Bucs-Eagles, Open Thread

October 14th, 2021

More hate.

Comments through tonight’s game with fellow fans and a small handful of haters.

Behave like a decent human being — unless you’re blasting the zebras or moronic Eagles fans who find their way in here.

Go Bucs!

907 Responses to “Bucs-Eagles, Open Thread”

  1. MadBuc Says:


  2. HC Grover Says:

    Run Run Run!

  3. Spicoli Says:


  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    The beer is cold and the joints are rolled. GO BUCS!!!

  5. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Just Win Baby…LFG..GO Bucs!!!

  6. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Let’s have a good game and come with the win. Eff the Eagles, Go Bucs!!!

  7. Wesley Says:

    Please don’t let them move the ball downfield at will.

  8. Medicated Pete Says:

    JTS & Devin White both make big plays. Stone cold lead pipe lock

  9. DaBux Says:

    Can we just dominate for 59:30 please?

  10. EA Says:

    Lets GO !!!!

  11. Miller5252 Says:

    This can be a big night for white shadowing hurts. Let’s go boys start fast

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Hey, I just saw Donnie due half his job.

  13. BuccoDav Says:

    Sound the cannons!

  14. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Nice hold Donnie

  15. HC Grover Says:

    All of a sudden….RED ZONE.

  16. Buczilla Says:

    Gosh I despise the Eagles. 5th place on my despise chart after every other team in our division. Go Bucs!

  17. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Another good hold Donnie

  18. BuccoDav Says:


  19. DoooshLaRue Says:

    That was easy.

  20. HC Grover Says:

    Hot diggity dog.

  21. 163Doubleplay Says:

    Great start !!!

  22. Wesley Says:

    Eat it O.J. haters!

  23. David Says:

    Beautiful drive.
    Great execution, great blocking, pass, run, play calling…

  24. Miller5252 Says:

    Now the D’s turn to shut em down

  25. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    That drive reminded me of the new SHAQ commercial for General Ins…THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!
    LFG TB12 and Bucs!!
    Watching greatness every week boys!!!

  26. Bird Says:

    Love it !

  27. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    so far so good.

  28. David Says:


    I would just like to point out that they just had a fantastic drive and you’re trying to find a player to hate on.
    You’re pathetic.

    And holding from the armpits on in is NOT holding. Learn the rules

  29. King C Says:

    Let’s give Byron Leftwich credit for calling these plays
    They’ve cut way back on the long bomb throws from last year
    Somehow Brady has been able to make sure that Evans, CW and AB eat

  30. 163Doubleplay Says:

    I hope that breaks the slump for Howard.

  31. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Come on D…put your sh!t together tonight

  32. Rico210 aka wutdaBucisthis Says:

    Let’s go!!! Get this sh!t
    Go Bucs

  33. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Meet the Bucs run D Mr Hurts

  34. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Get it out of your system early Barrett

  35. orlbucfan Says:

    Shaq B needs to chill.

  36. David Says:

    Now that was a real hold, JPP got held.

  37. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    At least the quick passes don’t seem to be there!!

  38. orlbucfan Says:

    Hurts just ran for 100 yards.

  39. Wesley Says:

    So I guess holding is okay tonight wtf!

  40. Dirty Bucs Says:

    Blatant holding right in front of the ref. No call.

  41. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Mr Hurts looks a little skiddish

  42. Medicated Pete Says:

    If Shaq does that again, trade his ass

  43. cmurda Says:

    Get off the freaking field on this 3rd down. 3rd and long again. Get pressure boys.

  44. orlbucfan Says:

    Refs are revving up.

  45. Wesley Says:


  46. rrsrq Says:

    Dang, I wanted a three and out in the first series

  47. cmurda Says:


  48. Jmarkbuc Says:

    How do you get them in third and 12 and let them complete it

  49. Wesley Says:

    We don’t make 3rd down stops.

  50. cmurda Says:

    3rd and long and our defense goes stupid

  51. David Says:

    Damn. If that wasn’t tipped that would’ve been intercepted

  52. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    That was just a hell of a catch nice play by Cockerell though

  53. cmurda Says:

    My frigging God. Stay the eff onside

  54. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Get that snap count down now boys

  55. rrsrq Says:

    There’s 2

  56. David Says:

    People need to look at the replays. The defense played great the ball was tipped the receiver made a great adjustment. If it wasn’t tipped it would’ve been intercepted.

    8 minutes in to the game, winning by 7, and people are whining SMH

  57. cmurda Says:

    Sherman is gone. Are you kidding me? The injury bug is biting this team hard

  58. Wesley Says:

    Philly fans are pure trash.

  59. Jmarkbuc Says:


  60. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Turn your damn head Dean!!!!!

  61. BuccoDav Says:


  62. Wesley Says:

    Turn around you dumb ass!

  63. Bucsfan81 Says:

    We have no CB that can play. We have to out score everyone

  64. cmurda Says:

    Dean. Will never turn the corner. Lets just acknowledge it. Look how pathetic that technique is. Zero ball awareness. It is what it is. He’s a middling guy

  65. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Going to have to score 50

  66. orlbucfan Says:

    Sherman out. Bucs Luck. 7-7.

  67. PassingThru Says:


  68. Wesley Says:

    Pathetic a.f.

  69. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    We’ll, good thing we have a great offense…cuz we can’t stop just about any opposing team on D

  70. Medicated Pete Says:

    Defense would get lit up by a high school team

  71. King C Says:

    Weird things happen on Thursday night

  72. orlbucfan Says:

    Called it. This will be a dogfight.

  73. EA Says:

    Dang, Feels like that Chicago game last year, bucs start hot and than penalties all game long.

  74. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Go score again offense!!! Keep the pressure on the young QB

  75. cmurda Says:

    Our defense should be better than this with Publix baggers. It’s piss poor and humiliating. The offense has to go berserk. We let bad defenses look good. Tons of penalties and mental stupidity. Per usual our defense is a joke out of the gate.

  76. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Didn’t the receiver grab Dean first?
    Sure looked like it

  77. Bucsfan81 Says:

    We just need to go for it on 4th down cause we will have to score on every possession. We can’t stop anyone. This crap won’t fly come playoff time

  78. rrsrq Says:

    Well now we no we gotta score every time

  79. Jerry Says:

    Well that was a disaster. Sherman hurt. Penalties all over the place. Giving up 3rd and longs.

  80. Wesley Says:

    This defense is incredibly frustrating to watch.

  81. HC Grover Says:


  82. Swanee22 Says:

    Dean has no awareness where the ball is at anytime. How he made this roster is amazing.

  83. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Embarrassing opening drive by the D. Dean, of course, gives points away every game.

  84. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Shut up David

  85. unbelievable Says:

    That was honestly such a week call, Dean didn’t affect him at all. But it looked like he did in real time.

    That’s said- what the heck are we supposed to do on defense when our top FOUR cornerbacks are all injured?

    Better put up points!!!

  86. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Man our secondary stinks. D line was getting some ok pressure there. Guys are just always open.

  87. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Our D gets pressure but no sacks

  88. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  89. King C Says:

    I like an entertaining game
    Dolfins started out good then got blown away. Let’s see what Philly can do

  90. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Well y’all, we gotta remember we are missing 2 CBs, 1 S and 1 LB…can only get better as the year goes on

  91. Defense Rules Says:

    3 Bucs penalties giving Eagles a total of 55 yards didn’t help the defense’s case much.

  92. timbucs2 Says:

    LOL. 55 penalty yards in the first drive. No biggie.

    Our pass D is atrocious.

  93. Jerry Says:

    Sherman out with a hamstring

  94. cmurda Says:

    Forget about the injuries for a second. It was 3rd and long twice on that drive. Stop giving bailouts. It’s unacceptable and I expect better out of our defense against a below average offense.

  95. Buxco Says:

    Refs helped them with that no call on holding.

  96. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Open up the pass game…run some screens and passes to LF

  97. Im not tired anymore we Super Bowl Champs!! Says:

    A couple of holding penalties in front of the refs on JPP and they ain’t calling it. We need to trade for a corner. Let’s go Bucs!!

  98. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bucs are so lucky Dean is back. WTF. Very discipline D Coach Bowles

  99. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Gonna need to give up some draft capital and trade for some dbs

  100. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Calm down everyone…..David said we’re all good.

  101. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    See, Im a genius…pass the ball to LF

  102. HC Grover Says:

    Philthydelphia Slugfest

  103. Im not tired anymore we Super Bowl Champs!! Says:

    And yes go for it always

  104. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Not an excuse cmurda it’s hope for the future

  105. SteveK Says:

    LFG Bucs!

  106. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Bulldozer Lenny!!

  107. HC Grover Says:

    Yes! Run the clock,

  108. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    MAN…when Lenny gets a head of steam ain’t nobody stopping him!!

  109. HC Grover Says:

    Suddenly WE RUN!

  110. orlbucfan Says:

    Fournette is gearing up again.

  111. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    RBs are our best receivers so far this game

  112. HC Grover Says:

    Hot diggity dog!

  113. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Offensive line with time for TB = TD to AB!!!

  114. BuccoDav Says:

    Boom, Again!

  115. Wesley Says:

    Problem is now our defense has to take the field 🙁

  116. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    This offense is shredding the 3rd ranked passing defense!! Ha, ranks don’t mean sh!t against the GOAT and our overloaded offense!!

  117. orlbucfan Says:

    Go get ’em Rojo. TD. 14-7. Uh oh, defense coming back out. The walking wounded.

  118. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Well, that looked good…we are scoring easier than they are…

  119. Jerry Says:

    If we just had an AVERAGE passing defense. This team is unbeatable.

  120. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe the D can hold them to 3 points!

  121. King C Says:

    Wow has a defender even breathed on Brady yet
    OL dominating

  122. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Alright y’all, our D has been shredded early in several games this year but been able to stiffen up as the game goes on…let’s see how they respond after our O is getting it done

  123. 163Doubleplay Says:

    Lets go defense. Step up your game. Go Bucs !

