Tom Brady Gets To Spank Aaron Rodgers Again

May 26th, 2021

The wild and unprecedented July hype coming for our beloved Buccaneers will start earlier than expected.

Turner Sports announced it’s bringing back The Match, the charity twosome-vs.-twosome golf event that was so successful last year when Tiger Woods joined Peyton Manning to try and smack around Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson.

This year, it’s Brady and Mickelson pairing again, but this time they’ll face Aaron Rodgers and pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau.

Joe can’t wait to see Rodgers cry into his polo and goofy pants, and pout because he can’t beat Brady.

Brady should really invite Jamel Dean to sprint down the left side of the fairway when Rodgers tees up on the third hole — just for old times sake. Or maybe Shaq Barrett could caddy for Brady; that could get Rodgers to forfeit before the back-9.

It all tees off on July 6 from a course in Montana, broadcast live on TNT.

25 Responses to “Tom Brady Gets To Spank Aaron Rodgers Again”

  1. Cannon Says:

    I’d love to hear the trash talk that goes on during something like this.

  2. Irishmist Says:

    Brady should ask Shaq to caddy for him. That might get into Rogers head a little bit.

  3. Irishmist Says:

    Whoops. didn’t read the last paragraph. Great minds think alike I guess.

  4. Cobraboy Says:

    Lol @ Barrett with Brady’s bag.

    He should wear a fuschia shirt and be a “Pink Caddy Shaq”…

  5. Robert Says:

    AR always seemed like a b^%ch to me…….even moreso than Brees

  6. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Hell yea this is happening right down the road from me!!

  7. ClodHopper Says:

    Joe just made me envision that Happy Gilmore scene. #Jackass

  8. Jason Says:

    DeChambeau and Rogers are two of the biggest a-holes in their respective sports. What a great pairing. LoL.

  9. Durango 95 Says:

    “Brady should really invite Jamel Dean to sprint down the left side of the fairway when Rodgers tees up on the third hole — just for old times sake.”

  10. Posey99 Says:

    “suck on the chuck”

  11. Cannon Says:

    If you can find me any photos of Tom Brady spanking Aaron Rodgers let me know

  12. TBSwarm Says:

    No, definitely need Suh to be the caddy lol

  13. mg Says:

    His caddie from Seminole is all TB-12 needs.

  14. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Bur are they going to give Aaron the Rodgers rate on his insurance?

  15. Lets Roll Says:

    Just don’t let Joe Buck be the announcer PLEASE

  16. DaBux Says:

    This will be MUST SEE TV!!!! OMG, will they show Aaron cry if TB12 sinks the winning putt?

  17. SB Says:

    Mtbucsfan Says:
    May 26th, 2021 at 3:43 pm
    Hell yea this is happening right down the road from me!!


    Me too. I live 45 miles from Big Sky!

  18. BuccaneerButters Says:

    Brady is absolutely killing it with the memes and trash talk. I’m trolling all my packers fans friends. They don’t appreciate it as much as I do

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:

    DeChambeau is one of only two or three trash talkers in the PGA. He has a great feud going with Brooks Koepka.

    Those who follow the PGA know Koepka is built like a Greek Statue and crushes the ball. A couple years back DeChambeau hit the weights hard, remade his body and know crushes it as well. He’s also Brady like in his attention to detail and his nutrition.

    DeChambeau threw some shade at Koepka who had appeared without shirt in a mag to oohs and ahs. B.D. says but look he doesn’t even have a six pack.

    Koepka responded with a tweet and pick of his FOUR MAJOR TROPHIES and said yep…two short. All time great return shade.

    B.D. is now the heavy on the Tour but it’s what was needed. Mickleson and Tiger can’t play forever… B.D. the bad guy against Koepka the good guy.

  20. David Says:

    Simply awesome by Brady.


    Irishmist …. Suggesting Shack Barrett caddies for him while facing Rogers is simply brilliant! 😂

  21. David Says:


    I disagree that Koepka is the good guy and BD is the bad guy.
    Neither one of them are very likable all the time.
    They both seem OK at times and then other times they seem great and then other times you wonder what the hell they’re thinking being such an ass.

  22. David Says:

    On another note——

    Tampa Bay Lightning
    baby! On to round two!

  23. David Says:

    Brady was not real talkative last time they did this. The entertainment was all Mickelson and Manning

    Not sure how much Bryson or Rogers will talk.
    That’s what has made some of these matches really good, when they have guys that will talk trash -like JT. He’s great at these

  24. capecodder Says:

    I’d pay to see Brooks knock Bryson into next week. People that play slow like descambo have got to go.

  25. John Sinclear Says:

    On Cannon’s comment about hearing the trash talk. Per the announcement, the players will all be mic’d up, live, and will be able to talk to each other. No comment on whether there will be a 6 second time delay for censorship purposes.