Aaron Rodgers: Tom Brady Got What He Was Asking For Or Wanted

September 21st, 2021

Yes, Tom Brady was in Aaron Rodgers’ ear during his offseason saga that had fans thinking he might leave the Packers.

Rodgers acknowledged that this week on The Rich Eisen Show.

“Look, I think I know pretty much went on with [Brady] down there [in Tampa],” Rodgers said. “Different situation, you know I’ve been here for 16 years he was going to a new team. Obviously, a lot of the things that he was asking for or wanted he got, whether it was Antonio [Brown] or Gronk, or what not. Different situation. [Green Bay] is obviously very personal to me.”

Joe’s glad to hear Brady’s friend (and Rodgers said they’ve been friends for many years) say the best Bucs quarterback in history had his wants/needs/demands met by the team. Hopefully, Team Glazer and friends will keep doing that at all costs — so Brady stays hungry to keep playing in Tampa.

Rodgers didn’t share Brady’s advice (hang in there and I’ll see you in New Orleans next season?), but Rodgers did say talking to friends helped him get the “right perspective” on his limited-influence situation in Green Bay.

23 Responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Tom Brady Got What He Was Asking For Or Wanted”

  1. PassingThru Says:

    They are friends. They’ve hung out together from time to time during the offseason for years. Ditto with Brees. I’m sure Tommy Boy’s situation grates on Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a diva, but that doesn’t mean he should be kept out of communications loop. It also means asking him for advice.

  2. SlyPirate Says:

    Rodgers: 16 years, Super Bowl, MVP
    Only 1-3 coaches have a better resume. It’s a no brainer to involve AR in organizational discussions.

  3. Devin DiPalma Says:

    People talk so much smack about Rodgers. In reality, I’d love to see him with a halfway decent organization that would give him what the Bucs gave brady. The dude deserves better for sure.

  4. Robert Says:

    AR is no TB….. like pt said… he is a Diva. He trained behind the best, had his system in place and is a Brees type player. One hell of a QB. but he is NOT the football maniac TB is, nor does he have the drive and patience of TB.

  5. Robert Says:

    Deserves better than what, being one of the most high profile and accomplished players in the NFL.

    please… cry me a river. seems every other year he is crying about this or that. you can bet, if they had the opportunity to have someone as good he would be gone. Maybe TB did the same, but at least it was not public.

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    Well the Jeopardy gig fell through, so he didn’t have much of a choice. Stay in GB or retire. “You can’t always get what you want” comes to mind.

  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The difference is he wants it without giving up any Salary to get it.

  8. Leighroy Says:

    It’s kind of like when a new company is trying to hire you, you have way more leverage and bargaining power compared to when you’ve been with a company for a decade, perhaps performed pretty well during that time, and asking for a raise. You’re gunna get whatever you want from the company trying to hire you if they want you enough and that’s what it takes to get you aboard.

    Good luck getting more than 5% and extra benefits from your current employer unless they’re desperate. The packers aren’t desperate!

  9. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    What. A. Friggin. Baby. … Major difference between Brady and cry baby Rodgers is guys would get in line and take LESS money to play with Brady. Rodgers just assumes if they let him call the shots that he could lure in championship hungry guys like Brady can. No way. Guys around the league know Rodgers is an a hole and isn’t HALF the leader Brady is. Rodgers is a chump. Brady is a CHAMP!

  10. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Rodgerings landed himself a HollyWeird young woman and has adopted a Longhair-Don’t Care attitude. It all plays into the Bucs hands at getting to another Super Bowl. The Rams are the toughest out now in my opinion.

  11. ClodHopper Says:

    Brady broke the psyche of the NFL’s quarterbacks. Everything is going to be different from now on, and in a good way.

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I like how these poser Qb’s like to compare themselves to Brady. 7 SB rings, Roger’s couldn’t even secure a job on Jeopardy. Go build your resume and then talk. 16 years and 1 SB on very talented stacked teams.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Next year, after he’s cut by the Packers, Rodgers should do the Winston plan and come to Tampa and sit behind Brady for a few years and learn how to win. Then maybe in 2027 when Brady retires he can take over.

  14. BerrickDrooks Says:

    we can sign Rodgers after TB retires

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    BerrickDrooks – He should man up, take the vet min salary, sit behind Brady and learn how to win the big game and not choke it away, and then blame everyone else for his failures. The professionalism that Rodgers could get from Brady, it might allow Rodgers to finally live up to his potential.

  16. adam from ny Says:

    aaron rodgers now looks like a pouty flower child on a steady weed diet…

    with dyed dirty blonde hair in the back…

    a far cry from the clean cut jeopardy look he was going for…

    seems like an angry tweenager to me, who is about to have an acne break out

  17. mg Says:

    Mr. Rogers and Green Bush deserve each other.

  18. Ed Says:

    Both Brady and Rogers are native Californians. They play to different beats. Brady is much more down to earth, Aaron is a free spirit. One of the main differences I’ve heard is Brady grew up in a tight family with lots of support from his parents. Rogers isn’t close with his family. Aaron more of a loner. Tom loves being a teammate.

  19. lambchop Says:

    Man, you people act like you wouldn’t be pissed off if a team you kept relevant didn’t even bother consulting you on how to improve the team. I don’t even think he would mind if they took his consideration and still went in another direction with the personnel. He doesn’t need to run the organization, he just feels he would be in a position to know what the team needs to be successful. It’s egos on both sides.

    Does he look like a diva? Hell no. He’s trying to win with the Packers. He just came off a year where they drafted his replacement when they could have gotten a player who could help now (although drafting Love was the right move for their future) and they decided to kick a FG and give the ball back to Brady in the NFC Championship game. Come on now.

    If Aaron Rodgers was available, with the roster we have, who would say nah we’re good. And I’m talking about if Brady wasn’t the QB.

    Any team would want Brady, Rodgers, and Wilson. ANY team that needed a QB.

    Some of ya’ll acting like we’ve been relevant for the last 2 decades or something. We got lucky that no other team really thought Brady could still sling it.

  20. Bucschamp Says:

    TB: hey Aaron meet my other friend. His name is Suh

  21. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    BigPoppaBuc I was gonna say there’s one difference between Brady and Rodgers, an A and a U; champ and chump. Just because you win a championship doesn’t make you a champ, but when you continually choke on the biggest stage and never been able to bring your team back to win means you’re a chump.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    lambchop – Uh, he’s literally the definition of a diva. With that said, I don’t actually care if a player is a diva or not, so long as they win, and the Packers are stupid not to do everything to keep him happy. At the same time, every fan base in the NFL should be stirring the pot, trying to do everything to make Rodgers think he’s 100% correct on everything and has no fault (which is how he thinks) because that , hopefully, helps the Packers lose.

    But yeah, there’s a lot of dullards around here, and everywhere to be fair, that think anyone that shows even the least bit of attitude is an out of control nutjob and should be ran out of the league. They’re just very boring people, beat down by their garbage jobs, who just do what they’re told and the way they make that work in their head to want to force everyone else to act the same as them.

  23. Ben green Says:

    Rodgers is a passive aggressive pud, who can’t carry Brady’s jock. Brady swallowed his ego for years, because he was winning championships. Rodgers is a loser in the playoffs and in close games. Blame his defense and his lack of help or input, whatever you want. He’s a modern day Jeff George, with some favorable passing rules