Joe Tryon Flag Demonstrates What’s Wrong With NFL

August 14th, 2021

Powderpuff commissioner.

That was an outrage last night what the zebras did to Joe Tryon.

The Bucs’ first-round pick demonstrated why so many Bucs coaches and players are high on him. He’s got very impressive get-off.

Once, Joe saw Tryon break for Bengals quarterback Brandon Allen so fast, Joe thought Tryon was going to behead the guy. Smartly, Allen dumped the ball off to a running back once he saw that white blur racing for him.

Later, Tryon had a textbook sack. He swallowed Allen up. Almost looked like Lee Roy Selmon the way the Hall of Fame defensive end would envelop a quarterback like a shark swallowing a fish whole.

But no! Tryon got flagged. Replays showed Tryon didn’t do a damn thing wrong.

Sadly, this is Roger Goodell’s league. If it looks like a hard hit, throw a flag. Like the worthless Joe Besser of Three Stooges fame used to say when Moe Howard slapped him, “Not so hard!”

That play is exactly why Bill Belicheat has been beating the drum for years that every play should be reviewable (but the number of replay challenges should remain the same). There is no freaking way that should have been a penalty.

There is only one thing Bucs coaches should have told Tryon about that penalty when he came to the sidelines.

“Keep it up, rookie!”

67 Responses to “Joe Tryon Flag Demonstrates What’s Wrong With NFL”

  1. Drunkinybor Says:

    That flag made me vomit 🤢. What kind of candy ass game is Roger trying to make. ENOUGH!! Already they have already made almost every tackle into a penalty it’s been ridiculous but my god. Is this football or freaking soccer

  2. alaskabuc Says:

    That’s about as text book as it gets 🤦‍♂️

  3. Red86 Says:

    There was a lot of horrible calls this game. These refs are definitely sub par.

  4. JimmyJack Says:

    No point to complain about it. This is nothing new. Been this way for years now.

    I dont like in any more then yall.

    I think Tryon got excited and forgot hitting to hard is a penalty. Luckily he learned this lesson in preseason……If you notice that same drive led to a TD in a one score game. Dont need ticky tack pentalities costing us real games. I think Tryon figures out how to avoid that flag next time.

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Got to get those female viewers.

    Can’t you just two hand touch the QB, do you have to hit him?

  6. BucDan Says:

    Hated the penalty, but it was clear cut, helmet to helmet. Very unfortunate and he didn’t headhunt or spear maliciously. This is the new NFL.

    Positive is that Joe Tryon looked like an animal out there and was lightning quick off of the line. I didn’t really see any hard counts, so we will have to see how he progresses through the preseason and into the regular season.

  7. Medicated Pete Says:

    Until Brady retires, i want the QB’s to be coddled

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    The most ridiculous thing is the refs won’t even get together and discuss the huge bone head flag and reverse the terrible call you just made. And the no way what so ever PI call on that pick.

    But it’s behind us now. We know there were good plays and BS penalties that led to points by the Bengals. I’m not gonna cry about penalties all day like some GB or KC fan though so we should move on from the first preseason game.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    For those that care I just speed through the first half of the Saints game…

    Hill started for the Saints, and I hate to say this, but he looked pretty good. He looks much smaller, not sure why, if he lost a bunch of weight – but it doesn’t look like a TE playing QB. He had pretty good accuracy, but was dinking and dunking mostly. But it looked like the Saints offense. He did throw an INT, but I don’t think it was on him — but at the same time he threw a terrible pass that should have been an INT that was dropped. Overall he looked better than I expected, but I didn’t expect much. He looks OK, but…

    Winston comes in and plays a few seconds in the 1st quarter and the full second quarter. He starts off uneven, no bad passes but nothing special. But he gets into a rhythm as as the quarter goes along and looks really good on a TD drive, gets a nice TD on a perfectly thrown ball. He’s not dinking and dunking like Hill either, he’s throwing it downfield to nobodies, and he looks pretty good near the end of the half anyways. He throws an INT with 43 seconds left in the half, but it’s not on him, the WR has his hands on the ball, gets hit, and the ball goes flying in the air. It’s a good read and good throw and a scrub WR who can’t make a catch.

    Overall Winston looked good, very comfortable, and that Saints offense looked like the Saints offense. That’s not good since we do not want the Saints looking like the Saints, we want them looking like the Lions.

    People who think the Saints are going in the tube this year don’t know what they’re talking about. Payton is too good of a coach, they’re going to be a team that gives the Bucs a real hard time I think. Which is OK since the Bucs are 0-4 in the regular season vs the Saints in years they win the SB.

  10. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    That was one of the top 3 worst officiated games ive watched. And ive watched close to 1000 nfl games in my life. That is all.

