Tom Brady Envisions Being Bucs QB For “Many Years”

September 4th, 2021

No NFL career end in sight.

Famed college basketball Hall of Fame broadcaster and evangelist Dick Vitale always talks about why he lives in the Tampa Bay area as opposed to regions closer to where he works in the northeast and midwest.

Vitale cites Tampa Bay’s superior “quality of life.”

It seems Bucs quarterback Tom Brady has been bit by the same palmetto bug.

In an interview with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brady said he hopes to be the Bucs quarterback longer than his current contract with the team, which expires after the 2022 season.

“Whatever I thought I was getting into, it’s been so much better,” Brady said. “As good as I could’ve envisioned, it’s been even more enjoyable than that.

“It’s pretty much a different life than being in the Northeast. I had a great 20 years and I never want to take away from that. Also, this experience has been amazing. (Tampa’s) a great-kept secret. It’s a small city. Everything is close. The airport is close. Work is close. We live on the water.”

To emphasize his point, Brady added that he envisions his future as Bucs quarterback as long-term.

“Hopefully, I’ll be here a long time,” Brady said. “For many years.”

Now earlier this year when Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht discussed reworking Brady’s contract, he sort of tongue in cheek quipped that if Brady wants to be with the Bucs until he’s 50, the door is open.

Perhaps Licht already knew what Brady explained about his newfound desire to stick with the Bucs?

Brady previously had said he hoped to play until he is 45. That would be next season, the last year of his current contract. Apparently, playing at 50 isn’t all that far-fetched.

The impact Brady has had on this franchise, Joe doesn’t care if the Bucs have to go to an old school Big Ten-style, ground-and-pound attack if that is what it takes to keep Brady on the field when he reaches AARP eligibility.

32 Responses to “Tom Brady Envisions Being Bucs QB For “Many Years””

  1. gp Says:

    He want’s to produce for as long as he can produce. Can’t fault him for that!
    As long as he still has game, I’m game for him staying under center.

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    We can all hope!

  3. TiredBucsFan Says:

    He did 20 in NE, do 20 here. At 60 he would be better than most.

  4. Aceofaerospace Says:

    And to think some of these knuckleheads still long for the past. Amazing.

  5. DBS Says:

    Let him produce for the team as long as he shows he can.There is a lot to recovery to make up for from the lost decade. Let him keep leading the way!

  6. Youngbucs Says:

    This would be amazing because he’s not greedy!!!!!! He will not eat up the cap space best signing in nfl history!!!!!

  7. SB~LV Says:

    Not since YA Tittle!

  8. WillieG Says:

    I’d leave it totally up to Brady, if I was Bucs’ leadership. You know he won’t embarrass himself. When it’s time for him to go, he will go. He won’t try to fight Father Time and he won’t let his team down.

  9. Tye Says:

    Keep winning and you’re welcome to stay as long as you like!

  10. SB~LV Says:

    Baring injury he’ll go out like all most great champions, staying until he embarrasses himself.
    Just the way it goes

  11. VSyl Says:

    Brady is too competitive and likes to win above everything, when he sees that he can no longer compete and win, he will retire for sure. Until that, let’s make the most of this.

  12. BridleOaks Buc Says:

    I’m reading between the lines in that that as he loves Tampa Bay, and plans to be a part of the community, “for a long time, for many years.” Not necessarily as the QB of my beloved Buccaneers.

  13. PSL Bob Says:

    The problem with age is that things can start going downhill quickly. TB12 is a fanatic with his diet, exercise and life style, so he will definitely hang in there longer than most. But at some point, and I expect that will happen in the next two or three years, he will start that downhill trajectory. He will know when it’s time and hang it up. I’m rooting for him all the way and hope I’m wrong. A 50-year-old SB QB. That would be awesome!

  14. BradyBucs Says:

    For the first time in his adult life he’s really getting to experience a lack of SEASONS. No dreaded winters.

    Cold weather tightens up the muscles and make one less motivated to stay active or even workout.

    Now he’s chilling on his boat, cruising around in the Florida sun, and relaxing probably 10X more than he ever did living in Michigan and in Boston. His wife is from South America, and she’s probably happier in warmer year round temperatures too.

    I imagine he also gets a lot less paparazzi and people hassling them in Tampa compared to Boston and other places.

    He’s also no dummy… he can read his accounting spreadsheets and see the tax benefits of residency in Florida vs. MA or even a part-time place in California.

  15. BradyBucs Says:

    PSL BOB,

    I think a lot of it continues down to what type of STRENGTH you rely on…

    Many athletes really on BULK STRENGTH, where they continuously his the weight room and lift super heavy (bad on their joints) to main large muscle mass and that bulk strength. Once can only do that to their body for so many years before things break down and it’s no longer sustainable.

    Brady is one of the rare very athletes that stay in game shape by not lifting heavy weights but is more into resistance training and high reps with lighter weight. He’s never been a big, muscle bulky guy. I think that alone gives him a longer time to play at a high level.

    His arm strength and COGNITIVE ability are what will go with age. It’s the reflexes and ability to make those fast decisions. But as much of a student (and master) he is at reading defenses from 20+ years of experience and being one of the best at it, it’s probably going to come down to more of his arm strength as an issue.

    At 44, he looks like he’s putting plenty of velocity on the ball. That velocity may decline by 20-30% over the next 1-3 years, but who knows, maybe as long as he’s still really accurate it won’t matter that much.

    He’s a really interesting case study on professional athlete longevity.

    As long as he continues to get have good pass protection and getting the ball out quickly and not take a beaten, he stands to prolong his career — unlike some of those more mobile QBs that run a few times a day and take some hits.

  16. Miguel Says:

    If anyone on here is not just celebrating that the GOAT wants to continue to play with us for the rest of his career then you must not remember how abysmal this franchise has been.

    Thank you Tom, please stay as long as you possibly can. Jason Licht shares this sentiment, he’s our QB until he no longer wants to continue playing. Point blank and the period.

  17. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Alot will depend on Licht and company keeping weapons and OLine.
    If Bucs lose Godwin, Gronk an OLineman or 2, Fournette or RoJo- will they replace any of them with comparable talent?
    Brady will be pumped to continue playing as long as he has the great talent- physically he looks like he has at least 3 more years.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Gronk is definitely here to stay. As is AB. They will be here as long as Brady is. Fournette as well I imagine though we could do better.

    I also think we’re gonna keep Godwin long term. So I’m not concerned Brady will help the cap next season.

  19. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Tommy 10-rings.

  20. Crickett Baker Says:

    Brdal there is no reading between the lines. You are absolutely correct. Brady NEVER said he wanted to play for the Bucs “for many years”. He just wants to live in Tampa when he’s done. I can’t believe how many people heard him wrong, including Joe (which surprised me).

  21. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @“Hopefully, I’ll be here a long time,” Brady said. “For many years.”
    …sound like a wonderful music. I just hope it happens…. 🤞

  22. Swampbuc Says:

    Stay healthy, Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. mark2001 Says:

    Hopefully he will be here for a long time. But even if he rides off into the sunset in a couple more years, what could be a better sale pitch…and endorsement…for this team and this community. So glad to have you with us, Tom. As the perfectionist you are, I don’t think you will have to be told when it is time to hang it up. You will know better than anyone.

  24. adam from ny Says:

    he’s definitely thinking 10 rangs…


  25. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    the bucs win the superbowl again this year?

    belichik is going to have to take a good long hard look at himself in the mirror…


  26. crazybucs_CL Says:

    …belichick is one of the greatest coach of the game. Football lovers should respect him, we bucs fans, should thank him; we got Tom and Gronk because of him…. I hope we have a great match in NE…. and I hope we destroy them…. I mean completely 👿😜

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Half a Tom Brady is better than what we’ve had under center for the past 2 decades.

  28. gp Says:

    Tom already bought his retirement home, on the water just north of Miami.
    Time will tell and he could sell that one to purchase in Tampa.
    I’m no mind reader, but I’m pretty sure he was trying to infer a desire to play for the Bucs for more than his current contract.
    As said earlier, he’s a professional and extremely competitive. He’ll know when it’s time.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Maybe we woild of been better off with Winston. Trying to win a ring with a 40+ QB. Thats just silly.

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    @BradyBucs: he is also into mrga- hydration…and flexibility.

    We should all do the Brady “system.”

    Which does not include ribeyes and chicken wings…

  31. gp Says:

    Don’t attack my steak dude!

    There are some things I wont give up!

    Beer, steak, women, fast(gas powered manual transmission)cars……need I go on?

  32. gp Says:

    I served steak and crab legs at my super bowl party.
    One woman asked about veggies and I told her to leave if she didn’t like the menu!(she’s married to the titans fan in attendance)