  124. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Brady might have 6 TDs after this game. Both defenses on both sides suck. I just hope we have the ball last.

  125. cmurda Says:

    Dang Sherman already ruled out. Delaney out there? Our secondary is a bunch of nearly unrecognizable names. Let’s hope they can make a name for themselves.

  126. Defense Rules Says:

    Oh this is gonna be an interesting game. Now we need a defensive stop. I’d settle for just one at this point.

  127. VSyl Says:

    This offense is really unstopable when they are clicking. Just imagine when Gronk comes back…

  128. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    I think we need to calm down a bit y’all…we only lost to a complete team that was able to slow our offense…otherwise we are unbeaten in 12/13 games

  129. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Gonna be a shootout. Hope our D can stop them a few times

  130. Buc king Says:

    Time to bash on some brother love n eat some bird tonight…from my heart ❤ I say f the eagles

  131. HC Grover Says:

    If Brady can win 7 points a quarter we got it.

  132. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Yeah, keep running it Eagles…go right ahead

  133. BuccoDav Says:

    Why would you bother running on us?

  134. Doctor Stroud Says:

    The team with the ball last wins?

  135. HC Grover Says:

    The Philthys could make a mistake.

  136. 163Doubleplay Says:

    We need the front four dominating their OL. We cannot rely on the secondary right now.

  137. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Our O did keep the ball out of Philly’s hands for most of the quarter, seems like a winning formula to me. On pace for 56 pts!!!

  138. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Doctor S, I don’t think our O lets it get that close…we’re not just scoring we’re controlling the clock

  139. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    HEY, we got a stop!!! WHITEHEAD!!!

  140. Doctor Stroud Says:


  141. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Wait.. was that a stop?

  142. BuccoDav Says:

    Is that a stop?

  143. orlbucfan Says:

    Punting. Go Whitehead.

  144. HC Grover Says:

    7 more now!

  145. Wesley Says:

    HOLY CRAP a 3 and out!

  146. VSyl Says:

    21-7 incoming

  147. Doctor Stroud Says:

    The Iggles basically wasted a play with a run on 1st down. Shocked that any team tries to run on the Bucs. That’s okay. We’ll take it!

  148. Bucsfan81 Says:

    It’s rare the defense actually got off the field.

  149. Defense Rules Says:

    Great breakup by Whitehead. That’s the defensive stop that we needed. Time to score again.

  150. Miller5252 Says:

    Why are DB’s still playing special teams?? Have we not had enough Walmart greeters try out for our secondary?

  151. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Keep the pressure with scores Bucs…make the young QB take all the pressure on himself

  152. BucfaninMi Says:

    Now take control. A quick Eagle heartbreaking touchdown and never look back.

  153. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Let’s go Bucs, all gas no breaks

  154. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Now, it’s ME13’s turn!

  155. SoberInYbor Says:

    Bucs offense is a freaking machine. The front door are destroyed thier on-line. GO BUCS BABY

  156. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    That was broadcasted and sniffed out

  157. cmurda Says:

    Byron got cute on the 2nd down call which was dumb. Our receivers are dominating their secondary. Why do some swing pass nonsense.

  158. HC Grover Says:


  159. Wesley Says:

    4th and 2 my ass.

  160. Jerry Says:

    Defense gets a 3 and out, and then the offense goes 3 and out.

  161. Wesley Says:

    Go for it!

  162. cmurda Says:

    Go for it Bruce. Our defense made a rare stop. I don’t know that we will get a bunch of those.

  163. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Go for it!!! Killer instinct is what Champs show

  164. BucfaninMi Says:

    Well… I guess not 😐

  165. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Go for it the defense can’t stop anyone

  166. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A couple of great plays….

  167. cmurda Says:

    Weak Bruce. Thats weak

  168. SteveK Says:

    Go Bucs Go!

  169. SteveK Says:

    Pin them deep pinion.

  170. rrsrq Says:

    C’mon Bucco Bruce

  171. Wesley Says:

    That was a mistake.

  172. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Come on…1 yard should have gone for it

  173. HC Grover Says:

    Pinion pins em back

  174. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t think they could have stopped us..

  175. VSyl Says:

    They are not going for 4th&2 in the 40 yard?? kidding me right? That’s a no brainer

  176. Steven Says:

    That was definitely a mistake. With all the injuries to our defense we needed to go up by 2 scores for sure.

  177. SteveK Says:

    Let’s see our D Line unleash here.

  178. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    It was 1 yard not 2 and we were moving the ball with ease…except for a dumb fancy play that lost 4

  179. unbelievable Says:

    Def should have gone for it.

    Weak @ss sh!t

  180. BucfaninMi Says:

    Lenny would’ve got it. He’s got the hot hand. Leave Jones to close.

  181. Listnfrmafar Says:

    More bad coaching.

  182. Coburn Says:

    Weird my posts ended up in so.e Sherman thread. Jpp was clearly held on that scramble on third and long that led to their score. Was blatant. Beofre that they weren’t moving it at all

  183. BucfaninMi Says:

    Block in the back

  184. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Nice hustle…pulled him forward 2 yards too

  185. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Thank you Mr Hurts for a bad throw

  186. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Well alrighty then

  187. orlbucfan Says:

    About time Shaq showed up.

  188. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Wow 2 stops.

  189. BuccoDav Says:

    2 stops in a row… D is on fire!

  190. HC Grover Says:

    7 Mo

  191. Doctor Stroud Says:

    “Just missed him”?

  192. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Time for a 61 yard TD drive…no f’ing around…put the foot on their throat!!

  193. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That worked out….

  194. Steven Says:

    Or just do that.

  195. Medicated Pete Says:

    Brady ripped Jensen a new butthole

  196. cmurda Says:

    That was a nice stop by the D but it was still the wrong call by Bruce.

  197. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Let’s score right here and keep our foot on the gas

  198. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Only 1 bad play…bad play call in my opinion, but I guess a block was missed for AB

  199. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Deep shot coming

  200. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Don’t get away from the pass let’s go

  201. cmurda Says:

    Thats a pick. Jensen is having a really bad game

  202. HC Grover Says:


  203. Coburn Says:

    Not a pick. Moved in the ground

  204. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    How about early on Brate??? Seems like a no call to me

  205. BucfaninMi Says:

    Not a pick

  206. BuccoDav Says:

    Looked like Brate was being tackled before the ball got there.

  207. PassingThru Says:

    I don’t think that INT stands.

    But fwiw, this is some very lame play calling by Leftwich.

  208. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Anybody think we’ll get a call in our favor with that pick??? Yeah right…it’s gonna be a ruling stands BS

  209. Jerry Says:

    Now the offense is stalling out.

  210. Coburn Says:

    Not a pick. Ground was pushing it around

  211. BucfaninMi Says:

    Not getting calls again!😡

  212. SteveK Says:

    Shoot, tipped ball. Nice catch. Let’s go D.

  213. rrsrq Says:

    Ok, these last two series not Bucs ball. Brady forces that one

  214. cmurda Says:

    Right now we are playing to the level of our competition exactly like we did in the first half last week. Bruce pussed out on a 4th and 1 and that was just the wrong guy to throw it to.

  215. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    3rd pick that ain’t Brady’s fault…gotta say though, should have been a much faster developing route on that play

  216. View from 132 Says:

    Philly refs. It’s a pick. Wouldn’t be surprised if they said it was a touchdown Philly because some bookie up there made a threat.

  217. PassingThru Says:

    Wanted: Offensive Coordinator

  218. cmurda Says:

    That was a pick. If the hand is near the bottom, they don’t overturn those

  219. Medicated Pete Says:

    Brate too slow to separate from LB

  220. Doctor Stroud Says:

    The Bucs receivers catch footballs like that all the time, but the refs always call them incomplete. Yes, this qualifies as “blasting the zebras”!

  221. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Get the f*ck off the run and pass it…pass it to the back like we did earlier

  222. Jugheadfla Says:

    Ball on the ground

  223. PassingThru Says:

    He trapped the ball with the ground, that’s no INT.

  224. HC Grover Says:

    3 points only please.

  225. rrsrq Says:

    No argument, that was definitely a pick. Hands under the ball with control

  226. SteveK Says:

    All gravy, let’s get ours D!

    And the Sherman injury is a blessing in disguise. No doubt about it now, we need to make a trade before the deadline in a couple weeks.

  227. View from 132 Says:

    Bert Emmanuel anyone?

  228. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Godwin was wide open on that play!!!!what was Brady looking at??

  229. SteveK Says:

    Mike Perrera says incomplete, lol let’s see if the field crew agrees?

  230. PassingThru Says:

    For the love of God, the Bucs with their intermediate range passing attack had Phili on their heels. Then they resort to this tepid running game.

  231. Jugheadfla Says:

    His hands were on the side of the ball, ball hit the ground

  232. HC Grover Says:


  233. Coburn Says:

    Touches ground before hand goes under. Can clearly see it. Initially his hand are to the sides of it and it contacts ground

  234. cmurda Says:

    The NFL is on the 5 year plan deciding this one.

  235. rrsrq Says:

    Could’ve call DPI, which is probably what BA is complaining about

  236. PassingThru Says:

    That was definitely no INT

  237. Jugheadfla Says:

    Told ya

  238. BucfaninMi Says:

    They’ll get screwed

  239. Medicated Pete Says:

    We got lucky. The TB12 effect

  240. David Says:

    Too bad they can’t review it and see that it was a pass interference

  241. cmurda Says:


  242. HC Grover Says:

    Sweet we get a call!

  243. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Finally got a call…

  244. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    We’ll 2 fantastic possessions and then 2 sh!t possessions

  245. Coburn Says:

    Got it right

  246. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go Bucs!

  247. rrsrq Says:

    They wanna keep Brady’s streak going of passes without an INT

  248. cmurda Says:

    Grow a pair Bruce and go for it. No risk it? No remember Brucey?

  249. HC Grover Says:

    Pinion pins em back.

  250. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    David, I agree…got there early on Brate…but damn Godwin was wide @ss open

  251. SteveK Says:

    Nice call! Don’t expect that being a Bucs fan, but glad we have the Goat!