  11. firethecannons Says:

    Rod Munch! lol!
    (I’m a 60 y/o woman who loves guys and football)
    I loved the sack and was damn glad to see it! Joe Tryon is fast as ever–impressed he already has a sack. I remember Noah Spence in his preseason games. Certain that Tryon can dial in the head to head hit, most important he got there in a blur! Go Bucs!

  12. lambchop Says:

    LOL, the narrative would change if the QB was Tom Brady. Just sayin. If every team lost their star QB, the games would be disastrous. As much as the game has changed and become softer, the players have changed too. They’re faster than before. The QBs are more mobile, so the game has evolved and as a result QBs have to be protected. I’d rather not watch a pre-season game in week 6 of a season.

    It looked like helmet to helmet. With the evidence of concussions and CTE, this is going to be called all day long. I like what I see from Tryon, and he could be the steal of the first Rd. But, he needs to put that hat to the side of the QBs head and tackle through next time.

  13. 40Forever Says:

    Helmet to helmet contact. Stripes will call it EVERY time.

  14. JimbobBucsFan Says:


    As I said in so many words elsewhere tonight, if the NFL keeps this up I in turn will go elsewhere to watch REAL football.

    I have not watched a major league baseball game for years for other but similar reasons. I grew up a Dodgers fan. I am 74 years old.

    I wish Tampa had a team like the Pensacola Blue Wahoos for example. You would find me there sometimes, eating hot dogs and drinking a cold beer.

    Go Bucs!!!

  15. Joe Says:

    Helmet to helmet contact. Stripes will call it EVERY time.

    But it wasn’t and that’s not why the zebras threw the flag.

  16. Colin in Canada Says:

    Easy fix is to just hit them lower. Treat it like the strike zone in baseball. The NFL does not want a bunch of backup QBs playing so they make rules to protect the QB.

  17. lambchop Says:


    You got a better view of the tackle? That looked helmet to helmet, otherwise the only other thing they could have called was driving the QB to the ground which is a weaker argument. How’s he supposed to let up once he’s already launched into a player and off his feet?

    It looked like hat on hat to me.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    firethecannons – if you’re a 60yr old woman who likes football, then you should really be the loudest against the NFL dumbing down the game to appeal to what they think women want.

    Some of my gf’s over the year liked football because it was violent. The others did not like football, and no matter how much you wussified the game, they weren’t going to watch it.

    That’s what the NFL is getting wrong. They think having awful AM morning talk shows aimed at women, and making the men hit each other in a nicer way, is gonna get them more female viewers. Meanwhile, it’s going to eventually cost them male and female viewers.

  19. Joe Says:

    You got a better view of the tackle? That looked helmet to helmet

    The replay from the end zone camera angle behind Allen was very clear there was no helmet-to-helmet contact. The refs claim the flag was thrown because of Tryon’s bodyweight — that’s a direct quote straight from Arians’ mouth — not helmet-to-helmet.

  20. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    P.S. There is nothing like an watching an old fashioned baseball game with family, friends and neighbors!

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    Colin in Canada – When you could hit the QBs anywhere you wanted and rip their heads off there was never an issue with too many backups being forced to play. It’s nonsense. It’s about doing what they think appeals to women, it’s marketing, not safety.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    JimbobBucsFan – OMG, watching ‘old fashioned’ baseball with family and friends literally sounds like the most boring thing I can imagine. Wow, that thought almost makes me angry. I think I’d rather watch soccer than that scenario.

    Well, soccer in a bar, where I can get drunk, because soccer is truly awful, even more boring than baseball.

    Personally I can’t wait until the Rays move so I never have to hear about baseball again.

  23. Colin in Canada Says:

    Either way that hit by Tryon was awesome and he looks like hes going to be legit.

    And Trask throws a nice ball. Looks like a couple good rooks.

  24. lambchop Says:

    If it wasn’t helmet to helmet, it was chest to shoulder and the QB’s head snapped back. With it happening so fast, it’s hard to tell. But, making every play reviewable would slow the game down tremendously. Just have to overcome these things.

  25. lambchop Says:


    True. Unfortunate call, and what a blur that kid is. He’s fast as hell.

  26. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    P.S.S. In a ballpark!

  27. Colin in Canada Says:

    Rod its about the product on the field. They want the star QBs to be on the field. It is what it is. Just gotta hit them lower and not land on top. Thats the game now.

  28. Joe Says:

    If it wasn’t helmet to helmet, it was chest to shoulder and the QB’s head snapped back.

    Yep. If anything, Allen’s helmet caught Tryon in the jaw under his face mask. If you see the broadcast replay somewhere, you will see.

    Again, the refs even told Arians it was not helmet-to-helmet.

  29. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Wow.. horrible call… Preseason for the refs too tho I suppose… What we need to take away from that is that Tryon was past the tackle before he even knew the ball was snapped!!

  30. Brian Says:

    Rogers works FOR ownership. Ownership votes on all the rules. Why does Roger always take the blame for rules? I don’t get it.

