Playoff Odds After Week 10

November 18th, 2021

Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians

The Bucs are riding two consecutive losses, but the computers still love their chances of winning the NFC South.

Over at Football Outsiders, their computer model has the Bucs with a 97 percent chance of playing meaningful football in January.

Broken down, the percentage chances for the Bucs are 10.6 percent for a wild card berth, 86.5 for a division title, 20.7 for the No. 4 seed, 27.3 for the No. 3 seed, 23.2 for the No. 2 seed and 15.3 for the No. 1 seed.

At CBS Sports, they are a little more bearish, calling the NFC playoff seeds as follows: Packers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Bucs, Rams, Saints, 49ers.

… The problem for Tampa is that the computer now has them matched up with the Rams in the wild-card round, which could be an issue because the Bucs are 0-2 against L.A. with Tom Brady. The good news for the Buccaneers is that the computer still likes their chance of winning the division as Tampa has a 73% chance of taking home the NFC South title.

All in all, unless the Bucs massively collapse, the computer geeks are fairly certain the Bucs will be in the playoffs again.

12 Responses to “Playoff Odds After Week 10”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Odell, the bad luck charm & Matt Stafford’s wife throwing food at fans has started the downward spiral of that team. Pete’s not worried about the Rams anymore

  2. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The Bucs are in, but what then, how far? 1 and done, 2 and done? maybe play a 3rd game? or Farther?

    They have the same record right now as last year 6-3, but it is better than being 6-3 after being wiped out by the Saints 38-3 to fall to 6-3 like last year.

    Overall this beat up mash unit Team, that has not had 1 game where the 22 starters from last year play 1 complete game together, there still is a chance that they can get better and actually play up to the talent level that they have.

    Father time has been kicking their behind this year with injuries, BUT…. They still have a shot to win again, even if it is small.

    GO Mash Unit BUCS, GO!!!!!

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    It’s about who’s available down the stretch and into the playoffs. Gronk, Mi3e, Godwin, AB healthy is a completely different story from what we’ve seen from GOAT the past two weeks.

  4. firethecannons Says:

    we have to win against the Giants, we are a bad team face the facts we lost to Washington our defense made it so easy for Heinecke–beat the Giants 1st then fantasize about playoffs

  5. steele Says:

    Packers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Bucs, Rams, Saints, 49ers…not one has been consistently good.

    I never thought the Rams going all-in on Stafford was some panacea.

    There is also plenty of time for teams just below this list to displace.

    It will as always come down to whichever team is healthiest for the last 2 wks+playoffs, which has the best D, fortunate matchups, and season-end game plans.

    I am concerned with TB’s health, but that’s all. The rest of the team absolutely must step up for the old man.

  6. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Rams losing Woods is like Bucs losing Godwin, not so easy to replace. If AB & Gronk and come back and play to a high level and oline stays healthy then offense can carry D to the playoffs and everyone is healthy. If not, well we all see what’s happening.

  7. Darin Says:

    Some of us were never worried about the Rams Peet. Oops. Pete. Whoever plays better that day will win. No need to worry Peet. Remember the Chiefs were gona drop 30 on the bucs in the SB? Postseason Bowles saves his tricks for the big games. Dont let a week 3 or whatever it was loss worry you so much.

  8. Tamlpabaybucfan Says:

    We simply need to beat the teams we should beat & that’s all of them.

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs will make the playoffs. I just don’t see them going to far with our Defense. as it is now.

  10. SlyPirate Says:

    The Bucs will win the Super Bowl.

    Just a little mid-season turbulence.

  11. Ed Says:

    I would still worry about the Rams, but OTOH, I am still not sold on Stafford. Puts up great stats, and can make all the throws, but has no proven playoff record. Much like Kirk Cousins, everybody blames the rest of the team, but to me, the jury is still out. The last two weeks reinforce my doubts on Stafford. Definitely his wife should get control. She was whining about how awful Detroit was because of the lockdowns while he was still with the Lions.

    That said, unless the Bucs get their act together, it will be one and done in the playoffs no matter who they face.

  12. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    August 1976 Buc – That’s what I like to hear from REAL BUCS FAN’S ! At least I’m not the only one who doesn’t think “This team is horrible ” and “They are a bad team” !! GET REAL PEOPLE !! EVERY PLAYOFF CONTENDER IN THE NFL HAS HAD A ROUGH COUPLE WEEKS , ESPECIALLY THE LAST FEW WEEKS .. IT’S NOT DOOM AND GLOOM FOR THEM !!?? SO WHY IS IT FOR OUR BUCS ?? GO BUCS !!!