Bucs Will Travel Saturday For Sunday Afternoon Game In Los Angeles

September 22nd, 2021

The first road trip of the season won’t be typical

Yes, Buccaneers players are expecting to get a sleep schedule from their head coach.

Bucco Bruce Arians and his sports science crew have a plan to face the Rams at 4:25 p.m. on Sunday in L.A.

Lots of east coast teams travel on Friday for California game. But Arians said yesterday on Bucs Total Access on Buccaneers.com that the Bucs will leave relatively late on Saturday.

“Normally we’d have left on Friday, but we’re going to travel Saturday and do all our meetings here [in Tampa,]” Arians said. “Get there and go straight to bed, and get up and try to play the game and get back home.”

Hopefully the Bucs won’t have a bizarre airplane delay like they experienced last season on their road trip to Carolina.

Joe can’t speak to the best time to fly in for a west coast game, but Joe does suspect most players are happy about this considering Arians doesn’t plan to let them stray from the team hotel on road trips this season. That’s a virus rule Arians has, not an edict from the NFL.

17 Responses to “Bucs Will Travel Saturday For Sunday Afternoon Game In Los Angeles”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Good, Pete doesn’t need players like ROJO enjoying California & soiling their oats

  2. @MidAtlanticBucsFan Says:

    Bucs should allow pill-popping, Natty-Boh-binge-drinking, incessant-commenting, Rojo-peeved Medicated Pete to fly in early and medicate before his afternoon meltdown after the Bucs secondary is torched by Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods for a third consecutive season.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It should be a good game. That new stadium is in another world.

  4. Medicated Pete Says:


    Bucs should hire me as “Peg Leg Pete” the traveling Pirate

  5. @MidAtlanticBucsFan Says:

    @Medicated Pete – I like the idea of “Peg Leg Pete” the traveling pirate!

  6. BA4President Says:

    Whatever it takes to get rid of idle time sounds good to me. You don’t want them twiddling their thumbs for too long before a game.

    Now what if they sleep through the continental breakfast? That’s be a shame. 😛

  7. TSmitty3000 Says:

    I actually like this from Arians. You don’t want to be like the Saints with so many coaches and players being on the Covid list. Arians ha done a great job in managing his team during the pandemic. You can party in L.A. during the offseason.

  8. Oxycodoms Says:

    Whata the time difference? Pushing brady’s bedtime might be one of those games for him where he doesnt know what down it is

  9. alton d green Says:

    There was a Seinfeld episode that George Costanza did everything opposite. They called it “bizaaro world” This is BA’s approach. So far he’s blamed the goat for someone else not doing their job. Tompa can’t carry your fat a&%# forever. Why not go all the way with this bizaaro approach? This really reminds me of Obiden’s decisions and the media saying “nothing to see here” Why not arrive just in time for the kickoff. We would kick the living crap out of them. Does PHATDADDY know there is a 3 hr difference in LA????????????

  10. alton d green Says:

    when i was in Germany in 1972-73, there was drugs that we called “crank” They were uppers. I’ve seen my fellow medics stay up all night snapping their fingers till they would bleed listening to their “boombox” Tampa Bucs, I will meet you at LAX with a wheelbarrow full of “crank”

  11. alton d green Says:

    oxycodoms; Good one! hahaha

  12. rrsrq Says:

    So mad ticket prices are so damn high, gonna be in LA this weekend and Vegas the rest of the week. Wanna go to the game but will rep my Bucs out there

  13. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I am sure BA consulted with their sports medicine or whatever special scientist they have on staff on when to travel.

  14. Delawest Says:

    We just decided last night to go to the game.
    AB on COVID list ? SMH

  15. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Man, there sure is a lot of negativity on here as we are riding a 10 game winning streak and a Super Bowl victory. BA is doing what he thinks is best and it’s worked so far, so…. Let’s just wait and see. Huge game on Sunday. We know it, and they definitely know it. I think the champs show up and make a statement on Sunday. Go Bucs!!

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Should be a great game. That new stadium is state of the art. I got us ballin lights out and winning.

  17. Eddie Marz Says:

    Concerning negativity. I remember in NY in 1969 after the Jets won the SB. All the papers and fans complained that The Jets weren’t winning big enough. 10-4 for the year. BA has let the players play and their winning like never before. Let’s be thankful that we’re a contending team and Super Bowl Champs. GO BUCS!