does anyone really believe the Saints can succeed long-term with Siemian or even with No. 2 quarterback Taysom Hill, whenever he returns from a concussion.

Jameis isn’t great, but Joe believes the loss of him at least costs the Saints a game remaining on their schedule. And that schedule includes the Bills, Cowboys and Titans, in addition to the Bucs.

Joe’s not cheering a dude’s injury, but Joe appreciates what White’s fire and hunger delivered yesterday in that moment.

109 Responses to “Yes, It Was A Horse Collar; And It May Have Locked Up The NFC South For Tampa Bay”

  1. PassingThru Says:

    Yes it was a horse collar. It looked like White grabbed Winston high on the numbers, but when I reviewed the play later I concluded that it was a horse collar tackle: a horse collar has to be anywhere around the name plate on the jersey to the collar.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Debatable. His hand was next to and slightly below the name plate. Don’t blame White. Blame his superhuman grip strength that allowed him to grip a tight piece of fabric and sling a 240 lb man backwards that had forward momentum… with one hand! He exhibits this crazy grip strength regularly but his is truly special.

  3. Robert Says:

    fluke injury. loved the play as it happened……as he was carted off. feel bad about the extent of the injury though. If Siemian continues the play he had last night he will keep the starting job.

    keep up the aggressive play 45. barely a horsecollar though….he grabbed lower and it looked higher as JW went to the turf.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Can we get a breakdown of the Will Gholston RTP call where he had his helmet knocked off with a guy’s arm in his face and he tapped the QB and didn’t even knock him down? Pretty big play in a game that close.

  5. ClodHopper Says:

    Did they expand that rule? When it started I thought it was very specific about grabbing the shoulder pads from under the neck and pulling straight down.

  6. PassingThru Says:

    I think some folks are confused because the horse collar tackle definition changed about 5 years ago. It used to be a grab around the collar, but the NFL extended it to the name plate area of the jersey.

  7. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Can’t one debate that while he had a fist full of nameplate, he didn’t pull him to the ground? He pulled him back and JW awkwardly fell due to that.

  8. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Siemian looked poised yesterday. Sean Payton has proven he can win without Drew. I doubt Siemian is much of a drop off from JW. The Saints have a really good defense that will keep them in every game and a coach that knows how to win. Not sure when this team is going to learn to bring their A game EVERY time they play these guys.

  9. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Man that sucks! Really wanted Jameis to come to RayJay and take a beating in front of the fans he wasted 5 years of time for. Ugly injury. This loss means a lot less now on the positive side.

  10. zzbuc Says:

    100% debatable Joe…. I can’t stand JW….for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean I am happy for his injury…..Because I am not, but this doesn’t stop me to unlike him very much…..I will never forget eating the W after beating us last season…..Never forget…….
    The Saints should know they will face us again…….

  11. Armando Valdes Says:

    Thank you Joe for stating it like it is. This loss does not put Saints in the drivers seat, they will be losing some games down the line cause no matter whose at QB for him they have no guarantees of winning.

    Bucs have a very favorable stretch down the line.

  12. SaintsFan59 Says:

    They should sideline Devin White for his irresponsible, overly aggressive play until Jameis comes back. Would serve him right. Can you imagine the outrage if Demario Davis similarly tackled Brady like that and ended his career? The NFL would change the rules on the spot.

  13. Man Child Says:

    If the Bucs can’t beat backup Quarterbacks that haven’t played a down in four years then it’s not gonna matter who wins the NFC south down the stretch.

  14. Steven007 Says:

    Wasn’t expecting the injury of course, and feel bad for JW. Clearly white didn’t have that intent when he did that. That said, as JW was running early and often I said to myself, as I often do about quarterbacks who run a lot, that his time will come. Certainly didn’t expect it to be that early and in that fashion. Even though that’s a sometimes effective part of his game, he will probably dial it down a bit more when he comes back. On second thought, probably not.

  15. 163doubleplay Says:

    Saints celebrating like they’ve won the Super Bowl. Even JW swinging his crutches.

  16. Armando Valdes Says:

    Bucs beat themselves manchild. The Saints did not beat us. We had over 100 yards in penalties, you’re not winning many games with that many penalties.

