First Time In A Long Time For Tom Brady

October 4th, 2021

Fun fact.

The Bucs won a game last night and Tom Brady didn’t throw a touchdown pass.

That right there is a very good sign for the Bucs. The team was able to gut out a very ugly win. Good teams find ways to win when things aren’t going their way.

Per Nick Shook of, the last time Brady didn’t throw a touchdown pass was last year when the Bucs played against the slimy Saints on Sunday Night Football and got their tails kicked between their legs.

As we all know, the Bucs only lost two more games the rest of the season and steamrolled through the playoffs to win the Super Bowl.

Joe put in the research and Brady had a 20-17 record in regular season games during his 20-year career with the Belicheats when he did not throw a touchdown pass (and played most of the game). Most of those games came early in his career.

46 Responses to “First Time In A Long Time For Tom Brady”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    He didn’t trust Mike Evans down by the endzone after Mike Evans dropped the pass earlier that would’ve sealed the game. Mike is lucky we won that game

  2. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Hey Joe,

    How about an in-depth analysis of our All-World LT’s “performance” last night?
    The real Durable Donnie showed up last night.
    He will get TB injured.

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Who would’ve thought Fournette and RoJo could gain yardage. They need to doing that even when Brady is having a good game. He was awful in the rain last night.

  4. Beeej Says:

    That “hands to the face” thing killed a 46 yarder to AB

  5. Hodad Says:

    Yep, Tom Brady is human after all. The homecoming with all the hype got to him. He missed throws he usually makes in his sleep, looked confused at times, but in the end, he was a big reason we won. I’m glad the Bucs ran the ball as much as they did. It’s games like this Joe, in weather like that where you need to run the ball. Can’t just throw it all over the yard every game, because that’s what we do best. Got to have that ability to pound the rock too, and have some balance to your attack.

  6. SOEbuc Says:


    One more showing of how AWFUL that guy really is. “Oh he’s developing into a better player.” BULLSH!T!!! Continues to let no name DE get to Brady. He might have more penalties already from when he lead the league at the end of last year.

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    Doosh and SOEbuc, what about Cappa? RoJo? They also missed blocks. I’ll admit, DS has had 2 bad games in a row. But he’s not the only one.

  8. Craig Says:

    Brady proved that he is still a human. As such he wore his heart on his sleeve and it got in the way of his almost automated QB play.

    Relax folks, this will be the wake-up call of this season. Brady will crank up the steamroller next week and not turn it off till the season is over.

    That will, at least, be somewhere deep in the playoffs, if the defensive backfield shows up for all those games.

  9. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Thought we are 3-1, one could argue that all 3 have been FUGLY wins.

  10. zzbuc Says:

    A couple of years ago there was no way we could win this game…..We did it, and that´s positive…..But being honest, we are on game 4 of the season and we didn´t play well enough on any of them……We have injuries all over the secondary and the Gronk situation doesn´t look any good……..

    There is a long road and time to improve, bue we NEED to improve, if we do not is going to be very hard!!!

    Gholston, Winfield, Brown, Lenny, Vea, ME13 (despite the drop) had great games, but we will need more from Rojo, Brate OJ, Shaq, Jpp Suh, and D White…

    ANd one thing that concerns me, and I don´t wanna sound like a crying baby…Refs yesterday were Horrible……that´s something to be worried about

  11. Mike C Says:

    Better than 1 and 3 with a pretty win.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:


    True, but Rojo is a runner first and foremost, not a full-time highly paid blocker.
    Cappa? Eh, not playing his best but also not making the glaring mistakes on the outside/TB’s blind side.
    I also don’t see Cappa loafing and appearing uninterested.

    Joe in Michigan…….your thoughts?

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Exactly….no TDs from Brady..

    Don’t get me wrong….I love the guy….brought us to relevancy & won a championship….but..

    Very poor accuracy last night (50%)……..some poor choices or bad paycalling…

    Especially that last drive….not moving the chains & leaving 2 min on the clock…. I think TB wanted the TD too badly….

    Believe it or not, our defense won that game for us, along with Succop….we held them to 17 points….got 2 turnovers, 4 sacks and minus 1 yard rushing…..sure….the rookie lit us up….but it was mostly in front of our dbacks…..

    We stopped them when it counted.

    I’ll give Brady credit for moving it down the field when it counted most.

  14. AMI_Chris Says:

    There aren’t too many teams whose offenses are so bad that we can beat them without a TD pass from Brady. The Pats are one. Luckily, so are the Dolphins, next week. I’ll take a W no matter how it comes.