  252. PassingThru Says:

    The call shouldn’t have been that close, to be perfectly honest.

  253. BomTrady Says:

    Because they kicked Gruden out of the ROH, the NFL likes the Bucs now.

    Too soon?

  254. unbelievable Says:

    Also, that was pass interference.

    But I guess we only call that on the Bucs these days.

  255. SteveK Says:

    Let’s get a turnover!

    Which no name CB is going to make a play?

  256. Defense Rules Says:

    Two punts in a row? Offense needs to finds some urgency.

  257. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Too much time…no pressure

  258. cmurda Says:

    Ugh Devin. Plagued by those coverage mishaps

  259. SteveK Says:

    If I was a QB and Devin White was chasing me down, I’d be scared lol. He’s a huge/fast man!

  260. PassingThru Says:

    Now that is an INT.

  261. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    What were y’all saying about Dean??

  262. BuccoDav Says:

    There you go, Dean!

  263. EA Says:

    nice pick, lets get a TD here and get some separation

  264. SteveK Says:

    Let’s see big sexy Vita!

  265. HC Grover Says:


  266. Medicated Pete Says:

    INT….good things can happen when u turn your head around

  267. cmurda Says:

    Holy moly. Maybe Dean does see the ball sometimes. Ok lets go offense. Gotta get it going again

  268. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Agree about needing to trade for a CB but who do we trade?
    We only have one group that’s loaded and that’s WR.

    Who goes?

    Good play Dean!

  269. BucfaninMi Says:

    That’s a pick

  270. BomTrady Says:


  271. SteveK Says:

    Alright Dean! Good receiving skills!

  272. HC Grover Says:

    7 please.

  273. Go Bucs! Says:

    TB Time

  274. DoooshLaRue Says:


  275. Defense Rules Says:

    Aahh yes, now I feel better. Dean comes through with the INT.

  276. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Man affected his throw!!!!

  277. cmurda Says:

    Alex Cappa? Dude. You better get right. There’s a guy that can take your place in a heartbeat. He’s not cutting it.

  278. David Says:

    See what happens when you get your head around and find the ball!?!?
    When you are 25 yards downfield that should happen every time.
    Locate the ball

  279. SteveK Says:

    Now, play action, tuddy!

  280. Jugheadfla Says:

    Cappa having a sharty game

  281. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Alright, d@m broken…now move it at will

  282. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Coke pass it to the RB…run game ain’t producing too much

  283. SteveK Says:

    Good play Brate!

  284. SteveK Says:

    First and Lenny!

  285. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    MAN, almost broke one

  286. SteveK Says:

    Keep grinding Bucs!

  287. BuccoDav Says:

    Great run, Lenny!

  288. SteveK Says:

    AB is a boss!

  289. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Holy spit!!!! Lombardi Lenny is f*cking amazing!!!!

  290. cmurda Says:

    Lombardi “Making Moves” Lenny

  291. SteveK Says:

    Lenny is a runaway freight train. Love it!

    Joe was right, Lenny getting skinny in the new number.

  292. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Great job by Jensen on pulling up on that block in the back possibility

  293. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Careful OJ….you might get hurt.

  294. SteveK Says:

    Ok, now let RoJo run around the corner.

  295. SteveK Says:

    Go OJ

  296. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Run rojo

  297. cmurda Says:

    Godwin’s like dude I’m still going. Refs job to protect him. I get it.

  298. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    No FG Bucs

  299. SteveK Says:

    I love Godwin and his toughness, but sometimes when he’s pushing piles I worry he’s going to get the ball ripped out. He runs so damn hard!

  300. cmurda Says:

    What a catch! Finish it boys!

  301. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Alright, iso for ME13…TD for TB12

  302. SteveK Says:

    Third and Fournette!

    If the Eagles sell out to stop run, Brady will adjust snd get the first/score.

  303. cmurda Says:

    I love everything about Lenny right now. What a big boy first down run there. Give that man the ball until he finds paydirt.

  304. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go Bucs!

    Get 6 here

  305. PassingThru Says:

    Great, 1st and goal from the two.

    I’d love to see Vita Vea at FB carry it in for a score.

  306. rrsrq Says:

    Don’t let the defense on the field, it’s time for an ME touchdown

  307. SteveK Says:

    Lenny ilia a godsend.

    So lucky we have him and that Brady knows how to set up his chess pieces. I am impressed with his ability to call a game.

  308. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Fournette has more than earned the feature back roll…I love it! Good part is ROJO will be fresh as the year goes on

  309. NaplesBucsFan Says:


  310. SteveK Says:

    I’m with PassingThru!

    Give it to Vita foe a big boy Tuddy, let Suh be his FB

  311. David Says:

    Give Brady a passing touchdowns or run run run?

  312. PassingThru Says:


  313. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    TOO EASY!!!

  314. HC Grover Says:


  315. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Now go get a 2fer…get the ball back D

  316. SteveK Says:

    Run behind Wirfs.

  317. EA Says:

    Lets gooo

  318. SteveK Says:

    Fire the freaking cannons!

  319. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:


  320. David Says:

    Damn. Every single blocker including a OJ Howard pushed their guy backwards.


  321. Jerry Says:

    Now that was a good drive!

  322. Defense Rules Says:

    Fournette’s not just our #1 RB, he’s a ‘must re-sign’ for next year.

  323. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are usually soft at the end of the half…..need to tighten up…

  324. rrsrq Says:

    Let’s get another turnover here

  325. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    So far…domination in all phases of the game

  326. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Defense Rules 100% on LF

  327. 163Doubleplay Says:

    good game so far. we are contrilling the clock

  328. VSyl Says:

    I told you so the run game was gonna improve. I bet the defense will follow later in the season

  329. SteveK Says:

    Get a turnover and have some timeouts left for Tom! I dare you!

  330. David Says:

    I will tell you what, watch Delaney and Dean… Both are pretty damn good.

  331. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    No yards and clock stopped! Perfect

  332. SteveK Says:

    Get some pressure!

  333. cmurda Says:

    Shaq tailing Jalen and not one other person cuts off the other side. Come on discipline.

  334. SteveK Says:

    Great job D! Second down, get a TFL

  335. David Says:

    Shaq is fast

  336. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Hahahaha…took 20 seconds off the clock and gave us the ball!!!

  337. Coburn Says:

    Barrett earning it today

  338. HC Grover Says:


  339. SteveK Says:

    Almost got him Shaq! Good stop!

    Get that sack here.

  340. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Coverage must be getting better…

  341. cmurda Says:

    Whew. All day to throw and Jalen just missed a tuddy

  342. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wow…..good coverage

  343. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Good thing Adam’s was there!!! Aahhhh

  344. Richard Dickson Says:

    1:34 and 2 timeouts, let’s go for it!

  345. SteveK Says:

    Suh was coming!

  346. Coburn Says:

    I feel like with an actual sense of urgency, no huddle, etc. We will score here no prob

  347. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    yes. now score again. F Philly.

  348. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Need at least 3…..

  349. SteveK Says:

    94 seconds, 2 timeouts. Let’s go!

  350. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    28-7 at the half Bucs…LFG

  351. Wild Bill Says:

    Great block by Wirffs. 4net scores!

  352. Coburn Says:

    That was weak as heck…

  353. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Bench Cappa

  354. cmurda Says:

    Come on Cappa. Jeez dude. Head in the game. Those penalties jack up the O

  355. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    What’s that Brady???

  356. SteveK Says:

    Let’s do this, go Bucs!

  357. PassingThru Says:

    That pass was basically a punt.

  358. cmurda Says:

    Disgusting. Cappa’s ineptitude ruined the offense.

  359. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The false start hurt

  360. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    What the hell Brady?!?!?! It better be his damn thumb because that was bullish!t after your D gave you a perfect opportunity!!!! THAT was 100% Brady’s fault

  361. Jerry Says:

    That false start screwed the whole thing up.

  362. Jmarkbuc Says:

    What a horrible possession.

  363. cmurda Says:

    That’s called it would be great if it happens or its a punt Naples. Thats not the main problem. Cappa was.

  364. SteveK Says:

    Yikes, good punt.

  365. Medicated Pete Says:

    90% of USA shut their TV off after that debacle

  366. rrsrq Says:

    Let’s get Aaron Stinnie in the game

  367. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Take a Xanax

  368. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Y’all are whining about Cappa but don’t comment on Brady missing AB for about 12 or more???? Something was off for Brady on that series, hope his thumb ain’t giving out

  369. SteveK Says:

    Get another turnover!

    Philly should take a knee here if they knew what was good for them.

  370. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That must have been a wrong route….

  371. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Jmark, everyone can calm out all the other players when they screw up but not Brady??? Is that how it is?

  372. Coburn Says:

    I dunno. I feel like Cappa barely did more.than breathe there lol. I feel like guys usually get away with worse.. I’m actually.curious about if a guy has to sneeze lol. Cause that actually would be a bit movement

  373. David Says:

    Brown or Brady misread it. It looked like Brady did because the safety was over top. Oh well, like a punt.
    The real problem that drive was second down when he had brown open and threw it low

  374. VSyl Says:

    Hope someone teaches a lesson to that idiot that was tweaking Brady’s arm

  375. SteveK Says:

    No worries, let’s go Bucs!

  376. Jmarkbuc Says:


    AB and Godwin close together

  377. PassingThru Says:

    That as INC.

  378. cmurda Says:

    Refs have no idea. Everyone on the Bucs bench says no catch so we will call it a catch

  379. SteveK Says:

    I hope Jensen gets to eat Barnett’s lunch. Thanks for the motivation!

  380. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    David, I agree…could have been a very different 3rd down with that completion

  381. rrsrq Says:

    Not a catch but definitely DPI

  382. HC Grover Says:

    We may get ball back

  383. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Maybe we get it back one more time

  384. SteveK Says:

    I hope the whole O Line gets to see Barnett messing with Brady; and I hope they come out and maul his ass!

