Media Still Selling Chiefs Three-Peat

July 13th, 2021

Joe is smelling a trend, and perhaps it’s the kind Tom Brady can use to his advantage.

Watching BSPN TV this week, Joe saw the resurrection of the tired and old Chiefs three-peat chatter but in a different form.

Hey, never mind that the Bucs gutted Kansas City in the Super Bowl; a three-peat now apparently has morphed into something else, which is just getting to the Super Bowl in three consecutive seasons.

Other teams have done it, including Tom Brady’s old team (2016, 2017, 2018). So it’s not uniquely special. But the media seems to be all over it, and Joe senses a strong hint of them rooting for the Chiefs. (Joe’s heard the same Chiefs angle on other outlets, too.)

That makes some sense. The Chiefs becoming a dynasty is more exciting for generally lazy national media types than Brady, Bucco Bruce Arians and the very old Bucs roster winning it all again and potentially getting a new head coach and an overhauled team.

Regardless, the Big Media spin has Joe pissed off on this hot Big Storm summer day.

If there’s any NFL talk out there of a dynasty, Joe believes it should revolve around Tom Brady sticking around another two years and the Bucs continuing to win the NFL Draft and free agency.

38 Responses to “Media Still Selling Chiefs Three-Peat”

  1. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Let ‘em talk up the Chiefs all they want…

  2. Cannon Says:



  3. Bucs Bro Says:

    Media wants stars, they wan to cultivate the young stars to build a following. Big media sees Mahomes as the next big thing, I can’t see the Chiefs navigating such a competitive conference year in and out and making the Super Bowl consistently.

    Reid and his staff proved they weren’t as smart as advertised as they made no adjustments to help their line out in protection.

    Does anyone really think the Chiefs are going to be able to beat QB’s like Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Herbert, and possibly up and comers like Wentz, Mayfield and Burrow year after year? The AFC is stacked with great and potentially great QB’s

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I still think overall we are a better team, but let’s be real.
    If they had had their starting Offensive Linemen, does anyone think the score would have been 31 to 9 ?
    The Chiefs will probably repeat, and next years Super Bowl will probably be us vs them, again.
    I still think we will win, but it will be a much closer game this time.

  5. Craig Says:

    The Bucs showed a blueprint to beat the Chiefs. Even though no other team has a D-line like the Bucs, the Chiefs will see changed teams against.

    The other AFC QBs, except Allen, don’t yet have enough of a team around them to go all the way.

    It will be a close race between the Chiefs and the Bills, though.

    NFC doesn’t seem to have anyone to beat the Bucs, but luck is a part of the Stupor Bowl, I see the Bucs and Bills.

  6. LJsDaddy Says:

    The Chiefs “three-peat” is kind of like the “tiger-slam”. MADE UP for a lazy media. Hey guys…SCOREBOARD! That being said, the Chiefs could make it back. Mahommes will get plenty of chances. Seven rings? I doubt it.

  7. SB Says:

    @Joe…………..As long as we have watched this team struggle and fail and listened to the ‘media’ put us down.?
    Now is not the time to be upset.
    Embellish and Embrace the ‘media’s’ perception.!
    Time to push it in their face!

  8. Jerry Says:

    Yeah, it’s Mahomes. The media sees him as the next GOAT and ready to move past Brady. The media was trying to set the narrative in the last Super Bowl of “passing the torch” from Brady to Mahomes. That’s the storyline they wanted. But the Bucs defense messed it up.

    But the AFC has some strong teams. And hopefully they give the Chiefs some competition.

  9. Amit Says:

    This is why we need Monday Morning Joe Back!

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    A LOT will happen between now & the 2021 Super Bowl. Right now it’s all just pure SPECULATION as to which 2 teams will make it. Personally though, i like the Bucs chances of being 1 of the 2 better than I do the Chiefs. They’ll have to run the gauntlet in a significantly tougher conference to make the Final 2.

  11. SOEbuc Says:

    Who cares. Brady eats that sh!t up all day and it makes him want it that much more. Ratings Joe. It’s all ratings and believe it or not there is a hell of a lot more people in this country that get more excited about the KC Chiefs than a smaller metro area that is home to a lot of out of towners and flocking here for retirement.

    One day closer to July 23rd.

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    As long as the Bucs have Brady and the Chiefs have Mahomes, they will both be contenders.

  13. Youngbucs Says:

    I tired of hearing of the chiefs offensive line woes in the super bowl. We out played them in ever area. And also that left tackle is the same 1 shaq beat badly for a sack fumble during the regular season it happens. The chiefs had the full offensive line during the regular season gm and couldn’t do squat after the 1st qtr. it’s called adjusting spare me the bull we spank them!!!!

  14. PassingThru Says:

    It’s the same tired theme played over and over. Most of the adoring public loves a guy who scrambles around and then uncorks a pass that travels a county mile. It’s entertaining, it’s fun, and it’s exciting… but it doesn’t always measure up to winning a championship. What we’re seeing now is a replay from the Favre era, the Rodgers era, and now the Mohomes era. All three were crowned the greatest ever, and if you add up their Super Bowl trophies, it’s less than one-half of Brady’s.

    In the end, it comes down to preparation, making the right decisions under fire, and accuracy to all parts of the field. It’s moving the sticks, controlling the tempo of the game and scoring. But those factors invisible to the television audience, or just aren’t particularly sexy.