  17. SaintsFan59 Says:

    What a website of losers. Choke on it.

  18. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Ironic that grabbing a player by his hair to tackle is legal , seems that type of tackling could conceivably scalp someone if a player of Devin Whites’ strength exerted full force on a long flowing mane????

  19. Bucthis Says:

    I laugh when people freak out about a back up playing well in their first game in. These teams scheme and plan everything for the starters. There’s no tape on the backups to spend any time preparing for. Once D coordinators concentrate on Siemian he will look mortal. Look at Seattle to see what I mean. Watch the Jets the rest of the year after their backup lit up Cindy yesterday. Backups are unknowns which buys them a game or so, then they show why they are second or third string.

  20. Leighroy Says:

    Can someone show Devin White the rule on taunting too? Especially when the guy just gained 6 yards on 1st down, a win for the offense any way you slice it.

    With all these penalties, you’d think Dan Mullen become a team consultant this season.

  21. Youngbucs Says:

    Joe chill out I don’t agree with celebrating injuries. With that said this was not a horse collar tackle it’s unfortunate.

  22. Coburn Says:

    So looks like it barely fits by the official definition then. Can’t blame white for trying to make a play and kinda sounds like a stupid rule when you’re trying to chase a guy down grabbing what you can. As another mentioned pulling down by the hair has happened and is legal

  23. James Walker Says:

    For it to be a horse collar you must pull the player to the ground. Winston had already slipped and on his way down. White never threw him to the ground because he never had the leverage to do that. White had his jersey with a loose bent arm and simply held on to him as Winston fell, thus it can not be a horse collar.

  24. James Walker Says:

    Winston got tripped up trying to slide. Look at the photo, White’s arm is loose and bent and Winston is already on his way down. Holding a jersey while a player falls isn’t not “pull(ing) the runner toward the ground”. This is NOT a Horse Collar tackle

  25. Miller5252 Says:

    @Saintsfan59 Are you still butt hurt over White picking off Brees in the playoffs? Or was it Brady showing Brees how to throw the ball the correct way to his kids after sending him packing into retirement?

  26. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Choke on it? Like the Saints choked every year with Drew Brees except for the year they were running bounties on opposing offenses? And you’re upset about Devin White?


  27. Tye Says:

    Anyone celebrating injury to a player is just heartless!
    When teams run the QB, they are exposing him to a number of injuries… This just happens to be one of the worst outcomes… Now they have to deal with the consequences…
    Makes me wonder if the Saints do move on from Winston, will he ever even get another shot with any team… No one was lining up to sign him when he 1st became available and he really hasn’t played much in 2 years by the time he recovers..

    Hopefully the Saints struggle to find a brees replacement for quite some time…

  28. Fire Goodell Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised when the Saints come to Tampa in December, that game will decide the NFC South.

    Didn’t BA say when he was in Arizona that the league should suspend players for illegal hits for the same amount of time that an injured player misses?

  29. adam from ny Says:

    the slants basically have 4 seemingly tough games left, and 6 seemingly easier games left…

    say they go 2-2 in the tough games…well good for them…

    and say they go 4-2 in the easy games…logical thinking…

    all without jaboo – their starter…

    that leaves them at 11-6…

    if things don’t take a turn for the worse, we should be 2-3 games better than that…

    we basically have the division on lock on november 1st…in the past it was draft talk time

  30. adam from ny Says:

    so jameis was dancing and throwing crutches in the air like he just dont care…

    all with a torn acl in a smoked out scene straight out of the wwe…

    if that knees was hanging by a thread, the dude just unthreaded it with his john travolta like moves…

    what a fool

  31. Marques Says:

    You’re welcome Joe for the clarification on the horse collar call.

  32. adam from ny Says:

    obviously the saints don’t even want him back if they let him dance his knee right out of the socket in front of them…

    so new qb in new orleans next year

  33. AMI_Chris Says:

    There are some penalties that have changed the behavior of football players: use of the head on defenseless receivers, better protection of QBs, contact beyond 5 yards. There are some penalties that will NEVER change behavior — they just hurt teams. Extending the horse collar definition to the jersey (even by the nameplate) is one of those. NFL players will always grab whatever they can when desperate. They could make that penalty 30 yards and it wouldn’t matter. It is not improving safety at all. If you are going to play football, you are occasionally going to get yanked down that way.