  385. cmurda Says:

    Jalen is elusive. We can breathe on him hardcore but can’t get him down

  386. SteveK Says:

    Shaq getting close

  387. rrsrq Says:

    Get Shaq some Gatorade

  388. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Thank you Mr Hurts for running out of bounds!!!! Hahahaha

  389. David Says:

    Great defense!!

  390. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Punt return for TD

  391. cmurda Says:

    Great great great play and discipline by the rook. Tryon has been impressive.

  392. Coburn Says:

    Like Tryon and Barrett out there. Jpp seems like his health is slowing getting better. Could be a nice rotation

  393. cmurda Says:

    Yeah dumb move by Hurts. He might get away with it but still dumb

  394. HC Grover Says:

    Prolly take the 14 lead.

  395. David Says:

    Shaq is playing fantastic. Everyone needs to look at some Jalen hurts college highlights, he is big, tough to bring down, and fast as hell.

  396. PassingThru Says:

    Terrible catch by Gio

  397. SteveK Says:

    :31, two timeouts. Let’s go!

  398. cmurda Says:

    Gio had too many drinks. Take it to the half. LOL

  399. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Man we wasted 2 opportunities to put the dagger in em…well at least the D was getting it done with back ups

  400. Jerry Says:

    You know you are doing something right when Philly fans boo their own team.

  401. David Says:

    Good first half

  402. Coburn Says:

    Lmao drinking
    That’s a good one

  403. 163Doubleplay Says:

    I didn’t know brady can throw a cannon to Gio to loose his bakance catching it 🤣

  404. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Todd Bowles was coaching Dean up earlier in the game, and it worked!

  405. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Jerry…nice point! Keep the crowd booing and this game is a runaway…gotta score 21 more in the second half though. Like DB55 said in Tampa Two last week…need to see some style points against a lesser opponent

  406. Medicated Pete Says:

    I forgot pur Punt Returner’s name but he’s good at running horizontal

  407. SteveK Says:

    I keep seeing commercials with Reggie Bush as a commentator. I hope that dude gets his heisman back.

  408. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Shaq is making Hurts’s life miserable.

  409. Francisco Guzman Says:

    WTF was this offense doing before the half ended? Should be up 3 possessions at least. Can’t let teams hang around. I still don’t trust this defense.

  410. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So far so good…..their offense looks disoriented

  411. Miller5252 Says:

    Eagles D is spending too much time up Brady’s behind. Need to get blocking oline. Shaq should have 4 sacks. What happened to doing what worked the first drive? Seems like we’ve walked away from it.

  412. Francisco Guzman Says:

    I think the iggles are happy just down 14.

  413. JimmyJack Says:

    Fournette is Bradys new favorite reciever ha ha ha. Amazing job by to offensive line. Aside from a few nitpicks they have been dominate tonight……And I was wrong about O.J. Howard. Tom has fixed him, hoping O.J. can give us a full season.

    And shame on anybody complaining of the defense after the opening drive……..and Im sure most of yall were. But in that drive it was obvisous we are a bad matchup for them and they can run all that gimmick stuff like they wanna. They had a lot of things work out just right to get the endzone on us.

    Dean had the bad pentalty but on that play he had decent coverage over the top….and that played off big time on the pick. Shaq Barrett has be all over Hurts ass tonight. The Eagles dont got a chanse.

    Also by the time the season end I wanna see AB celebrate a 2 yard completion. Make it happen!!
    GO BUCS!!!!!

  414. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Let’s whoop those egrets real good.

  415. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete’s hiring Jensen as his own personal body guard one day. $25 bucks an hour. Straight CASH Homie $$$$$$

  416. HC Grover Says:

    Tom Thumb hurting.

  417. Miller5252 Says:

    Did Ira’s comments this week fire up OJ?? He could have a big second half the way the eagles are playing them.

  418. Medicated Pete Says:

    No intensity in this game. So, to feel something….Pete’s tasering himself every 30 seconds

  419. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @JimmyJack just be careful. They score to start the 3rd quarter and suddenly it’s still a game. They’re down just 14 points.

  420. Jerry Says:

    Game isn’t over. Panthers were up 2 scores at the half last week and lost the game.

    Brady thumb may be starting to bother him too.

  421. JimmyJack Says:

    My largest complaint is the redzone defense. We have to be worst in football on that part of the field……Its starting to look obvisous to me its the DBs we are missing which is killing us. We keep seing the DBs get eaten up. Last week it was Sherman, i think it was Delany this week….. Bowles tryed to run a heavy blitz last week and that it backfired.

    Bowles just might not have the horses to play good redzone D. When you look back at Bunting, Davis and Winfield they all made big plays for us last year in the endzone and we were probably in the top half in redzone D.

  422. HC Grover Says:

    Run Game Now

  423. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    3rd qtr needs at least 2 TUDDIES to open this game up…2 TD lead is not insurmountable…they can back against the Kitties last week

  424. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go get a sack here

  425. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Defense better stop them to start the second half.

  426. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    LFG!!! 38-17 maybe 42-14 Bucs win!!! Would love to see TB12 get 5TDs again

  427. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzman its not a worry even if they score. We take away their bread and butter. Hurts dont have the arm to play down by 2 TDs…..as we seen in the 1st half with many off target throws.

  428. Jmarkbuc Says:


  429. cmurda Says:

    He ran into Vea and the dam did not break. Not at all.

  430. David Says:

    wow. VITA

  431. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Awesome Vita!

  432. Coburn Says:

    Dean is balling

  433. Jmarkbuc Says:


  434. cmurda Says:

    Nice work Dean

  435. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Hell yeah…3 and out again

  436. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Put the damn game away!!!!! This offense has to get rolling.

  437. Miller5252 Says:

    Say hello to Vita!!! Good lord he just stopped that dude cold after shedding double team!! Good lord!!! Mans an animal!!

  438. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Offense has to do it’s job now.

  439. HC Grover Says:

    7 an wrap it up.

  440. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We need to put them away right now!!!

  441. David Says:

    Man, Mickens had one good game returning and really hasn’t done much since. He dances around side decide so much

    I’d love to see Darden back there

  442. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Miles Sanders just had his night ruined by Mount Vea!!!! Took on two 300lbers and still stopped him dead in his tracks…WTF!!!!!

  443. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Vita should be DPOY dude shows up every single game.

  444. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @Miller5252 they better give him a contract soon.

  445. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    VV makes it look like he’s playing against Div 2 guys on some of these plays…seems unfair at times

  446. SteveK Says:

    Doing work D!

    Loved Vita eating thru two to make the tackle.

  447. Miller5252 Says:

    @Francisco Pay the man is right! Make it a good one too

  448. Francisco Guzman Says:

    These wideouts haven’t done as much as you would like.

  449. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go O! Keep it moving.

  450. Coburn Says:

    Good op to run in 2nd for once

  451. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Can’t have a 3 and out here.

  452. David Says:


    (and Licht)

    When they go after another DT next year, draft players from the south pacific. They are just freakishly strong

  453. mg Says:

    PL having a great game

  454. HC Grover Says:

    RUN amok!

  455. David Says:

    Cool uncle. 😂

  456. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    I’m liking that Bucs hat BA is wearing

  457. Francisco Guzman Says:

    A lot of short stuff tonight. Nothing downfield.

  458. David Says:

    Play action, up top to ME13!!!

  459. 163Doubleplay Says:

    controlling the clock and at the end touchdown

  460. David Says:


    Yeah, I would’ve thought the Eagles D would have come up by now but they aren’t. There back six is playing off and deep

  461. cmurda Says:

    Lenny loves to lower the head. What a tough, talented RB. His full talent is being realized right now

  462. PassingThru Says:

    Not downfield because that’s where the outside corners and safeties are playing

  463. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How ’bout OJ

  464. cmurda Says:

    OJ is balling out right now. Great read by Tom. That would have been disastrous but Tom is so wise.

  465. HC Grover Says:

    Best play I seen from Howard.

  466. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    OJ with an Adrian Peterson stiff arm…LOVE IT!!

  467. Coburn Says:

    Howard off to having one of his better games

  468. unbelievable Says:

    Look at Howard actually running through some guys!

    Love it.

  469. David Says:

    It looks like men versus boys out there

  470. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No excuse for that time out…..

  471. SteveK Says:

    OJ! Loving his effort.

  472. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Cmurda…I love how Lenny is not diving forward but keeping his feet for another 3-5 yards

  473. SteveK Says:

    Better to burn the timeout than take the negative yardage. Agreed not ideal, but rather that be the process.

  474. Coburn Says:

    Eh just take the easy stuff they’re giving you. I feel like early last year we made the mistake of trying to force the derp balls when opponents played us this way. Feel we’ve learned

  475. King C Says:

    The excuse for that calling that timeout is called a winning a Super Bowl

  476. David Says:

    Got to love when an announcer who’s been around for decades says
    “It just feels too easy”


  477. SteveK Says:

    I feel like AB is going to get another one here.

  478. King C Says:

    @ Bucsfan81
    Vita will settle for being a starting ProBowler

  479. Miller5252 Says:

    OJ have a chance for the scepter?

  480. Keith Says:

    It’s should be 40 burger already. D looks a hellova lot better tonight. Blueprint
    again by Bowles. Hoping we put the league on notice

  481. HC Grover Says:

    Wow 80.

  482. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Maybe just maybe Howard is finally Geri g close to 100% again

  483. Jmarkbuc Says:

    OJ Ballin

  484. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  485. Coburn Says:

    Go Howard! Would be nice to see Evans with an opportunity at some point here.

  486. King C Says:

    BL is specifically calling a safe game
    It’s easy to beat teams that can’t stop the run

  487. HC Grover Says:

    80 even blocking.

  488. David Says:

    LoL. Bucs finally get a PI call that should not have been called and it doesn’t matter, it’s about a half a yard

  489. HC Grover Says:

    Hot Dog!

  490. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Alright, 2 more TUDDIES for TB12 and let him sit

  491. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I like it.

  492. SteveK Says:

    Go Lenny!

  493. Jugheadfla Says:

    Wirfs is going to be a HOF’er when all is said and done

  494. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How about OJ on that drive?