    In the case of KC, they did a good job of reworking their OLine, but the real battle is just getting started. These guys have never played together, one in particular has age/injury questions, and their new LT is about to demand a raise from about $3.5 million to something closer to $20 million per season. They have some cap issues that are creeping up on them, and while Orlando Brown might be an OK LT, he’s got the leverage and desire to seek bank.

  15. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The Bills had a run of four consecutive Super Bowls in the ‘90s. Look what that got them.

  16. Eddie Marz Says:

    Think about this, if it weren’t for Brady Kansas City would have already had their three-peat. Brady and New England beat them in OT in AFC championship game then Brady beats them again with Tampa. Otherwise Maholmes might have won three Super Bolws in a row. GO BUCS!

  17. Tye Says:

    I highly doubt that happens.. The Bucs gave a really clear ‘blue print’ on not just how to beat the Chief but how to shut them down… Keep them out of the endzone and force them to accept field goals…
    The Chiefs will never be the same!…. LoL

  18. Buczilla Says:

    Sheesh, we gutted the Chiefs and still can’t get any respect. It’s not like our team needed any more motivation, but we’ll take it.

  19. Eddie Marz Says:

    P.S. Don’t really care if Kansas City comes back or not. It would really be sweet to beat them two in a row. 👍

  20. SlyPirate Says:

    Too many good teams in the AFC. The probability of KC making it to the Super Bowl for the third time isn’t very good.

    AFC Contenders: KC, TEN, CLE, BUF, BAL, IND
    Wildcards: PIT, LAC, NE

    Tampa has GB and LAR to contend with. It’s an easier patch.

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    The Chiefs are media “darlings” and deservedly so. They’re a scary good football team. I don’t take it as a slight. Remember, NOBODY gave us a chance last year all the way through the SB.
    Let the Chiefs have the focus and we just stack wins.

  22. Jmarkbuc Says:

    There’s no doubt the Chiefs would have played much better. Mahomes still made incredible throws, that if they hadn’t been dropped could have made it more I interesting…

    Still think we’re better overall.

  23. D-Rome Says:

    It’s not a Three-Peat in any sports unless you win the Championship trophy 3x in a row! They need to stop moving the goalposts!

  24. Hodad Says:

    And the Rams supposedly are our biggest threat in the NFC now that they have Stafford. Yes the same Matthew Stafford who’s won nothing his whole career even when he can stay healthy, which is as rare as frog hair.

  25. Snook Says:

    Chiefs won’t be back in the Super Bowl this year. Sorry.

  26. PassingThru Says:


    Yeah, I’d like to see how he’ll adjust to a new system and new receivers. McVay likes to call the plays too, or at least he had to as Goff wasn’t exactly a mental giant behind center. They’ll be decent, but I think people discount the learning curve due to Brady’s first season success in Tampa Bay.

  27. Buc4evr Says:

    This is great, need much more hype about the Chiefs and Mahomes. They are the best team in the NFL with the Best QB. Three peat and a huge SB favorite. Meanwhile in Tampa all this crap is being posted on the bulletin board and Brady is using it to motivate the team back to another boat parade. I love it when the media interviews Mathieu and Kelce and Hill.

  28. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Think about it.
    It’s ESPN. You know, the woke network that loves “diversity”.

    No disrespect to Mahomes…. he is unbelievably good, but who do you think they are really rooting for?

    A biracial wonder kid or a middle aged white man?


  29. Bojim Says:

    They keep trying to shove the Chiefs down Americas throat. Mahomes will never be the GOAT.

  30. alton d green Says:

    folks as long as the Chiefs have Mahomeboy, let’s not even mention Allen. He is a double bitch. if by some miracle, the Bills beat the Chiefs, then Allen has to face Brady. There are some teams that Brady uses for his bitch. The Bills and Worthlessburger and the Stealers. Take a deep breath hahaha

  31. Mort Says:

    Who cares?

  32. Allbuccedup Says:

    To hell with the Chiefs!

  33. SOEbuc Says:

    They have an oline that is revamped with guys that have no experience together, two rookies, and one player from the 2020.

  34. SOEbuc Says:

    the 2020 roster.

  35. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    Any talk of a Chiefs “Dynasty” came to an abrupt screeching halt when they were completely DRUBBED by our Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV ! All of the “Dynasty” talk should be centered around the BUCS !

  36. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Let them go for a Buffalo Bill like 4 peat of losing 4 straight Super Bowls in the early 90’s for all I care. The AFC won’t be a cakewalk…if Denver gets a motivated Aaron Rodgers ( don’t count that out ) I could see Denver catch fire much like the 2020 Bucs did.

  37. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    Mahommes is amazing and fun to watch play the game. He is so talented that without him KC probably wouldn’t be thought of as a favorite for the Superbowl. Teams with a good offense generally don’t need a QB to extend plays by scrambling. And scrambling sure didn’t help them much in the Superbowl. KC struggled in that game from start to finish. 31-9. As far the KC oline injuries being used as an excuse for the Superbowl loss. I’m not buying it. Mahommes is at his most dangerous when using his legs outside the pocket to open up passing lanes. Then he uses his arm strength complete a pass no matter what his body position is. Generally when teams try to pressure him it backfires.

  38. BillyBucOff Says:

    Mahomes only scrambled so he didn’t DIE.
    Otherwise we would have had like 8 sacks and he would have a stretcher.

    They turned a travesty into, “Look at what Mahomes can do”. People at my work were like if only the Chiefs could catch. That’s the incorrect narrative the media spins, by solely wanting entertainment. It was entertaining to me though lol.