Monster Numbers, No Success

November 14th, 2021

Somehow, Taylor Heinicke completed 81 percent of his passes against the Bucs on a day Lavonte David and Devin White put up a hell of a lot of production, including two sacks by White.

White was all over the field, racking up 13 solo tackles, five assists, three tackles for loss, the sacks and three QB hits. David had five solo tackles, nine assists and what seemed like a game-turning forced fumble in the fourth quarter on a beautiful punch-out as the ball carrier passed the first-down marker.

It was the biggest game of the season for both players, yet the Bucs got rolled against an inferior offense, including a 19-play drive to close out the game.

How does that happen? Coaches would say it’s all about complementary football. Despite the Bucs’ sacks totals, too often Heinicke escaped the pass rush or wasn’t rushed, and the defensive backfield continued its struggles.

Joe was very glad to see recovering David look more active, and it was nice to see White look more like his 2020 self and avoid stupid penalties.

Fun fact: David’s forced fumble gives him 25 for his career, one more than Derrick Brooks and one less than J.J. Watt and Von Miller.

23 Responses to “Monster Numbers, No Success”

  1. Gbobucsfan Says:

    As you said, White had great numbers but how many missed tackles did he have? And when their offense is on the field for so long, someone has to make a tackle. What a letdown of a game.

  2. Francisco Guzman Says:

    In this league you gotta be able to play some man coverage. Zone gets destroyed. Play some press do something.

  3. Jaybuc Says:

    Where was our sack specialist Shaq. Unless he is playing against back up tackles or starters playing out of position he does Not put up those great number,

  4. Francisco Guzman Says:

    11-19 on 3rd downs? That’s just awful!!!!!

  5. firethecannons Says:

    Jason Licht should of drafted cornerbacks instead of completely useless kyle trask. Free agency should of been used to pick up corner depth,
    simple as that.

  6. Lamarcus Says:

    I remember a post on here laughing at WTF team for being bad vs a good team The Bucs. I knew at that moment we were going to lose this game

  7. Buc in A Says:

    A lot can be said about the defense today but at the same time the defense didn’t throw 2 picks

  8. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    “11-19 on 3rd downs? That’s just awful!!!!!”

    Remember Francisco, it’s actually worse. of the 8 they did not convert, 2 were converted on 4th down. That leaves 6.

    3 or 4 of the stops lead to FG’s or TD’s. I think we forced 2 punts.

    Just awful.

  9. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Lamarcus any bad team has a chance against this team because their defense is very flawed. They make average QBs look great. People here feel it’s because they have bums at corner right now. Dean is awful at times. Let’s see how this pass defense improves when bunting and davis come back. I still see a problem scheme wise.

  10. JGhotier Says:

    I hate to say this, because I love the guy and he means a lot to this team and in a lot of different ways. Also, I know why and understand the reasons and the injuries, but as far as pure PLAY goes (minus 1 good game vs the Bears) JPP has been largely ineffective this year…at least compared to his normal level of play. His toughness could be hurting this team at this point. I’m not even saying he’s the problem on defense, as there’s a plethora of reasons to that, but talking just his play alone as 1/11th of our Defense.

    And I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Anthony Nelson do anything other than a bull rush as far as pass rush moves.

    And I don’t mind being aggressive and blitzing, but if you are going to, you need to plaster the receivers. You can’t blitz and bring pressure AND then play soft coverage or give cushions on top of it. That just compounds ineffectiveness. When blitzing you accept that you might give up a big yardage play (that’s the risk/reward part of it). It’s not like we are giving up huge yardage or big chunk plays often, it’s mostly short to intermediate stuff…that’s clearly a sign that the DB’s are giving way too much cushion. So when you blitz as much as we do, there’s no reason that should be the case. I’d rather give up a long gain or TD by getting burned on the blitz every once in a while w/ tight coverage rather than blitz or bring pressure constantly and still give up 5-15 yard passes all day.

    Tackling has been an issue ALL season long and I’m not even gonna get started on that. Nor, the fact that we looked disinterested to even begin the game. Guess that Saints loss wasn’t enough to come out interested. That’s inexcusable.

