Bruce Arians: Doubtful Richard Sherman Will Play

September 29th, 2021

The excitement among Bucs fans to have five-time Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman in the house may have to be dialed back for a couple of weeks.

Sherman is on the roster and says he’s ready to roll, but Bucco Bruce Arians was very measured today after practice, implying it’s highly doubtful Sherman plays Sunday.

“He’s got so much to learn and he hasn’t had pads on in so long,” Arians said. “There’d be a bunch of guys hurt if he’s out there this week.”

The good news is Arians did not include cornerback Jamel Dean on his list of available players that didn’t practice today. That was reserved for Rob Gronkowski, Jason Pierre-Paul and Giovani Bernard. So it appears Dean is in better shape than when he left Sunday’s game hurt.

20 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Doubtful Richard Sherman Will Play”

  1. Ben green Says:

    They don’t need him this week. Ben’s Patriots can’t protect Mac, so the dB’s shouldn’t have to cover for long. Ben is beside himself this week. It’s like choosing between your parents.

  2. Will Says:

    Come on Jarvus make a pick.

  3. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Hopefully our defense will not be the Patriots “Elixir of offensive success.”

  4. BA4President Says:

    Bucs fans watching secondary play…

    Week 2: Jamal Dean is garbage. Cut him now!
    Week 3: Yikes. Can we get that Dean guy back??

  5. Izod Says:

    Patriots are certainly capable of winning this game. Bucs’ now obvious defensive shortcomings, mounting injuries, and the X-emotional factor for Brady/Pats makes this almost a 50-50 game.

  6. Ben green Says:

    No worries Rayjay, the only way the Patriots can win is to go shotgun 5 wide on almost every down. They can’t do that yet. We have a ton of new players, that don’t yet have a full grasp of the offense. It’ll come in time, but not this week my friend. Take someone like gronk, he knows everyone’s job on every play. That’s not common to NFL offenses, but is a requirement for the Pats offense.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Oh he’ll play….we dont have a choice unless we get a huge lead and keep it.

    He better be starting….he’s been working out, lost some weight….he’s good to go…not 5 weeks into the season good to go, but good enough. Put him back there!

  8. Posey99 Says:

    I’m hoping teams are going to try and exploit our secondary. That means 5 step drops and opportunities for our lineman. Last week the whole team looked sluggish. Not sure why. I’m banking on that not happening again, too much talent. Also, i expect our DB’s to play better in fear of losing their job to Sherman or just the X factor of Sherman being on the Team period.

  9. zzbuc Says:

    @BA4President…..I don´t think he is garbage nor I think he is great,,,,,,same as Murphy Bunting and Carlton Davis……average ……. Why people get so polarized…..Never in betweens

  10. PSL Bob Says:

    zzbuc, I agree. Don’t think our secondary is top notch. Their notoriety is derived from last year’s SB run when the front 7 were playing lights out and we were constantly getting to the QB. That forced opposing offenses into mistakes that made the secondary look good. That is not present now and the secondary’s mediocrity shows, particularly against good QB’s (aka Prescott and Matthews). To turn things around, one of two things have to happen: our offense has to put up big numbers and/or keep drives moving to keep our D off the field or our front 7 on defense has to put more pressure on the QB.

  11. Ash Says:

    I disagree with the Carlton being average he has been solid this season you ain’t evaluating tape very well sir

  12. Mikadeemas Says:

    BenJarvis! Suck it up buttercup! BUCS fans don’t care! GO BUCS!!

  13. BA4President Says:

    @zzbuc Agreed. I can say this, his average film looked better than the guys playing in his absence. Some people are so quick to think that “any replacement is better”, but that is not true at all

  14. zzbuc Says:

    Agree 100% PSL Bob!!!! You nailed it!!

  15. dmatt Says:

    Again, I’ll take a 33 yr old Sherman who brings swag, aggressiveness, motivation, experience, n game time knowledge against any nfl team. I’ll take Sherman over a healthy “Dean in the headlight” any day. Did Dean really play college ball? He just always look lost n confused on n off the field. He plays so passive n timid where he really didn’t realize a possible int he dropped that was right in his hands. The easiest int one could wish for. He’s not nfl material.

  16. Buxszntkt Says:

    Izod, if one thing is clear, Brady has never allowed pressure on any kind to affect his play. There isn’t going to be emotion when it comes time for Brady to make plays. Far from a toss up game.
    Our only issue is back up quarterbacks always play great against us. I would count the rookies 4th game as pseudo toss up.
    @ Ben Green how long have you been down here, I gather not long at all .

  17. Ben green Says:

    Ben lives in Brookline, not far from Mr. Kraft. My mom, God bless her, is moving someplace called Pinellas park? Not sure on the spelling. She says they have a super wally world across the street. Ben can’t wait to spend his last winter here, my joints can’t take anymore. Ben and his wife can’t decide between a condo and a houseboat.

  18. Buxszntkt Says:

    I would think summers on a houseboat would be rather unpleasant down here. Even plugged in on the dock you have a solid 5 months of heat and humidity even through the night. I would want more air conditioned square footage then a houseboat would provide,
    Good luck, explains the difficulty in commitment. You will know who you are really rooting for after a few plays and you get a gut feeling that you’re wanting one team more than the other. Even first play , if you hope the first pass is completed, whichever QB threw the ball is who you really want to win.
    Hope your mother is sharing some of the Brookline home sale cash with you, lol.

  19. Louis. Kelly Says:

    The Tampa Bay bucs offense truly needs to stop creating little dumb penalties and also need to stop missing tackles. On the reality part of it is that they won’t block every offensive player, but the idea is to not run by the player but to at least make physical contact enough that it may change the projectory of the offensive player towards the quarterback. Secondly and most obvious to everyone is that the bucks secondary is not good enough to hold the average players down. It seems as though they are only thinking One direction. Personally I think that third and five should require five man Rush. Not just at third and three or third and two or third and one it’s also a very important thing to have one guy one guy focus on one running back in the backfield or one defensive back focus on any running back out of the backfield not run off like they’re chasing a bunch of boxes and don’t know which way to go. Stay at home sometime more time than often and watch the back feel see what the changes are don’t allow the office of man to have to fight his way up the line and miss the corner,but when the linebacker does his job 99% of the time there’s always someone there to stop that run around that short corner, maybe they won’t always stop the play but they are there and their presence will make the runner go a different direction putting his play in trouble . Thanks for reading. Big Nick

  20. GOATWatcher Says:

    Just have Sherman healthy and ready for the playoffs. Meanwhile he can coach up the you get backs.