Free Space For Impotent QB

November 1st, 2021

Free and easy first down in the fourth quarter for Saints WR Deonte Harris, who enjoyed his cushion.

A former Buccaneer has checked in flummoxed by the Bucs’ defensive decisions.

It starts with Saints fill-in QB Trevor Siemian, who had 30 touchdown passes in 25 career starts when he hopped off the bench ice cold yesterday, despite most of those starts alongside Pro Bowl receivers in Denver.

Simply stated, Siemian was not the guy to grant a ton of respect and soft coverage for fear of the deep ball. But that’s what the Bucs provided him too often, said former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht.

“I love zone coverage in moments, but I can’t stand it from a Buccaneers standpoint,” Becht told WDAE radio. “I don’t know why you give any space to a quarterback that’s not going to try to threaten you over the top, and give [him] opportunities to kind of get those free kind of space passes to some of his receivers.”

Amen, Mr. Becht.

Joe didn’t understand all the fear factor in the Bucs’ secondary, though perhaps it should be understandable given that veterans Pierre Desir and Ross Cockrell have been on practice squads during the past 14 months. And they’ve been better than Richard Sherman.

Becht also lamented the Bucs’ lack of plays from linebackers and a lack of discipline.

Regardless, Becht sees no reason for major pessimism when it comes to Tampa Bay. He believes they have a powerful roster and “two lay-ups” after the bye with Washington and the Giants.

26 Responses to “Free Space For Impotent QB”

  1. Mike Johnson Says:

    Our Bucs always get slayed by the unknown QB. We have that history. Simian plays well for the rest of the season and will elevate his QB status. And now Buc fans know definitively, Tom Brady is quite mortal. How do you spell..Wake-up call?

  2. PassingThru Says:

    Trade deadline is tomorrow at 4PM.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Sorry, but there are no layups on the schedule. That kind of thinking leads to performances like yesterday. Granted no way we thought the Saints were a lay up but do we really have a team on the roster that we can sleep walk to a victory on? Don’t think so. Need to be on every game.

  4. Robert Says:

    the back end was soft…..but the penalties were the worst part…..a lot of undeserved ones too. just like the Rams game. smells like a fix is in on some of these games.

    GAME BALL TO #45. He is my hero after yesterday.

  5. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    To all of those who said we’d go undefeated…….how about maybe win the division?

  6. 163doubleplay Says:

    Gholston roughing the passer penalty was the killer. It took away WInfield’s end zone interception and gave the Saints a TD. What an undisciplined team. Shameful!

  7. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Yes it is called scared, fearful, and just plain dumb. Is T Bowels really telling these guys to line up that far back beyond the first down markers?
    No it has to just be pu*sified defensive cornerbacks.

    The great ghost of a Mike Smith defense is pictured above for all to see.
    You play to win, not play to lose. That super cushion easy first downs late in the game is playing with fear of not losing. You play to win, not play in fear of losing.
    Again anyone can use all the stats they want to paint whatever picture they want about this Defense, But when you play not to lose, You get beat.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  8. Will Says:

    It doesn’t matter the down our DBs are lining up 8yds off and their step is backwards. Smh
    Not panic time but defense needs to get their shat together and get some discipline.

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Becht also lamented the Bucs’ lack of plays from linebackers and a lack of discipline.”

    Yeah, someone needs to pull Devin White’s head out of his behind and tell him to stop celebrating every tackle and start focusing on making plays. It’s getting really tiresome!

  10. DBS Says:

    And this is surprising to who? Exactly when do we NOT give the huge cushions to every receiver no matter who is playing back there? They give them room then let them run by and hold them to try to stop them. Let them catch it and miss the tackle. just disgusting to watch this over and over.

  11. zzbuc Says:

    @163doubleplay….. With al due respect, that was a bad call……He was taken his helmet off!!!! That was penalty in our favor…. ridiculous call, just like many more….we lost because a combination of three factors:

    1- They played bad
    2- The coaching was bad
    3- The referees were horrible!