  34. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    NOT debatable. And NOT intentional.

  35. James Walker Says:

    @AMI_Chris My point was that White never yanked Winston down. Winston had already tripped and fell on his own. White never had the leverage to pull JW down. White had one foot in the air with all of his momentum going the other direction. If White did not pull him down it does not matter where he grabbed him, so by definition it is not a horse collar.

  36. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Saintsfan, Brady deserves that respect and he has taken more hits than Jamais will in his entire career. White had a grasp of his shoulder pad which pulled Jamais down, under the crystal glass QB horse collar rule it is legit. Joe, that’s plagiarism, you didn’t site me on your post I already posted this definition. As far as Gholston definitely hand to the face pulling his helmet off but he blatantly pushed Trevor in the back well after the ball was released. Just another undiscipline move. I wonder if Bucs didn’t win SB last year if BA’s head would be on the chopping block? Next up Nagy.

  37. Bucs&Bolts Says:

    That’s what happens when you continuously decide to run as a QB injuries bound to happen look at Cam RG3 Dak Bridgewater I could go on and on. Josh Allen, Mahomes, Jackson, watch out

  38. Listnfrmafar Says:

    FYI Derrick Henry going into surgery tomorrow
    Advantage Saints.

  39. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @SaintsFan59 Says:
    “….Can you imagine the outrage if Demario Davis similarly tackled Brady like that and ended his career? The NFL would change the rules on the spot…..”
    u r absolutely wrong; they would do that to TB12 and any other QB, Rams did it to Gronk.
    if any QB start running like RB, rolling like crazy on the field…. gaining yards, having multiple first down… like JW did yesterday into the FACE of defenders; by the way OVER and OVER…. then you going to get hit, and you DESRVE to get hit.
    happen to two QBs yesterday, and the a week before yesterday, and the week before that. DW was trying to stop that joker…..he did NOT try to hurt him. Two different things.
    Actually that was the only thing right DW did yesterday, the rest was TERRIBLE.

  40. Robert Says:

    winstunned takes on a whole new meaning.

    sometimes a loss is really a win….especially going into the bye

  41. D-Rome Says:

    If the injury to the Saints’ starting QB forces them to try and upgrade the position then that injury may have been the best thing for the Saints. Don’t be surprised if they lob a phone call to Phillip Rivers or try and coax Drew Brees out of retirement. Rivers would be an instant upgrade over Winston.

    I didn’t think it was a horse collar but Joe’s quoting of the league rule makes it clear that it was.

  42. D-Rome Says:

    That’s what happens when you continuously decide to run as a QB injuries bound to happen look at Cam RG3 Dak Bridgewater I could go on and on.

    Agreed. Being a running QB isn’t really a part of Jay-Miss’ game. All the running he did means that he’s not seeing the many opportunities that are on the field. To that end, nothing has really changed with him as a QB.

  43. Mike C Says:

    Hey saints fan, didn’t we say the same thing to you after the playoffs last year?

  44. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Devin White has superhuman grip strength, because when other kids were out hanging with the Homies, he was out breaking Horses!
    Do not underestimate Trevor Simian! He was the Denver QB when they won a lot of games, until the entire team fell into disarray.
    In fact, I consider him an upgrade from Jameis.
    He throws a pretty spiral ball, and is much more accurate/less turnover prone.
    He hangs right in the pocket, even in the face of a pass rush, where Winston gets happy feet.
    Yesterday, he hit receivers who have barely caught a pass all season.
    If he revives the passing game of the Saints, look out!

  45. David Says:

    I thought the horse collar was the actual collar. I did not know you could not just grab the back. What if it was just a jersey up high?
    That still makes no sense to me.
    So if he was a little closer and was able to get his arm around his neck and yank backwards, that’s legal.

