Even Bad News Isn’t Really Bad With Tom Brady

September 5th, 2021

Always gets the last laugh.

The joy never stops growing when your signal caller is park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, smartphone-phobic, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, roller-coaster-scared, numbers-rules-peeved, helmet-tossing, football-punting, Bucs-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

Yesterday we learned Brady said he hopes to be the Bucs quarterback for years to come. Joe hopes Brady is starting for Tampa Bay so long that they have to wheel his gray, wrinkled arse out on the field in a wheelchair to line up behind center.

NFL Network reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala had this way fun fact about Brady. In short, he dominates season-opening games. And when he does lose, well, Joe will allow Kinkhabwala to share the good news.

So there you have it. The Bucs should beat the Cowboys on Thursday night. And if they don’t? Well, guess who gets the last laugh?

Hint: Let’s just say handsy-Jerry Jones will be crying in his glass of Johnny Walker Blue.

25 Responses to “Even Bad News Isn’t Really Bad With Tom Brady”

  1. Gbobucsfan Says:

    Waffle grilling???

  2. BerrickDrooks Says:


  3. Bird Says:

    So glad football is back

    Great to be a buc fan

    Probably great to be a alabama fan as well
    Clemson / georgia game was pretty bad
    And oklahoma struggled with tulane.
    Lsu lost to old chipperoo

  4. ModHairKen Says:

    Gob, don’t encourage him.

  5. Jason Says:

    So I read that TB12 got covid after boat parade. Shouldn’t he be donating a vial of his blood to save all humanity?

  6. Erik Hesson Says:

    Everyone wants to win every game, but man it’s SO motivating for Brady personally if he loses or throws a pick or has any kind of error/mistake tbh…

    And tbh, I can’t believe how so many people/players in the media ‘hate on’ Brady and refuse to acknowledge his greatness and also his actual skillset as a QB (I’m looking at you, NFL Top-100 List and ESPN Top-100 List)…

    Brady has to have SOOOOOOO much motivation and fire building within himself fire this upcoming season, because I even start getting fired up watching sportstalk shows and hearing the Brady hate from some odd these dudes.

    20-0 is the goal. 💯💯

  7. Blogtalkfootball.com Says:

    You guys should watch Brady’s cameo in the Netflix series Living With Myself… It explains a lot.

  8. BrooklynBucsFan Says:

    That also means he won three Super Bowls after winning the opener, so basically doesn’t mean anything haha.

  9. Buxszntkt Says:

    Yo Brooklyn, let me explain it to you, what it means is don’t sweat it if they lose ! Got it ? Now fogedaboutit !

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Might need to add “Subway Commercial” to the list ?

  11. Casual Observer Says:

    I was shocked to read that TB had covid. Seems to have recovered magnificently. Like our star LB, it seems. Apparently no physical problems for either.

  12. The Red Mirage Says:

    I watched two episodes of Hard Knocks. Jerrah is most certainly on the back 9.

  13. Listnfrmafar Says:

    How about Bucs just kick Dallas arse and move on. The only way to get back to SB is to win games not lose them and hope for the best. Stats mean nothing, real time does.

  14. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Bucs are on an active 8 game winning streak…..make it 9.

    Nuff said.

  15. Medicated Pete Says:

    The illuminati protects TB12 from side effects. They have a special potion

  16. BillyBucoff Says:

    Watched the arrival of Anthony Richardson yesterday and going to the game Thursday.

    Go Bucs

  17. Jerry R Jones Says:

    The monikers are horrendous. Please Tom Brady save us you’re our only hope!!!

  18. Ben green Says:

    Medicated Pete bring up an important point. I’d suggest a possible bilderberg conference link. Whatever the case, that potion is called concussion water. It has many uses, including but not limited to what the name suggests. Regardless, Ben fears for the souls of all involved

  19. Ben green Says:

    When Brady assumes room temperature, Alex Guerrero will commit seppuku, or harakiri, and be mummified along with Brady.

  20. Rayjay1122 Says:

    If I could have peered into the future 5 years ago and seen the current Bucs, I probably would not have believed it. In fact, I know that I would not have believed it because these times and these Bucs are unbelievable.

    The bad times only make the current golden era in Tampa sports even that much sweeter. Tampa will be the only city to possibly be home to the worst and the best NFL team in its history. I will take that as a life long fan.

    Go Bucs!!

  21. Will Says:

    Thank you I couldn’t remember the name of that show but yes his cameo was great and made me actually wonder a bit. Lol
    GO BUCS!

  22. Ben green Says:

    Enjoy it Rayjay, you are watching what greatness is all about.

  23. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @”Tom Brady is 14-4 all-time in his team’s season openers. The four years he lost the opener? He ended the season in the Super Bowl.”
    Love the “Win Win” situation….😁

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    The other thing to keep in mind, the Bucs are 0-4 vs the Saints in the regular season in years they win the Super Bowl.

  25. Crickett Baker Says:

    I loved it when they (Living w/Myself) looked into the grave and the guy goes..”Wait. Is that Tom Brady?” I thought that line was even better than the cameo. I didn’t think I would like that series but found myself binging it.