    But we need to chill, everything should be fine…..

  12. Ben green Says:

    The defense is poorly coached. I don’t see many, if any adjustments. Why not play man on one side and cover 2 on the other. Try something, anything, that breaks patterns and tendencies. Ben doesn’t understand, the defense should be playing complementary football. The offense will give you 30. With the talent they have on D, it shouldn’t be that hard to hold teams to 27.

  13. firethecannons Says:

    No team is a layup against this defense. Yesterday was a shame–showed how important it was to boost our secondary in the draft but instead we have kyle trask who will never be a starting quarterback–what a serious mistake.

  14. firethecannons Says:

    get the referees over for a visit to explain the penalties–even facetime–our team needs to see what they are seeing as we are obviously surprised at the roughing passer penalties

  15. Brandon Says:

    Ben green,

    You don’t understand football. At all. Man on one side and cover 2 on the other? What kind of nonsense is that? Cover 2… you literally have a safety on both halves of the field… how can you play that on one side of the field?

    Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber…

  16. Will Says:

    Can anyone explain to me why this team is never prepared when a reverse or any type of trick play is run on them. That reverse from what I saw was all JPP’s fault. Didn’t secure the back side. As a fan I’ve learned that Saints will run at least 1 trick play on us per game. Every time it’s either huge yardage or a TD.

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    45 is playing bad and why is he not pulled in passing situations aside from if you are going to just blitz him because he cannot cover and his guessing on filling run fits is terrible

  18. Swampbuc Says:

    There are no layups in the NFL!

    Who had the Jets beating the Bengals with a no name in his first start throwing for 405 yards and 3 TDS?

    The Bucs gifted that game yesterday, as I knew they were going to.

    If they did it once they can do it again.

  19. Richard Dickson Says:

    As badly as we played, we came back to take the lead, and then had the ball in our hands with a chance to win. It was just one of those perfect storm of mistakes games that hopefully won’t matter when we’re in the playoffs.

  20. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I am wondering a bit if Ryan Smith was more correct than I wanted to give him credit for. Sometimes these game outcomes seem fixed or the NFL and the house are getting in bed together. Bucs have a loaded roster which makes people lay cash on them and they seem to not cover the spreads. Fishy to me how the players can be laying it all out on the line yet the refs control the outcomes so much. I smell corruption behind the scenes. No way we should ever have lost yesterday. I do not buy into the notion that this team hust suddenly forgets fundamentals and coaching goes stagnant. Whatever.

  21. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Rayjay….no chance in any of the that and you could tell something like that if a ton of money started get laid on one side and swings the line but that did not happen. The fact is the bucs secondary was bad before the injuries and were horrible last year except 3 games and now you have 3-4 walmart workers playing back there and nfl coaches like sean payton knows that and its a layup on a 6 ft basket for an qb with an nfl arm and one of the top 3 HC’s in every level of football

  22. Show Me the TDs Says:

    OK, I’m not a professional football analyst, but watching the game on my phone, I noticed how undisciplined out defense was. Every time the Aints ran a misdirection I kept waiting for a Bucs defender to come into the picture frame and lay a hit. I’m still waiting. I learned to “stay at home” when I was nine, as a Pee Wee. There were consequences if you didn’t. You got yanked or ran laps, etc. I blame most if this on Devin White and JPP. If these guys have no discipline, sit them. Can our defense be any worse? No!

  23. G in MA Says:

    The defense sucks ! How can you not stop a QB that’s hasn’t played coming off the bench and make him look l Iike a star ? Maybe the defense should stop talking about how great they are AND PLAY LIKE. IT !!! WHAT A BUNCH OF STIFFS.

  24. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Wasn’t the 3rd quarter play a 30-40yd strike over Desair? It appears Trevor S. can sling it downfield.

  25. Listnfrmafar Says:

    1st 3rd quarter play, sorry.

  26. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I remember a great wake up call last year from the chief’s right before a bye week. I’m not concerned, just pissed it was from the Saints.