  46. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:
    “…..If he revives the passing game of the Saints, look out!….”
    look out??? u mean Bucs to look out!!! ??
    what more can they do to us; they just beat us, and took our fake mask off. We are just an average team; that is what he showed to the rest of the league.
    You mean they going to beat us again??? for sure they can, as other teams can, and they will.

  47. JGhotier Says:

    He doesn’t really grab at the nameplate though, it’s more right between the nameplate (right after the “N”) and the shoulder pad.

    If that guys last name is/was something like Houshmamdzadeh or Tagovailoa, than that’s definitely a penalty, this was/is right on that line to me 😂 is it still a penalty if the guy’s last name is like Ford or Carr….

    While I do think the Refs were not all that great this game and it did favor in the Saints direction a be little, it was still mostly Bucs beating Bucs as the reason we lost the game

    Either way, time to get Bye Week ready!

  48. firethecannons Says:

    Siemian did well, why did Joe think Bucs would win the game? The saints are so much better coached in every aspect of the game. Prediction the NFC south is locked, Saints will beat out Bucs easily and perhaps we may see a wildcard perch–nothing more. Bucs beat the Bucs as usual against the saints. Players like devin white need a class every day on penalties–every player who gets a penalty gets a class. Ridiculous that devin White does not even know the rules.

  49. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    A Saints player tackled Winfield in the endzone the same way after that int. It wasn’t called then. Dude Grabbed Winfield high on his jersey and pulled him down. In fact the ref’s threw a roughing the passer flag on that play. Even though the QB didn’t even get knocked down. They should change the penalty to “touching the passer”.

  50. firethecannons Says:

    Joe says:
    But does anyone really believe the Saints can succeed long-term with Siemian or even with No. 2 quarterback Taysom Hill, whenever he returns from a concussion.

    are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!
    of course they can and will win especially if they play our team, our defense is so poorly coached that we do not stand a chance against the saints.

  51. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    If DW’s tackle was a legit penalty, then they need to change the rule again. That was grabbing the back of the jersey- -not the collar, nor should it have been any more risky than any other QB scramble. He’s a runner!!

  52. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    The year S-i-e-m-i-a-n got benched Chris was 2017 when he had 12 TD’s , but had 14 INTS. Jameis Winston had 3 INTS and 14 TDS when he got injured. Biggest reason Saints passing game was down was the absence of Michael Thomas. Deal more in the facts Chris. and less in your personal likes and dislikes that do not have anything to do with playing the game. Godspeed in your recovery.

  53. Darin Says:

    Yes some do believe Simien gives them a better chance to win than Winston. Definitely did yesterday. Unfortunate injury for both teams yesterday. Winston was just warming up. He was gona toss some int’s at some point

  54. firethecannons Says:

    the second round draft pick of trask keeps coming to mind–wtf was that for? he will never be our starting quarterback we needed a corner even then

  55. JGhotier Says:



  56. Bucsfanman Says:

    It was clearly unintentional (the injury) and I thought that it wasn’t a penalty, until I heard the rule.
    It’s unfortunate because I wanted to beat the brakes off of the Saints WITH Jameis under center.

    As to Devin White, and all other “over-celebrators”, if you tackle a man behind the LOS by all means beat your chest. If you just ran 4 yards to make a tackle and get dragged another yard and a half STHU and walk back to the huddle!
    Right now his play does NOT match his mouth. Sorry, love the guy but that taunting penalty really p!ssed me off!

  57. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @firethecannons Says:
    …. what ever….
    i was about to agree with your posts…. all of them, until you mention Trask as the PROBLEM…. wow
    SP just show us that how you can win with 3 string QB….when you have a average team with great HC and great coaching staff.
    We have neither; our coaching staff is BELOW average, and as far as HC, we do NOT have one. We have a Monday morning quarterback on that position, (definition: a person who passes judgment on and criticizes something after the event), who came to Florida to have good time, like Lovie S, and brought his gang with him.

  58. Iamabuc Says:

    After Winston went down with the injury; didn’t anybody noticed Sean Payton smiling?..IMHO, I believe he was probably smiling because the Winston proyect was over. He probably was not happy having Winston as is was more his GM forcing him to. Check the tape.