  31. Mr.B Says:

    Now you know why I can’t watch pre season football. Filled with penalties and stupid reviews.

  32. Joe Says:

    Why does Roger always take the blame for rules?

    While you are absolutely correct the owners make the rules, Goodell has major influence on what rules to push through.

    Why does he take the blame? Because he’s the face of the league. He represents The Shield.

    Would you recognize Terry Pugula if you crossed paths with him on the sidewalk? Or Virginia McCaskey? Or Cal McNair? (All three own/run an NFL team.)

  33. Bird Says:

    Rod digs rod

  34. Drunkinybor Says:

    Joe Says:
    August 14th, 2021 at 11:46 pm
    If it wasn’t helmet to helmet, it was chest to shoulder and the QB’s head snapped back.

    Yep. If anything, Allen’s helmet caught Tryon in the jaw under his face mask. If you see the broadcast replay somewhere, you will see.

    Again, the refs even told Arians it was not helmet-to-helmet.

    On too of that Arians said the QB was a runner as it was a RPO. The flag was not for helmet to helmet it was for his body weight slamming him to the ground. But that’s impossible if he’s a runner

  35. Drunkinybor Says:

    I mean who cares all in all. But for Tryin you know it sucks you have to. Here’s a side hasn’t played in how long. Completely dominates the tackle and makes a momentum changing play. Only to have it flagged and he a zero on the stat sheet.

  36. Rod Munch Says:

    Bird – You’ve been posting here for what, 7 years, and you just now got my username? Wow, you’re brilliant. If they ever make a Life Goes On movie, I’ll be sure to campaign for you to play Corky.

  37. firethecannons Says:

    Yep Rod Munch–right on, I like the game just like a guy does, NFL needs to stop trying to appeal to women, we already watch the game and love it. I would not like it any less violent.
    The NFL is trying to prevent the head/brain trauma. Tryon was not targeting the player–it was a bad call.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Lets all remember this BS started when Mark Barron planted RGIII six feet under the north endzone on a perfect form tackle that the refs said was too hard. That was the first time I ever remember seeing this BS where you couldn’t tackle a QB anymore.

  39. Bucschamp Says:

    I watched the sack 5 times. This is good old football hehe

  40. Swampbuc Says:

    An atrocity. Ref that threw that flag should be fired. Period. Make an exampe out of his azz.

  41. Bird Says:

    Butt munch

    Not new. You know.

    Butt munch

  42. Bird Says:

    Im corky. Cool

    Jump off st pete bridge
    Obola shot

    But i am new to you. 😂 Thats like saying i took a dump that is still a dump

  43. Bird Says:

    You been posten here for what like 5 who cares
    Nobody cares


    But my posts are grrrrrrrrrr

  44. Jerry R Jones Says:

    So…why are they wearing helmets and pads again? Are the refs going to replace their yellow flags with tampons.

  45. Buco bruce Says:

    Preseason! I don’t care about anything but the fact our first round pick would be top five if he played last year.booom this guy is a stud we hit the lottery The eye test for me says he will be top three defensive end for years to come Julia’s pepperesque . This could be the start of a dynasty thats consistently in the playoffs as long as we can find a top 10 quarterback once Brady’s gone this defense will be the top five as long as we can keep them together and keep adding like Big Joe. This defense has the potential to be the best in the history of football what they did last year and they’re just starting to click and we’re adding more pieces like GI Joe just remember how long sapp Brooks and Lynch and Barbr with pieces coming in and out how they stay together and were dominant for so long telling you we got this enjoy peope enjoy. Oh okay even when Brady’s gone we’re going to have a great team for a very long time. I need to give it up to the glazers when we got a great team they go all out and have great players

  46. yucboy Says:

    Its preseason, they’re gonna throw flags on everything to send a message

  47. mg Says:

    Clown commissioner, clown refs, good luck betting on this 3-ring circus.

  48. ClodHopper Says:

    I was watching the game on BSPN gamecast when I saw a highlight of this play on twitter. I was hollering at BSPN being behind on stats cuz he wasn’t on there. It took a while for me to sort that out. I wasn’t even thinking flag.

  49. Red86 Says:

    Despite the horrible calls. Plenty of the young Bucs played great this game. Our corners were solid. Excellent coverage skills overall. 2nd string d lines were good. The amount of force turnovers were encouraging especially the picks. Hagan looked great despite his NFL Football Follies moment. Looks like solid depth as of now. Trask, Tryon, Britt, Vaughn, and Darden got me looking forward to the next preseason game. We should have sat Darden earlier because we can‘t lose that Jack Rabbit to an injury. He’s like a home run hitter every time the ball is in his hands. Darden and Miller lineup next to each other. That’s definitely a pick your poison set. Can’t imagine the defenders thoughts, if AB is lineup with those two in trips set. This looks like Griffin’s last run for us, because he was making Jameis throws during the game.

