Bruce Arians Comes Out Wagging A Finger At Media Report (Video Style)

July 27th, 2021


[UPDATE: 4:45 p.m.] The f-bombs were flying.

Bucco Bruce Arians was eager to share his bitterness after practice today.

The issue? A report stating the Bucs are using colored wristbands to identify vaccinated and unvaccinated players — yellow for the unvaccinated, red for those finished with the process — and that somehow the Bucs are making players wear them at practice and should be fining players for non-compliance. first shared the wristband news two days ago, but for some reason Arians was agitated today, despite speaking with media yesterday.

Interestingly, reliable ProFootballTalk, part of NBC Sports, said it was the Buccaneers that directly advised their publication of the process. Arians didn’t specify what media outlet(s) he was pissed at.

It’s all very strange and invites great speculation.

Joe never wrote about the vaccine wristbands previously. Frankly, it didn’t interest Joe and the whole premise seemed potentially misleading to fans. A player conceivably could be finished with his vaccines for days but is wearing a colored band because he has yet to reach the time when the medical world considers him “fully vaccinated.”

Joe is “fully” sick of vaccine talk.


Jenna Laine of ESPN recorded a portion of Arians’ scolding on video.

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