How Much Was Tom Brady’s Thumb Hurting?

October 15th, 2021

Was injured thumb bothering Tom Brady?

Tom Brady was hot as a cheesesteak right off the grill in south Philly. But with a few minutes left in the second quarter last night, Brady seemed to get ice cold.

There was a rare three-play drive for the Bucs near the end of the first half. Brady, prior to that drive, looked sensational. All of a sudden, after an illegal procedure call, Brady had two badly thrown passes and then an interception that snapped his interception-free pass attempt steak at a franchise-record 227.

Then at halftime, after being asked if Brady’s thumb was bothering him, FOX uber-NFL insider Jay Glazer shrugged it off saying it was just a “ligament.”

Yeah, just.

With Brady suddenly looking more like Stewart McClown for a brief moment there, Joe had to wonder if Brady’s thumb was bothering him.

At least Brady will now have nine days to soak that thumb in ice before the bungling Bears come to town.

19 Responses to “How Much Was Tom Brady’s Thumb Hurting?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    He threw for 81%…….2 TDs……..they shut down our WRs & he still found a way….Looked like the thumb was fine.

  2. AMI_Chris Says:

    Just win, baby! 5-1 sounds really good!

  3. cmurda Says:

    The money throw for the first down at the end to ice the game was a sigh of relief.

  4. TommyLikeWingy Says:

    There is no substitute for victory. – Ronald Reagan

  5. Oxycodoms Says:

    Kind of glad bucs lost to rams, pressure is off trying to go undefeated. They are playing loose out there starting to gel. Gio and howard still room for improvement

  6. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Well Joe my comments about TB12 going checkdown Charlie tonight seem to be explained with the Thumb injury. I cannot say for sure, but I had never seen TB12 Buc Version of Checkdown Charlie until this game.

    Still got the win,

    GO BUCS!!!!

  7. Keith Says:

    Why hasn’t this NFL BEST offense pulled there pants down and laid it on the table. Showed the league who lays the pipe at the top. Closed out games. Literally ran the board up on 4 or 5 straight drives and put the back up offense on the field. The talent is there. The best to ever do it is there.

    This Bucs fan is finally spoiled for once, in a relationship dating back to 94. I’m sick of yelling at the TV. Why can’t we have blow outs in games against bottom feeders.

    1 more thing… Joe please find me a play where M. Evan’s runs with the ball for more then 15 yards after a catch.

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    Gimme a break with the thumb theory of Troy and Buck. The guy isn’t Jesus Christ.

  9. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe I think the good news is the announcers never mentioned it. These things tend to have a way of surfacing even if its speculation. I didnt heard Aikman or Buck mention his thumb tonight unless i messed

  10. cmurda Says:

    Troy definitely mentioned it JJ

  11. JimmyJack Says:


    And my bad. SOE said they had some mention of the thumb. I guessed i missed it.

    So now Im concerned!! Dang it I was still celebrating win.

  12. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Sorry Jay Glazer, but banging your hand on a helmet doesn’t cause ligament issues.

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    Wanna see this offense. We don’t even have a healthy Gronkowski.

  14. SlyPirate Says:

    There was bad play calls on those drives. 4Net was killing them and they got cute instead of pounding the rock.

  15. SOEbuc Says:

    Jimmy Jack

    I think Joe did.

  16. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Over 200 yards passing in the first half. Brady finished the game with 297. Something happened. I don’t know what it was, but it was all check downs and screen passes in the second half, and the accuracy played tourist..

  17. Chuck T Says:


    That’s just the way Prime Time games are this year, they are always super close and come down to just 1 TD

  18. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    We could have easily scored another Tuddie at the end, we did the class thing and just ended the game, closer than it really was! We are gonna be just fine!

  19. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You’re definitely right about ME13 and YAC…only JW looks more awkward running.😬