September 10th, 2021

“Tom, I know you can do it because you’ve done it.”

It’s hard not to be confident when Tom Brady is your quarterback.

Even so, Joe found it interesting last night in Bucco Bruce Arians’ postgame remarks that he more than once mentioned how confident his team was that they would win, even when down 29-28 with 1:24 left and needing to go 75 yards.

“There was no doubt that we were going to win the game,” Arians said. “With [Brady], it’s who going to make plays?

“Guys up front did a hell of a job protecting and guys went and got open.”

And of course, it was the stars that got the Bucs in field goal range. Foot-rubbing tight end Rob Gronkowski make two clutch catches and Chris Godwin redeemed himself big time with a huge catch-and-run for 24 yards to set up Ryan Succop’s kick.

Yeah, it is pretty cool to see the Bucs pull a win out like that. Even cooler to hear Arians discuss how much confidence he has in his team that they can get the job done in a pinch.

22 Responses to “Confidence”

  1. dls5492 Says:

    In the past, The Bucs would lose games like this. This confidence was one thing that made a difference.

  2. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete’s gonna relax & just be happy TB12 pulled it off because that would’ve been a really bad loss. But now, it’s a win w/ many lessons learned hopefully.

  3. Buc4evr Says:

    It’s better to be lucky than good. But it’s best to be both good and lucky. Let’s hope the Buc’s get a wake up call before next week. Sloppy game – turnovers, and a porous secondary. Thank God for Brady and Succop.

  4. TBSwarm Says:

    Even with 4 turn-overs and over 100 yards in penalties, we still got a win. Dallas has a really legit offense and I think this was a wake-up call to all the team about just how tough people are going to be playing against the Bucs this year.

    Luckily, we didn’t have any major injuries from last night. Hopefully SMB gets back soon, we are going to need him.

  5. 123urout Says:

    Good morning Bucs fans. Great game last night but too close for comfort. Special teams provided some help for the offense and Succop was the hero. Brady as usual has a nerve of steel to march 75 yrds for the comeback. Our Defense step up during the most pivotal time but needs a lot of work. AB and Gronk did awesome last night and carried the offense. Our 2 TE’s must step up their game as we cannot allow Gronk to be always on the field for every snap.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    How times have changed. Succop. Money. Brady. Money.

    Now, lots of errors. Fumbles at key moments. Penalties. DBs social distancing from Dallas WRs.

    But what matters? Stats? No. Style points? No. SCOREBOARD.

  7. zzbuc Says:

    I know a win is a win, and we should be happy for that. I get it , but I am far from pleased on what the bucs did on defense, spcially on CB´s…they are lost, they miss tackles, they look scared, specially Dean: My main concern has been and still is our CB, everybody thinks we have great players, and IMO they are average at best……..

  8. SB~LV Says:

    It was a great lesson and Wake up
    Prescott was awesome!

  9. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    When the Boys scored I told my wife that’s the game but when I saw how much time was left told her we got this. They were getting open all night. The offense is on track definitely to have a monster season

  10. Robert Says:

    I like that it was close. The secondary looked iffy though.

    keep em humble. a lot to work on!

    thank you GRONK!!!!

  11. Robert Says:

    and it sure looked like the refs wanted the cowgirls to win the game

  12. VSyl Says:

    This game should have been a blowout by the cowboys. Don’t even know how we managed to win…well… we know…Brady

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Couldn’t have scripted a better game for the Bucs…… so?

    Well……we were tested greatly….got a huge wakeup call…..played very poorly and still won…..
    This game will serve us well going forward.

  14. Wild Bill Says:

    Dak is a rising Star! As much as I hate Dallas gotta give credit. Where the heck was our vaunted pass rush? I called for a close game in my pregame posts but thought the Bucs would dominate the second half. Way too many penalties, lousy pass coverage and pass rush and fumbles should have cost the game. Leave it to Brady to take us down the field for the winning fg. The GOAT still has it!

  15. Mike C Says:

    Whole crowd stayed until the end of a night game, that hasn’t happened since the Colt Monday Night melt down. Felt awesome to have a full house Rocking again.

  16. Wild Bill Says:

    Sorry but Arian’s face was far from confidant during the final minutes. I think this game was the kind of gut check the Bucs needed. Too many penalties, poor play by the secondary, a disappointing pass rush, a so so run game and too many turn overs. And we all expected the team that swept thru the playoffs. No excuses. It was a sloppy game by any measure. Brady and Gronk were the difference to me. AB would also be da man if not for that late game fumble. None of our other receivers had a great night although Godwin came up with the game saving catch (nice no call push off, thank you refs).

  17. Biff Barker Says:

    The Cowboys offense played a very good game. Great game plan. Solid effort from a very good unit. Despite our opening game jitters, we still pulled out a win.
    That’s what really matters!

  18. adam from ny Says:

    the OL protected tom ery vwell all night…

    that’s all you can really ask for…


  19. Court XXXVII Says:

    Bowles better be whipping up new game plans and whipping the defensive backs while he’s at it. The Cow Girls just handed the League the way to carve the Bucs up. Scary.

  20. adam from ny Says:

    typo ^^^

    the OL protected tom very well all night…

  21. Youngbucs Says:

    🐐don’t need your help excuses those days are over. Win or lose!!!!!

  22. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    as I said on a previous post where was the safety help they should have put a safety over the top like they did with Tieeek hill the second time around in the Super Bowl dak getting rid of the ball too fast for the pass rush to make a difference I’m sure they’ll figure it out but definitely too close for comfort,,modhairken,, funny take on social distancing