  15. alton d green Says:

    let me preach on it. Todd, it’s not a penalty to make adjustments. Last night their QB could have thrown the ball blind folded and hit a receiver

  16. Casual Observer Says:

    I’m beginning to think that our LT is overrated and overpaid.
    And that our RBs aren’t so bad – though still can’t catch very well.
    Brady had a slightly off night – too many high passes. But good enough to win. Rain seemed to affect our receivers but not the Pats’.
    Why would nay team want to run on the Bucs when the short passing game is so easy. The rookie QB set a record – 19 consecutive completions in the 2nd. half.

  17. 163doubleplay Says:

    Without Brady driving the Bucs near the red zone, BUCS will be 0-4 right now. Arians, Leftwich and Bowles, all need to step up their game planning, there is no creativity in their game plan. Receivers cannot get open against a bad defensive team, pass rushers cannot get to the opposing QB with a bad OL. Arians just keep blaming players that they should have done this and that but in reality it’s to vanilla.

  18. Hodad Says:

    Hey Pete, you sound like a guy who used to post here all the time, but left town when the Bucs started winning. T Max?

  19. SOEbuc Says:


    I think RoJo scored one of the non-throwing TD that saved our a$$ big time. And yes, he is an up the gut runner that will get you 3-5+ yards, so yes he’s not the best pass. But Smith is a toilet bug. LT round one.

  20. Rico210 aka wutdaBucisthis Says:

    Coming off a Superbowl win, sitting at 3-1 to start the season. Excuse me,
    Superbowl win at home. Tied for 1st place to start the season… one would never know it with all the tears in here. Lol. 2 years ago on our way to 7-9 and a team that couldn’t win a game like this. We were lost. Now look at us. Damn give the team a break. We won. Could it have been better? No doubt
    But seriously 3-1
    Go Bucs

  21. DoooshLaRue Says:


    I don’t think Pete is T mx…….
    T was a bad speller.

  22. Buxszntkt Says:

    I think Donnie donuts needs some recommendations on performance enhancers from medicated Pete, and no Pete I’m not talking about that little blue pill.

  23. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey zzbuc: you missed LVD on that list.

  24. Bucfan81 Says:

    Someone needs to ask Bruce at his daily press conference about these damn refs. It’s getting worse every week and the fix is in on this team. The refs are trying to do anything and everything to make sure we lose. It is hard enough to go out and beat the other team each week with how beat up and injured this roster is but to see how many bad calls are going against us is getting out of hand. I hope BA is submitting this stuff to league office.

  25. Bobby M. Says:

    The good teams find ways to win ugly games and beat the teams they are supposed to beat. 3-1 is a good finish to the 1st qtr of the season….IMO teams don’t start to really get in sync until weeks 5 and 6. From that point, if we remain healthy, I expect some very efficient play from the offense. The defense is simply duct taped together right now….if we don’t have a two score lead, Bowles will remain pretty vanilla with the goal of forcing teams to drive the field then settle for FGs.

  26. PassingThru Says:

    Give Judon credit. He manhandled Smith and even powered by Marpet. It was pretty damn impressive to say the least. RoJo on the other hand is bedeviled by his inability to read and react in pass protection plays. While he’s a better pure runner than Fournette, I simply don’t trust him.

    No TD passes by Brady, but there were drops that either could or should have led to TDs. Brady was definitely too amped, but some of those drops were probably also attributable to nerves by the receivers. Arians might call it just another game, but the receivers knew what it meant to Brady and I think it tensed them up too.

  27. zzbuc Says:

    orlbucfan…you are so right!!!! My Bad……LVD yesterday was great….My bad agaiin!!!!

  28. 8l3bucboi Says:


    you B wrong! BS Arians always coach sloppy undisciplined teams!

    Go bucs!

  29. PassingThru Says:

    What I think is conspicuously missing among many fans is that the New England pass defense is excellent, one of the best in the league. Their CBs did a fantastic job of neutralizing Evans and Godwin. For the most part, Antonio Brown did well against Jonathan Jones who is one of the better slot corners in the league. On top of that this New England defensive secondary (with the exception of one CB) are vets who have worked together as a unit for years. That’s why Belichick was able to conjure up an elaborate game plan on one week’s notice.

  30. Bucs Win Says:

    76 still does the same garbage he always does. Show’s physically but not mentally. That being said the Officiating in the NFL is terrible. Why can’t clearly bad calls be fixed? Don’t want to be that guy but the Ref’s are ruining the game.

  31. NPRbuc Says:

    Miracle win for Bucs but we will take it! Was looking forward to seeing what OJ could do. It was his night to blow up like we have been told he is ready to do. Zero receptions? Where did Godwin disappear to? NE must have a much better secondary than stats show. 76 played a hell of a game as a matador. Talk about a turnstile. How about Brown pulling his arms in and jumping out of the way when he was in position to throw a hell of a block? I don’t think I have seen anyone so afraid of contact since PeeWee football! Beyond embarrassing to witness that from a grown man. The game was full of blown assignments, missed tackles, etc yet WE WON!! Officiating beyond horrible. Suprised that NY didn’t reverse the last field goal attempt and say it bounced through. Yet- WE WON! We need a clean up in aisle 5 immediately if we expect this type of effort will get us to the promised land again. GO BUCS!