    Also when the receivers catch the ball, we are waiting on them to come to us to make the tackle rather than attacking the ball carrier. Even on the play LVD forced the fumble. He sat on his spot 5 yards away from the receiver catching it and kinda froze stationary and let him run 5 yards towards him to the first down marker to eventually attempt to finally tackle the guy. Now thank goodness we forced the fumble, but that’s not always gonna happen. You have to attack thr tackle not just sit there and be indecisive or hesitant and letting the ball carrier come to you….you go to them. The best example of this was Jordan Whitehead’s forced fumble on Aaron Jones of the Packers last year in the Playoff’s. We aren’t doing that this year. We are doing the exact opposite a good majority of the time because we are afraid to miss the tackle and get juked and give up a big play, but in doing so we are constantly giving up 5+ extra yards to the receiver/ball carrier.

    This is coming from a more optimistic Bucs fan rather than the pessimistic type. But I’m also a realist and will say both good and bad when I see it or believe it to be.

  11. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Buc in A that’s very early in the game. How about this defense giving the momentum to the offense? It was 16-13 the bucs had just scored and you would think here we go. The Bucs are gonna take control of game. Noooo this defense gave up a drive for a td. Weak. They also never gave the Bucs offense a chance in the end because a 2-6 team milked the clock for over 10 minutes. Joke!

  12. Sandman Says:

    What about the coverage numbers? Lol

  13. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Francisco, let it rest dude!. Do you think the offense played like a winner today? They scored 19 points against the worst pass defense in the league and Chase Young was out more than half the game.
    Face it, the Bucs sucked in all 3 phases of the game today. They scored 6 GD points in the first half, and it would have been 3 without the dumbest facemask penalty with no time left.

  14. Hodad Says:

    Fire the cannons, Jason Licht has spent plenty of draft picks on DB’s. None of them have come close to becomming pro bowlers. Had we drafted a corner instead of Trask you believe that would’ve won todays game? This was a total team stink job, yeah blame the rookie who didn’t even play.

  15. FrankPillow Says:

    Todd and Byron are mediocre at best. That is all.

  16. unbelievable Says:

    LOL at their “production”.

    Those 2 got lit up more than anyone else on the defense.

    Absolutely pathetic play by both our inside linebackers.

    They should be ashamed. Oh wait, Devin White is off somewhere celebrating a stop on first down, forgetting he has to go also stop opponents on 2nd and 3rd down too. Whoops!

  17. Ben green Says:

    Stats and for losers. Ben understands that stats are all y’all had for years. This team has no identity, and no direction. You paid the wrong people, and the anal sniffing y’all displayed in relation to your tremendous GM is now laughable. The team had and has deficiencies that were not addressed. What do you expect from the toilet bowl of the NFL. Right now, you’re making even Brady look bad

  18. Ben green Says:

    Instead of making this team a juggernaut, which wouldn’t have been difficult with all the other talent. Your stupid GM decides to crank the ACDC, and pretend people play the same once paid. This group is what we call fat and happy.

  19. Eddie Marz Says:

    Got to have our players back. They need Brown and Gronk. Going no place without them. Darden gives them the ball that was right on his numbers. If you think we can rest players, your nuts. It makes a difference when you have two future hall of fame receivers out. GO BUCS!

  20. Ben green Says:

    Believe me Eddie, I’ve watched Brady win without gronk and AB. They have plenty of offense, even without those guys. It’s unimaginative game planning that’s biting them in the ass. Unless you want Brady undressing his coaches on national TV. The incompetence of this coaching staff has bled into the offense, something Ben didn’t think was possible. Secretly, I bet y’all wish belichick was y’all’s coach.

  21. OldDirtyCouch Says:

    @firethecannons Great point. Kyle Trask seemed more of a shot at Nole and Buc fans. Licht has refused to consider Noles. All of the Gator picks have been awful.. Trask VH3…

  22. Bucsfanman Says:

    ONE play really stood out to me regarding Devin White. It was the game-ending 4th quarter run by Gibson.
    JPP is CLEARLY signaling to 45 that the play is outside and 45 is lined up too far inside. As soon as the ball is snapped, 45 is caught in the wash INSIDE and Gibson bounces OUTSIDE with not even a touch.


  23. Swampbuc Says:

    This team may go down as the most underachieving defenders of a super bowl in history.