  495. VSyl Says:

    Redemption game by Howard so far

  496. 163Doubleplay Says:

    That is like an 8 minute drive. What a way to eat up the clock. GO BUCS !!

  497. mg Says:

    Businesslike Drive. Well executed. The defense rests…

  498. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Time for some style points…..

  499. 163Doubleplay Says:

    Who needs Grink when we Howard… 🤪🤪

  500. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Here in Philly…quite as a mouse! Love it baby.

  501. Miller5252 Says:

    Awful conservative tonight after that first trip down the field. Wins a win right. Go Bucs!

  502. David Says:

    This has been impressive.

    They still need to clean upper some penalties, mainly false starts. An occasional jump off sides on the defense is an aggressive penalty and not as bad.

  503. Buczilla Says:

    We are rolling these boys. Fournette is playing his butt off. Good times. 😛

  504. Wesley Says:

    Weak ass call.

  505. Tc Says:

    This is sooo methodical that it is almost boring, lol.

  506. Coburn Says:

    Weak penalty. Didn’t actually grab hold of anything or sloe him down

  507. cmurda Says:

    Edwards caught sleeping on another bad Jalen pass. Very little contact

  508. IrishMist Says:

    Keep running it down their throats and shortening the game. Too much risk of injury on a short week. Just get the win and get out of Dodge.

  509. PassingThru Says:

    The Phili offense needs those penalties to score.

  510. Coburn Says:

    Disagree Miller. Don’t need to go deep eevry game. Taking what they give us

  511. cmurda Says:

    Obvious hold against Gholston. Don’t know how you don’t see a jersey hold

  512. Coburn Says:

    And controlling ball

  513. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Eartz goes down easy

  514. BucfaninMi Says:


  515. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go D!

  516. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete loves watching Jordan Whitehead tackle ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  517. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This team better keep playing. Game is not over yet.

  518. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Good, hit his @ss if he wants to run it…gotta learn young man

  519. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go pass rush!

  520. Francisco Guzman Says:

    We got away with one. Lol

  521. JimmyJack Says:

    I did say O.J. Howard was a bad foorball player and I called him a stiff and a bum. Boy Im an ass but I dont care. We got ourselfs anothe TE boys!!! He will stay a part of this offense when Gronk comes back if he keeps playing like this.

    In my own defense at least i wasnt one of the many idiots saying to trade him for nothing.

  522. David Says:

    Got away with that one

  523. Coburn Says:

    Makeup call? Heh

  524. Medicated Pete Says:

    FYI after 3 seconds… .EVERY CB should turn their head around and look for the ball….BUT THEY NEVER DO

  525. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Back to a 14 point game. Again keep playing. Game is far from over.

  526. unbelievable Says:

    Well that makes up for the bad flag earlier IMO

  527. David Says:

    Someone broke contain

  528. Jerry Says:

    Game not over.

  529. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Another penalty aided drive. Otherwise the Eagles aren’t doing anything

  530. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go D

  531. JimmyJack Says:

    Still cant buy a redzone stop

  532. David Says:

    Looked like JPP thought White was going outside

  533. PassingThru Says:

    DE/OLB did not seal the edge against Hurts, who lives on outside runs. Bad D.

  534. cmurda Says:

    Thats really poor defense on 4th down. total lack of discipline. Dude cant throw it. Can’t give a lane to walk through. Bad job. Helped by a pillow soft PI call

  535. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Ok Brady. Let’s go get another !!!!

  536. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Wow…that was pathetic!! 4th and 3 and nobody keeps contain on the rushing QB???? Well go get us a TD TB12

  537. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Not over go get another one Tommy…

  538. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Pressure back on this offense. They need another drive.

  539. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hopefully, that will just pi$$ us off…

  540. Coburn Says:

    Yeah NOt sure how you plug up middle and not contain outside

  541. Medicated Pete Says:

    JPP has killed us the last 2 games. He needs to sit or quit

  542. cmurda Says:

    JPP needs a seat honestly. Dude has not looked ready at all.

  543. Defense Rules Says:

    Good example of what happens when you don’t seal the corner on a running QB.

  544. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Pretty sure White was the spy and got stuck trying to go up the middle

  545. Silverhorse32 Says:

    I think Troy Aikman sounds like a gay boy. You can tell he is for the Eagles.

  546. Medicated Pete Says:

    Devin White day dreams about horses during the game

  547. David Says:



    The game is over.
    The question is do the Buccaneers want to take the whole clock down just getting first downs or do they want to put another touchdown on the board?

    My guess is this will be quick hits and runs unless Philly sells out to stop it, then the Bucs should have no problem going up top

  548. Francisco Guzman Says:

    The problem with that defense drive is that they scored too much fast.

  549. JimmyJack Says:

    Could maybe adjust and put Shaq on the right side. He would have a better shot at taking that away then JPP.

  550. Miller5252 Says:

    Don’t even give them a chance to get closer then 14 here. We need a TD that eats 8 -10 minutes and end it all. No letting our D fail here, go score!

  551. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Problem with those penalties is that we probably give up a TD if not for the interferencre…though Dean could have picked off that pass in the back of the end zone if he didn’t panic

  552. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Silverhorse32 you can’t talk like that they will cancel you..see John Gruden lol

  553. Coburn Says:

    Eh it’s still over as long as they don’t keep getting huge penalties. Otherwise they’ve done nothing

  554. Richard Dickson Says:

    Not like that was worth 21 points.

  555. HC Grover Says:

    Need 7

  556. Silverhorse32 Says:

    Better days have passed JPP by. He won’t be here next year.

  557. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @David how can you say this game is over? It’s a two possession game.

  558. Silverhorse32 Says:

    It’s true

  559. Francisco Guzman Says:

    What is this offense doing?!!!!!! Run the damn ball. These wideouts have no won their matchups tonight.

  560. Francisco Guzman Says:

    The play calling is very suspect and predictable.

  561. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  562. Coburn Says:

    Loo was just gonna say silver . Hopefully you don’t become a coach or it’ll come back

  563. Hodad Says:

    Jpp gave up the outside contain, and White followed him.Not very bright by both of them.

  564. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Godwin is the only one that can run that wide receiver screen

  565. JimmyJack Says:

    Dude JPP had one ugly play there. Use perspective

  566. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Someone make a damn play!!!

  567. cmurda Says:

    Stupid stupid playcalling. Giving the Eagles momentum when you have Larry rumbling. Byron. WTF are you doing?

  568. PassingThru Says:

    Phili adjusted and took out the middle of the field on the short passes

  569. Coburn Says:

    Ok yeah sitting on the lead too much here

  570. View from 132 Says:

    Don’t let these chumps hang around.

  571. NaplesBucsFan Says:


  572. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Our wideouts have done nothing tonight. They haven’t won their matchups.

  573. HC Grover Says:

    Double Ugh

  574. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Empty backfield on 1st & 10?

  575. Jugheadfla Says:

    Run the football!

  576. cmurda Says:

    Gio has been a big disappointment. Get that freaking first down dude. Byron head out of butt and run

  577. David Says:

    On a sidenote… On my other TV, the Lightning were down 6-3
    with less than 7 minutes to play and came back yo win 7- 6!!!

  578. Medicated Pete Says:

    Tommy’s thumb is screwed but they’ll never admit it

  579. Miller5252 Says:

    Welp….. here we go again. Could’ve ended it there and we do some crappy plays for a 3 and out. Come on D! Shaq needs a sack with a strip

  580. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Need quick throws to the RB out of the back field worked great earlier and they never stopped it

  581. Jerry Says:

    Cant let them score here.

  582. David Says:

    That series sucked.

    Get ‘em D!!

  583. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @Medicated Pete it’s not Tom’s thumb. Our wideouts haven’t gotten open tonight.

  584. Surfslowson Says:

    Can anyone say lull again for our offense in the middle of the game.

  585. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This is a defensive drive. They need a 3 and out.

  586. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Their only plays are the DPIs……but they have worked

  587. BucfaninMi Says:

    4th 1/4 time to dig in D.

  588. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Shaq is EVERYWHERE

  589. cmurda Says:

    Crazy comeback David. Nice to see the team pick up Vasy on a really rough game. Heartbreaker for poor Detroit

  590. SteveK Says:

    Keep it coming, keep hitting them in the mouth and set the edge.

  591. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Hard to tell why we have wasted possessions when we’ve looked so good most of the game…distracting but I guess it’s a luxury problem to have when our O is so good and expectations are so high

  592. JimmyJack Says:

    Yall get this worked up when we are up by 2 TDs. How the hell did yall make through the Patriots game?

  593. cmurda Says:

    Its time for Shaq and the boys to make a play and set up the win.

  594. Miller5252 Says:

    Glad to see Vita back. That man needs to play more, he just blows everything up and Shaq cleans it up

  595. cmurda Says:

    @JJ just imagine the sheer disgust in the pre Brady days.

  596. Coburn Says:

    Maybe if they are playing tighter will have so.e opportunities downfield or a crossing route for Evans

  597. SteveK Says:

    Go Bolts!

  598. cmurda Says:

    Jalen on the run but the secondary breaks. No surprise there. Publix baggers on the field.

  599. David Says:


    Until the third the lightning have looked like they are hungover from Stanley Cup parties these first two games

  600. cmurda Says:

    Definitely complete. These refs are not too great

  601. PassingThru Says:

    It’s a catch, he had control when he dragged his foot.

  602. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go D! Almost go Hurts there. Get that sack.

  603. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Thats a catch, anyone could see that

  604. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @JimmyJack have you seen our inconsistent offense lately?

  605. David Says:

    Everyone needs to chill out. They are not losing this game – at all. Not even close. The defense has been fantastic today. The offense stalled a little but next drive they won’t

  606. SteveK Says:

    Love to see us get a clean sack-fu

  607. Doctor Stroud Says:

    The female ref was correct!