  32. Mike Says:

    Brady missed his ultra reliable TE Gronk in this one. D. Smith was beaten like a drum but Judon is a very, very good DE, so it’s not like he was beaten by a scrub or something.

  33. Beeej Says:

    DS is better than most left tackles. I dare say he is NOT better than that Judon guy

  34. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Nice to have “0” in the int column! That is another reason we won…

  35. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Wow this is a TOUGH crowd! So let me see did we lose last night? Oh that’s right we won and at 3-1 are tied with the Panthers for the NFC South lead and a game ahead of the Saints. But…but…didn’t they deduct “style points” from our “wins”. You mean “style points” don’t even count in the standings.

    That opener against the Cowboys was the ONLY loss the ‘Boys have this season.
    They are now 3-1 and we may be glad to have that head to head win over them…uh again unless they deduct style points. Our only loss comes on the road against the 3-1 Rams. The Falcons at home were the only soft touch we’ve faced this year.

    We played AT New England in a torrential downpour for most of the game, against a team and coach just as amped up as we were. Hostile crowd, horrid weather..some bad throws and at least 3 dropped balls that Brady placed perfectly, by receivers..AB and ME13 who don’t usually drop the ball.


    BTW the “great” Bill Belehick has coached 7 seasons without Brady. He was a LOSER in six of those seven seasons. He’s now 1-3 this season! I suspect though that the Pats will finish strong since they finally have another good QB and as always with BB a solid and improving defense.

    BB is an all time great DC…as an HC without Brady however his record speaks for itself. ONE winning season..SIX losing seasons.

    But again he is a great DC and Brady would not have as many rings without BB’s defense to complement his offense.

  36. SlyPirate Says:

    20 year relationships. A dynasty. A lot of memories, friends, and family.

    Brady wasn’t himself for a lot of reasons.

    He’ll throw 3 next week.

  37. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall had the tissues and lotion ready but unfortunately couldn’t pull the trigger.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    TB12 let the weather get the best of him. He hasn’t played or practiced in cool windy rainy conditions in a long while. It was definitely a 12’th man for the pats. Bill sorrynogoodcheateverychanceyouget Bellyache probably had the balls overfilled with air because he knows Tom likes it a little soft. Seriously guys, when was the last time you saw TB12 sail so many passes like that? I smell a rat lol. We used to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and now win most games that we should be losing. Fret not, all is well, whinebags.

  39. Mike Says:

    It was a Patriots-like win. Most Patriots’ s playoff games were close games, that was the reason why Bill could only be dominant when TB was his QB. You can see that Jones and Winston lost the close games yesterday while they were playing pretty well.

  40. Buckaroo Boozie Says:

    Ya’ll need to chill… next tough game against a real contender isn’t until Bills in December 🍻

  41. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I love the comments Bucs defense won the game when Patriots average over 3 games was 18 points/game. Congrats what an accomplishment. Dropped picks AGAIN, poor tackling except during the running plays. Was it Winfield that let Henry push him out of the way as he scored? How about the pass to tightend on goaline? Complete broken coverage.Bucs Def made Jones look like a All Pro. On the other side I didn’t see 6 dropped passes from Pat’s no name receivers. BA and BL had no answer to Belichick defense. Sure Brady had a few sailing throws but he wasn’t choking Judon on a 46 yd gain that got called back. How about Godwin, couldn’t get open. Chip shot miss FG early and Brown does his.job and catches TD in 4th quarter much different narrative today, same if Folk FG made, whole different narrative.

  42. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I regret to inform : TB12, has had bad games before. He’ll likely have another one, one day, lol

  43. Buc-em-up84 Says:

    You guys are talking about #76 in the couple plays that he didn’t make but what about the plays where he is actually giving Brady 3&4 secs to scan the field…. DS didn’t have his best game by far but u actually think Belichick paid Judon all that money and he’s not good….

  44. Izod Says:

    I expected his emotions to get the better of him before the game, and if it wasn’t for the rain, I’d blame his mediocre performance (poor by Brady’s standards) on that alone.

    Of course, there was Belichick who probably knows better than anyone on the planet what Brady’s actual weaknesses are and how to design a D-game plan accordingly.

    Even when guys would get open, Brady uncharacteristically missed them left and right.

  45. “That guy” Says:

    He may not have thrown a TD, but he damn sure converted the most important 3rd down of the game on the ground.

  46. Buckaroo Boozie Says: