Tom Brady Says Interceptions Are His Most Important Stat

September 4th, 2021

After hearing this, Joe has to wonder what the discussion was like between Tom Brady and Bucco Bruce Arians when they first watched film and talked about Jameis Winston within the Tampa Bay offense.

“If there’s one stat I care most about, it’s interceptions thrown,” Brady told “I do not like throwing interceptions. So if I’m going to think about one thing after a game, it’s whether or not, I don’t care if I threw 9,000 touchdowns in a game. If I threw one pick, I’m going to be pissed that night. That irritates me for than anything.”

Brady’s comment came during a panel discussion. He was asked what statistic he would want to be the very best in.

It’s an intriguing answer considering Arians quarterbacks have always thrown their share of picks.

Last year, Brady threw 15 interceptions through 20 games (including postseason). It tied his 2011 total (19 games).

Without digging deeper, Joe can’t say Brady’s picks last season cost the Bucs a game, but perhaps one or two. Joe suspects Brady will keep the interception total at 10 or less this season.

22 Responses to “Tom Brady Says Interceptions Are His Most Important Stat”

  1. Buc50 Says:

    I think we all agree with that.

  2. gp Says:

    ” I don’t care if I threw 9,000 touchdowns in a game. If I threw one pick, I’m going to be pissed that night. That irritates me for than anything.”
    That’s the attitude we’ve been looking for for a very long time!

  3. mark2001 Says:

    He is a guy striving for perfection. We hear almost on a daily basis that Clyde, or some of the other coaches relate his passion for that. So it makes a great deal of sense he would feel that way.

  4. Jeffbuc Says:

    There’s a cool article on pft right now. Where he is talking about how much he loves Tampa the city. And he wants to be here a long time. Said he loves everything being so close the airport the stadium and he gets to live on the water with great weather. Might have a new high profile Tampa resident for life.

  5. Cobraboy Says:

    So Brady never “checked yo sheets, I be ballin’.”

  6. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Brady’s interceptions were big factors in losing the 1st Saints game and Rams game, and they almost cost the Bucs the Championship game vs Packers.
    With another year of experience with this offense and superior talent, I’d expect interceptions to be 10 or less . Anticipating a great year! Please stay healthy!

  7. Youngbucs Says:

    Come on Tom be serious forget the ints you were so close to 5000yds. That’s all that really matters!

  8. stpetebucsfan Says:


    What is the saying…almost only counts in horseshoes and darts. There are a ton of almosts in every game except for one thing. SCOREBOARD.

  9. Pete I Says:

    So he has that in common with Winston. Clearly INT’s were Winston’s most important stat too…

  10. gp Says:

    Not to be nitpicky but darts happens to be very exacting and “almost” is a wasted throw.
    I think you meant to refer to a device commonly referred to as a pineapple on the battlefield

  11. PSL Bob Says:

    Mark2001, spot on man!

  12. BradyBucs Says:

    WInston: “I don’t care about interceptions, at the end of the game it’s all about yards and splash plays that make me entertaining. The NFL is entertainment first, a sport second.”

  13. Hawk Says:

    ‘Closeness’ only counts with horseshoes, hand grenades, and drive-in movies.

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    @ cobra


    I was thinking the same thing… I wonder if Winston looks at INTs and pick 6’s the same way as Brady…

    Probably not.

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    @Marine: I lost what little Buc Love I had for ATM when he said that, thinking he was worth $30 million a year.

    It proved to me how out of touch he was…with himself, not to mention his team.

  16. Bucschamp Says:

    Dear Tom,

    9000 touchdown and 1 pick is OK.

    Very very OK.

  17. Devin DiPalma Says:

    Pete I, I busted out laughing when I read that. Too true lol

  18. Oneilbuc Says:

    I just want another superbowl !!!

  19. bucs1172 Says:

    We went from 30 int’s to 15 to hopes of less than 10!!! on the right track boys!

  20. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Can you imagine Brady throws 25 tds in the Superbowl but after the game he’s seen in the locker room kicking over trash cans and turning over tables because he threw one interception during the season??? The whole team would be like GET OVER YOURSELF TOM, QUIT YER TOM FOOLERY!!!🙄🙄🙄

  21. Lamarcus Says:

    I guess he hates looking at his jersey because that how many he threw last year. Which is still good

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Lamarcus….QB’s can’t wear the number 30, can they?