  608. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We don’t need them back in this game under any circumstances

  609. Jugheadfla Says:

    They are saying it’s clear, but not so sure

  610. cmurda Says:

    This defense needs to rise. Make a great play and then have Jalen running for his life but somehow has time to float that pass. I don’t care who is in the secondary. You need to be better than that

  611. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Watkins is pretty decent

  612. JimmyJack Says:

    Cmurda usually Ive only ever commented on game thread when the game is over…..meaning blowout loss. Its nice to be here enjoying a comfy win.

    Dont care what you say this ones over.

  613. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This defense has to step up. Such a sloppy game by this team.

  614. cmurda Says:

    I hope so dude. I’ve been watching the Bucs too long. I’m jaded into thinking we can blow any game.

  615. David Says:

    Guzman … They put up 28 so far and before the end of the day will easily have 35+, it’s hardly an inconsistent offense .
    Do You expect a ten-play drive with a touchdown on every single series? Be realistic.

  616. JimmyJack Says:

    The man ref says it out so its out. The man is always right.

  617. Miller5252 Says:

    Why do we have to let teams this bad back into the game. Makes no sense

  618. PassingThru Says:

    Another obvious missed holding call.

  619. Doctor Stroud Says:

    That was a false start on the offense!

  620. cmurda Says:

    Shaq is balling out. He’s not going to let it be easy.

  621. BucfaninMi Says:

    Is holding a penalty anymore?

  622. PassingThru Says:

    False start call missed.

  623. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This is just flat out embarrassing.

  624. cmurda Says:

    Jeez Cockrell. Dude is tough to watch

  625. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @David you don’t know what you talking about. This offense had number of chances to put this game away.

  626. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Wake up Bucs. Have fallen asleep here

  627. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Ugh watching the back end is horrible. Defense back to looking like hot garbage

  628. rrsrq Says:

    Shaq needs some help out there

  629. cmurda Says:

    It the Eagles offense vs Shaq. Somebody else make a dang play

  630. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go Bucs!! Get a turnover

  631. cmurda Says:

    Oh Cockrell. At least you knocked it down I guess. Jeez man.

  632. David Says:

    Damn. Cockrell almost made up for letting Smith catch that last ball

  633. PassingThru Says:

    Cockrell should have had it, but that’s why he’s a DB. Still a nice pass breakup.

  634. SteveK Says:

    Almost a pick!

  635. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This offense better put the damn game away in their next possession.

  636. SteveK Says:

    Time to get that sack

  637. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Could they hold Golston anymore?

  638. rrsrq Says:

    You guys are funny, Hurts has completed 11 passes all game, Cockrell making plays but we blaming the defense for 11 completions for 100 yards

  639. JimmyJack Says:

    Devin White has been very solid tonight. Hopefully he builds off this.

  640. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Eagles are really helping us out tonight

  641. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Caught a break. Now can this offense put it away?

  642. cmurda Says:

    You deserve that miss. What a dumb decision to kick

  643. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Could they have held sub anymore

  644. David Says:


  645. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That kills their momentum

  646. SteveK Says:

    Block that kick.

  647. Surfslowson Says:


  648. Medicated Pete Says:

    I’d rather have 10 players on defense than Ross Cockrill play

  649. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Where are the wideouts tonight? Seriously they have been very quiet. No separation on these corners.

  650. SteveK Says:

    Time to ride Lenny hard and put the Eagles away wet.

  651. Miller5252 Says:

    Now go put it away offense. Short balls all the way down to run the clock to nothing. Lenny get to 100 yards rushing

  652. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jalen Hurts is running for his life and runs pretty well…..

  653. IrishMist Says:

    Now run the f@#king ball!

  654. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Shaq has been the best player in the game, bar none.

  655. Jerry Says:

    Cant believe they didnt go for that.

  656. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Time for our #1 offense to deliver the knockout punch…take away all hope

  657. David Says:


    Exactly. They barely have over 100 yards of offense into the fourth quarter.
    They have dominated every part of this game and there are still people whining. They expect every play to be perfect, as if the opponent doesn’t have NFL caliber players.
    Some of these people are ridiculous.

  658. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We only have 1 sack…but our pass rush is really good tonight

  659. Coburn Says:

    Agreed rrsq. Hurts hasn’t been good and has a poor comp %. Mostly just penalties keeping them in it. We have controlled this game from the start. Only been stopping ourselves mostly so far

  660. PassingThru Says:

    Time for a long, time consuming scoring drive.

  661. David Says:

    Lenny & Shaq

    2 game balls

  662. StAugBuc Says:

    rrsrq Says:
    October 14th, 2021 at 10:52 pm

    You guys are funny, Hurts has completed 11 passes all game, Cockrell making plays but we blaming the defense for 11 completions for 100 yards

    So true. Just thinking the same thing. Bunch of dopes posting here acting like teams don’t complete passes ever. Jeez

  663. David Says:

    Go ahead, bring up the defense tight and watch the ROJO take it to the house

  664. PassingThru Says:

    The Phili offense has relied on penalties more than anything else.

  665. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Good set up the play action bomb

  666. JimmyJack Says:

    We going run heavy now. Watch Jensen mauling people. This is much fun.

  667. Medicated Pete Says:

    O-line is most dominant I’ve ever seen

  668. Francisco Guzman Says:

    A hold on this offense. The offense has been very sloppy.

  669. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Can always count on Donovan to kill one drive a game

  670. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That cab kill a drive

  671. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Smith is the ersser

  672. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Durable Donnie!

  673. Richard Dickson Says:

    All the holding they’ve been getting away with and we get called.

  674. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Annnnnd the obligatory D. Smith penalty.

  675. PassingThru Says:

    Great, as I was saying Phili offensive needs those penalty yards

  676. Francisco Guzman Says:

    The iggles have really punked our wideouts tonight.

  677. cmurda Says:

    I’m concerned with Brady’s hand. He’s not throwing anything over 5 yards.

  678. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Thanks Donnie

  679. SteveK Says:

    Go Bucs!

  680. cmurda Says:

    Oh OJ. GD dude. A shoestringer killed it. Another penalty by the O Line kills a drive. Refs called another one.

  681. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @cmurda it’s no Brady. It’s our wideouts. They’re not getting open!!!!

  682. Miller5252 Says:

    Bout time. End this game

  683. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Why the hell are they so tentative with these 4th down decisions???? Maddening

  684. PassingThru Says:

    Damn Howard got tripped up. The passing game is now limited to pathetic short outside passes near the hash marks.

    Let’s see if the Bucs can pull Phili offsides.

  685. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Two unnecessary time outs……

  686. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Some players get upset when they mess up and hurt their team.

    Not Donnie though.

  687. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Why are they going for it here?

  688. Francisco Guzman Says:

    That was stupid decision!!!!!!!

  689. Bangkok Buc Says:


  690. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    WTF move the chains…

  691. cmurda Says:

    Tom’s hurt. He can’t throw right now. Time to panic. What a terrible call

  692. Surfslowson Says:


  693. DoooshLaRue Says:


  694. PassingThru Says:

    Awful conversion attempt. Relying on Howard?

  695. Francisco Guzman Says:

    What a sloppy game by this offense.

  696. Richard Dickson Says:


  697. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    WTF was that.

  698. Jerry Says:

    That was the dumbest decision Arians has made since he’s been here.

  699. Medicated Pete Says:

    Brady thumb is wrecked. Season over

  700. SteveK Says:


  701. Jmarkbuc Says:

    The way Lenny has been running all night, how can we not get 2 yards?

  702. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @cmurda it’s not brady! It’s the wideouts.

  703. Richard Dickson Says:

    Your running game has been getting at least two yards all damn night but no, throw deep.

  704. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    So frustrating when they 2 yards but go for 15 and f*ck it up…what a damn waste!!! OJ gotta get that 1st…but damn gotta have a better play Cale’s for a 2 yard first down

  705. PassingThru Says:

    I don’t think it’s the thumb. The Bucs are trying not to lose rather than trying to win. They are disrespecting Phili’s ability to score.

  706. David Says:

    Hate that decision and poorly executed.

    Oh well, the D will step up

  707. Stanglassman Says:

    Should’ve been 4-1. Crap spot, crap call.

  708. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Dumb. You need 2 yards and you throw it to Howard deep. Run the damn ball they haven’t stopped it all night.

  709. Jugheadfla Says:

    Just no words for that play call…

  710. Miller5252 Says:

    That’s the best we got for 2 yards?!?! No Godwin, no Lenny, no AB or Evans for 2 yards. C’mon man!

  711. Rod Munch Says:

    I have no issue going for it, but that was yet another garbage play call by Leftwich. I swear to God he must be part white because he has zero rhythm, has seemingly no clue what order to run plays in.

  712. Surfslowson Says:

    CG was open

  713. View from 132 Says:

    Terrible call by Left Sandwich.

  714. cmurda Says:

    That thumb is a MAJOR concern. It’s not just him missing the touch on that pass. It’s that he hasn’t even wanted to throw it down field. The disappearance of the offense has the Eagles in this game

  715. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Lol people saying it’s brady and his thumb. These wideouts have been awful tonight.

  716. SteveK Says:

    Go D, keep the heat on Hurts and get that ball back.

  717. SausageKingOfChicago Says:

    Such a low percentage pass. Why???

  718. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Those 2 yards looked like 4 yards.

  719. Stanglassman Says:

    That hold on smith was sh!t too. They’re holding Shaq way worse on every down.

  720. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    What the hell has happened to Godwin, AB and Evan’s…they haven’t been targeted in forever

  721. JimmyJack Says:

    Passing thru how can you say we are playing not to lose? We just went for a bigtime 4th and 2. Looks like we are playing to win

  722. 163Doubleplay Says:

    they could have dine a simole play action to get 2 yards

  723. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Man if the iggles score a td . Yikes.

  724. PassingThru Says:

    I don’t think it’s the WRs, it’s the play calls.

  725. David Says:


    It’s not the wideouts, it’s the defense.
    Safeties are deep and the CB and linebackers are playing off, the only thing available are quick hits,
    it’s been like that the whole second half.

    It is why they have run the ball so much. It’s also been beneficial to milk the clock but in the Bucs are getting frustrated.