  50. Nanomag Says:

    They have been calling this last whole season. You can’t put your weight on QBs when driving them to ground. Where were you guys?

  51. DollarBill Says:

    Hey, just like this is preseason for the players it’s also preseason for the referees to get up to game speed. Not condoning the calls made last night just saying that a little rust is expected and I’d rather them try and iron out the kinks now rather than wait till the regular season to try and fix some issues like bad flags on clean hits. The game is fast and is unreal hard to officiate. We all understand that nobody comes to the games to see the refs get too involved, but we would all be livid if there wasn’t any refs in the field at all.

  52. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Adapt and overcome is how you beat the rule changes. Anybody that is closing fast on a QB that can get into his chest easily only has to take both meat hooks and push full force into QB’s chest with both hands hard and QB will fall backwards hard and his helmet will smack the turf , but no penalty and you may see the QB leaving the field.
    Darden is very quick and beat his cover consistently. Tryon and a blitzing LB along with VV,Suh, and JPP spells alot of Int’s for our secondary. Need to see Darden on some punt returns.

  53. James Smyth Says:

    Relax, it is preseason for the refs too.

  54. Dlavid Says:

    Has the term incidental contact been completely fazed out ? This go woke, go broke league is submitting to the new agenda of corporate America ….. what a shame !

  55. Rico 210 Says:

    Medicated Pete Says:
    August 14th, 2021 at 11:18 pm
    Until Brady retires, i want the QB’s to be coddled
    20-0 till it ain’t so
    Go Bucs

  56. Lou. Says:

    Remember how Scott Brantley got penalized for hitting a Dallas player too hard?

  57. Eddie Marz Says:

    Looked like helmet to helmet, but without review can’t be sure. Either way I’m glad he’s on out team. He could be the real deal and another set of fresh legs to chase Patrick Mahomes. GO BUCS!

  58. Marine Buc Says:

    Let’s hope the officials are going to make these kind of calls during preseason then layoff during the regular season… That call against JT was total bull spit.

  59. Snook Says:

    Its funny that people still blame “Roger”.

    Goodell represents the owners. So when you hate “Roger” or blame “Roger”, you’re just doing it to the owners. He is their mouthpiece. Nothing else.

  60. James Walker Says:

    The refs get graded too, and I am sure that this flag will be scrutinized.

  61. D-Rok Says:

    Tryon has impressive burst and a great dip. I’m curious who the left OT, #62, for the Bengals is? Is he a scrub? If 62 is a good player for them, then that provides a good way to measure Tryon, at least on this play.

  62. Kevin in jax Says:

    Just a preview of what joe Tryon aka “shao Khan” will accomplish this year. Finish em’

  63. Buczilla Says:

    Tryon made a great play and did nothing wrong. Sissifying the rules and the political activism that permeates football is bad, but the worst thing is all of the stoppages. How many times did the refs stop the game last night to review for minutes at a time, simple penalities that any eight year old would have discerned instantly? Football is still damn good, but it pales in comparison to it’s former glory.

  64. QB whisperer Says:

    It was actually too good of a hit at full speed which caused the flag. Most sacks like that will be called roughing. Get used to it.

  65. James Says:

    Yes, lets go back to real men football, where the first 300+ lb guy can just end Brady’s career! That would be great for Tampa Bay.

    I watched a lot of football in the 60’s and 70’s and I have watched Brady his whole career. These D linemen are much bigger and faster and stronger than the guys of the past. If Suh got a shot at Fran Tarkington that would have been the end of old Fran or the Snake or any of them. Let the big guys fight with each other, but don’t let them end the season for 52 other guys by taking out the quarterback (QBs by the way have way less padding on, so they can throw). One big hit on Brady last year and Evans/L David/BA and the rest lose a Super Bowl, not to mention the fans.

    If you think they cannot adjust; just watch Suh. He abused Rogers just fine. We could not adjust that way, but he is ten times the athlete that we are and he does find and so will Joe.

  66. Crickett Baker Says:

    I, too, thought it was “helmet to helmet” until I read Joe’s commentary. But if it was “body-weight” it still makes no sense. I saw the replay on here and Joe clearly thrust the QB down, aside, and landed with his weight on the ground, quite a way past the QB. I hate it when refs change the tempo and sometimes the scores of games. I do not understand the penalty.

  67. Oneilbuc Says:

    I hope yall are happy because when you make 1 position bigger than the team they are going to protect them at all cost!! They are looking on these sites and seeing all this talk about quarterbacks win lost record and how the quarterback is the reason why teams win and lose . They believe yall watch football just to see the quarterback. So enjoy yall weak football because it’s only going to get worse!! That’s why football back in the 80s and 90s and maybe the early 2000s up until 06 was the best football error!!