Winning With Blaine Gabbert

August 18th, 2021

Blaine Gabbert

Joe may have to think twice about taking NFL writer/analyst Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports seriously again.

Wilson was talking in depth on all things Bucs on CBS Sports HQ this week. He said there is so much uncertainty and weakness around the NFC South, the deep Bucs could win the division without Tom Brady and with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback.

It’s an interesting concept.

If you buy Wilson’s take, then perhaps Brady’s value is overrated. Of course, if you think Gabbert could win multiple playoff games after winning the NFC South, then Joe suggests you get some mental health care.

When Joe had a private chat with former offensive lineman Brian Baldinger at One Buc Palace recently, the NFL Network analyst offered up (without being asked) that Gabbert looks dreadful and wouldn’t have a No. 2 job if Bucco Bruce Arians was out of the league.

It’s possible that Gabbert is the Bucs’ greatest weakness, and at the same time nobody really knows until he plays as a starter or in a close game, something Gabbert hasn’t done since 2018.

30 Responses to “Winning With Blaine Gabbert”

  1. SlyPirate Says:

    Like most backups, Gabbert could win a game or two as a game manager. He’s not the Bucs’ future after TB12 retires.

  2. DBS Says:

    I am sorry to admit this. But I must say I believe we would stand a better chance with Winston if Brady goes down. I have no confidence in Gabbert at all..

  3. PassingThru Says:

    Most teams have to rely on a vet game manager as a backup. There might be a free agent who has a better ceiling as a starter, but there’s a reason why they’re a free agent: They aren’t reliable (performance variance from week to week). Think Josh Rosen who though a long shot, might develop as a quality starter. Do you want him as your second string, backup QB? Hell no.

    Gabbert just offers stability. He’s someone who knows the system and might buy you a few weeks if Brady (God forbid) ever went down.

  4. FirstTimePoster Says:

    I’m of the same mind as SlyPirate. Be a game manager, move the chains, no turnovers and rely on the defense. “Game Manager” is frowned upon these days. Too bad, it served Brad Johnson well.

  5. The Red Mirage Says:

    Jesus could be the backup and it wouldn’t matter if our receivers don’t clean up all the drops. Today’s practice against the Titans was horrific. I could not see our defense but I sure hope they looked better than the offense. All the hype about Darden ain’t nothing but hype, this was my second practice and the dude catches about one in four passes thrown his way. He dropped at least three in a row today it was pathetic. CLEAN IT UP BUCS

  6. SickofLosing Says:

    Gabbert could definitely win a few playoff games and end up hoisting the Lombardi trophy as a backup. If Nick foles could, Gabbert certainly could on this loaded Bucs team

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m probably in the minority but I’m becoming more comfortable with Gabbert…..especially with this premier offense & for just a few games….I think he can win some….but certainly not many and not playoffs……

    We should be confident that our defense will keep us in games.

  8. Steven007 Says:

    Gabbert looks awful, but to be honest he looked decent last year in real game situations. Mop up duty granted, but nonetheless.

  9. Goodscotch B. Good Says:

    That’s a healthy no to Gabbert. No. I’d rather see Trask in there that’s for sure. He was better than Gabbert by the time he was 12.

  10. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Bring on the rook then because Griffin looked like cr@p this past Saturday night.

  11. rrsrq Says:

    I always point to Shaun King was a third string QB who wasn’t supposed to see the field, but with the defense and running game, we were one game from the SB

  12. Pewter Power Says:

    I would love see a game well in hand during the regular season to see if back ups can finish up a 4th quarter lead. On offense I definitely don’t want to see backups on defense

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    Gabbert will be fine with a decent ground game and defense.

    He won’t have to win games on his own.

    He showed some pocket awareness, arm strength, and scramble scoots last Saturday.

    Plus he is comfortable in the system.

    Arians has earned my trust.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You guys are lying to yourselves. Blaine Gabbert might last starting 2-3 games (and that is being generous) before he gets injured. The guy is more fragile and QB I have ever seen.

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I would rather start our rookie, get him some experience and find out if he has what it takes.

  16. Duane Says:

    Gabbert looks perfectly fine holding a clipboard and running practice with the second squad. Not enough starting QBs in the league to begin with, so if you lose yours, your chances of success are shot.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Just pray Brady does nt go down for more than 2 games or so. I remember Gabbert in Jacksonville. He was below terrible.

  18. GMC hater Says:

    I’d much rather have Trask as the backup this year.

  19. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’d rather not have to find out this outcome. My guess would be the Bucs wouldn’t beat many of the good teams with Gabbert as the starter.

  20. Bucsfan Says:

    Its funny Mahomes went down in playoff game chiefs still won. 2019 mahomes missed some games chiefs kept winning. Brees missed games the last couple of years and Saints kept winning. When it comes to Brady its always hypotheticals because Brady always plays and never gets hurt. Theses same Brady haters in the media also said Bill could win with any QB and Brady was only good because of the system. Patriots suck and media makes excuses for Bill. Brady goes into new system wins super bowl now media haters say Gabbert could win with that team. Brady haters lost the argument but they keep making up more hypotheticals

  21. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Gabbert is there to get the sandwiches when Griffin is out.

    He is possibly, only possibly, not as bad as he was before because he’s been hanging out with Brady for a year. But his ceiling was reached a long time ago. That day was the day he was drafted.

  22. Hodad Says:

    That’s why the Bucs took a shot drafting Trask. It should be obvious to any Buc fan by now that Gabbert, and Griffin aren’t starting caliber NFL QB’s. Now Trask might not be that guy either, but it really was worth taking a flier with the last pick in the second round. No other player taken with that pick could have the future payoff Trask provides. If we don’t win it all this year it won’t be because we drafted Trask instead of someone else.

  23. Nick2 Says:

    Lets just not even think about that being a possibility please. I just cant remember ever saying yeah that Gabbert if he just had a better team around him!! Thats the only thing that scares me about BA that he has that much faith in him but who knows we havent really seen him play in several years.

  24. geno711 Says:

    Say Brady goes 14-3 or 15-2 with this talented team. Is is so hard to think if Brady never played that Gabbert could go 11-6?

  25. robert ethan Says:

    The Baldy and Bozo Report. Gabbert has been excellant in camp and in the first pre season game. GTFO, idiots.

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree that Griffin looked like sh!t this past Saturday night.
    Trask impressed me.
    And, if push comes to shove, we can win some games with Gabbert.

  27. Ben green Says:

    The only way the bucs win anything with blame gabbert is if he sells his soul to the devil and agrees to backup Bret farve for eternity, whilst making love to Rosie O’Donnell nightly. Otherwise y’all are as we say fubar. Don’t worry though, the only way Tom Brady doesn’t finish the season is if his right arm becomes gangrenous.

  28. Ben green Says:

    Ben is feeling a bit spacey. I had to take the black pill earlier. Ben’s fifth shoulder surgery. My friends call me John McCain. I’d sacrifice it all again for the glory. Sorry Ben doesn’t usually show his gentle side. Ben loves the game like one of his kids. Take it away and Ben feels incomplete. Ben needs a hankey

  29. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Gabbert never came close to pushing Winston for the starting job, so no! Sure, he may be able to manage a game better than Winston, but you are not going to beat good teams without scoring TDs.

  30. robert ethan Says:

    Hey Dalvin Cook, stick to commenting on your favorite team, you make yourself an idiot otherwise. Gabbert missed the whole season via injury, when halfwit Winston was around. Otherwise he most certainly would have taken over the starter job. Arians said as much a year ago.