  726. Rod Munch Says:

    I need a defensive score Bucs, can you kindly give me one.

  727. Miller5252 Says:

    Won’t it be something when this team plays a complete game! Smith has a holding call and no more running the ball?? Why?!? They were doing 9 a wack.

  728. Silverhorse32 Says:

    Terrible call by Leftnut

  729. SteveK Says:

    Send Devin White on a blitz and let him get a sack.

  730. David Says:

    I’ve been impressed with Delaney

  731. cmurda Says:

    Obvious hold on Gholston. Refs dont call them against Philly

  732. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    #1 rush defense…pffft

  733. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Buca want to keep this close apparently.

  734. Jerry Says:

    This game is FAR from over, folks!

  735. cmurda Says:

    Atrocious defense. Bruce goes soft before and then goes for the long 4th down. Dumb

  736. EA Says:

    Roches Noches

  737. Buc-em-up84 Says:

    It’s simply the type of coverage the eagles defense is playing that is forcing Brady to play the short passing game

  738. PassingThru Says:

    Thank the ultra-conservative play calls for letting Phili back into the game.

  739. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Why do the Iggles fans celebrate like they just won the Superbowl every time Sanders touches the ball?

  740. SteveK Says:

    Get the dogs back in the field. Let’s go!

  741. unbelievable Says:

    I guess the offense decided to just stop scoring.

    At least the defense isn’t Swiss cheese. Oh wait-

  742. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @David this coaching staff can’t make adjustments. It’s pathetic.

  743. cmurda Says:

    Told you JJ. The Bucs don’t make things easy

  744. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Let a team hang around too long and this sh!t starts to heopen

  745. Miller5252 Says:

    Wow! This is sad to see

  746. SteveK Says:

    Someone needs to make a play.

  747. cmurda Says:

    Soft baby tackling

  748. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Here we go

  749. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Jpp is useless. Slowest player on the field

  750. SteveK Says:

    Come on defense!

  751. View from 132 Says:

    We lose this I’ll done with this team. I hate the damn Eagles and this should’ve been a beat down. Embarrassing performance.

  752. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This offense better get it in gear and it’s not brady!!!!

  753. ElioT Says:

    How the hell we didn’t punt on that last series…


  754. JimmyJack Says:

    Cmurda I have seen Brady looking for biscuits a few times tonight but it has been fewer then usual. I was thinking it was more due to the cushion defense the Eagles are playing.

  755. PassingThru Says:

    Looks like a hold

  756. Richard Dickson Says:

    Let a bad team hang around and this is what happens.

  757. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Absolute stupidity by Arians

  758. Francisco Guzman Says:

    This coaching staff can’t make adjustments. It’s embarrassing.

  759. cmurda Says:

    Just awful coaching tonight. If the Bucs win, it’s not because the coaching staff did anything right

  760. PassingThru Says:

    Yes it was a hold. That’s the right call

  761. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Now the offense has to win it for them .

  762. Rod Munch Says:

    If the Bucs punted the football, you actually think the Eagles wouldn’t be at the goaline just as fast? Are you dopes watching the game?

  763. Doctor Stroud Says:

    If Sanders score, there will be pandemonium among the Iggles fans.

  764. SteveK Says:

    Helluva play Suh!

  765. Rod Munch Says:

    When the Bucs get the ball back, just wait for it, Leftwich isn’t going to try to score, he’s going to try to run out the clock.

  766. Silverhorse32 Says:

    What a stupid called a go for it on fourth down and make the play they did

  767. SteveK Says:

    Keep holding

  768. Jerry Says:

    I saw this happening at half-time. I told you this game wasn’t over.

  769. cmurda Says:

    Todd Bowles still hasnt taught his defense to go for Jalen. Awful awful coaching

  770. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Brand new game!!! Putrid.

  771. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    See, all y’all dumb@sses saying calm down about our offense not scoring or doing anything…well Whatchya got to say now

  772. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs beating Bucs

  773. SteveK Says:


    Let’s go Bucs, time to respond.

  774. ElioT Says:

    Defense is garbage.

    Arians & Leftwich’s offensive genius is saved by Brady.

  775. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Better freeze Brady’s thumb now boys. No more soft BS

  776. Bucsfan81 Says:

    How are you up 21 points and let them come back

  777. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Better start balling here. They have been outplayed and outcoached in this second half .

  778. SteveK Says:

    Stop this now.

  779. Rod Munch Says:

    That’s where we miss LVD.

    Minter was slow coming from the edge, let him get into the endzone.

  780. Darlene Bebbington Says:

    Only our defense.

  781. cmurda Says:

    Bowles is not goos at his job. His defense can’t beat a crappy offense with a QB that can’t throw. That’s trash

  782. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Wake up O

  783. Bucsfan81 Says:

    Wow we may lose this game

  784. SteveK Says:

    Alright, let’s go O!

  785. Izod Says:

    Tired of getting outcoached every game. All this talent and no brains behind the operation.

  786. Francisco Guzman Says:

    They went for 2? Wow. And they got it as well. That puts extra pressure on this offense now.

  787. BucfaninMi Says:

    They’ve blown it.

  788. Coburn Says:

    Coaching in second half has def been bad. They made all the adjustments

  789. TommyLikeWingy Says:

    We have the worst OC in football. Period.

  790. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Better get a drive going.

  791. cmurda Says:

    I guess Lenny is hurt. He hasn’t been out there the last 2 drives. That’s killing us.

  792. Medicated Pete Says:

    Devin white is on horse tranquilizers

  793. NaplesBucsFan Says:


  794. Coburn Says:

    Feels like we lost all sense of urgency in second half

  795. Richard Dickson Says:

    What was wrong with the playcalling that got us our touchdown in the second half?

  796. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Stop running it and throw it!!!!!

  797. ElioT Says:

    No risk it?

    How about this Bruce… you suck at in-game play calling

  798. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Need tio get our WRs in this game

  799. cmurda Says:

    How is Lenny out there now but wasn’t the last several jobs. Is Byron serious?

  800. PassingThru Says:

    I simply hate these play calls.

  801. unbelievable Says:

    Can’t wait for another punt.

    Eagles clowning us right now.

  802. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go O! Move those sticks

  803. Rod Munch Says:

    Lets see what Leftwich has for us…

    Could it be? Could it be! Yes, it’s a run up the middle for 1 yard. Never saw it coming.

  804. SteveK Says:


  805. cmurda Says:

    Tom looks off. Very off. I’m scared that he’s hurt

  806. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Too many running play. Not enough play action.

  807. Rod Munch Says:

    Did he say a hurtful word?

  808. PassingThru Says:

    The Bucs are remarkably average at running the ball, and yet that’s the offense.

  809. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Playing not to lose

  810. SteveK Says:

    Great job not taking the bait, Lenny!

  811. Coburn Says:

    Turtle mode?

  812. Moreon Says:

    Is Brady hurt?

  813. Rod Munch Says:

    Shock, a run up the middle for 1 yard!

    Never would have seen that coming.

  814. JimmyJack Says:

    Give me a gaddddam break with this taunting. I wanna watch footbal. Get these idiots refs out of the way

  815. Coburn Says:

    Need more play action

  816. cmurda Says:

    Frigging AB of course falls from the ghost.

  817. PassingThru Says:


  818. Francisco Guzman Says:

    They better get in fg range. Too conservative.

  819. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    How about a quick pass in the flat? Just as good and probably more effective than a damn run up the middle

  820. Coburn Says:

    Man just throw in first down. Even a short throw lets you run on second. Stuffed in first means they know you’re passing now

  821. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow, a run up the middle on 1st down for 1 yard.

    No one could have guessed.

  822. PassingThru Says:

    MIA: the TEs.

  823. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Some of these play calls are just bizarre.

  824. DoooshLaRue Says:

    BL studying his clipboard for the perfect up the gut run for 2yards

  825. cmurda Says:

    Yeah this is terrible. Tom is done. Nothing but 2 yard throws. This is nauseating

  826. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Deja vu right back where we were last possession

  827. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Here’s the game!!!!

  828. 163Doubleplay Says:

    Bucs just want to make the game exciting

  829. PassingThru Says:

    I get it, the Bucs are playing not to lose. Eat clock by running. I hate it, they’re letting Phli back into the game.

  830. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Thank god

  831. Rod Munch Says:

    Leftwich is a coward is what the issue is. He’s a loser, thinks 1.2 yards and a cloud of dust is how you win games.

  832. SteveK Says:

    LFG Bucs!

    Big one to pick up here and move the sticks.

  833. cmurda Says:

    Oh. Needed to see that. I’ll stop freaking out

  834. SteveK Says:

    What. A. Dime.

  835. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Don’t get too conservative here!!!!

  836. Coburn Says:

    Surprised no flag as well in that play. Contact on brown

  837. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    These runs are nauseating

  838. PassingThru Says:

    Someone please take out a help wanted ad for a new OC.

  839. SteveK Says:

    Lmao, what’s up munch!?

  840. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Confirm, I said the same thing

  841. Rod Munch Says:

    Shock, a run up the middle on 1st down for 1 yard.

    Wait, -1 yard.

    Never would have guessed.

  842. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Let’s score 31. Very symbolic!

  843. David Says:

    Some idiot said
    Brady is done he can only throw 2 yards.

    Wow. The amount of sheer football ignorance from some of you people posting never ceases to amaze me

  844. SteveK Says:

    Time to hand it to CG14 on the sweep.

  845. Coburn Says:

    Running on first limits options so much. Short pass on first means options open and Dan still run on second. Predictable first down runs means you have to pass on 2nd and 3rd

  846. Rod Munch Says:

    You make the game so much harder when you just give up 1st down on every series.

  847. PassingThru Says:

    About time, I forgot Tampa Bay had TEs.

  848. SteveK Says:

    3rd and Lenny. Get him the hat trick.

  849. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @David this coaching staff never made any adjustments in the second half.

  850. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Keep running

  851. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Game over, but damn it way too f*cking close…didn’t score since first possession of the third

  852. Coburn Says:

    Yeah rod it’s like we only have 3 downs instead of 4. Making it CFL style on ourselves

  853. cmurda Says:

    Tom came up huge when it mattered. Whew. Not the prettiest but not too many are. It’s still 5-1 baby!! Holla!!!!

  854. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Play calling was very suspect in this game.

  855. Jugheadfla Says:

    W….see yall next week

  856. Rod Munch Says:

    Now if you want to run it up the middle, do it on 3rd and 1. That’s A-OK!

    But there is nothing in the rulebook that says you MUST run it up the middle on first down. I swear to God that rule does not exist. You can playaction, you can run a screen, you throw deep, you could even punt it. Someone get this info to Leftwich, ASAP!

  857. 163Doubleplay Says:

    5-1 game ova !

  858. King C Says:

    Rod you’re dead wrong
    Arians has final say on 4th down decisions
    As far as this game Bucs got bored in 2nd half and eased up bc its a road game
    No chance in hell they were ever going to lose

  859. SteveK Says:

    Mortal Kombat, finish him!

  860. cmurda Says:

    That idiot was probably me David. Don’t be Mr. Internet tough guy after the fact. He was throwing nothing but 2 yard passes and looked banged up. I acknowledged as much

  861. JimmyJack Says:

    Tom Brady has totally brought the QB sneak to this offense!! Total game changer.

  862. SteveK Says:

    Punch this ball in here.

  863. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Can’t believe this game was this close. You can thank the coaching staff for that.

  864. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not covering the spread……really pi$$ing betters off…

  865. Rod Munch Says:

    King C – Arians says if we go for it on 4th down, and I have zero issues with going for it on every single 4th down. But Arians ceeds the playcall to Leftwich, who has no feel for the game. The team needs to let Brady run a no-huddle and we’d destroy every positive passing record in the books.

  866. Izod Says:

    let’s be honest, without the one ref throwing the game the Bucs way, this could’ve been a different result.

  867. JimmyJack Says:

    Munch you got screws loose. We just iced the game because of those runs.

  868. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Welp. More stressful than it needed to but, but I’ll take it.

  869. King C Says:

    Cmurda Tom will be done after two more super bowls lol

  870. David Says:

    For everyone who thinks BL sucks…
    Go watch the WNBA. M
    You people are ridiculous and have no clue what you are talking about.
    They dominated this game and then played the second half by taking what the Defense gave them. It helped them milk the clock, it was everything underneath, very quick hits and a lot of running.

    They had a couple poorly executed plays, literally a handful at most, and you people are biotching and whining. Sheer ignorance

  871. SteveK Says:

    Great win on the road.

  872. Rod Munch Says:

    But we won, thankfully. Way to close to a garbage Eagles team, but hopefully we can get healthy now.

  873. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Escaped…..I’ll take it

  874. David Says:

    Great win


    Clean up the penalties!!!

  875. Ash Says:

    Closer than it needed to be should have been a blow out but win is a win

  876. But Unto Death Says:

    This isn’t our year to run the table dominating every game. Have to like what we’re seeing, considering how good we looked at full steam and we’re nursing injuries.

    Let’s make it through the meat of the season and strengthen up as we approach the playoffs. Ground and pound. Next man up.

    This is a Super Bowl team that will peak in time for the playoffs.

  877. Surfslowson Says:

    Another way to win. Go BUCS!

  878. Bucco Says:

    Should have won this one by 21, need to get healthy fast.

  879. Rod Munch Says:

    David – This team isn’t about running out the clock, it’s about scoring 50 each week. Playing to run out the clock is what got Dungy fired, and he had Dunn & Alstott — not Tom Brady, Evans, Godwin, AB and more.

  880. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Bucs win! All is right in the world…until the Bucs lose…

  881. David Says:

    Next up, the Bears, a team that mostly runs.
    They should dominate, even with 75% of the DBs out

  882. Coburn Says:

    Izod the Eagles got plenty of favourable calls. Was poor across the board imo. We were the better team even if we let off the gas

  883. TheShaz Says:

    I think the Refs are icing their shoulders more than Brady is icing that thumb.

    A win is a win. But we damn near gave it away.

  884. Buc1987 Says:


  885. cmurda Says:

    @David. What time are the WNBA games?

  886. View from 132 Says:

    David is whining about whining. Left Sandwich made a terrible 4th call. That’s just true. Ugly win. Glad to have 10 days away.

  887. DoooshLaRue Says:

    David is the new genius on this board.
    Just ask him…..

  888. Coburn Says:

    You know what else can run out the clock? Short high completion pass I. Bounds and can still run on 2nd. Still have to get first downs. Oh and it wasn’t just about the last drive. Most of fourth quarter was up the gut in 1st

  889. JimmyJack Says:

    And ya know Byron would of taken a shot if he had one at the end there. But the Eagles was playing deep coverage all night on us

  890. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @David you’re clueless. This coaching staff doesn’t know how to make adjustments. That worries me when they have to take on the saints even with Winston as their QB.

  891. David Says:


    When the safeties are back and the corners are playing off and the linebackers are playing 10 yards deep most of the second half, you run.
    It’s football 101.
    You can’t get 10 to 15 yard passes like they did in the first half. They took with the D gave them and it worked other than a handful of plays they did not execute well and may be a couple bad calls.
    Big effing deal.
    The other team has NFL caliber players also, you’re not going to win every single play for 10+ yards. That’s reality.
    This should have been more of a blowout, but they also have well over 100 yards in penalties once again. That’s what needs to Be addressed and cleaned up More than anything.

    They also have most of their DBs and David out. The defense played outstanding.

  892. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @JimmyJack if that’s the case then run slants. Make adjustments. They gonna face pretty good defense down the road .

  893. firethecannons Says:

    Leftwich playcalling went to hell in a handbasket top of the second half

  894. Colonel Angus Says:

    Any game that ends in the Victory formation is a good game. No need to risk a pick six when you don’t have to.

  895. Coburn Says:

    Yeah Guzman seemed like they just kept doing the same thing and eagles adjusted

  896. David Says:


    When the safeties are back and the corners are playing off and the linebackers are playing 10 yards deep most of the second half, you run.
    It’s football 101.
    You can’t get 10 to 15 yard passes like they did in the first half. They took with the D gave them and it worked other than a handful of plays they did not execute well and may be a couple bad calls.
    Big deal.
    GUZMAN- They did adjust by doing what I just mentioned above.
    The other team has NFL caliber players also, you’re not going to win every single play for 10+ yards. That’s reality.
    This should have been more of a blowout, but they also have well over 100 yards in penalties once again. That’s what needs to Be addressed and cleaned up More than anything.

    They also have most of their DBs and David out. The defense played outstanding.

  897. David Says:


    I’m just pointing out obvious football knowledge that you seem to lack terribly.

  898. Coburn Says:

    Agree that I would have liked to see more slants.. that goes for this offense in general. Evans seems like he usually does good thing on those middle of field plays.

    I’m thinking this game could be a good one to look at ttape. Def tried some things different than our usual and saw some different looks. Shouod be educational hopefully. Not sure though, our coaches can be stubborn at times

  899. David Says:


    Get healthy and clean up the penalties!

  900. Coburn Says:

    While he gashed us on some runs I’ll say we m were fortunate hurts seems to suck at throwing the ball

  901. Keith Says:

    Joe. I NEED ANSWERS. HONESTLY. I’d really like to hear this on the IKP.
    Why? Someone please tell me how. This game was over in the 1st half. The Bucs literally
    stopped playing. That go for it 4th down play was absolute give up play. GIO #25 WAS
    WIDE OPEN for an easy 1st. Your telling me a”Vet”, The GOAT, “Mr. 7 SBs” didn’t look that way?
    I’m curious, Did Warren Buffet bet his Fortune on the Over? There is no way Vegas wasn’t involved in this game. Pelosi must’ve bought stock in Ceasars Palace. I’m thrilled I’m batchin
    About a 5-1 start. But this game passes the Covid test, because I smell BS!

  902. Coburn Says:

    I mean. The most damage hurts did throwing was tossing it near a receiver and getting interference calls.

    And David another alternative when they’re playing so soft are short passes. I don’t think they needed to be throwing it deep. No problem when they were dumling it off earlier, you take what they give you, but first down runs were just too predictable. Short pass on first and then can run or throw second

  903. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Yeah BL loves to waste 1st downs it seems to many times,

    BUT Brady was playing Checkdown Charlie alot, when he could have done other plays. What’s up with that?

    We cant put that on BL. That’s Brady choice.

    I repeat Brady was playing Checkdown Charlie on many plays, where usually he throws to someone farther down the field.

    And it is crazy, on the 4th down suddenly Brady goes longer when a simple quick pass for 3-5 yards would have been an easy 1st down.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  904. Coburn Says:

    Had no problem with all the checkdoens. It was working before we decided to become too predictable

  905. Rod Munch Says:

    David – If you’re ultra predictable and just run up the gut, telegraph the play by bringing everyone in tight, the other team knows what is coming and you end up with what we saw, stuff after stuff after stuff. That insures it’s 2nd and long every single time.

    I don’t have an issue with running the ball, I have an issue with the order of plays. Instead of running it up the middle on every first down, how about running it up the middle on 2nd down, and try something else on 1st down, like uh, maybe a playaction pass. Do that and it keeps the defense off-balance. Leftwich was playing to run the clock out… with 12 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

  906. Rod Munch Says:

    Checkdowns are fine. Runs up the middle are fine. You don’t have to throw deep all the time. Just for the LOVE of everything holy, mix it up! Playaction pass now and again and the defense can’t sit on the run up the middle, and then it’s not 2nd and 9 over and over and over again. It’s really not controversial. This isn’t a run it down your throat offense. It’s a deep ball passing offense with the best QB to ever play the game, a guy who never makes a bad throw really, so use that to your advantage. If you had a turnover prone QB, then sure, run out the clock if you’re a coward. But you have Tom Brady, just mix it up. Run all you want, just not always on 1st and 10.

  907. cmurda Says:

    Joe must be firing up a doozie article if he’s letting us roll this long on the game thread