  59. Pewter Power Says:

    Against our Bucs apparently. You underestimated that team all week leading up to the game and now doubling down they are worse even though the back is the guy who beat us. Why couldn’t they challenge us for the title when their number one receiver comes back? I get it our secondary was missing but every time we play the saints the o line stinks and the offense plays scared. Defense played out of their minds in the playoffs but this isn’t the same defense which is sad when you bring everyone back

  60. FirstTimePoster Says:

    I just love the frame by frame analysis for days afterwards. In real time, it was just two guys trying to make a play.

  61. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Anybody else imagine SaintsFan59 with Karen hair?

  62. ArgYeMaties Says:

    Hasn’t his happened just about every year to our beloved Bucs? An unknown quarterback has to come into the game and the defense folds like a pair of old socks? The Bucs read their press clippings and believe every word and think, “Hey we got this in the bag!” Time to get over it and move on to the next game, and remember what was famously said, “On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team..”
    **As a side note: I did Tevor Siemian’s highlight video out of Olympia High School. Look it up.

  63. godlovesbucs Says:

    The injury is terrible, and he had a grasp of the shoulder pad and nameplate, but the force was not pulling directly to ground. It was force across his body from back of shoulder area. In no way should that be a penalty, nor should about half of the flags yesterday. Odd that Kevin white got away with opi on his big catch (extended arm) and the defender held Godwin on the final pick (impeded his route at the break point). Both were iffy, but they kept the flags in the pocket when it was good for saints, and let them fly when it was bad for bucs.

  64. Beeej Says:

    Mebbe Trevor never had a good team around him before? NObody thought Ryan Tannehill was a decent QB when he was thrust into a spot start

  65. ArgYeMaties Says:

    Hasn’t this happened just about every year to our beloved Bucs? An unknown quarterback has to come into the game and the defense folds like a pair of old socks? The Bucs read their press clippings and believe every word and think, “Hey we got this in the bag!” Time to get over it and move on to the next game, and remember what was famously said, “On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team..”
    **As a side note: I did Tevor Siemian’s highlight video out of Olympia High School. Look it up.

  66. EEK Says:

    per J-Rome
    Winston being Winston sadly
    He was going to do something super amazing or just extremely detrimental once he somehow escaped S Barrett sack
    I think Winston was heading toward unraveling even before the injury with a few very near misses
    Tough loss for the Bucs as we outplayed the Saints for most of the game

    Not sure what happened on the Brady play selection prior to the pic-6 also — strange game

  67. Natron Says:

    The loss of Winston guarantees nothing, Payton is a wiley adversary. I truly expected an overall collapse of the Saints with Drew Brees retirement, but it hasn’t worked out that way, at least not yet. We’ll see, hopefully this will lead to disarray in their offense. As far as their defense, even on a good day we got our hands full.

  68. Buczilla Says:

    It’s sucks even when enemy players get hurt, but that was a bullsh!t call and Devin did nothing malicious. Yeah, I know it’s in the rules, but these pansy a$$ rules are ruining the game. It wasn’t just our game either and there were horrible calls in every game that I watched this weekend. Sad.

  69. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Wonder if Arians might be singing a different tune than he did 7 years ago?

  70. Anonymous Says:

    0nly comment I got is go watch the TJ Watts tackle that got overturned for not being a horse collar and explain to me the difference?

  71. BradyBucs Says:


    As an NFL QB, if you regular scramble and use pump fakes, fake pitch motions, and are running in the open field refusing to SLIDE, you WILL eventually take punishment in the NFL.

    This is exactly what happened with Winston. He’s out of the season because he made too many risky running plays. He’s not fast enough to elude a potential big hit at that last second.

    Devin’s tackle was clearly unintentional, he just grabbed with one arm anything he could to try and bring him down.

  72. Eddie Marz Says:

    Saints 59 fan, cool down. Winston was running around all game. That’s what’s happens to running QB’s. As for Brady he doesn’t run never could. That’s one of the reasons he’s still playing. GO BUCS! Get well Jameis.

  73. Mike Johnson Says:

    Guess brady is no superman after all huh? Knock Jameis out of the game and get beat by a guy who has not been under center for ages. Defensive line let us down. Of course we knew, our secondary was in dire straits. And it stuck out like a sore thumb..glaringly. Get well during the bye Bucs.

  74. PassingThru Says:


    Both were horse collar tackles. The difference was probably due to the refs missing the call due to their angle of observation. It’s football, missed calls are common.

  75. RPK Says:

    Best play White made all year

  76. HC Grovers institute a les Says:

    IMO the Bucs should institute A weekly Rules Class. Teaching the rules and how to play by the book and avoid these costly penalty yards.

  77. HC Grover Says:

    White may not have even known this rule.

  78. Eli White Says:

    Stupid. Just go ahead and hand out flags and stop all contact.
    NFL…National Flag League!

    Eliminate the refs since it is only getting worst.

    What about the missed holding calls like with Goldston.

  79. PassingThru Says:


    Trevor Siemian had the 2016 Broncos behind them. They were the defending Super Bowl champs and had one of the best WR units in the NFL. He still couldn’t complete 60% of his passes and only threw 18 TDs that season, which was by far his best. At his best season he was really just a so-so QB, and after that he stumbled into a deep hole.

  80. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The Gholston penalty was ticky tac but still a stupid act. What I don’t get is why it wasn’t off setting, how do they think his helmet came off if the olineman didn’t rip it off. You know Brady won’t sleep until the next game, that guy is blaming himself for the entire loss.

  81. 805Bucs Says:

    Lets not forget 45 was the biggest reason the Bucs smoked the Saints when it mattered in the playoffs 🤔

  82. Buc4evr Says:

    Doesn’t matter who the Saints QB was, the defense failed miserably. Hopefully Bowles figures out how the contain Payton’s game plan in December.
    As far as Winston, he didn’t play smart as usual and this time got himself hurt. He has a history of doing stupid things and paid the price. I don’t wish injury on any player but after 5 years of his crap here, I simply don’t care about him anymore.

  83. Bring back the Wishbone. Says:

    Too bad Jameis was injured. When game got close he would of choked. We would of won. We were all ready to take a shot of JD every time Jameis threw a pic 6 or an interception. Back in the old days we would do that and made it easier to deal with Jameis as our starting QB.

  84. Bucstotheend Says:

    saintsfan59 bye

  85. Lokog Says:

    I felt nothing seeing Jamies hurting I don’t even feel bad


    ON THAT SAME DRIVE THE REFS GAVE THEM 45 plus yards of free personal foul yards..after we picked off SEAman they called roughing the passer
    13 penalties… technically we still won..1st place and took out a entire team for the rest of the year..SO THE AINTS GET A MEANINGLESS WIN… WHILE WE WILL WIN THE DIVISION AND WIN THE WAR

  87. Rod Munch Says:

    Just because some idiot says a man in a dress is a woman, doesn’t actually make them a woman. Literally everyone knows what a man is, and what a woman is.

    Just because some idiot says that was a horse collar, doesn’t actually make it a horsecollar. Literally everyone knows what a horse collar is, and is not, and that was not a horse collar, no matter how they try to rewrite the rules to say it was.

  88. PassingThru Says:

    Don’t let facts get in the way of you posting crap Rod.

    Look up the NFL rules regarding horse collar tackles, which were revised about 5 years ago. Then let us know why it wasn’t a horse collar tackle.

    Was White’s hand on the name plate? Yes

    Did White violently jerk Winston down by the name plate portion of the jersey? Yes

    That’s a horse collar tackle.

  89. adam from ny Says:

    i gotta tell ya…

    when simien came in the league with the broncos he looked good…

    at the time they had 2 quarterbacks, both young and both played well…i can’t remember the other guys name…

    both of them looked like they could lead the franchise and the team was doing fairly well…

    then it all imploded and both qb’s went down the tubes as well as the team…

    in actuality, elway prolly was a great player who just isn’t a good gm…

    anyway, jameis is prolly out for good now in nawleans…

    simien is actually in quite a sweet spot right now – he can literally grab the bull by the horns and never look back, depending on how he plays…

    he might not have the skill set jaboo has, but i’m pretty sure payton is going to feel more comfortable opening up the offense with him…

    let’s see how it goes…

    #PaytonDoesntWantJaboo #NoOneWantsJaboo


  90. adam from ny Says:

    jameis belongs on the jags,,,i swear…he does…the jags 🙂

  91. adam from ny Says:

    jameis will be sporting a “Jacksonville Quagmires” jersey next season 🙂

  92. Rod Munch Says:

    PassingThru – So you’re literally just making my point. Because some idiot says something is a horse collar, doesn’t make a horse collar.

    Get this, the word ‘collar’ is in horse collar. Why is that?

    Anywho, I’m guessing what really triggered you is saying that nice lady you meet in the men’s rooms at an interstate rest stop isn’t really a lady.

  93. WhoDatNation Says:

    When it happens to Brady, remember all of these comments about how great it is to end someone’s season.

  94. Max Says:

    Most of you would be screaming a different tone had that been Tom Brady. The NFL rule definition declares this play to be a horse collar takle although I don’t believe DW intentionally tried to hurt JW or is a dirty player. Prayers for JW for a successful recovery.

  95. firethecannons Says:

    Rod Munch Lol!!!!!!!

    needless to say Devin White < Micah Parsons and many others
    very disappointed–he is a captain who gets a huge penalty for taunting! and gets away with it–he should be benched by Arians. Useless! Lawn chair would work better than many of our defensive players. That or just field 10 players and let him sit–he is that useless when he has 3 personal penalties! No player on the field is better than having him getting repetetive penalties out there.

  96. PassingThru Says:

    So Rod, your hangup is that you refuse to understand the rules governing the NFL penalties? Willful ignorance of the rule isn’t a defense.

  97. Gee Says:

    Locked up the NFC south? Hahahaha, thats the funniest statement i have ever heard. In case you didnt wanna watch the rest rest of the game from Sunday. Tampa lost. And Trevor Semian looked pretty good for a qb who has not taken a snap with the first team offense ever!!! Wow, hahahahaha. The NFC belongs to the Saints still.


    What’s next? Does the NFL become the NFFL – National Flag Football League? Good Lord, let the grown up men play like grown up men!

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Yall are all sick, ugly honkies.

  100. Couch Fan Says:

    The rules are making it impossible to play a proper game. Can’t hit them to high, can’t hit them to low, cant grab them when they are in front of you. It’s just ridiculous. Like someone said, might as well just give them flags and take out tackling altogether. Thanks Roger.

  101. M. Steelman Says:

    My friends! We should have had our division wrapped up with a showcase Win yesterday! Tom only throws those pics when he is trying to do to much. He only tries to do to much when he knows there’s a problem! The problem is that our much vaulted defense stinks. Bonehead penalties cost that game. The comment My boy Tom made to the Mannings was about our defense. Had to be because all I seen Sunday in New Orleans was a bunch of superstar dogs CHASING CARS!

  102. Who Dat Nation North Says:

    Any player who commits an illegal hit that results in a season ending injury, should be suspended for the same amount of games the injured player misses. That will stop illegal hits from ever happening.

  103. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    I hope that fake punk Winston career is over myself!! That’s what I always hated about him is how fake he was!! And of course his inaccuracy!!

  104. BMick Says:

    NOLA loves Jameis. He will get another shot. Bucs fans should be worried.

  105. Saintsfan83 Says:

    Just remember guys that the saints beat themselves in the playoffs last year. If it was not for cooks fumble and brees’ two INT, the outcome would be a whole lot different. Y’all gonna lose to us at least one more time this season because the saints D’ makes Brady show his age and now that we have a QB that has the ability to push the ball down field…(I.e. anyone but Brees) you guys are beat.

  106. Richard Fox Says:

    If that horse collar happened to crybaby Brady, that player would be suspended.

  107. Purplepirate Says:

    It may be against the rules but it’s not a horsecollar anymore than it’s a face mask.

  108. daniel Da Man Says:

    What a shame. Goes around comes around. Protect our QB team. Go BUCCANEERS.

  109. E.V. Says: