Breaking The Rams’ Insane Streak

September 25th, 2021

Sunday’s Tampa Bay opponent owns one of the most impressive streaks in all of professional sports.

The Rams under head coach Sean McVay are 39-0 when leading at halftime, including their 27-24 win in Tampa last year (after leading 17-14 at the intermission).

Damn, just think about the preparation and consistently savvy adjustments needed to make a streak like that happen.

Maybe even more impressive is McVay’s .682 winning percentage as a head coach. That’s better than Bill Belicheat!

So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Bucs need a fast start Sunday. No more early nonsense. Joe has no doubt Tom Brady can break the streak with his right arm, if necessary. But 39-0 is 39-0. That’s not a mark to tangle with.

Joe sees the key tomorrow as the Bucs keeping their foot on the gas for 60 minutes — offense and defense. Stick with the passing game and keep blitzing Stafford, who isn’t the most durable or mobile guy.

What a massive game it could be for Rob Gronkowski with Antonio Brown out and Jalen Ramsey focused elsewhere.

31 Responses to “Breaking The Rams’ Insane Streak”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Better make sure we’re leading.

  2. Infomeplease Says:

    All good things must end!!! I’m referring to McVay’s streak!!! Todd Bowles can game plan the BUCS to Victory!! TB12 and this offense can put up enough points too!!! Should be a great game!!! GO BUCS!!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Fast starts are always a beautiful thing, but finishing strong is equally beautiful. Bucs have scored 21 points in the 1st half of each of our 2 games this season, but we’ve struggled to keep our opponents from scoring (Dallas got 16 pts in the 1st half & Atlanta got 10 pts). So, we outscored both of them in the 1st half, and went on to win.

    Only concern is that BOTH Dallas & Atlanta outscored us offensively in the 2nd half (Dallas got 13 pts to our 10 pts, while Atlanta got 15 pts to our 14 pts). Both games were very close in the 4th qtr at one point. Fortunately Tom Brady led us to a winning FG with a minute left against Dallas, and we added 2 Pick-6 late in the Falcons game to blow that game wide open.

    Rams’ offense is very productive at scoring in the 2nd half. Sure would be nice for the Bucs to be comfortably ahead come halftime.

  4. Medicated Pete Says:

    Our roster is in shambles after 2 games. How many players are we gonna lose tomorrow? Pete’s has PTSD

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d kind of like to break that streak……behind at halftime and rallying to win. Let’s do it.

  6. gp Says:

    Yeah, Let em keep that streak by leading them all game long. Then it doesn’t even come into play.
    Start strong, roll strong, finish strong!

  7. Bob Says:

    Hang on to that ball, Jaelon!

  8. Topcoach_78 Says:

    Our defense looks like the same scheme from the Saints games & Chiefs, what is gonna take for him to scheme it right to help the secondary, he blitzes so much the qb simply throws it to where the blitz comes from getting pressure but no sacks! QBs can still throw under pressure we getting no sacks even when we blitz and underneath wide open! Can we leave LBs in coverage sometime? Can we play press sometime? It’s gonna take being embarrassed on national tv for them to change! BA blames tackling and heavy on the passing because they’re not running on us! Naaa it’s your scheme that sucks!

  9. Medicated Pete Says:

    Pete’s a worry wart over Darden possibly pooping his pants in the spotlight tomorrow. Pay close attention to see if he’s wearing Pampers during the game

  10. SteveK Says:

    Sorry Pete, the only streaking will be the Rams pass protectors agains big sexy aka Vita Vea. He’s just too much to handle and he’s going to breakthrough and we will get pressure. Go Bucs!

  11. Mr Bean Says:

    Medicated Pete – roster is not in shambles. Every team has injuries. The Bucs are just fine. Loaded at WR so AB missing a game is not the end of the world. Loaded at pass rush so JPP can rest his shoulder for a week. Thin at CB, but they will be fine. Go Bucs!

  12. Bella R Moore Says:

    what is their record when they’re behind at the half?

  13. Bella R Moore Says:

    Darden would B-slap pete if he said it to his face

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Win or lose, it should be a great game.

  15. Bucschamp Says:

    This will be a statement game for the Rams, but just another normal game for the bucs. If bucs win this without AB, JPP, SMB, Minter, the Stafford trade would look like a bum move.

  16. Bob Says:

    Disgusting how this site has such a man crush on overrated Bruce Arians but calls the greatest coach in NFL history belicheat

  17. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    100% correct. Our DC is mediocre. Mr Magoo is going to shift the blame… to cover for him.
    We have big problem with D.
    I hope is not tomorrow the day that we are going to get embarrassed. But again, sooner or later is going to happen.

  18. Medicated Pete Says:

    The Bucs could play in that stadium 3 times this season
    -NFC championship

  19. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Bob Says:
    September 25th, 2021 at 7:51 pm
    Disgusting how this site has such a man crush on overrated Bruce Arians but calls the greatest coach in NFL history belicheat

    Why Torture yourself by reading this blog?
    Why rag on BA?
    Billy B 47% win percentage without Brady.

    Hope you enjoy the Brady Led Bucs “Beantown Beatdown” coming next week in Mass

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  20. Jerry Says:

    Interesting that the betting line opened with the Rams 2 point favorites and now its moved to a 1 point Bucs favorite. That means people betting are putting a lot of money on Tampa to win the game.

  21. Mr Bean Says:

    Medicated – definitely Sunday and SB. NFC championship – unlikely.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Just a little heads up for tomorrow. FOX is airing the Patriots/Saints game at 1:00 before the Bucs game. I dont have much of a rooting interest outside of the Bucs but rooting for the Saints to lose in one exception.

    And rooting for a total meltdown game for Jameis only adds to the excitement.

    Good lineup tomorrow.

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  23. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Is it tomorrow yet?

  24. Adrnagy Says:

    The youngry defense coor is going to be aggresive. It will play in our favor.

    I hope we see more of bernard and OJ

  25. Pine Hills Says:

    I’ll be rooting for the Patsies.
    I was born at Boston General and raised in Dedham and Mansfield.
    Mansfield is right next to Foxboro.
    My uncle took me to the first preseason game played there. (Sheafer Stadium)
    That being said, I’ve been a Bucs fan for the last … idunt know … 1983 or so … moved here in 1979.
    Worked with Bucs fans and followed the team with them. We’d talk about the bucs all day long.
    Still keep the Patsies as my afc team.

  26. Pine Hills Says:

    I’d love Pats vrs Bucs sb.

  27. Pine Hills Says:

    That was before Screwy Hughie tried to lowball Doug Williams.
    Then the Bayou Curse for 10 or 15 years till Tony Dungy came along.

  28. Alexander Nascimento Says:

    Don’t the Packers had/have a similar streak de laying at Lambeau?
    Go Bucs!

  29. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Pewter/Pewter uni’s tomorrow in LA.

  30. Redsox/Bucs1 Says:

    Bob Says:
    September 25th, 2021 at 7:51 pm
    Disgusting how this site has such a man crush on overrated Bruce Arians but calls the greatest coach in NFL history belicheat

    Why the issue with BA? Who wouldn’t love having a guy like him coach their football team? I agree the Belicheat stuff comes across as silly, makes the writer look jealous more than anything. The cheating crap is just NFL soap opera nonsense. But I’m no fan of Belichick’s. The guy is a giant a-hole. And the media salivating over him claiming every move he makes is genius is nauseating. If he truly is the best coach he’ll be able to accomplish something without TB12. We’ll see.

  31. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    We did not have Vita Vea last time we played them, and we are a very different team with him in there.