Mike Evans Vs. Lamar Jackson

August 10th, 2021


Bucky Brooks needs to take a cold shower to calm down about runaround quarterbacks.

Anyone who pays moderate attention to Brooks, an NFL.com columnist and co-host of the “Move the Sticks” podcast, knows Brooks places a very high value on runaround quarterbacks.

Brooks, a former NFL defensive back and returner, likes to call it “new age football.” He says teams with offenses that feature dropback passers are dinosaurs about to be extinct.

Yet the team that won a Super Bowl last year did so with an old man of a dropback quarterback on one knee. And the best rookie QB in years, Justin Herbert, turned out to be a (mostly) dropback passer.

Recently, Brooks decided to list his top-five players under-30 who he thinks will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame someday. Mike Evans is not on Brooks’ list. But Lamar Jackson is.

Lamar Jackson???

Brooks wants runaround quarterbacks to dominate so much he’s now into fiction writing. As Joe types this here post on the evening of Aug. 9, 2021, there is no way in hell you can tell Joe that Lamar Jackson has a better resume for the Hall of Fame than Evans.

Jackson over Evans? That’s not just ridiculous, that’s irresponsible.

Lamar Jackson is a good quarterback. Possibly very good (yes, Joe is well-aware he was league MVP two seasons ago). He’s not a top-five quarterback and Joe surely wouldn’t take him over Herbert if Joe was building a team.

That’s not a knock on Jackson, that’s just giving Herbert his props.

Is Jackson fun to watch? Absolutely! But at the end of the day, a quarterback must be an elite throwing quarterback to be mentioned as a Hall of Fame quarterback. That’s not to say Jackson cannot be. But he surely isn’t there yet.

Yeah, sure, Fran Tarkenton, Roger Staubach and Joe Montana were running quarterbacks. But each of those guys were elite passers.

Joe can think of at least three Bucs under-30 who have better resumes for a Hall of Fame nod than Jackson. Devin White, Tristan Wirfs and Evans.

(Evans’ NFL record career we know all about. White and Wirfs you can make a case that they are the best at their positions. You cannot make the same case for Jackson.)

Jackson over Evans? Give Joe a friggin’ break! C’mon Bucky, use your head, not your heart. You got a degree from North Carolina. Use that noggin of yours.

24 Responses to “Mike Evans Vs. Lamar Jackson”

  1. Tkras red Bozo lips Says:

    Lamar over Mike Bucs fans think Evans is better than he actually is. His size is the only reason he’s any good. Has holes in his game everywhere & mentally gets taken outta games by good Cornerbacks

  2. Steven007 Says:

    Tkrack, You’re simply not a very good troll. Holes in his game everywhere? Dude are you retarded? Lattimore is the only CB who’s ever gotten into Evan’s head. And last year Evans seemed to get over it. Stop spouting BS.

  3. Pine Hillse] Says:

    Running qbs are marvelous specimens … while they last.
    Mahomes and that kid Allen in Buffalo are better positioned to have decent careers because they are both more Rodger the Dodger or Fran Tarkington.

    Even Marino was incredibly elusive in the pocket.
    Watch his film.

    He won’t outrun you, he’ll duck under you.he

  4. Kentucky Buc Says:

    How do these guys have jobs ?

  5. Drunkinybor Says:

    What a annoying trolling opinion. Now on to Bucky well his name IS Bucky. So after he was named his IQ was automatically deducted by 50. The mainstream media just plain sucks. Remember when the news was news? They reported news.” Tonight we have a breaking story. Someone assaulted a female jogger in what the hell ever park” Now it’s like ” A disturbing growing menace of antifa or trump supporters harassed a women on her jog easier tonight. We say it’s trump we say it’s Biden.. blah blah blah… Bucky look at the statistics and FACTS before writing your dribble. Bucky can fantasize about running qbs in ballerina dresses all night while he’s dreaming. But the Lombardi is in Tampa bitch!!!!

  6. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I actually like that Baltimore is trying something different. The problem is injury. If I was ever going to have a running offense like Baltimore I’d be sure to make sure the 2nd and 3d string QB can also run really well to keep some offensive identity.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    lol some one in this thread Day Evan’s is overrated lol. Go watch soccer please

  8. Bird Says:

    Tkras bozo

    You guys realize that is tmax “wears a thong”
    No reason to even respond to that loser
    He will go away when bucs doing well again

  9. Hodad Says:

    If Baltimore ever wins another championship, it won’t be because of Jackson, just like it wasn’t because of Dilfer. Jackson’s passing numbers are not near HOF worthy, and isn’t that what you put a QB in the HOF for? Evans on the other hand has done what no receiver has done before 7 1000 yd seasons in a row, and has won a championship, maybe more. That’s how you get into the hall. One day Jackson is going to get mashed to bits, and become the next RG3.

  10. Beeej Says:

    You rarely see guys like Jackson playing WELL into their 30’s, if at all

  11. AMI_Chris Says:

    This is the kind of utterly meaningless discussion that makes the NFL so great!

  12. Kalind Says:

    I read that article too. And the lack of Mike being included in that article was so egregious it borders on criminal.

  13. allbuccedup Says:

    One knee injury could derail Jackson i.e. RG3.

  14. Iron-Wombat Says:

    ah the cult of the running QB. Guys like this have been peddling this trash for decades. It’s never panned out. Mike Vick didn’t change the game, Cam Newton was also a league MVP with zero rings. Very few of those guys pan out and win it all, they get a lot of highlight videos but that’s about it.

  15. rrsrq Says:

    1. Jackson plays for Baltimore (larger market)
    2. Jackson has led his team to the playoffs each year he has started.
    3. guys like Jackson rarely play into their 30’s, there are no guys like Jackson, maybe one, his name is Michael Vick, pretty sur he played in his 30’s
    4. I think we know Mike Evan’s ceiling, he will be the best ever Bucs receiver – he blossomed with every QB we have had – but he is no Megatron, Moss or Rice.
    5. Lamar Jackson, we still don’t know his ceiling, especially if he improves his passing

  16. rrsrq Says:

    your arguments about not having a ring does not hold water – Jim Kelly, no rings, Dan Marino – no rings, Drew Brees – one ring. Jackson is still young, mountains to climb are Chiefs and Bills. Without Jackson, are the Ravens a playoff team?

  17. Mike Says:

    Evans will be even better this season, so I don’t think we’ve seen his best yet, and that is exciting! When it’s all said and done, I do see him as having a shot at a gold jacket, especially if the Bucs can get another ring!

  18. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    The running QB social agenda has nothing to do with the actual playing of the game.

  19. Buczilla Says:

    I enjoy Bucky’s articles from time to time, but more often than not he is a numbnut. Mike is second only to Mahomes on that list and it’s not even close. I get that it’s his opinion, but you’d think that it would be more informed from someone who has been around the nfl as long as this dude.

    Jackson is thrilling to watch, but if he doesn’t become a better passer, he will be wumpus stomped and out of the league in 5 years unless they further sissify the rules.

  20. Buczilla Says:


    ROFL, just scrolled up to read the comments. Brutal, but funny.


    Bro! Mike Evans Hof over LJ? ……ok Mike who?


    To all those folks that want to doubt my QB thats cool but when he wins that SB……..you all will find another narrative! So if you believe Mike Evans is a hof player then you need to ask Chri Carter about that. Moreover Evans might get in the hof same time LJ does! He is just not that dude! Evans is ok but he is not a game changer! Plain and simple! Could tampa had won without Mike? I think so….would Ravens be who they are without LJ? I think not!


    Furthermore how has Buffalo become so great in one season? Look at the suck a** division! Baltimore plays in a tougher division….yoy guys must be young or sumptin? Buff one good year and now they the second best? Cant wait…..cant wait! Com on season! Bufflo? Really?

  24. Roc316 Says:

    Evans will b hf, u say not a game changer huh well y do they double and triple team him every play, and he still gets 1000 yds 13 TD, w defenders n his face, he’s a monster, LJ is a good running QB, wut happens and will when he losese his wheels, Evans has and still played and put up numbers. 7 straight 1000yd seasons. Josh Freeman, j.winston, Fitzpatrick,leftwich throwing to him. We’ve not came close to seeing Evans ceiling. He’s not been n or w a good steady QB or offense, put the pipe down and back away slowly, LJ still got alot to prove and as time has shown us no running QB will last….