Bucs Release Statement Concerning Brown’s Fake V-Card

November 18th, 2021

Jason, what is this nonsense about?

The Bucs have responded to the allegation that furniture-tosssing, bicycle-throwing receiver Antonio Brown used a fake V-card to skirt NFL protocols on The Sickness.

The Tampa Bay Times published an explosive article claiming Brown’s model girlfriend was trying to purloin a fake V-card for Brown. It seems she texted Brown’s (former) personal chef (who Brown owes money to) who outed Brown to the Times.

It is not known if Brown is vaccinated though his lawyer claims he is.

Below is the full response from the Bucs who claim Brown’s V-card is legit

“After an extensive educational process conducted throughout our organization this past offseason highlighting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, we received completed vaccination cards from all Tampa Bay Buccaneers players and submitted the required information to the NFL through the established process in accordance with league policy. All vaccination cards were reviewed by Buccaneers personnel and no irregularities were observed.”

So there you have it. End of story.

27 Responses to “Bucs Release Statement Concerning Brown’s Fake V-Card”

  1. Spicoli Says:

    Thanks for putting out this story Joe. Sounds like AB had a disgruntled former employee

  2. Medicated Pete Says:

    National Sports radio is destroying AB right now. They’re saying kick him outta the league. Smh, society has deteriorated to pond scum

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    Shock, the fake news ST PETE Times running fake news to work a bunch of pansies into a frenzy.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow Rod, their fake news was designed to ‘work a bunch of pansies into a frenzy?’ OMG, I’m gonna have to stop reading the St Pete Times. Oh wait, I’ve never read the St Pete Times now that I think of it. I’m OK I guess.

    Intrigues me though that you keep yelping about fake news, and idiots, and pansies, and the list goes on. PERHAPS others just have different opinions than you do? Nah, why would those idiots & pansies not agree with your conclusions. Especially when they’re so tactfully stated. (Rats, damn sarcasm font is stuck again).

  5. crazybucs_CL Says:

    told ya; ‘PRAVDA’ looooves to spit on any rumor “against vaccine”…
    Rick, Rick…….👎
    AB, vaccinated or no, you are star, we waiting for you to come back healthy.
    TB12 with AB&RG are the ONLY hope we have.

  6. Just Saying Says:

    Rick Stoud is a hack

  7. Lesco_Brandon Says:

    There done non-story. AB get healthy and BUCS needs you badly. We all know you are Brady’s #1 receiver no doubt.

  8. Pruritus Ani Says:

    It’s good they put out a statement relatively fast. Hope it keeps it from becoming a distraction.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    The TBT carry’s the water for the Bidone Administration so it’s no surprise they would leap at an opportunity to cover this so-called story even if it’s without merit. Same goes for the national media. They wouldn’t dare discuss Dakota Dozier of the Minnesota Vikings who was fully vaccinated yet still ended up admitted in the hospital due to COVID complications.

    There is no centralized database for who has received a vaccination or not. Vaccine cards are the easiest medical record to fake. I have no doubt every team in the NFL has a few players that are not vaccinated and it’s their right to make that decision. It’s not as if the vaccine prevents the spread of COVID or prevents hospitalizations.

    Remember, what started as “15 days to flatten the curve” became “take a vaccine, wear a mask, or you’re fired.”

  10. NeverGIVEup Says:

    They all got the V Card through TB12

  11. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    As a fan, I don’t like that the article was published in a local paper. But, Rick Stroud is no hack. He’s an excellent reporter and I guess he’s just doing his job. But I hate it as a fan. We need AB back on the field.

  12. Steven007 Says:

    DR, be careful, or Munch will hit you with the dope and/or dullard pejoratives. Better yet he might go to his favorite old trope and tell you to you take a long walk off the skyway bridge for the crime of having an opinion that differs from his. Fancy man indeed.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    I dont know if Im interrupting this right but it sounds like to me the Bucs are saying they did their job and if the NFL dont like it then thats and NFL problem. Thank You Bucs.

  14. Pruritus Ani Says:

    That’s the problem with the mandates. There is not a real mechanism for enforcement at the company level. Most businesses don’t have a Fraud Examiner or other experts on staff to determine whether or not a vaccine card is fake or not. There is also no connectivity to a central repository with this information. In the end, the employer has to make a judgment call whether he accepts a vaccine card as proof. Most companies, and reasonable people, loathe to put themselves (and their business) in a position where they have to be the arbiter. In the end, they accepted what was offered as proof. Absent the original supposedly “fraudulent” card, it would be a very difficult prosecution. A picture isn’t going to cut in court.

  15. ClodHopper Says:

    Sounds like the Bucs just went through the motions to satisfy the NFL and don’t really care if any were fake. That’s how I interpret it anyways.

  16. stroud is a hack Says:

    Jock sniffing hack

  17. SB Says:

    What D-Rome said!

  18. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Mainstream media is a liberal cult
    Change my mind

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – I don’t care what opinions people have so long as it’s not being published as ‘news’. If you actually think the fake news St Pete Times is on the up-and-up and unbiased, then I literally have no idea what to tell you. But hey, believe whatever you want to believe.

    But as far as calling people panies and limp wrists… is this your first day here? That’s my gimmick. I call everyone names, it’s what I do. It doesn’t matter on game day and I don’t insert politics into football stories, but this isn’t a football story, it’s a story about the far left St Pete Times trying to tattle on Brown because it fits their far left agenda, and it will sell a few more papers for a dying newspaper that takes government money (took millions in COVID dollars).

  20. CleanHouse Says:

    Agree with Clodhopper although if true, I imagine Arians would not be too pleased….maybe even outraged

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … As I wrote, I’ve never read the St Pete Times so I have no idea what they’re publishing. Nor do I care BTW.

    You know it’s not my first day here, but call people ‘pansies’ and ‘limp wrists’ all you want if that’s what you consider ‘your gimmick’. Kinda bizarre however that you feel you need a gimmick at all. You might want to try what most JBFers do … just have an honest, respectful exchange of ideas with each other.

  22. Wesley Says:

    The Times is gonna be sued up the arse.

  23. Swampbuc Says:

    In other news….the Bucs have been playing with poor energy, lack of discipline and focus, and suck. So this fits quite well with the whole portfolio.

  24. Jim Says:

    What “Defense” said…

  25. Casual Observer Says:

    What SteelStudBuck said.

  26. tvan101 Says:

    Defense Rules, well said.

  27. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Defense Rules – AGREED 💯 !! Kinda funny that someone would talk crap about something that he OBVIOUSLY Read’s DAILY and can’t stop reading !! And the last time I checked , I could have sworn that articles from old news paper companies were OLD NEWS !!??